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close to capital reef. soft sand to sites closer to river. zero verizon

BLM site 38.25401, -111.09912

Got here and went shopping. Parking lot was busy, homeless at the corner. We stayed and watched security in golf carts and black trucks drive around the property. They didn’t come over to us and we sat for a few hours eating, putting away groceries and purging goods in the Red Cross drop bins. When it got around 8:30pm, we decided to drive around and find one to ask where a good spot to park was. The security guy asked if we were staying the night and we replied, “if we are allowed we would love to,” he replied to park in a few of the back spots near the lawn and garden so they could keep a watch over us all night. It was the sweetest thing to know they were kind enough to let us stay and willing to keep an eye out for us all night. There are signs that say no parking overnight but this was my experience. My advise is go ask, no harm in asking. We are in an XL high top sprinter van. Couldn’t find water inside to fill up my jugs, but they do sell the 5 gallon jugs prefilled. A little noisy but nothing as bad as downtown San Diego street parking.

Walmart outside San Diego 32.74265, -117.05232

gravel road with a few places to park and set up a tent. Not sure an RV would fit very easily. Also a beautiful overlook a few feet away.

Falling Rock Road 44.05454, -103.36458

Stayed here last night. It had just rained a bit from a thunderstorm passing through and the ground was soft, but I didn’t get stuck. Very quiet night. Some cars pass by on the main road through the area. I went to the staging area first and there was a truck and RV there and I didn’t quite feel comfortable camping within view of strangers/ that looked like they were there long term. I don’t mean to judge, but also you can never be too careful on the road. So I took the road in further and found another spot. No issues.

Cline Butte & Buckhorn BLM 44.29828, -121.33299
Charles Williams

Parking: Pulled up around 11:30pm, and space was available. ~20 other vehicles around.

Noise: Being it’s off the highway, it’s noisy. Around 1am, the cars passing by were infrequent enough to fall asleep.

Internet: AT&T - Full 5 bars (5G+) 285 down / 25 up

The Gravel Pull Out 36.15590, -115.36228

Large parking area next to CB. Stayed here overnight no problems

Cracker Barrel 33.57896, -84.34337

Quiet, flat. No one came by. Would stay again.

Old church site 52.11355, -106.22000

Fireside Inn is a small & homey hostel with private and shared accommodations. Hosts are super friendly and helpful! Very reasonably priced for summer & winter. Amazing location. Within walking distance to Main St and City Market grocery store. Hot showers, free Wi-Fi, cozy common area with fireplace, communal kitchenette with everything you need to make a meal & HOT TUB!
Perfect for thru-hikers in the summer (they’ll do a load of your laundry for free!)

Fireside Inn / 2 Blocks to Main St 39.48332, -106.04401

Really nice spot ! We paid 5s/pp to access the thermas and 2s for the parking. Quiet night and always nice to start the day with some hot baths !

Baños Termales La Calera -10.98423, -76.34576

$25 for RV sites and $14 for tents. They say you have to sleep in a tent at the tent sites as there's no site specific parking. RV sites are very close together. Bathroom and showers are a little run down but work well enough for a decent price in an area without many options.

McFarland Park 34.78141, -87.68760

Free dispersed camping in Bankhead NF. Fire rings at all sites, picnic tables at some. No other amenities. I counted at least 7 sites with 4 of those giving you some privacy (the other 3 were right on top of each other). Most looked pretty flat. I occasionally can get texts through on Verizon but don't count on it. Peaceful location near a lot of trailheads

Wolfpen Hunt Camp 34.28210, -87.43553

Trailhead to Doctor Ridge trail. Has fire ring and nothing else. Good for a small RV, van, small camper, tent.

Doctors Ridge TH 36.10052, -82.67975

OLDF(NF) self serve tent sites with swimming creek. $7 a night, $3.50 with America the Beautiful pass. Can access the Appalachian Trail from little Jennings creek trail. Hiker, horse riding, mountain bike friendly.

Old Forge Campground 36.09072, -82.68184

Shelter with large fireplace, picnic tables, charcoal fire pits. Parking area for van, RV, camper trailer, etc.

Can access this site from Round Knob rd, Davis Creek trail, Cowbell Hollow/Little Jennings creek trail, Round Knob Creek Trail. 2 miles from Appalachian Trail via Round Knob Creek trail

Round Knob Campground 36.06501, -82.68074

Dispersed camping, multiple places to boondock along trail.

Take 4x4 trail at the end of Horse Creek road near pavilion. Trail follows along creek W/water crossing in some sections. Wide enough in areas to turn around.

Horse creek 4x4 36.09071, -82.65509

Peaceful rest area, Slept like a baby. Very low traffic. About 4 trucks overnighted with us with almost no cars coming in and out. bathrooms were adequate, Verizon had solid service.

