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This is just blm land no mini mart here! (The mini mart is a few miles away in holtville)

Moran Mini Mart 32.76732, -115.26937

positive: nice place on almost unreal green even during dry season as they sprinkle every day ! nice restaurant with outdoor seating area between banana-trees. Victoria the Manager is helpful and very friendly as all the staff are. clean toilets on top-level. electricity connection available. kitchen area for camper use incl fridge if needed. they organise taxi for 30K TSH roundtrip if you need shopping in town. it was indeed very helpful.

negativ: crusading church folks with loudspeakers within reach and noisy. we stayed 6 nights and about half of these days we felt disturbed in the evening as it is normally nice quiet at night.
we tried to negotiate the high price even for longstay but owner insisted on 30$/night for 2 of us which was a bit disappointing. no cool beer or soda available as fridges were turned off (according to staff) due to low guest occupancy. didnt understand this as they operate mostly on solarpower ...

Tulivu Kilimanjaro Retreat -3.36165, 37.37968

Fairground campground on asphalt right off the 14. $50/night with full hookups, no discount or facility for dry camping. I went into the admin office and the lady acted like she didn't know about any camping, but then I looked at the fairgrounds map and pointed it out. "Let me check if there's anything available, oh yes we have 5 spots. Pay online when you get out there." Probably 50% of the folks were long term (l-o-o-o-ng). I didn't stay.

Antelope Valley Fairground RV Park 34.72524, -118.17699

5000 pp for cash. Large common room with good Wi-Fi. Clean showers/toilets. You can cook in the common room on your own burner. Sink in common room to do washing up. Flat area for mini van

Bellavista Hospedaje & Camping -46.62903, -72.67446

Without doubt best place in Lanquin. 35 Q per vehicle. Security, quiet. Be careful in the cave, it is very slippery. Not many bats fly out at 18:40, maybe 20.

Lanquin - Grutas 15.58042, -89.99056

No levelled space, 100 Q per person, too expensive.

Guayaha Hotel 15.57815, -89.98792

Nice camping. Not many space for motorhomes, but there was no other, so we could enjoy it. Only 1 shower open, water nearly cold. But nice owner!

La Carolina -23.57682, -65.39293

Nice restaurant, delicious kitchen, excellent coffee!

Pachamama Cafe & Restaurant, also gluten free! -23.57687, -65.39289

Autorisation demandée et accordée en passant au restaurant. Accueil très aimable. Nous sommes retournés prendre un repas le soir même accueil.
2 places spécifiques RV à côté des poubelles sur le côté gauche du restaurant mais à proximité de la route. Nous avons demandé de rester sur le côté droit plus protégé.
1 fifth wheel don’t le générateur était en route à 8h … 1 van et nous…
Nuit correcte à proximité d’une voie de circulation intense. Contents d’avoir pu se poser pour la nuit.

Cracker barrel 27.84949, -82.35002

Recharged our Brazilian 2kg bottle in 15 minutes. We didn't need any adaptors. They have them all. 2kg = ARS 800. Very nice and friendly staff.

Propane Gas - Sartini -54.79077, -68.22902

Great place to camp near the river. Quiet and calm at night. Locals like to come hangout or swim here during the day. We hiked in the mountain in the day and were so pleased to swim in the river after a very hot hike. Full telcel bars. Follow the signs that say La Playita.

Jalcomulco 19.32827, -96.76807

Super scenic. Its slightly uphill and a good ways off level side to side. I used 5.5 inches of leveling blocks but was still a couple inches too low

Sunset Point - pull out 34.04385, -118.87835

There is a red spigot at the rv dump site here that is labelled drinking water. The only potable water we were able to find in town.

Loves across the road does not have potable water!

Flying J 35.15918, -103.70393

Recargaron nuestra botella argentina de 10kg para 25bol (la más barata desde el inicio del viaje). Dijeron que iban a tomar media hora, regresaron con el camión 2h después.. sin prisa!

YPFB -17.93681, -67.11542
El Carrito Azul

Lavanderia no need for 40 characters price per load small/large washer

Nure -30.85801, -64.52319

Pequena rua sem saida a beira mar. Passamos duas noites no local, muito tranquilo e familiar. Tem ducha ao lado do posto de bombeiro, restaurante e pracinha para crianças. Não tem banheiro ou torneira.

