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There's ample street parking either in front of Western Apartments or Ryder Park. No sign whatsoever and almost perfectly level. Slept like babies. There are toilets in the park, guessing they're opened seasonally.

Street parking in front of park 40.91788, -98.37463

2wd accessible.
Awesome views.
Several camp spots on the way before reaching the end.
Fun hiking for rockhounds, lots of geodes and petrified wood down in the lower areas.
Carry in - carry out.
3 bars Verizon.
There are a few small restaurants and convenience stores with beer/ wine/ firewood close by

Badger Canyon 36.77643, -111.65949

Today we crossed the toll booth and official toll is 86 pesos per car.

Toll Booth taken over by locals 17.75964, -97.35512

Sign says only dor residents of the local town. Other people incl. us still used it and no one said anything...Maybe come after 4pm, so the office next is closed

close to Walmart 41.13871, -112.05925

Lamentablemente es el único lugar donde podes parar a dormir en Atlántida, es pequeño y no es lindo que digamos. no hay ningún servicio para motorhome. Durante el día si podes moverte por la ciudad sin problemas. para dormir solo hay esto.

Atlantida Beach -34.78067, -55.76098

Works, simple free dump. The location isn’t nearly as weird as others indicated, just drive in next to the building as if you were to enter the carcass and it’ll be on your side, no need for going against any one ways.

Speedway free dump 32.11828, -110.77158

Will check the place late. Sounds really nice

Transalta wild camping site 50.44225, -104.62010

Agua de canal regadío, potable muy posible.

compuerta de agua -43.19832, -70.83449

Nice place to chill for awhile. Park and playground with pavilion and grills, free wifi reaches parking lot, electricity in pavilions, pit toilets--open year round, water pump-- not running in winter. lots of amish buggies trotting around, near grocery, post office, gas station. Only drawback is factory nearby is a little noisy.

Sandy Lake Town Center 41.34893, -80.08336


Dead-end Road 32.22102, -110.72592

Huge area with some shade and grass. Fishermen and boat launch down a ways from the quite parking. Fishing and boat watching. Fish shops nearby in town for fresh shrimp.

Bayou la Batre boat launch 30.38175, -88.26754

every month it gets more and more expensive, now it's already 70 Q/ Person, which is a lot. and the best WiFi showers and restrooms are not available all the time and so on. as the person before already wrote you pay, and pay and pay, ... would suggest to sleep at the parking lot at the entrance for free and drive to the entrance the next morning

Jaguar Inn 17.22634, -89.61193

Easy checkin - no ID needed, just gave my first name and paid my $2. They’re asking for small bills as of March 2023; they also take credit cards. Same low prices, expanded lap swim hours, so check the website. I swam and had a shower. Bring a lock for the lockers if you wish. Lifeguard on duty.

Shower at Aquatic Center 31.34920, -109.53756

Balneario ouvert .
Électricité, eau , baños dans le balneario ( ferme à 18 h)
300 pesos qui inclue l,accès aux piscines .
Plutôt bien entretenu , beaux espaces verts ‘
Les emplacements pour VR se trouvent à côté de l’entrée.
Calme en semaine mais sûrement pas en week-end

Recreativo El Gordo y San Pancha & trailer park 17.98279, -93.04667

top proche du commerce et tranquille. toilette ouvert 24h

WV Welcome Center Rest Stop 37.36272, -81.04587

Really nice hostel with different kind of rooms (little dorms / 2/3/4p rooms) and shared bathrooms. Also has a campsite in the garden with big trees. Big spacious kitchen with gas to use and free thee and coffee. Nice place to also spend the day if you have to hide for rain or need some rest / planning.
I could dry some stuff with the dryer and when I was washing my cycleclothes by hand they told me they where washing anyway and I could add some of my stuff. Very kind!
Not a party hostel. (Even written by the entrance :p )

La guapa hostel -41.31522, -72.98439

Nice place between some trees next to a soccerfield. Asked some very friendly lokals if it's ok to sleep there, he said yes and that's realy save here. Some lokals went by during the evening, all very friendly. Also some nice streetdogs sleept next to our car, where also fiendly to our dog. We ended up here because Auroa Park was closed. We felt really save and welcome, so nice place to stay for a night or two.

