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Nomad Katia

Very nice and clean hotel with secure covered parking for cars and motorcycles on the back, and open spaces on the front that fit big rigs and trucks. 28.5 US$ for a room (just me). Attached buffet restaurant for supper. Breakfast included in the price. Good wifi. My room had AC, TV, small fridge and a good shower. There are cheaper rooms on the parking lot level without AC or fridge. Hotel right near the highway.

Hotel Martello -27.80392, -50.36569

very beautiful small hotel, with parking, clean and not expensive, 350 a 55o pesos

hotel real cristal 18.08895, -92.13528
Danes on the Road

Spent the night at this Cracker Barrel without any issues. Asked inside if it was okay to stay the night, and they gave their permission. Has 5 RV parking spots (if I remember correctly), as well as a back lot with room for campers, etc.

At least 4 RV's and 3 trailers were parked here for the night at the same time as us.

We were just able to reach the Cracker Barrel WiFi with our laptops, however it was very slow.

Relatively quiet considering how close it is to the Interstate.

Cracker barrel 29.80619, -94.98027

Here you can pay the TIP for the car without fees. Its just a 5 minute walk from the border (even if they say its 20 minutes or you need a taxi 😂)

Banrural atm - Cajero 17.05746, -89.15664

Beautiful café, brand-new. The best coffee in town, and also delicious sweets and sandwiches. Good WiFi, enough space to work there. Open every day (except Monday) from 15:30 o'clock. We recommend!

Cafétero -47.25419, -72.56877

We ask there, they dont have a menu, no coconuts and no vegetarian options. We left.

Las Viñas road 16.95377, -89.48333

Nice place to park in winter! Large parking in the front but also a few spot behind the building with access to shower, toilet, kitchen and hook up (15amp), Wi-Fi for 20$+. They will also give access to their laundry machine if needed..
Food and local beer La Chasse Pinte are excellent! Go for the IPA!! Happy camper!

Camp de Base 48.19789, -70.24512

Not an overnight spot. parking forbidden sunset to sunrise

Dope ocean view overlook spot 34.40749, -119.75528

This place seems to be famous as there were many tents, but all peacefull, clean and multiple good camping spots available! Very good place, espacially if you get the insane beautiful spot at the sea.

Free Camp -47.01939, -72.83055

Magnifique cenote! On était presque seuls. 100 pesos par adulte, 50 pour les enfants pour entrer dans le Cenote. 200 pesos pour rester camper la nuit. On peut aussi louer un masque de plongée et une lumière qui va sous l’eau pour explorer les fonds marins. On a adoré ! Difficile de faire mieux. Douche froide (extérieure) dispo sur place. Toilettes.
Je recommande sans hésitation!
Wonderfull cenote. We were almost alone, that’s something in Yucatan. 100 $MX per adult, 50$MX per kids. They rent water flash light and snorkeling gear for 150$MX.
200$MX for the night (2 adults+2kids in a 24’ motorhome). Flush toilet and outdoor cold shower.
Definitely recommend it.

Cenote Choj Ha. MUST SEE CENOTE! 20.80932, -87.72369

we forgot.... we found a faucet... good pressure and the locals said is potable water. If you can't see the picture is located next to the antenna fence.

Park camp 10.72828, -85.06345

Decent boondock sites. $14 per night or $7 with senior national park pass. Right behind the dunes from the gulf. First come first serve.
If full you can boondock camp on the beach just to the north.

Malaquite Campground 27.67441, -97.29914

Large and very busy lot. May be the busiest C.B ive ever seen! All rv/bus spots, except one, taken by cars despite many car spaces being empty. its like people cant read. rv spots are right nxt to the dumpsters.

Cracker Barrel 30.52183, -87.31682

secluded and awesome. Campgrounds are closed till April 1. I always scout places for winter camping. This is one but at your own risk. If you do, I always send payment, call it a donation. Pack out what you pack in.

Yankee Springs State Recreation - Deep Lake Rustic Campgrounds 42.61543, -85.45120

Army Corps of Engineers camping
Bardwell Lake

MOTT PARK 32.25873, -96.66241

The shower here is great, but the laundry is expensive for what you get. Washers and dryers are all $3. The washers are top-loading. The large dryers give you 45 min and the smaller dryers 60 min. I used the large dryer, but my laundry was still damp after 45 min. Didn’t want to spend another $3, so had to haul my laundry to the coin laundry on Main St to finish the job. Wish I had just done my laundry there.