Vila Nova behind the beach -28.26576, -48.68324

Road is a bit rutted coming here but its an awesome spot! 5G 5 bars for verizon. Can be windy but fits our 48ft long setup, shown in photos.

FS 689 34.69758, -111.72394

Levelled parking space very near to the road. 100 Q per person, too expensive.

El Recreo 15.57558, -89.98418

lugar paradisíaco, tranquilo e silencioso a noite. de dia tem várias pessoas nadando. Tem várias placas indicando que é proibido nadar e acampar, porém várias pessoas estão fazendo isso.

Embalse Potrerillos -32.97610, -69.17033

Got asked to leave at 1045pm at night and had to go to the gas station up the road.

SR Sports Field 30.35755, -103.65349

Spare parts for motorcycles. You can find motor oil, tubes etc. Reasonably priced

Victory team bikers 26.18730, 50.51743

Pause pour passer la nuit, il y avait du bruit mais on se sentait en sécurité parce qu'il y avait du monde.
Il y avait du wifi et on a pu remplir l'eau du camping-car. Parfait !

Pausa para dormir aqui, habia ruido perso nos sentimos en seguridad porque habia muchas familias. Podiamos utilizar el wifi gratuito del restaurante simplemente aparcandonos adelante. Hemos tambien llenado el motorhomes de agua aqui ! Perfecto !

Copec Pronto -37.28361, -72.35409

Amazing wildcamping spot. Many, many overlanders lined up along the beach. 50m from beach at abandoned hotel. Feels totally safe with so many others and area in general. A little far from the actual bays, but walkable.
Possible with any vehicle, just small portion of dirt road from the mainroad. Strong cellservice, almost no bugs.

If you have any questions or want to see photos:
IG: freetgoesworld

Free beach camping 15.84245, -97.04934

Rest Area on Westbound on Interstate 20. Car, RV and Truck parking with a nice new looking toilet building.

Eastland County Rest Area 32.49085, -98.55205
Barbara Corfield

Walmart parking lot. There are several Walmart super centers here In Tyler Texas. This one isn’t on the iOverlander map. I thought I was at the one I was at last night, but nope. I went into the store to ask if they allowed overnight parking, and they do.

I stayed very near to the Auto Center. Nice quiet area. There is some traffic coming from behind the store where there is a street that comes onto the property. But it hasn’t bothered me at all. Store stays open until11PM. And opens at 6 AM

Walmart Superstore 32.35140, -95.34442

Water refill for $0.50 a gallon outside of Safeway. Can do up to 5 gal at a time. Turned on and operable as of March 6.

Glacier Water Refill Station 45.48009, -122.61632

Abandoned RV park, people working at the entrance, the “owner” was chatting with some Americans near the entrance when we arrived. Three friendly dogs greeted us. $300 pesos for a night. Plenty of spots to choose from. Very peaceful. Beautiful beach.

Desert Paradise Villas/Residence Betel II 30.93882, -114.72865

Stayed the night, no one bothered anyone. very quiet. There was a soccor game going on, but not too noisy. Lots of vans and RVs parked on both sides of the road. I got here about 18:30, it was dark already and every single RV and van was DARK. ZERO signs of life. I kept my van dark as well. There is definitely a do not ruin this this vibe. Great place to spend the night. Everyone was respectful.

S. Pacific Street next to Bradley Park 33.13790, -117.19946

Luis was a great host and this spot has everything we needed after a week of wild camping in Costa Rica. We refilled our water tanks with potable water, plugged in to recharge our batteries (Luis arranged a long plug from the cabanas), took cool showers and accessed the fast and fairly reliable wifi (it comes and goes). Right next to the national park and Luis can tell you the low tide timings if you want to walk down to see the whale tail. Bathrooms and showers are very simple but clean. 3000c for each adult and 1000c for child

Camping Casa Viva 9.15028, -83.73247

Nice winter stop along I15. Surprisingly the pit toilets were unlocked during the winter. Unsurprisingly, we were the only ones here. 5F when we woke up on March 6.

Lonetree Camprgound 44.94837, -112.87099

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