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240 Mt = 5,50 EUR p.P., quite expensive, loud, no direct access to the beach

Pemba Magic Lodge -12.96597, 40.56712

5.000 TSH = 2,5 EUR p.P. after negotiations, simple toilets, a lot of rubbish, loud music from the bar

New Ngonda Camping Site -6.82768, 39.33225
PikiPiki Overland Blog

On the beach campsite. Cool bar and restaurant area with small huts to stay or camping. Store bikes there to visit Zanzibar.

Mikadi Campsite -6.81914, 39.32107
Lee Mowers

National Forest Service Campground Schnell Ranch Recreation Area Here. 6 or 7 very large campsites each could hold several Tents or RV's post COVID19.

Schnell Recreation Area 46.88892, -102.26148

This campsite provides a stunning panoramic view looking east out over Black Rock Desert. It is situated on BLM land, at the eastern edge of the Granite Mountain Range, about 450 ft. elevation above the Black Rock Desert playa surface. A rock fire circle and a clearing large enough for two trucks are the only amenities. This spot quite exposed, and can be windy -- but is still somehow mostly invisible from the road below, ensuring privacy.

Access: Turn off State Highway 34 at [GPS: 40.7514, -119.2843] (just southwest of the "12 mile playa access"), and drive north about 1.5 miles along a rocky trail. High clearance vehicles only.

Black Rock Desert View from Granite Range 40.76090, -119.27510

Good place, not always quiet, electricity, water, dumping, night Peso 260 -. 10 minutes walk to the Centro. 25 peso taxi to the Centro - to 35 -. To All. WiFi.

Tennis Curt Weber, Callejon de San Antonio 12

San Miguel RV Park 20.90767, -100.74918
Larry Halven

Nice Place, great view ! About 5-6 different camp spots with fire pits and picnic tables. There is a outhouse.

No water.

Angel Peak (BLM) 36.54845, -107.85997

5.000 TSH (2,17 EUR) p.P., simple campsite but directly at white beach

Silversands Hotel -6.65522, 39.21228

400 KES = 3,12 EUR p.P., showers, water

Acacia Camp -1.35552, 36.76148

Good place, quiet, electricity, water, dumping, night Peso 180 - With the collective bus into Centro. AParking lotrox. 9 Km

Km 9.5 Carretera Guanajuato J Rosas

Bugamville RV Park 20.94513, -101.25873

Good place, reasonably quiet, electricity, water, dumping, night Peso 180 - collective bus to the little town Peso 6.--/Person. WiFi.

Villa Patzcuaro, avenida Lazaro Cardenas 506

Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park 19.53388, -101.61088

Wohlfühlplatz, quiet, electricity, water, thermal baths, night Peso 280 - including bathrooms

Cabanas y Belneario not to miss is signposted on the Mex 15

Balneario Erendira 19.75711, -100.69136

quiet, no infrastructure

15 km from Ocampo, paving one route

Parking El Rosario 19.35070, -100.16177

Wohlfühlplatz right on the lake, quiet, electricity, water, dumping, night Peso 200 - colectivo Peso 7.--/Person into town Bravo.

Valle de Bravo, Augustin Reyes Gonzales, Elijah Gil Valdez

Embarcadero Laumase 19.22450, -100.14389

Easy Campground, at almost 4000 meters of water, very quiet night Peso 50 - Toll the crater, Peso 40 -

Of the Mex 3, turn, eventually be amended, good gravel road to the National Park

Camping Nevada de Toluca 19.79430, -99.47491

Private Campround, very quiet, no infrastructure, Night Peso 50 -

Turn of the Mex 55, 2 km to the Crutas de la Estrella. At the entrance, private gate on the right, white. Owner Roberto ask.

Private Place 18.74797, -99.36311

Notafallplatz, the cafe Gloria WiFi

Highway in front of Cuautla

Parking WalMart 18.86836, -98.95037

Good place, near Puebla, electricity, water, dumping, bad wifi. Quiet at night. Collective bus to Pueblo peso 6 - / person. (Taxi 70 - Pesos) Peso Night 250 -

Cholula near Sam's Club and Bodega Aurrera, hard to find without GPS. When oxo turn into the cross street.

Trailer Park Las Americas 19.07242, -98.29568

Beautiful place in a resort. We are standing on a secluded parking lot, since we could not possibly stand up in the camper area. You can hear the train, but quiet at night. 100 Peso night - including swimming pool.

Near Mex 136 was marked, but have come from Tlaxcala.

Centro Vacacional la Trinidad 19.35950, -98.15239

Grass pitch with electricity, water and dumping. WiFi. Loud all night was "geböllert". Night Peso 200 -

Of the Mex 132 turn to San Juan. Go to church in the village. In the transverse or side street is the campground.

Trailer Park Teotihuacan 19.68330, -98.87057

Wohlfühlplatz in NP, no infrastructure. Quiet. Night Peso 60 -. Beautiful walks from the campsite

El Chico NP, Park Street

Camping Diego Mateo 20.19030, -98.74564

Terrible parking, electricity, water and dumping. WiFi very bad. Loud, all-night disco and generator. Night Peso 200 -

On the outskirts, towards El Tajin

Poza Rica Inn Hotel 20.51615, -97.44197
Life Remotely

Not far from Ensenada, this is a nice place on the water. The father of this family spent most of his extra money from the last ten years turning his house into a castle, turrets included. There are nice shady palapas and farm animals roaming around the camping area. Wifi available near the house.

Centro Recretivo Mi Refugio 31.69826, -116.63540

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jingkuns6 28.23746, 3.34424
Life Remotely

A dusty campground in the long stretch between Ensenada and Guerro Negro. Not much shade, but there is wifi and an inside area you can hang out in. Electricity available in the office.

Posada Don Diego Trailer Park 30.55557, -115.94591
Rutger van der Vleuten

Camping on the parking next to the park. Very nice camping place that is also quiet at night. Local people also camp here on the gras of the park.

Azadi Park Parking 29.63000, 52.54210
Life Remotely

The camping leaves something to be desired, especially if you are in a tent. Mostly these are just gravel spots for vans or RVs to park. It was the only place to camp when we went through town. The restaurant is great and there is usually wifi, although it was broken when we were there. Wifi was broken when we were here.

Malarrimo RV Park 27.96794, -114.03035
Life Remotely

A shady palm tree filled place. The owner comes around to collect in the evening. The water was sketchy at best, we bought bottled water in town.

Camping Petates 27.29654, -112.89823
Life Remotely

A typical RV park full of snowbirds. When we pulled in there was an open spot on the water where we could pitch our tents. The crowd was friendly, inviting and partied late into the night. There is really great fishing if you can talk one of the old guys into taking you out on a boat.

RV Park San Lucas Cove 27.21915, -112.21340
Life Remotely

Watch out for the sand fleas here, you won't notice the bites until you have tons of them. The facilities are not good, but in this place, it's all about the beach. They had toilets but no water.

Playa Santispac 26.76275, -111.88796

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