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Spent 2 nights here.....very relaxing and beautiful park with zebra, tsebee, giraffe and wildebeest. Had a lovely walk around the reserve approx 2.5 hours. Very good ablutions, open air showers, spotless and always hot water. Firepit and bbq. Really enjoyed ourselves but quite pricey at 45 USD per night for 1 vehicle and 2 people plus 10 USD per bundle of campfire wood.

Dana B Savanna Camp -18.01149, 31.30844

Spacious area with boat launch. Room for about 6-8 Campers or tent sites. Great fishing in the Glasford Lake system.
May need four wheel drive or pickup to get to the camp site. Main road is in great condition but beavers have it under water on occasion.

Glasford Lake 47.01349, -79.50797

Spacious area. Room for approx. 10 Campers or tent sites. Open area looks to be an old logging camp at one time. Located right next to Rabbit Lake road with easy access. Small pond across the road for water use. Short half a km ride or walk into Rabbit Lake and boat launch area.

Rabbit Lake 46.92051, -79.68482

What a cool spot! Stunning views! Very friendly people - no one bothers you. Spent three nights here. Perfect spot to go do the Gocta Falls and chill out- a pavilion is there if it rains. Lots of water faucets and good pressure. Toilets very clean. There was no power by the ‘car wash’ but it worked in the pavilion. Free! Definitely recommend!

Parking Lot -6.05964, -77.89519

What a beautiful place and what an outstandingly nice owner. We weren't so smart and thought we could go there without deflating the tires but you really should do that 😅.
We got stuck but after deflating the tires it was no problem at all. Robbie helped us right away. It does make sense to write him before you enter the beach with you car so that he can guide you to his amazing place. I loved it there and if we would have had more time we would have stayed longer than 2 days.

The fisherman’s hut / El bravo / Punta sal -4.00778, -80.99630

camping gratis para viajeros de a pie y bici. motorhome si cobran, pero paró una combi el fin de semana y no les cobraron. muy tranquilo pero es abierto a todo público, hay que estar atento. Baño de mujeres ok pero los cierran en la noche y el de hombres estaba sucio. hay electricidad, parrilleros y mesas con bancos. excelente para pasar unos días y descansar. no hay wifi

Camping Municipal -29.79385, -58.06447

St Mary, GA is this nice little town with a few restaurants and bars. There's a ferry that one can take from here into Cumberland Island. All along the main street there is parking for up to 36 hours. signs are posted throughout. the parking spots are huge, my 26 foot van looked tiny. Regular width but very long spots. There's a bathroom near the playground and few small parks. Great for a stroll or to walk your dogs. Good cell phone signal too. Highly recommend for a one night stay!

St. Mary's Street Parking 30.72098, -81.55280

Good to walk everywhere by foot, but it’s busy until late at night and gets busy again early morning. So it was a short night, but good to visit the city.

Free parking and camping close to Registan 39.65284, 66.96575
Toyota Dolphin 1987

Wow, one of my Mexican highlights! The hike is amazing, but also demanding. Especially if you do it like me in one day, I recommend to camp the night down at El Arco del Tiempo. You can organize a guide once you’re there. They are really friendly and do an amazing job. No problems with my old, small rig to get there. Enjoy!

Arco del Tiempo Trail head 16.91973, -93.73038

They let us park our small minivan inside, just next to the ambulance, very quiet night. Better for cyclists, motos or small cars like ours as there is not much space and you cannot block the entrance. Plenty of space outside the gate if that is ok for you. They did not provide the wifi password to us when we asked.
We used the toilet in the evening, did not bother them at night.

Puesto de Salud -10.25451, -76.68288

Free campspot just outside West Yellowstone. There are a few spots here down the road, but also some roads still closed. Easy to get here, some other campers as well. If camping there think about wildlife closeby so clean up your campground while using and before you leave. We had a curious coyote visiting us , I guess it smelled food. Also be bear aware!

West Yellowstone 44.65100, -111.11371

Really good spot for a night. The employees at the gas station were great and told us we can sleep there and nobody would bother us. A lot of places to park as well.

Speedway truck stop 35.93555, -86.52931

We came back but to avoid all the noise from the car doors being opened/closed all the time (at the parking lot) we parked between the pumps and the ruta. Much quieter at night.

Bathrooms open 24/7
Totally recommendable

Shell gas station -38.91288, -68.13801

FREE Campsite with fire pit and pit toilet. Roomy spot. No other campsites for maybe a half mile. It was a little buggy during black fly season when I went. A smokey fire will help keep them away. Powley road was surprisingly busy for black fly season but it was Memorial weekend. All sites were taken but this one.

Powley Road Campsite 6 43.29106, -74.66294

It was a little buggy during black fly season when I went. A smokey fire will help keep them away. Powley road was surprisingly busy for black fly season but it was Memorial weekend. All sites were taken but this one.

