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Wow, beautiful walk through jungle and nice rockformations with on the top 360⁰ views! Don't miss this surprise on the long road from Santa Cruz to Corumbá. We parked and slept on the parkingplace.

Mirador -18.31906, -59.57366

Very interesting place at the coffee drying facility. Before you going to this place ask for Eric at the office at the main road a few 100 meters away.
We did the coffee tour with Eric and can highly recommend this. He also can arrange other tours too. We spent a pleasant night there.

3Dreams Rwanda Safaris Campsite -2.54575, 29.69920

Arrived to the campground around 8:30pm and called the number posted. They won’t allow any new campers after sundown. Camping costs 15 per person.

Jackson Lake Island 32.44850, -86.33368

Stayed one night, Fidel is charming and funny and his English is great. Had the pick of a camp spot right by the beach, felt self and protected. Electricity was out when we were there due to a storm (was visibly being repaired as we arrived). Outhouses are also very rustic. Bathrooms/showers are fine but the water isn't very hot (maybe was related to electricity?). $200mx for a quiet safe night after a long drive was well worth it. Would stay again.

Fidel's El Pabellón RV-Park 30.37017, -115.86355

We spent one night here without any problem. Very hot and lots of mostico at night. Police was here a part of end of day.

Soriana/Cinemex car park 14.90453, -92.24684

now 15k pp without breakfast. 5k for breakfast and use of kitchen. room is cozy, bathroom is ok, very hot shower. doña ester is very controlling, she will be checking what you do all the time, specially when using kitchen. you have to ask permission to use every single item. she even told me to stop charging my phone bc it had been charging "for too long" even though it wasn't fully charged. not comfortable staying at all.

Hospedaje Doña Ester -47.01621, -72.82718

The road is currently in good condition and it only took us about 15 minutes to get in with our 2WD Promaster. The camping has very few amenities, there is a garbage and organics by the restaurant and the camping area just has a pit toilet with no door. The water fall is super beautiful and you can explore up and downstream for ages. The rancho itself is cute with lots of animals around and it has a restaurant. It gets busy during the day so we hit up the falls in the evening and morning and had it to ourselves. $250/person for camping and falls access

Rancho Ecologico Sol de Mayo 23.49929, -109.79031
A sudden leap into boondocking

Sites fill up fast and though the sign says that you must Park in a actual site there are many people around the edges. Stay limit to 5 days. Very peaceful for as crowded as it was. If you like to hike this is a wonderful place head off towards the Guadalupe Mountains and the Black River it is amazing.

Sunset Reef Campground BLM 32.11937, -104.42449

Noce place, 470 Rand per car (2-4 people)

Driehoek Farm -32.44099, 19.18811
Annette’s VanTease

I pulled up to the gate at 5:15pm on a Friday. Only me and one other camper with an empty space between us. Good for passing through, can only stay one night and have to leave the site at 9am. You’re allowed to spend the day in the park. Good and CVS .4 miles away. Will come back. $12, no fires but you get a bbq grill.

Benicia State Recreation Area Enroute Camping 38.07875, -122.19455

Ample free informal parking to spend the day or night. It is very common to see several parked motorhomes. No services. There is a supermarket nearby. There is a bike lane.

No name 39.16136, -0.24713

Super nice place as discribed before - clean and quite

Beautiful mould by the lake -47.35663, -71.74863

Flat parking area at the trailhead for several trails. Stayed 2 nights, was very quiet and off the main road. Saturday may have been 15 or so vehicles come to hike and bike there otherwise very quiet. Left Sunday a.m. nobody had arrived yet to go on the trails. Really enjoyed the trails and seclusion. On opposite side of Lake from DeGray Lake Resort state park. Free admission there. Enjoyed the island trail before heading out of town.

Iron Mountain Trail Parking 34.21930, -93.14582

quiet, and no one gave us a hard time. no signs prohibiting overnight parking.

Planet Fitness 37.73273, -84.28428

This place is great. Access isn't hard at all, just a couple loose rocks and a bit of water erosion. Easy for any vehicle, at least when dry. Several "spots", and you can keep going north to the next spot marked on ioverlander, just beware it's more rocky there, so may not be suitable for a sedan.

The view is beautiful, sunrises are a show, and we saw dolphins. We were pretty much alone for a solid 48 hours. We had no issues whatsoever.

No cell reception. Starlink worked flawlessly with open view of the sky towards the North. Plenty of south open sky for solar panels too.

Check warnings for "birdsong camp" just south of here. You can walk there easily. There is a hole on the ground in that area, with water at the bottom, may need to be extra careful with kids and pets.

(we use to report on cell service for people trying to work off grid; IG: @pampas.overland)

Beach 26.58571, -111.78726

Large building 1,5km from center of small town Bella Vista. Owner of the Hostel is extremely friendly and speaks decent English.
We used his kitchen to cook, but if asked he will prepare something for you.
Also able to use refrigerator.
Rooms were cleaned for us and shower was hot water.
We were forced to stop due to a mechanical with our bikes and he helped us out a lot by using his compressor.

In the evening we chatted around a bonfire with some of his coca, pisco and cocholito he offered!

