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Room looks just about acceptable, but no window. 420.000 Toman now, about $8,50. The disinterested lady receptionist would allow me to park my motorcycle in the yard, but I will check another hotel first.

Hotel Iran 28.98570, 50.83422

Probably one of the most beautiful camps! Friendly staff, nice bar, superclean facilities! Highly recommended.

Kaoko Mopane Lodge & Campsite -18.07927, 13.88456

Small copy center. 1st floor. 1 dinar to print 6 documents (visa)

Copy center 29.44683, 34.96864

We first tried to go to "Kobo Kobo Hills Mountain Camp" but with our two motorcycles it was almost impossible due to the deep sand, ~2 km after their gate. It was almost night so we turned back and camped at this gps point, just next to the road. Large flat area, nice view over little mountains. We were absolutely alone. Perfect silence, no wind at night, but cold in may. No animals came during the night.

flat campground nice view -22.91470, 15.69552
Des routes & nous

ATM and office.
We could take cash but with fees. 28 pula.

ATM Bank Gaborone -21.69500, 21.64999

Spent the night and it was very quiet. The toilet is extra clean. Dont’t to spend some money in the store here to thank the municipality. Too bad the other municipality around don’t offer that service

Saint-Casimir 46.65393, -72.14141

Nice campsite with clean ablutions, washing area and hot water. You’re right on the river full with hippos. Ruth is lovely and so is all the hardworking staff. They make a fire for you at night. $12 pppn is a little expensive, but still your best option in this area. Please note you’re still 1.5/2 hours away from the entree gate of Lower Zambezi National Park.

Woods Camp -15.87405, 29.07161

Lovely place to park, nobody around on top of a hill. From the main track you take a turn underneath the powerlines. After that on your right there is an entrance to a series of unused logging trails. Where we are is on top of a hill, you need a strong 4x4 to get there. There are many other possibilities to camp in this area. We've seen no one around, great place!

Quiet in nature 3.82072, 10.17458

pull off main road at bus stop, across grass covered stone bridge and turn right into wooded area next to stream. Some road noise but otherwise quiet and undisturbed. suitable for motorbike access.

stone bridge 61.93046, 6.53767

Room with double and single bed, balcony with sea view, etc. 1.100.000 Toman, or $21.50, room without seaview only 950.000 Toman. English spoken, large guarded parking, which didn't prevent the gardener to climb on my bike for a photo.

Hotel Delvar 28.97598, 50.82824

Well equipped Bosch store and garage for filters and lots of other car parts.

Bosch Car Service 41.75689, 44.78187

Stopped for crisp chicken burger lunch on our scuba excursion with Hennie (+260 76 032 5907) & Steven from Zambian Outdoor Adventure Company.


Isanga Bay Lodge & Campsite -8.65573, 31.19380

As of today almost no pressure and it's not possible to connect a hose, bring a canister or Jerry can

Potable Water 41.57962, 44.77357

The water looks good but there's not much pressure and you can't connect a hose.

Spring with drinking water 41.54151, 44.74777

Small typical street restaurant. Really cheap! For examples :
Sandwich falafel 0,50 dinar, sandwich chicken or meat 0,60 dinar...
Chicken and rice (plate) 6 dinar.

Cairo diamond restaurant and coffee 29.52586, 35.00331

Nice terrace over the port. The food is okay. No dogs allowed officially, but we asked and then we could take the table right after the stairs. Really friendly staff.

Tropic Bar&Restaurant 9.61298, -79.57893

here you get Information about Moringa and you can have a pizza or a Brotzeit

Moringa info -17.48986, 24.31388
Bruce Forrester

This is a non-starter. Using the GPS coordinates provided I was taken down a very rough road to a massive steel gate. Even if you were able to clear the gate the road beyond is a nightmare, suitable only for motorcycles.

North Chemainus 48.83232, -123.82990

camper space direct on the water
with vieuw on the old town of riga

25 euro shower / electrische/ wifi

verry friendly owner.

taxi to old town 7 euro
walk 45 min.

(this is not the riverside camping)

yachts and camping 56.96424, 24.08207

Looks closed - it is a Saturday, but there's also a big hole in the wall!

Cafeteria -1.22392, 10.58680

camping muy amplio, duchas y baños impecables, agua, electricidad, muy tranquilo y seguro. el personal muy amable, al andar en bici no nos cobraron nada, aunque haya tenido costo valía la pena. una belleza el parque

Camping Municipal -31.80426, -59.16679

As previously reported. Clean and nice scenery. Road noise is very minimal, but there is noise from trucks driving through the car park area during the night that will wake you.

I70 Rest Area 39.55941, -107.29126

This place is GORGEOUS. Ana, the daughter, was going to help us with a place to camp but when we saw the rooms we had no problem paying 350k each to stay here. It is spotless, very cute, amazing beds, quiet at night. Incredibly helpful and kind owners, and Ana has good English if you need further help. Plenty of space in the courtyard for our bikes. If you’re not sure about staying in Onzaga then let this be your sign! Such a restful night. Also it’s called a hostal but there are private bathrooms.

Casa Lacambra Hostal 6.34576, -72.81692

Unfortunately we cannot say this place is worth it. It’s a nice setting, but they charge 40 per person per night, which is expensive for what you get. The facilities are a little old, sinks are dirty, and there is only one bathroom and shower. Electric shower is only warm and you get an electric shock when turning the handle. Also they do not do a good job emptying the trash cans. Owner is nice and lots of nice trees. But unfortunately we would not stay again.

Camping Do Stringini -29.35451, -51.38741

We spent a very peaceful night here. I recommend

COGECO - Gas Station -8.97944, -78.61739

I spent the night in the van parked next to some residential houses. No one came to bother me while I slept.

Street Parking 48.11794, -123.43423

residential road with no overnight parking restrictions. Best bet is to pull up ready for the night and keep lights down inside so nothing looks odd on the street. plenty of service for all carriers.

Pierpont Blvd 34.26079, -119.26999

Laundromat as you are entering Owen Sound. Machines worked well. Right near a Tim Hortons.

Sunrise Laundromat 44.57390, -80.91719

Very nice views, random camping available for miles. No trouble getting my 30’ bumper pull in.

Strauss South 49.08750, -115.21448

There’s a water fountain next to the nature center’s entrance with a side spicket that can be used to fill your portable water containers.
The nature center itself has nice displays with information about the park that I enjoyed looking through too.

Maquoketa Caves Nature Center 42.12002, -90.76590

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