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Dormimos 4 noches en esta plaza porque tuvimos que quedarnos en esta ciudad para ver mecánicos. La plaza es muy segura y alumbrada, nos pusimos frente a la veterinaria 24/24h. Dejamos varias veces el vehículo sólo, incluso de noche, sin problema. En el día, varias personas pasean a sus perros y a la noche hay varios cursos de deporte en esta plaza.. esta llena de vida. Eso sí, no es muy tranquila: perros ladrando, camión de basura, alarma de carro, personas conversando hasta tarde en los bancos.. todo no se puede tener!

Parque Franz Tamayo -17.37591, -66.16709

we spend the night in front a little church. very quite at night and the police is present all night patrolling. many points of water into the square. also many wifi points. no shadows.

Parking lots on the main square -21.12906, -56.48366

Good place to spend the night, quiet and safe. No amenities.

Museo Escuela Cero Castillo -46.14057, -72.15311

Ask regular question, where are you from, etc...ask for passaporte. nice 1m30 exchange.

Police Station -22.55013, -65.69450

Still here, ask same question as usual, where etc...

Gendarmería Nacional Argentina -22.92121, -65.58952

Closed! Officer came by after complaint called in by locals. No overnight. He was very kind and VER FIRM. Even with no signage stating illegal it’s the law. He will enforce with citations. Public parking 6am-10pm.

Myrtle st St Simons Island 31.13740, -81.38086

Closed. Officer came by after complaint from locals. He will be patrolling and enforcing from now on. Went to Cracker Barrel and was a perfect night’s rest.

St Simons light house parking 31.13372, -81.39330

Don’t go here. 4 people came right after dark telling us to leave. Not willing to let us stay even one night and said we had 5 minutes to leave.

Riverside -14.77407, -70.61628

Stayed in our stealth van, no sign of meth lady, saw some other rigs here.. decided on this as it was farther than all the casino noise

Street Parking 33.82536, -116.54863

Attended both Sam's and lowes. both advised that can't give permission as they don't own car park. tow company will likely take the rv. trucks tend to be safe as they too big to two.

we didn't risk it

Sams Club/Lowes 39.27179, -76.59690

Estrada de acesso em boas condições, chega com qualquer carro. Visual incrível para o pôr e nascer do sol

Wild Camping Mirante da Cascalheira -12.94101, -41.32682

beautiful place, loved it and quite at night. perfect

Laguna Zeta -42.89272, -71.35603

Indeed a nice place for a night, right at the cliff. A bit windy as it is quite exposed. Lots if cars between 7 and 8 in the morning. Dont forget where you are standing if you step out in the night!

Single place for a camper van -39.09367, -71.89475

At the fast food counter with a huge empanada sign and free to use water faucet you can get perhaps the citys best empanadas. 2000 pesos each or more, but will worth it as they are slightly bigger than average. Napolitana is my favorite!

delicious Empanadas -35.84553, -72.63788

A most lovely camping (cabañas, tents or just a space for the vehicle) with its nearby trail cycling and many many goats. The owners Rosilla and Victor makes this place very charming and provides a special offer for cyclists interested in staying a night or more here. Because of the goats and the native trees this area was spared from the recent wild fires that has decimated the region. Both Rosilla and Victor will gladly talk about the many wonders of goats and bicycles if there's any free moment to spare.

Bosques de Chacay BikePark -37.34764, -72.91609
Warden & Ariane

It is indeed not a camping, but a very good place to stay the night. It's very peaceful and quiet. Very nice owner, good wifi and groceshops quite near. The toilet and showers are under construction and not the best you can imagine. But still a very good spot to spend the night for us.

La Casa del Baron -21.43730, -65.71383

we loved this spot! it's quiet, flat and wide open. not to many people around other then a few visitors to the church across the street. The church was a cool sight to take in as well.
we arrived around 5pm and left around 12pm the next day. no one bothered us.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins 32.61715, -80.78064

Arrived at the line at about 7 pm. Stayed the night. I got in the front of the line with help from the bar owner but it wasn’t necessary. Got on the 7am ferry. It was pretty noisy at night but the bar owner shut down at about 10 pm. Police and security went pass the line often. Would have been great if they’d turn out the fruit company lights. There is a gas station next to the ferry line.

parking ferry 9.28946, -82.39320

Ok so it’s been almost a year since the bad experience from last overlanders here. I’m gonna give it a try. Women living near where I parked was very friendly. I decided to buy a tour at 500 pesos, adding myself to a group. If something bed happen I’ll try to let you know !

Puerto Chale 24.42224, -111.55393

Could be a perfect spot if they maintained it more and picked up all the trash. Still 20B per person.

La Casa del Baron -21.43807, -65.71425

04. + 05.03.2023
Near Puerto Natales Junction to Puerto Prat. Quiet silence no service.

Puerto Natales Nähe Airport -51.68405, -72.52685

Wonderful place! Just on the river and you have access to 3 hot springs! Very nice camping!!

Gila Hot Springs Campground 33.19603, -108.20475

Lugar seguro e tranquilo para passar a noite. Durante a semana o centro de informações permite a utilização do banheiro (não tem chuveiro).

Centro de informações turísticas -23.18839, -49.75819

Good place to stay for a night. 5 min walking to the City Center. Theyhave a bathroom with shower. The water was t really hot at 9pm, but I guess it is during the day. The guy at the entrance asked for 300p but went down to 200p pretty quick.

Estacionamento Publica 20.91985, -100.74357

We spent a very quiet night here before crossing to bolivia. Good WLAN also

In front of Ollague Municipality -21.22543, -68.25589

Chile to Bol:
fast and easy
friendly stuff

border aduana migracion chile -21.22278, -68.25004

Very smooth border crossing. Friendly stuff, wanted to see the Chassis number and took a look into our Truck. Got 90 days Visa and Tip Not interested in vaccinations or food

Border aduana migracion Bolivia -21.22071, -68.18605

Sweet family living just next to the camping SER. They charged us 1000 pesos for 1 laundry and the clothes were super clean and smelled really good :)

friendly family washing clothes -41.09549, -71.50715

Frontière passée rapidement. Le policier était très gentil !

Border San Martin De Los Andes - Argentina -39.58368, -71.44681

Frontière passée également rapidement.

frontera atravesada rapidamente

Mamuil Malal border Chile -39.58247, -71.46128

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