Moab 38.53384, -109.50641

Nice very basic drive up motel with lots of parking Two restaurants walking distance. Hot water and heat. Owner speaks english. 500 pecos

Motel Vianna Inn 28.77139, -106.99860

Javier is an amazing host. He did everything possible to accommodate my stay at his property. It’s clean, spacious and very quiet at night (I stayed during the work week)
There is a refrigerator for your food and stocked kitchen for you to cook it
Google maps is a little off with directions, but it takes you very close. Look at the sign on your lower left as you approach the property
Highly recommend

Finca Rosa del Mar 9.49672, -84.34415

There's a big rig friendly lot behind this restaurant that my 22' C Class had no issues getting into. I asked the state police officer guarding the lot if I could stay overnight and he said yes and that it was very secure. I was trying to get to the lagoon spot mentioned in another post but a parked car was blocking the road. I think that road is too narrow for my 22' C Class since cars park along both sides of the street.

There are restrooms that I didn't use, the lot is well lit and level. No free wifi but good Telcel service. The restaurant has wifi (login below) but you have to be standing very close, there's TONS of cool wildlife in the park! A great place to stop near the park and museums. My running generator bothered no one. I felt safe here because there are officers there full time patrolling the government offices there.

I stayed two nights and took the lot attendant "Art" to lunch the second day and paid nothing to park there. Art is very friendly, speaks English, and loves talking about current global events. He asked for a small amount of money for himself because he's down on his luck so I gave him some pocket change, toiletries and snacks which he was very appreciative of.


Road noise may be an issue for some but it doesn't bother me.

Restaurante Los Tulipanes Lot 17.99964, -92.93718

Delightful coffee shop outside the town, in a very nice and peaceful neighborhood, a block away from a very cool mall called Explanada. Their coffee is roasted by their roastery called Nomádico Coffee Roaster in Cholula town. Their breakfast and brunch menus are very popular because everything they make is delicious, also they make their own jams, salsas, chocolate 100% cocoa, they have got craft beer and mimosas. You can not miss this incredible spot.

Travesia Café (by Nomádico) 19.07250, -98.27452

Très tranquille.. à deux minutes à pied de l’océan.. nous sommes seuls et je pense que nous allons bien dormir!

Deer Creek Canyon pull off 34.06346, -118.98470

Showers available, 7 dollars without towel, but you can pay extra and get a towel if needed. There’s only 1 one, so it might be a wait. Nice and hot

Husky/east 49.14066, -121.95876

After 3 incredibly frustrating weeks of dealing with various mechanics who failed to diagnose a misfire problem with my car I found Rafael. He operates out of a garage attached to his home. He spoke little English and my Spanish is mierda but he worked with us. To say this guy went above and beyond for us feels like an understatement. If he can’t help you he will go out of his way to find someone who can. It was so refreshing to find a mechanic who seemed to genuinely care about his job and helping a stranger. Muchas gracias Rafael!

Taller Mecanico “El Picudo” 26.01416, -111.34606

We arrived at 4pm and we thought the place was permanently closed. Gates were closed but not locked, and found a guard that told us parking overnight is totally fine. The museum and parking is right next to a high school so lots of kids where hanging out in the parking lot, everyone was super friendly. It’s a busy area, but seems to quiet down a bit after 10pm

Just a note: they do lock the gate overnight and it doesn’t get unlocked until 9am

La Venta Ruinas and Museum 18.10384, -94.04258

this place is incredible if you have 4x4. look for a right turn off boxcar wash. two entries roughly 30 yards and 300 yards past the pit toilet on the right hand side. 4x4 recommended, High clearance required. the road is rough. there is a lot of trash out here, but I've been picking away at it. if you make it out, the road will take you all the way to the water off you're careful.

cell - GoogleFi full 5g
coyotes - yes

4 Wheel Solitude 36.11032, -114.79096

great place for an overnight. I've been here many times before. there is a 7/11 on the corner. it's been safe and quiet.

Ensenada 31.85626, -116.61988

Small hise available and a bigger hose also near the gas pump

Repsol gas station 23.48165, -109.71448

This is in the middle of nowhere. Not a place to sleep. Don’t go here.

Rest Area 32.34421, -101.29519

Level grass area next to small dirt road.

On the way to Gorkha this side track leads to the Manakamana Temple. It is an important hindu 'wish' temple with good view on a clear day. The side track can be found on MapsMe.
The track to the temple is rough and it is best to have a 4x4, but you can reach this camp spot without 4x4.

There is some smal villages near-by but only few people drove/walked by.
We cleaned a bit of garbage.

Further on (around 4 km) the road cross a small stream (probably more like a river in summer). Here it also looked possible to free camp. The road going up from the stream to the temple is a lot more rough then the first part. It is here you need the 4x4.

Level area next to small road 27.95294, 84.56267

Tried to find this spot but the gate is closed

Avatar views and pine tree forest camp -33.93530, 23.56060

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