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spend the night there. bathrooms are open and pretty clean. the tree is toilet paper. sink pretty dirty.
it is close to i4I, VERY easy to find and really nice place. it was very rainly and windy with flood warming and was raining heavily througout the night. i was afraid it will be too muddy to drive out but it was totally fine
would come again, hopefully to enjoy the facilities in the park.
a woman traveling alone in a mini-campervan, felt very safe.

San Jon City Park 35.10729, -103.33180

we slept there one night, bathrooms available but no paper and no basket. Calm night without any trouble. a lot of kids playing during the day.

Next to the river -25.04873, -66.10654

Great views, flat, some rock rings. Couple of spots

Hart's road 38.01108, -109.49133
Eddie Dimand

Memorial Day weekend and all park campgrounds are fully booked. We took this road and found several decent spots for camping. Quite clean nice with a path to the lake below.

Moccasin creek road 35.40700, -80.09080

Buen lugar para pasar la noche. Aparcamiento nivelado y tienda para hacer pequeñas compras. Tienen un mini bar para desayunos y pequeñas comidas.

Personal muy amable. Baños limpios.

Service station ANCAP -32.35307, -58.05123

public showers inside small laundry.
Great hot shower inside laundry. Just 2 dollars Canadian for 15 minutes.
Not marked outside as laundry but look for bright red building marked New Harbour volunteer fire department and the entrance is to the far right of the building next to basketball court.

Newhaven public showers 46.82663, -60.32093

Peaceful place with stunning views. Clean with no rubbish so lets hope it stays this way.

Cabot Trail - Pleasent Bay - TOP 46.85953, -60.76740

One of the access after the sign "End of public road" is REALLY NARROW and the branches would scratch your vehicule. Make sure to enter the site before that if you have a large rig.
Had a really quiet night by the river. The train was honestly not that bad, was expecting worse…

Free camping on the kicking horse river 51.23989, -116.67206

Great spot. Exposed to views from highway. Windy. But great, right on the water (in high tide) 😀

waterfront boondock 45.80900, -64.59283
Dejando huella en familia

We stayed here 4 nights. Still no signs prohibiting overnight. There was just one van that look abandoned. But a lit over vans came for one night. Very quite at night.
Walking distance to supermarkets, library and cycling trails. Good cell signal. Restrooms available in the library when open.

Nosotros nos quedamos aquí 4 noches. aún no hay signos prohibiendo dormir ahí. Solo había una van que parecía abandonada. Muchas otras vans vinieron a dormir aquí por una noche. Muy tranquilo en las noches.
Distancia caminable para ir al súper, a la librería y a los senderos del Río. Buena señal de celular. Sanitarios disponibles en la librería cuando está abierta.

Riverside RV parking 60.72284, -135.05239

Une dizaine de place pour stationner et dormir. Table pour manger, poubelle et toilette. Belle vue

Halte Routière les Eboulements 47.47298, -70.33091

Tasty Japanese food and cheap in a brand (like Pizza Hut). We eat very well

Japonese food Sarku 4.71092, -74.11190

Très tranquille. On a demandé la permission et pas de problème. Stationné au fond du stationnement vis à vis Best Buy.

Walmart Supercenter Avon 41.46618, -82.01788

Great spot for an overnight. Hard to find overnight spots on this stretch of Highway 4.
Pulled in around 10pm. They were closed but we pulled around back and found a gravel area behind the building. We pulled in, shut the lights off and spent the night. We didn’t rush off in the morning. Hung around until 10am or so, got gas and used the restroom. There is also a coffee shop drive thru in the parking lot!

behind the cathlamet chevron 46.19809, -123.36831

Blue Spigot outside the restrooms. Only good for jugs unless you have a 100m hose.

Visitor Center Spigot 37.19994, -112.98754

Spent a very peaceful evening here. It was raining pretty hard, so didn't get to explore the town, but looks like a nice place to visit if you have the time.

Public parking C 33.36619, -79.28138

Nous avons passé une nuit, c’est un bel endroit tranquille, belle vue sur l’eau, tables à piknic, il y a une toilette sèche, une belle place .

boat launch @ Smooth Rock Falls 49.27478, -81.63545

Typical Cracker Barrel.
Quiet, dark enough, a few other campers here, RV spots for bigger rigs or pull behind. My second night here while visiting Cuyahoga National Park. By restaurants and shopping.

Cracker Barrel 41.13359, -81.64900

Designate RV parking in the back. Resonably quiet after 11pm

Grey Rock Casino 47.37415, -68.30655

Road in is definitely overgrown and will scratch up your car. But we made it through and it was worth it for the view! Super quiet and peaceful! We stayed for one night and did not run into anyone else.

Queets Beach Track 47.55225, -124.35497
Realistic Truck Camping

Stayed in this same spot one night with no issues. Light to moderate traffic on the road nearby. The bathroom for the trailhead parking lot has a faucet on the north side (behind the sign) where you can obtain water. Panguitch is a very laid-back and friendly little town.

Panguitch ATV Trailhead Parking Area. 37.82807, -112.42684

Awesome place to stop. Staff is so friendly. Need to check in at the player desk first to get a player card. Then you need to take the card to the rv area where there is a small office, and he’ll assign a spot for you. First night is free. Quiet time is 10pm to 7am, and checkout is 2pm. Highly recommend this area.

Three Rivers Casino at Florence 43.98038, -124.08733

Water falls under a hiking bridge. the falls are only about .3 mile from the parking area.

Juney Whank Falls 35.46645, -83.43513

These showers are no joke. Amazing pressure, extremely clean. The lady running the place is the sweetest. The one day I paid Q15 for a hot shower instead of a cold was a treat. Amazingly hot, perfect after a few days under the weather.

Showers and toilets 14.73317, -91.15360

Stayed in the wooded pull-off to the right just after the double power line crossing / clearing - has several fire rings and is pretty well sheltered from the wind (I had already checked out some areas under the power lines but they had sustained 20+mph wind). There are a couple of semi-permanent RV and teepee setups within 100 feet of here; don’t mind them.

Blue Lake Road 45.67708, -121.93259

Pit toilet and water spigot. Didn’t check to see if the spigot worked though. One campsite has a table and nice fire ring. There were 6 groups camping in the area. We had room in our van. Any vehicle can make it. The trail is very overgrown though. Stayed one night.

Fairview Rec area 35.73761, -93.09444

Was riding from Cali through the region, considering going to the pacific coast for a look. Refueling in Lobo Guerrero I asked about the safety of the road onwards due to the sudden presence of military and was warned that it's definitely not safe at night, and daytime was a fair risk. High cartel activity area, the pacific coast is pretty wild west.

Lobo Guerrero to Buenaventura 3.45469, -76.66456

Lovely tenting site, could fit 1-4 tents but for one group only. Be wary during fire season. Access is bumpy gravel roads, need 4WD. Site is at the end of a spur road. Has fire pit. No water. Very private. Nice views! There is phone service here!

Silver Falls state park BLM 44.82536, -122.61537

Lovely camping spot for one group. Could fit 1-4 tents. No water. Fire pit here. Nice view. Access is bumpy gravel roads, need 4WD. Site is at end of spur road. There is service here. Beware during fire season!

BLM land near Silver Falls SP 44.82535, -122.61534

Can fit about 3 cars. 2 were already there when I got there and they camped in a tent on the bank of the river. I stayed in my car. Pretty quiet and had 2 bars Verizon. Loved that I heard the river flowing all night.

Johnson’s Cabin Picnic Area 43.31093, -122.96589

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