There's also a very big grassfield, pretty sure you can put up your tent and he will charge you less. We paid S/50 pp and got two rooms.

There's no wifi though and internet connection was very poor.

There are two small tienditas at Bella Vista plaza

Waiky's -7.54956, -78.15192

High recommendation! Great food, clean toilets, free Wifi, you can stay in the green park behind the restaurant. And it is free!

Hode’s Place 17.16231, -89.06991

on a passé une nuit ici, les gens sont venus collecter vers 19h30. 3$/adulte, 1,5$ pour les moins de 11 ans.
nuit très calme et fraîche.

La Rinconada Campsite -0.63392, -78.48199

Another incredible, beautiful spot in Chiapas!
We camped here one night and even felt save enough to sleep with an open backdoor in our VWT5 because of the heat.
It is colder here than southeast down the 307, but it still gets quite warm. Place is absolutely free and locals use it for any kind of things (washing, birthday parties) but quite at night.

To get here it’s 6km gravel road just after Santo Domingo, but absolutely manageable with any kind of vehicle. From the spot it’s another 2k to get to the falls and a jungle trek that leads you to some view points.
Falls and bridge were our favourite. You can also drive the 2k and park in front of the pedestrian bridge. Might be enough space for a smaller vehicle, but we enjoyed the walk.

Swimming in the river is also really nice:)

If you have any questions or want to see photos:
IG: freetgoesworld

Las Nubes 16.19829, -91.33066

Very very nice view on the lake and the volcano, but if you want somewhere calm and a good night sleep I don't recommand. Maybe that's because it was on a Friday night but there were lots of cars passing by all night long with music.

Skate Park Camp Lakeside Villarica -39.27962, -72.21983

Car camper - spent three nights in a row here unbothered. Some semis & an rv overnighted as well. Large shopping area with a few restaurants, a gas station & Goodwill as well as other shopping. Saw security patrolling lot a few times. A few grassy areas for walking dog!

Walmart 34.97415, -81.87571

Good place to boondock with a camper (ours is 25ft) Quiet, no problems, stayed 2 nights, some trash laying around (tried picking some of it up) Conveniently close to Juniper Springs which we went to (great little swimming hole - $12 a person closes around 5:30pm)

Pull off spot 29.18090, -81.77003

Friday and Saturday night it was packed. Very noisy because of men drag racing on the highway next to the restaurant. Apparently it’s legal here because it went on until 4:30 in the morning. This town is filled with men and their extremely loud vehicles including their music, all day all night. The smell of exhaust in the air is strong and constant.

Destin Cracker Barrel 30.38840, -86.42454

Really nice place, right on the beach, with 24 hour security, palapas, grills, showers. Fidel was really nice. We didn't have power the night we came because of a recent storm, but crews were out restoring service the next day. We would absolutely stay again. Pro-tip: go ahead and walk to the big bathhouse to use the restrooms. It's not that much further than the outhouses.

El Pabellon RV Park 30.37553, -115.86766

Many large level concrete pads. Big rig friendly. No hookups, no wifi. Two showers (hot water, no shower heads), 1 flush toilet (no toilet seat). And a beautiful chained up husky dog name Morgan. Go give him a treat and a pet on the head. Stayed one night in our Sprinter van. Lady tried to charge 350 pesos, but we settled with 200.

Hotel Sinahi RV Park and Restaurant 30.06704, -115.71625

Exelente lugar, prolijos, responsables, confiables y son especialistas en van y vehículos utilitarios, mecânica general. Tuvimos un problema en el tren delantero de nuestra Sprinter y arreglaron todo. mostraron las partes que cambiaron, nos dieron un papel con todo lo que hicieron detallado para que nos llevemos y tiene 3 meses de garantía el arreglo y los repuestos. La verdad exelente.

Excellent place, neat, responsible, reliable and they are specialists in vans and utility vehicles, general mechanics. We had a problem with the front end of our Sprinter and they fixed everything. They showed us the parts that they changed, they gave us a paper with everything they did detailed for us to take with us and the repair and spare parts have a 3-month guarantee. the excellent truth

v8 mecânica -23.21110, -45.88792
Domhnaill O Doherty

grand spot! quiet and loads of fireflies. they asked for 50p.p. No amenities, but I heard plenty of howling monkeys in the late afternoon. not for big rigs

Centro Ecotouristico "Otulum" 17.38445, -91.98355

Very nice place for free, very quiet and friendly, cold at night,
The fresh cheese at 2$5 is so good.
Buy a bit to compense the free park.

Bob en cavale YT & IG

Granja Don Alvaro 13.85091, -89.71381

Arrived at 2am, we left camping because of a party in a camping.
Big area for truck, we asked to the guard and no problem to sleep.
We slept behind the truck and it was so quiet.

Bob en cavale YT & IG

Uno Gas Station 13.70098, -89.95197

SA into BOTS

Very easy border crossing (in the beginning of March). We were through the border and done with both sides in less than 25 minutes (European passport). Didn't pay nothing for Botswana as we had everything paid on our way in a month earlier.
The police officers stopped us asking what we were transporting. We greeted politely, told them we only had camping stuff, did some small talk and were waved through without inspection of the vehicle.

Pioneer Border Post -25.27651, 25.71261

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