Zambrano trail 14.30314, -87.37697
Rodger Obley

Nice beach shower. No temperature control

Picnic Island 27.84953, -82.55417

✅ as explained before: drive right to the end of the gravel lighted street : there’s a flat place for a camper close to the broken wooden park fence where you could pitch a tent, by the way! City park with low trees. House nearby seems unattended. Quiet. No service.

Next to Parque Maria Behety, Punta Arenas -53.17867, -70.93384

Perfect service! Filled our German bottles (with our adaptor) quickly and cheap: 135 Q. for 25 lb (11kg). Very friendly staff. That' s the way you want it 😁

Tropigas 14.28116, -90.78572

The pool’s restrooms have showers. The facilities are clean and locals were friendly. I got the restroom’s passcode from a guy waiting for the pool to open (they have weird hours, so check online)

You can get the code at the pool’s office. Apparently it’s $4 for one-time use of the pool.

Pool is about 80 degree and pretty neat, would recommend.

Belmont Plaza Pool 33.75766, -118.14405

Wow! What an amazing spot! We got a “deluxe room” for the night (breakfast included) for $60 for 2 adults and a kiddo. they are providing a ride to the ferry and pick up and return in 12 days to our car that they are watching the whole time we’re on utila!! Private, gated entrance with armed guard and you park in the back so you aren’t seen from the road!
Highly recommend

Las Hamacas/Parking for the Islands 15.77051, -86.75741

Great place to spend a night with lots of sports facilities. Super friendly guard.
Note: toilets and showers are open from 10 to 10.

Parque de la Ciudad -38.93601, -69.26771

Far away from everything but worth driving to for a peaceful night. It’s on the NE corner of the intersection and it’s a little dirt road into a WMA. A few downed trees in the way but easily navigable. Beautiful stand of trees, great for tossing the ball to your dogs, fairly quiet and scenic. Felt safe.

Hwy 57 WMA 33.66605, -93.05682

It is an airbnb that goes for around 10 USD per day if you book a week. a bit more otherwise like 13USD

Very beautiful garden, parking for even huge trucks. Good kitchen, good chill area and nice people overall. space for a lot of motorbikes

bedroom wise, they are private comfy and have a proper queen size bed.

number of owner : +52 963 116 0374


i am not affiliated i am a traveler.

El Jardín de Karmitha 16.24054, -92.15150

Currently completely snowed in. We were hopeful where other people have been here in past winters but there’s about a 5ft snowbank.

Poutnef River Lower Access 42.64060, -112.00628

Not a bad place at all considering that the cheap campground up the road was closed and there’s nothing around for a long ways. We arrived after closing and the host was friendly, not sure why someone would say different, in fact he was very helpful and accommodating. Power was nice since it’s dropping to freezing point overnight. Beautiful area, kind of sad idiots spray painted many many rocks on the way to the waterfall. I’d recommend staying here though.

Bonita Ranch RV park 34.23638, -117.49944

Camping for RV'S, quiet, nice location, best view. hot water, bike, kayak. $10.000 /night/person

Atacama Glamp -28.46288, -71.21037

There are bathroom facilities (with running water) if you follow the 'information' signs at the US Customs. You'll go the opposite direction from where people are coming when they enter the US.
Security guards at the lot are friendly. They also offered water and bathroom.

Quechan Border Parking 32.72029, -114.72665

Large parking area, flat enough for a one night stay, and very convenient to Rt 15. There are signs about towing, which also say "No RV's/Trailers/Commercial Vehicles". However, the sign does not say that there is no overnight parking, so we shall find out tonight and update this check-in either way.
Picture of sign attached.
FYI: Made it through the night with no issues. It's a relatively noisy spot with cars throughout the night.

Winco parking lot 40.31293, -111.72125

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