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A bit different from other border crossing in a Thailand for exiting. First driver need to get the vehicle verified before getting an e it stamp and after that needed to sign some documents at the military post across from the immigration building.

As for Cambodia it was east but I paid
100bt per passport stamp
100bt for customs print out and submissions
200bt for police card

Trat/Koh Kong Border Crossing 11.65151, 102.90923
Luc & Celine

this is a camping wold store
very convenient for a last stop before going back to Canada
I was able to winthernize my rv
no water but I had 5 gallons of water to flush gray and black tanks

Camping World 43.59679, -76.09958

great cell signal on our verizon hot spot, easy access for any size rig, free plus not too far from Yuma and Andrade (border crossing to Mexico and Los Algodones). It can get really windy here and it is close to the Imperial Sand Dunes. So getting sandblasted is a real possibility here....

American Girl Mine 32.83203, -114.81190

Don’t pay the 10 $ for enshurance it’s a scam the mean Stress a lot and show paper but everything is fake big aushole was hard work to not pay

Bo border post 7.01177, -11.37392

Standard DOC campsite ($10 pppn) at the end the road. 3 grassed areas for camping. Creek on one side of the site. Usually fairly quiet as at the end of a narrow gravel road.
Walking track to the blue hut starts here
Toilets and covered picnic area provided.

Kiriwhakapapa campsite -40.80803, 175.54633

Amazing place for camping, just go and enjoy nature. Take food and water because in the night you have nothing!

Laguna Verde 13.89101, -89.78837

Great camping spot with amazing views of the lake and surrounding mountains. When we got there, another van was already there and sadly had no intention to move in order to share the spot. However, some 30-ish meters before this spot there's a footpath going into the reeds which leads to a small grassy beach where views are actually even better! We parked in backwards by the side of the dirt road (a small vehicle/van fits here) and set up our table on the beach. You can confirm the location by the presence of a turquoise-orange graffitied pole with Francis Drake's words 'Sic Parvis Magna' on it.

Laguna Trébol Grassy Beach -41.07026, -71.48942

A pull off on the side of the road. I backed my 31 ft c class rv on the far left side of the pull off & fit just fine! Did take some maneuvering. Very windy morning but in the spring it was perfect 👍🏼 stayed for the day and left late afternoon!

Penny Hot Springs 39.23186, -107.22733

rv park très sympa , cher quand même, 70$la nuit, mais compense par , des piscine chauffée, spa, terrain tennis ..
parfait pour breacker avec ses enfants.

Jamaica beach rv resort 29.10522, -95.09739

we filled up diesel here, which contained a lot of dirt and water. better avoid this gas station!

Dirty fuel with water -29.32892, -49.74692

no more possible, you must leave before 4 pm.

Beach Near Fort 9.32609, -80.00307
VAM Life 25

Very quiet place compare to Walmart or Cracker Barrel. Be careful with GPS location better take it by the 79.

Cottonfield site 34.86855, -90.54442

Does not exist. No restaurant here


Lo de Antonio -41.01332, -64.16214

No problem. Good road along the Beach for any car

Bahut Creek -41.07542, -63.94774

No problem. Good road along the Beach for any car

Sand dunes blocking the road -41.06669, -63.97057

No problem. Good road along the Beach for any car

Bahia Creek -41.05657, -64.00073

Here you can get vaccine for Africa trip. Yellow fever for example. Place is hard to be find. You need ask
Just show a foto to ask, people will help you

Vaccine for Africa 30.01051, 31.20829

Seems quiet. Just need a good night’s sleep as we travel through and it looks like this will provide.

Sanders Public Library 35.21802, -109.33211

Quiet place, police makes rounds, some people by night, cleaning every morning

Thuwal waterfront 22.27084, 39.08587

350 pesos a night. Beautiful and quiet. One sandy spot close to park and a little inside park. Fast with momentum will get you through it. Decent bathrooms with running water.

Camp Beluga, San Luis Gonzaga Bay 29.77518, -114.38384

15min to Obed Lilly Bluff, has access to Freedom Hill boulders. Has one hot shower stall, two flushing toilets, potable water, WiFi, that’s about it. Lots of mud after heavy rain, but definitely quiet. $10 per person per night, pay by Venmo.

Freedom Hill Campground 36.10087, -84.82251

DO NOT leave anything small and valuable in the car before departure. They will ask you to leave the car in warehouse day before the departure. Don t give the “security” keys from your car or take every small and medium staff from your car with you. They will robe something from the car while “searching” for drugs… Very expensive and overpriced ferry. It goes only for 6 hours and costs about 1000 euros (including all payments in UAE port). The ferry by the way is sponsored by Iran government. So I think 90% of money just goes into somebody’s pocket. But unfortunately no alternatives to travel by ship from Iran to UAE

Port Shahid Bahonar - UAE <-> Iran 27.15463, 56.20378

Tem chuveiro no banheiro dos bares. Estava bemmmm sujo, mas foi o único banho que encontrei na cidade.

Centro de apoio aos romeiros -7.19627, -39.31542

Safe and quiet. I spent the night here. Tranquilo e seguro. Passei a noite aqui.

Centro de informação -22.72461, -45.57566

A great place for overnight close to the NP of White Sands. Many RV are here. Safe and quiet

Raptor Lake (Holloman Lake entrance) 32.80730, -106.12241
Toma Lo Tuyo MUNDO

Nos quedamos una noche mientras comprábamos el seguro para entrar a Colombia. Las chicas son muy amables.

masgas aguarico 0.07307, -76.89098

Nice folks at the cash register. Got some gas and asked if it was ok to top off our water tank. Typical water and air setup but had splitter on the line to connect threaded hose as well.

Free potable water at Chevron gas station 35.08085, -120.58698

Seems like a great spot for one night. Nice neighborhood. Quiet. I think I’ll sleep well.

Street parking 34.00686, -118.46443

We’re loving it!
Beautiful and safe and lots of great people and places to eat and drink via the palapas
Paying a “closed” restaurant to sleep on the beach in front of it.

Isla de Piedra 23.18716, -106.40521

Loved staying here. Ms. Kay is very sweet. $14 for one night without hook-ups, hot showers, level sites. The place is a bit run down and the bathrooms not super clean, but I really didn’t mind that. Another camper told us they had called a few days earlier about making a reservation but never got a call back. This time of year there were only three people staying there.

Andersonville RV Campground 32.19537, -84.14307

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