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Price - R250
How to Book - Can be done on website
Unique things - Sheep and chicken that run around
Ablutions - a bit run down, hot water works well, see photos
Better sites - Get the one that has a view, next to one of the guest rooms
Access - 1.4km of dirt, 8/10
Internet - WiFi at some of the campsites!

Bundu -28.22283, 27.07898

We stayed here on route to the border into Tanzania from Kivu Lake. A warm welcome, grassy spot in front of the workshops and next to the kitchen gardens. Cold showers but with powerful flow and clean, basic, compost toilets. 10000 Rfr pppn. WiFi at the restaurant.

Urugo Women's Opportunity Centre -1.92041, 30.49540
Wendy & Graham

Beautiful place. Quiet. Short 500m trail for some great bird sightings. 200 pesos each for entry and 1200 for the camper truck. Five swimming pools!!

Balneario Municipal -29.16126, -58.03359

I called ahead & confirmed it was ok to park overnight. She said it was fine, just that they weren't responsible if anything happened & to park in the back. Stayed with 3 other vehicles, no problems. Gets quiet after the gas station closes.

Walmart in Perry 30.10186, -83.58152

Great place to spend the night. Hot water for free, potable water is also available. Shower is expensive, but super clean (700 pesos for 5 minutes).

YPF - El Calafate -50.33162, -72.23061

Wonderful spot off 101 with beach access. This is a parking lot right down off the highway, great alternative to the other pull offs. A couple other RVs came late and left early. No T-Mobile coverage.

DeMartin beach picnic area 41.60352, -124.10058

Good stop on a long drive, a huge Pemex with heaps of services and 24h security as described below. We even saw some powerpoints on the gazebos although did not test them. Parked to the right of the oxxo and were surrounded by trucks running their engines all night long so maybe pick a better spot within the large carpark.

Pemex 18.99778, -102.08076

Incredible state park. Absolutely worth the visit. I didn't get a formal campsite (they were all booked) so I stayed at the Sagebrush day use area, in the extended parking lot area.

Palo Duro State Park 34.93449, -101.63571

Highly recommend this awesome campground within the city! We fit our big rig inside (tight squeeze through gate but got it through). Very friendly staff, good wifi, hot showers, very clean, beautiful view of water, common area to cook and hang out. Great spot!

Camping Güino -51.73025, -72.48977

Important to know that you will be scratch from bushes. High clearence vehicules, real overlanding, 4x4 only. Beautiful sunset. Very private.

Wild camping in Sonoran Desert National Monument 32.42150, -112.91400

Several spigots in the grass close to the parking lot. Definitely seems you’d be able to run a hose to your rig.

Front Street, Crescent City 41.74957, -124.19872

This place was recommanded by local police. Quiet place to spend the night

Gravel parking lot 32.27027, -110.91382

easy on and off the interstate,
full hookups for $20/ night!

minimart 41.02717, -89.04841

Marcos was the first person who managed to fill our Chilean gasbottle after almost 4 months!
Call ahead (check Camping Las Lomas for the number)

Camping Las Lomas -16.24338, -67.70880

This is one of those magic lost in time hippie surf camps that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s yours, go find it! You can reach it by road from the main highway, down a bumpy sandy two track that crosses the savanna and runs to the camp. Or you can come via the tiny ferry boat from Quepos - for a moto it was 500colones, not sure what the cost of a car/truck or walk on passenger would be.

The surf camp is rustic, has camping or very basic Lost Boys style huts available ($20-25 depending on the room). In nice weather, it feels like a hidden paradise. One morning I was in the open air shower when a flock of red macaws flew directly above - pure magic! The stars on moonless nights are incredibly bright. One night, a monkey came to our motorcycles and started rummaging around for snacks, my friend had to fight it off. It took a bite out of our cheese bread.

In rain or when the mosquitoes are around it’s a bit less ideal but still good. There is a community kitchen, and Wi-Fi was fast enough to do video calls during my stay. Everything runs on solar so you can only charge devices during the day.

Really one of the things that makes this place wonderful is Miguel himself, who will come tell you amazing things about the area, and what he is doing to continually improve the camp. He’s a kind and beautiful soul, and made it feel like a special place to be. I hope it remains a little secret gem for many years to come!

