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Very quiet and safe hotel. The owner allows you stop your motorhome. Good to sleep for one night. Eletric energia, potable water and Wi-Fi.

Pousada do Pampa -32.52518, -53.34698

Had a little puncture in our windshielt fixed here. During our 30 min repair time four other locals came by to get their windshield fixed, so I assume they do a good job.

Windshield repair 23.65834, 58.11424

Really nice cafeteria with real coffee and juice. The lady is super nice and there is a bathroom. Note that there is no place to sit inside so it is more a takeaway. It was open on Sunday.
instagram : @aroma_australcafe

Cafeteria Aroma Austral -44.74886, -72.21122

Long and narrow steel bridge. Limited to 10 t. Ford through the river available and passable with high clearance.

10 t Bridge 32.26073, -6.10164

Since "Mars" the inevitable chocolate brand came for a TV advert. Sankofa Entertainment Complex has become a business place. The weekend rendezvous of the Lebanese community. Which are gradually replaced by Sierra Leoneans at sunset the beach turn to DJ set and dance party. A real taste of Sierra Leone !

Sankofa River Nr2 8.33464, -13.20461

Big view point in pass to Mount Olympus. Very quiet during afternoon and e. Beautiful view of Adriatic coast. Nobody bothered us.

Overnight in pass 40.02453, 22.48814

Luxury campsite. They asked for 22k a night for 2 people plus van and agreed 18k per night as we were staying for two nights. Lots of families enjoying the lake. Everything was clean and working. Good hot shower. They did a load of washing for us - 5000 per load. Really professional. Also essentials shop.

Camping Los Copihues -40.71543, -72.49604

Safe parking for car and motorcycle
Room clean and modern
Wi-Fi not the best
Good breakfast included
My last stop after africa trip and return to Italy

Hotel Grand Anka 41.01206, 28.94112

Nice spot to park for the night. Some flood warning were issued in the area, so we parked on top of the hill just in case, so just keep an eye on the weather warnings. Heard something leaving and entering the water at night, so can only assume it's a croc. Otherwise great place to park for a night.

Mississippi River boat launch 31.07202, -91.58326

directly at the road, no parking. no fence. We didn't stay.

Nguse River Camp 1.14995, 31.01208

Parked my 32 foot RV out on the road no bother. One street back from the beach which still has the showers and porta loos. No WiFi, the hotel has changed its sign jn to a surname and room number that it checks.

Good if u want the beach away from the strip.

Free St Parking 33.65757, -78.92022

Super nice restaurant with excellent quality food ! Expensive but worth it.

They also let us sleep in their parking lot for the night!

Tamarindos Mexican Farm-To-Table Restaurant 23.07234, -109.68568

Best place to stay near the town. Nice and very good atention by the owners. Low prieces if you stay for more than 4 days (i suggest if you go with thime stay at least 6 days, coz are so much to know in Bariloche). very safe with 24 hrs guards, hot showers, clean bathrooms and with a restaurant inside with cheap prieces.

Selva Negra -41.13270, -71.34300

Large sites but no water, Braai facilities or dustbins on any sites. Good for an overnight stop. Ablutions are clean with hot water.
Had better for R150 pppn.

De Bos Guest farm -33.78792, 20.11338

Camping rústico ,agreste,tranquilo,silencioso y muy seguro.Con salida a una playa de arena inmensa y al rio los sauces,cerca de balneario Los Elefantes en Minaclavero.Almacenes abiertos todo el día muy cerca.Árboles y sombra a muy bajo costo.

Camping Los Sauces -31.72711, -65.02637

cafe serving breakfast lunch and dinner. Coffee, homemade baked goods including bagels, biscuits, focaccia, and scones, sandwiches, salads, and homemade pizza. Several vegan options available. homemade bagel with vegan chive cream cheese is to die for. We got breakfast here after camping at the hotsprings.

Kit and Fox Cafe 35.84827, -116.22663

great spot for the night or so hang out for a day or two. Lots of space for the dog to roam. pit toilet too. tons of flat spots. minimal highway noise, can be windy.

Tamarack Beach on Walker Lake 38.74061, -118.76511

Stayed overnight here. No Amenities. Just a sign that says Do Not Dispose of Human Waste. Pretty noisy being right off the highway and semi trucks idling.

Designated Parking Area 35.73426, -105.04590

Easy crossing Chile->Argentina on a Sunday morning. In fact it's a bit confusing because it's the same way for people entering or leaving Chile.

Carretera Austral- Monte Aymond -52.14181, -69.52010

Municipal campground. Would not let us in without a booking. Cannot comment on facilities.

Hendon Park Resort -34.15164, 18.86200

Easy crossing from Chile -> Argentina on a Sunday morning. The Gendarmería had just a quick look at the back of our car and let us go.

Monte Aymond- Carretera Austral Crossing -52.13948, -69.51957

Good free wifi: Download 12.3 Mbps; Upload 1.72Mbps. I would not call this "fast", but good for being free. :)

Free fast Wi-fi 'WiFiUrbano' -51.61791, -69.20332

no longer open on weekends
Mon-Fri 9-5
Still a valid place to have tanks filled.

Vapo Propane 30.26307, -98.85706

Closed on Sunday
M-F 9-5, Sat 9-12(Noon)

Hillcountry propane 30.25611, -98.89057
Blake king

Great spot! 3 of us (2 sprinters and a westy) stayed here for 3 nights and had a great time! The first night there was music blasting from locals as usual, from 8-pm to 5am. The second and 3rd nights were peaceful, and the days are wonderful. There are also porta potties and garbage cans! Wouldn’t swim here but lovely for hanging.

Playa el Tule (Boca del Tule) 22.95870, -109.80079

Comme le Regional Visitor center n'accepte pas les stationnements de vr pour la nuit, je me suis rabattu sur le Walmart. Malgré des affiches d'interdiction de stationnement 'overnight', j'ai été demandé la permission.
Personnel super gentil et le stationnement est permis MAIS faut aller le demander et recevoir les notifications de non responsabilité de Walmart.

As the Regional Visitor center does not accept overnight RV parking, I fell back on Walmart. Despite 'overnight' no parking signs, I asked for permission.
Super nice staff and parking is allowed BUT you have to go ask for it and receive disclaimers from Walmart.

Walmart, Wytheville, Virginia 36.95773, -81.09960

Perfect place. No facilities, no signal 3G. Restrooms are closed/destroyed. Wind during the day but when the sun goes down it’s perfect. Very nice spot for silence and stars in the sky. Watch out for holes and old pieces of metal on the ground.

Dolores Camp -19.67721, -69.94578

Not a good option anymore. Not allowed to stay on the parking anymore.

Zobel Hotel 12.62491, 37.47323

First big pull off along Deer Creek Road. A few level spots. Beautiful hills and a view of the ocean. Spotty cell phone reception.

Quiet road, was not bothered all night. Only a few cars passed. It is a steep road up to it though, so make sure your brakes are good for the trip down!

Great views pullout 34.06797, -118.99067

Park was empty, but they would not let us in because we did not book in advance. We did try to phone to book but phones went unanswered.

Voortrekker Park -34.12487, 18.83521

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