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Parking lot of the hippodrome. Many horses and riders around in the area. All very friendly, we were allowed to use the toilet of the stadium.
The road is close, so some traffic noise.

Hippodrom Parking -33.53688, -56.88752

We’ve got 2 road blocks on the RN5 this one is the second one the first one was 2 km ahead. Both times there were two guys and they had put big rocks in the middle and ropes.
What worked for us is to keep the windows 4/5 closed. Say we won’t pay and we will call the touristic police. We actually did call and while on the call we put the speaker on. The guys got scared and removed the rope and the rocks letting us pass.

Better take the road through Coban. The RN5 is a very beaten up track and very long to cover.

Road block 15.66547, -89.99370
Roadtrip 2020

I consider this spot the same as ‘Valle de Bascan - ecoturistico’ entry but with the wrong coordinates. No entrance whatsoever on this location.

We stayed at the parking lot for 160 pesos for entrance and staying overnight. Nobody around. Beautiful falls to have a swim in.

Waterfall 17.33101, -91.92512
Miss Daisy

This is the starting point of Namakwa 4×4 eco trail. It's also a great spot to stop on the side of the road between Upington to Springbok.
Make sure to close the entrance gate. In our opinion it is even possible to sleep here. Good MTN signal

Namakwa 4×4 eco trail -29.12760, 19.23961

Very safe and quiet, the police is very close have toilet an very nice place to visit! 😁 a lot waterfalls! Very big! Play garden in the square

Tranquilo y seguro! Baños y juegos para los niños en la plaza! La policia en frente. Nos dijeron que podiamos parar aca 🙌!

Tourist Information -25.21422, -50.98104

Could be a nice space direct at the beach. However lot’s of noises: young people’s music, dogs, fishermen,….
Good for one night, not more.

Playa Tarcoles 9.75999, -84.62757

Guarded site. No free access in the evening/night. But the guard kindly let us stay overnight. He was super friendly and interested.

Parking - Visitors Center - Madaba 31.71630, 35.79674
Danes on the Road

We were in and out in less than 10 minutes and got our propane tank filled for 3.33 USD per gallon. There's a slight discount if you pay with cash, but credit is also accepted.

Bell Hydrogas 29.35148, -98.46477

Some locals with a cord ask for money. They are friendly but wanted 5 pesos. There was a police car in front of me, but the locals didn’t care.

Road Block for money 18.12501, -95.53261
Danes on the Road

Slept here without any issues. As other mentioned there is no RV spots, but the parking lot is big enough that most RV's could fit (especially if you arrive after closing time and leave before they open).

The road is busy and the same goes for the car wash behind the lot, so that means you are bound to hear some noise. But definitely a good place to stay the night.

Cracker Barrel 29.35218, -98.43382

Dormimos aquí por uma noite! Iríamos ficar no ypf, porém a agente de turismo disse que não haveria problema em estar aqui, desde que assumíssemos o risco. Passamos uma noite tranquila.

Visitor Information Centre -38.53951, -70.36652

Paramos somente para tirar fotos. Não se podía pernoitar

Playa del Lago Caviahue -37.89496, -71.00695

Very nice Campsite in the Pongola Reserve.
Trees, grean lawn, small pool
300 Rand 2 people, no extra entrance fee at the gate

Ngonkoni Fishing Camp -27.52848, 31.99165

excellent water spigot, pours fast, tastes fine

water spigot at McFarland Park (not the campground) 34.78256, -87.68337

We needed a change of pace and decided on bbq. The food was delicious and the waitresses were very friendly. Prices are very reasonable. Very clean. This is just a couple blocks from Walmart, only a 9 minute walk. They also serve breakfast.

Bar-B-Q Bills 29.50306, -82.86926

The drive here was beautiful. However the camping is on a concrete parking lot without a clear view, with machinery and gravel piled up. Possibly the least scenic part of the plantation! The grounds are very nice and people were friendly but we decided that we would prefer a better view/no concrete etc. We didn’t look at the rooms but all the buildings were pretty and the rest of the grounds beautifully maintained.

Fazenda Rio Uiri -11.19794, 14.34020

Best mini market! Friendly, right across from the laundry and they have fresh bread, fruit veggies and everything. Even shoes and food for pets.
All but Alkohol…..

Best Minimarket in town -46.12193, -72.16158

There are water fountains in several spots but no place to fill by using a hose.

Brandi Fenton Memorial Park 32.27283, -110.92065

Lovely bush camp.
Private ablutions.
Hot water from gas geyser.
Potable water.
lovely stunning swimming pool.
Lots of shade.
On a game farm.
Gravel entrance road in great condition.

Rotsinbos Bush Camp -25.45259, 27.71065

Place where a house is burned down. You can park there. Enough space and quit. We were all alone in our vann and super nice. You have view of the waterfall

In front of the waterfall -41.82759, -71.41948

radiator repair to avoid!
did the worst job ever on our radiator. the first time it was still leaking.
astronomic price and no chance to negociate.

Radiadores el Bahiense -45.87033, -67.50184

We pulled up here late in the evening not knowing what this site actually was. Abandoned missile site turned unofficial gun range for locals. Stayed the night safely but started hearing gunshots very close around 12pm the next day. I made sure the people shooting knew we were here so I felt safe until we moved but wouldn’t recommend casually driving or walking through.

Nike Missile Site W-10 33.43706, -104.33647

The only coffee roastery I found in puerto varas. Nice place to drink a coffee, very nice (cheap) prices (1.600 for large americano, 2.200 for large cappuccino) and they have a lot of coffee variations to buy. Either beans or they grind it fresh for you. GREAT!

Coffee roastery: Cafe a pié -41.31914, -72.98898

Very good place and super quiet!
Few mosquitos during the night but nothing serious.
Highly recommended!

Tilcara #2 -23.56407, -65.38555

This place is now a Camping World. Still free dump station

Gander RV - dump station and drinking water 37.08753, -113.57641

Today 8/3/23 1€=365Ars. still no money transfert

Western Union / Pago Facil -50.33858, -72.26941

The camping area is a beautiful grassy tree filled location and the beach is gorgeous very quiet

Panto-Ha 18.57137, -88.44622

Came there at 4 pm told me to come back at 9 in the morning. Withdrawal of 180 000 Ars max/ day/ person. Come with Id AND copy of it that they are going to keep (from what i understood). But western union rate is indeed better (1/392 today) instead of 1/365 in town)

Western Union, El Calafate -50.33831, -72.26492
Rambling Sid

Definitely a gem but with some quirks. Full hook ups are $20 a night, but there are signs around about no alcohol, not sure if that applies to the campground but we kept it out of sight. Tried the mineral water, very metallic, maybe from the pump or just the taste of it. Manager is a good guy, he has this job and another county job so he isn’t around much. Payment is on the honor basis, at least this time, must pay by cheque or money oder and into a drop box. Currently in site 9, after we got set up I found the water spigot is adventurous, when moving from full off to full on it squirts out the side. Shopping tomorrow so might change sites, we are the only ones here.

Bladon Springs County Park 31.73216, -88.19533

WAUWWWWW. Soooo goooood. Do not miss this icecream. Unbelievable. Try the marrox de mani if you like chocolate and peanuts. Better then a snicker

Rapanui icecream -41.13389, -71.30647

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