Junction US-169/US-400 Rest Area 37.34894, -95.52727

Nice Campground well maintained. Camp hosts are very friendly, walked around daily picking up trash and cleaning bathrooms/shower. Sites can accommodate RV’s, vans and campers, tent sites available.

Horse creek campground 36.10859, -82.65619

Place is in a Shopping Center at their Food corner at the upper floor with other fast food restaurants.
They have a large vegan salad. It was a delight after three weeks in Iran where vegetarian and vegan food is difficult to find

Sam Burger 38.06585, 46.32760
Chris Angel

In the overflow, 16 sites behind the inn. These are not reservable but available first come once the regular campground is full. These are full hookups but in tight gravel quarters. But if all else is full, great to snag w/o reservation.

Ruby’s RV Park & Campground 37.67306, -112.15875

This specific spot was full but the trailhead itself to the south has parking spots where I and a few other vehicles overnighted. Not level though. If you drive around the area there are a few other clearings too. Ok for a night but there are much better spots farther from boulder.

No Verizon

Boulder Mail-Trail Trailhead 37.88902, -111.45999

Called and asked permission to stay overnight in our camper van and we were told that it was allowed. We parked all the way on the side near the lawn and garden center and had a nice quiet night. Would stay again. There were some long-haul truckers there who stayed the night as well, but there were no other RV or van folks the night we stayed.

Walmart Knoxville 41.30439, -93.10755

thermal baths El sauce. to access these hot waters located in pools in the middle of nature, you must first make a reservation by phone. there are 4 pools and with the reservation you will have a pool just for you. the water is between 38 and 40 degrees. the reservation entitles you to 3 hours in the thermal bath. in summer there are 3 time slots, one in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. the hot water pools are bordered by a cold water river if you want to cool off. it is a very nice thermal bath. there are toilets and hot showers in summer, in autumn the showers are cold. the price is 12,000 pesos per adult and 10,000 pesos per child under 12 years old. it is located in a campo and the access path is a track.

thermes El sauce. pour accéder à ces eaux chaudes situés dans des bassins en pleine nature, vous devez au préalable faire une réservation par téléphone. il y a 4 bassin et avec la réservation vous aurez un bassin rien que pour vous. l’eau est entre 38 et 40 degrés. la réservation vous donne droit à 3 heures dans la therme. en été il y a 3 créneaux horaire, un le matin et 2 l’après-midi. les bassins d’eau chaude sont bordés par une rivière d’eau froide si vous voulez vous rafraîchir. c’est une très jolie therme. il y a des toilettes et des douches chaude en été, en automne les douches sont froides. le prix est de 12000 pesos par adulte et 10000 pesos par enfant de moins de 12 ans. c’est situé dans un campo et le chemin d’accès est une piste.

El Sauce Hot Springs. -44.02903, -72.53299

Excellent French pastry. Better than in France (and it's French people who say it!). Pastries, pastry and possibility of lunch on site (coffee, hot chocolate, tea). We particularly recommend almond croissant, chocolate bread, quiche and lemon pie. Enjoy!

Pasteleria francesa 5.62994, -73.52297

Great rest stop, insulated from road noise, next to river, hidden. Blacktop surface, relatively flat

Seward Hwy, near Hope cutoff (3mi north) rest stop 60.76218, -149.39763

Multiple spots along the road to pull into. Secluded from most people with minimal road traffic. Good spot for truck or tent camping.

Exit Glacier Road 60.16456, -149.46208

05.19.23 multiple feet of snow, could not camp here.

nowhere else? 39.33032, -119.87088

there was a closed gate— could not camp here.

Mt. Rose ski resort lot 7 39.32898, -119.89070

New prices since January 2023.
- Wash, Dry & Fold N$ 40 per kg
- Wash, Dry & Iron N$ 48 per kg
- Wash N$ 25 per kg
- Washing Powder N$ 12 per scoop
- Fabric Softener N$ 12 per scoop

They washed our clothing within one day.

Lifestyle Laundrette -22.58470, 17.09189

lots of spaces, especially for bicycles.

Great Winter Spot 37.70270, 72.42104

Chitake campsite 1 is so far the best site for engagement with lions, elephants, kudu, warthogs and many more. This campsite is not big rig friendly. Only a pit toilet no showers.
This site is the best of three sites and right on the river edge not far from the spring. We heard the lions roar the whole night and saw 7 adult lions and 4 cub’s not far from the campsite. Also notable is about 4 km from the campsite on a hill are many ancient baobab trees on a hill. It is a site to behold. We recommended this place and give it a 5 star for being close to the wildlife!

Mana Pools Chitake Camp Site 1 -16.10297, 29.48739

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