Powley Road Campsite 6 43.29106, -74.66294

Really nice place for some peace and quiet camping. But weekends during the summertime might get loud.

Great parking with lots of green. Water and electricity on site. We stayed here while waiting for our pet paperwork to clear.

Bathrooms could be a bit cleaner, but showers are hot. WIFI best if you park close to their home and the bathrooms.

Someone said the road was steep to get here, it wasn’t THAT steep. If you’ve traveled Pan-America, you’ve definitely done worse than this one. The steep part is paved, too.

Owners are nice. 30pp per night.

Camping Behne -29.58527, -51.12620

stayed here a week, 150 for matrimonial with private bathroom. nice place, bikes are welcome

Hostal Perla Negra -16.48958, -68.13916

Non-potable water only! Not drinking water.

Whistler Blackcomb Outlet Store 49.73703, -123.13421

it's a nice place beside the river. its quiet and pretty.

Woodstock - Riverside 46.14704, -67.58074

My axle broke exiting banamex parking lot, a guy in his fruit cart Ramon was there immediately and said he had a tow truck + mechanic to help me out.
Yes they had the trailer back and running the next morning - quick turn around. However they insisted they checked my other side/bearings/grease after the drop impact (bearings hate being off balance everyon eknows this!) After asking 3x, and the guy "friend" of theirs Ramon said the same thing its "all goooood". Drove 40km to the last gas station north of guerrerro and my entire other side hub had melted out and could have had a serious accident. For that I DON'T recommend these guys, also they cost more than any other shop. Clearly money hungry and going downhill, Glad they could do a repair in quick order however their negligence and insistence on ignoring my request could have caused a serious accident. I'm now in dispute with insurance over this.

Mechanic Futema 27.96737, -114.03508

I spent two peaceful days and nights here. Beautiful beach, not bogged down. And there's no noise at all.

passei dois dias e duas noites tranquilas aqui. Praia bonita, não atola. E não tem barulho de nada.

Somos o 2 TáBom pra quem quiser conferir nosso trabalho nas redes.

Beach Front - Frente à praia -3.21835, -39.28257

We spent one night at the square, on the street. It is not the best place, but the only site (asked at tourist information) we where able to stay, it was not nice and very dificult to enter with our trailer.
We asked some neighbors and they said we could stay there.
No services, but we felt safe, and near to some museums, church and groceries shops.

IG @freestyle_familiaenviaje

Plaza Gral. Artigas -33.99959, -58.28797

Stayed here for one night, arrived around 8pm and there were already 2 other campers. We all stayed around the back of the Cracker Barrel (between the restaurant and the hotel), no issues and felt safe. I could hear the noise from the freeway but not enough to stop me sleeping.

Cracker Barrel 35.36947, -119.04165

Nice place. They even have a vegan burger (if you leave off the cheese). We were here on a Friday night and it was really busy. Seems to be a popular place among expats. There’s live music and dancing on the weekends. We had a great time.

The Burger Bar 3.88974, 11.51497
Dijdi Kder

Large parking lot and a gravel area. Nice people. Asked to spent the night and the supervisor lady’s answered “sure, no problem people do it all the time..”. Felt safe. Parked for the night and did not leave until 10:00 AM the next morning.

Eagle Feather Trading Post - Mobil Gas Station 37.24111, -121.84199

Wanted to add that the hike to the paintings is pretty strenuous. We made our way up the hill (over the path that was steep, rocky and sometimes unclear) only to find out that to reach the paintings you have to go down at the other side of the hill and then up again on another hill... And then back again, so you'll basically climb 3 mountains. Also, we got lost on our way down because the path is not clear at all and had to walk through some prickly bushes. So we would not recommend this hike, but if you really like steep, unclear and rocky hikes this might be your thing ;)

Cave paintings 26.74402, -111.91573

Stayed overnight in the parking lot in a camper van, saw several employees in the morning, but no one said anything. We parked by the dumpsters on the side/back, and the interstate was very noisy all night.

Cracker Barrel 37.79866, -85.43154

Perfect place to stay if you want an early start for your Joffre Lakes hike.
Lots of room to park and incredible views.
Just a few minutes to to Joffre Lakes Parking lot. Quiet night.

Duffrey Lake 50.35395, -122.53315

quiet place at the end of dead street, not really nice but quiet and safe. Next to a closed beach club, it may be open in high seasons.

Dead-end street -31.38720, -64.45983

30k per night for 2 person and 1 cat. Cold shower and toilet, you can also fill up the water for free, wifi is working next to the restaurant. If you are higher then 2.8 watch out for the hanging cable next to the restaurant. Pet friendly and the owner is very friendly.

Camping Cispata 9.39485, -75.77483

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