Miguel surf camp 9.44298, -84.17931

Marcos speaks perfect English and is very knowledgeable about cars. He solved several of our issues and even took one part to a special for us. He was in constant communication with us about the repair
and related costs. Highly recommended mechanic.

Las Lomas Garage -16.52748, -68.05061

Great place, Ronnie is super nice guy and one of the cleanest, well run places we stay in Central America.
Set up with hostel (we didn’t check or see rooms) and amazing area for overlanders. Big rigs drive around back.
Super friendly stay
Super clean facilities
Rocky the mascot is also super nice

We stayed extra night as gated and he allowed our three dogs to roam yard. Wonderful recharge for us.
He also will let you park your van if you want to make trip to the island on foot.

Again solid place, not a negative thing to say or even consider.

Southern Nights Nicaragua 11.45941, -85.79276

Nice enough to camp overnight for the sunrise. Stayed between the pine trees, and it was super quiet and peaceful! Road up is a bit of an adventure 😁

Camping at Rancho 13.27435, -87.83918

Larger rest stop. Tons of road noise but seems like a good safe stop when traveling through Ohio… wouldn’t stay here unless really need some rest.

I-70 eastbound 39.94626, -82.45207

It IS open again. Stayed here last night. Bathrooms with running water, no problems. Solid nights sleep, not loud.

Rest Area 43.58758, -111.62111

Calling it the Maldives of Oman is kind of overrated. There is so much trash , it's depressing, sad and spoils the beautiful beach. It's not just trash that washes ashore, full trash bags are also left behind. The lagoon is pretty, with lots of birds, so I'll look that way instead!

Bur Al Hikman 20.37361, 58.26684

Trucks are not allowed here anymore - even if they are caravans. The police waked us up at 4.30 a.m., to tell us, we have to move. After a long discussion (because of sleeping childs) they allowed us to stay until 7 (they didn’t come again). Thinking it was maybe the wrong position at the beach, we tried it one week later again, but had the same situation. The police came in the late evening at 11 p.m. and ask us to leave. The smaller caravan beside us wasn‘t ask. You can try, but be prepared to get a visit of the police and have long discussion.

Picnic Area on the beach 24.76657, 50.75064

As described before. Nice place in the parkinglot down. Can use the clean toilets and shower, ask for the key. A bit walk up from the parking.
On weekends very busy. At night very quiet. Good place to visit Kigali.

Fazenda Sengha Country Club -1.98525, 30.02810

fantastic repair shop for bicycle and moped

Meknés 33.86120, -5.53340

Not a fancy place to overnight, but if you are here for birding like us then it is a safe and a quiet place to spend the night. It isn't totally hidden from the road, but flat and an open area. We birded the road and didn't enter the NP.


Road towards NP Sumapaz 4.29483, -74.21073

We slept one night in the cabaña with fireplace and own bathroom. They lit the fire at 16:00. During the week the price is 190.000cop for the cabaña included a small breakfast (1 arepa, scrambled eggs, cheese and a chocolate milk).


Parque Natural Chicaque 4.60648, -74.30535

more a fancy place.
but very clean.

there was no italian people around and also no italian food.

just chips with fish for 5kcfa.
beer was a 1000.

Casa KasumayaKu 12.29004, -16.58377

We stayed there 5nights very safe city! Quiet at the night. Late afternoon local people coming to play quiet nice to watch if you like. 4G working perfectly Tim and Vivo. Shower water electricity everything you need!

Beach Parking -5.12157, -35.62972

Great campsite, the camp spots are just perfect; flat, some protection from the wind. Toilet/shower facilities fantastic; brand new, heated, and super clean. Safe, quiet at night, no other vehicles or traffic noise.
Only comment is towards other campers; when we arrived everything was tidy, the same evening the toilet buildings were already a mess with muddy floors and hair everywhere (even though only 2 other cars were there). Be respectful and grateful for such a great maintained place which is FREE of all, and clean after yourselves!

Camping municipal Cerro Sombrero -52.77939, -69.29562

Still being possible to camp here. It was just me and one tent and the lady was agree to let me pass one nigth. Many places to camp and tables with rustic chairs. Water close.

Camp besides the route and convenience store. -25.23509, -65.46234

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