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Lots of other campers around the lake. Can get a campervan down onto the shore of the lake. Feels safe. Excellent view/setting!!

Kachess Lakeshore 47.27568, -121.18980

yo pasé sin problema, es una carretera de terracería pero está en buen estado. El problema que al llegar al otro lado la gente del pueblo me preguntó si estaba loco por cruzar por esa carretera, que hace poco dispararon a un viajero motorista, no paró y le dieron por suerte solo a la moto. Incluso los locales evitan pasar por esa carretera. Mejor toma la vía principal.

I didn't have any problem in that way, is a nice gravel path, but locals told me (late) that is a dangerous way. recently thieves shooting at a moto traveler and he didn't stop and the shoots only impacted in the moto(like guy). Even the locals try to avoid this way. Better take the highway.

Thieves with shooting guns 15.07302, -89.44341

Camping on the edge of a beautiful lake. Points of water and light. Camping structure available (bathrooms, barbecues, etc.). Beautiful and silent place. Please note: difficult access for large motorhomes.

Camping à beira de um belo lago. Pontos de água e luz. Estrutura do camping disponível (banheiros, churrasqueiras, etc.). Local bonito e silencioso. Atenção: acesso difícil para motorhomes grandes.

Camping Lago Wittmann -29.57445, -51.11865
Annette’s VanTease

I actually didn’t stay at this spot, it was full. I stayed in front of the real estate office on Commercial St the first night and parked in a parking lot at Boulder St and Nevada St with about six others. Nevada City is very nomad friendly, let’s keep it that way. It wouldn’t let me add the new spots but I was in town for two nights.

Nevada city public parking 39.26402, -121.01973

A road that ends in the water with several locations to pitch tent or park a car. Can be tricky to turn a big car around but easy to back up if necessary.
Great view of the lake. And so many interesting spiders to look at.

Lakeside 43.67714, 16.98256

Closed for the season. Everything muddy.

MacLeod’s Beach & Campsite 46.30750, -61.24385

Noisy on a Friday night. Teenager or College kids playing loud music at 2am, cops came with lights. Not an enjoyable experience.

14th St Parking lot 37.53141, -77.43267

Easy spot for a quick overnight. Typical rest area

Lava trail rest area 43.30571, -112.26957

Estar con Nora y Victor por solo dos noches fue una de nuestras mejor experiencias del viaje. Gracías por todo, incluido a su buena onda qué de hecho da el gusto de encontrar a más personas como ustedes. Nos vemos pronto, quizas en Québec o Francía :))

Cholula Free Parking 19.05398, -98.31385

Parking lot for nearby park.

Sign in the lot reads as follows:

“free overnight parking daily 4pm to 8am unless posted: “no overnight parking tonight” - City of Augusta Maine Parking Distract”

Mills Park 44.32101, -69.77279

Free, fresh water fill. We saw 2 open spigots.

Squamish Legacy Sports Park, spigot 49.72643, -123.14416

Couldn’t figure it out. Seemed like it was still off.

Petro Canada 49.74120, -123.13438
Lianne Lish

Large parking area next to the sb side. Trash cans only.

419 Km pull out 58.16052, -122.63171
Lianne Lish

Its a simple turnout for dumping your trash (signs on the road announce this). Quiet nature depends on any traffic on the highway. There are no signs warning against overnight stays.

Rest Area. Alaska Highway 58.16050, -122.63168

awesome place. plenty enough room for multiple vehicles, listen to the river.
little cell service. fire ring.
deffently be back.
instagram hike.roam

By the river 41.00827, -122.61972

as described. even the locals told me its a perfect spot.

Rabbit lake 49.76572, -94.48704

nice spot indeed, had a little fire in the rain, foggy in the morning,lots of nice yellow flowers in May :)

Overlook 46.25634, -114.24004

Nice spot in the woods. Access to the Lake/River. Rock Circle Fire Pits. Fallen Trees for Wood. Road in is a bit steep and overgrown. Some Decent Clearance is likely required and may not be accessible to all Vehicle types. There is an additonal place at the top to camp though if one can't make the drive in.

Crown Land - Forest Service Road 51.52833, -117.43498

Arrived shortly before dark, took the second right hand turn, bit of scrub so keep your eye’s peeled for the turns if arriving in dark. Very pretty place to wake up. Small pool just north of the cul de sac between the spoot and the valley.

Green Creek Road 38.19392, -119.22149

Here you can buy your sim card for the big north (450rupies one month)


SIMCARD AIRTEL 32.70120, 74.86967

Beautiful, mostly level sites right at the rocks overlooking the sea. I think it's around R460 per night for two people - check Sanparks website for any online booking discounts.

Clean ablutions, washer and dryer available for R30 per use. Hikes and runs on offer starting right from the camp.

Watch out for baboons!

Storms River Mouth Rest Camp -34.02344, 23.88901

Turkish restaurant with good food. very friendly staff, the owner speaks a bit English and went out of his way to prepare some food that our kids liked.

Restaurant Antalya 43.65342, 52.08108

Quicky and good service for 4x4 vehicles. Wide space and a lot of staff. A little bit pricey, but still worth because of their experience.

Atendimento rápido e bom para veículos 4x4. Espaço amplo e muitos funcionários. Um pouco caro, mas ainda assim vale a pena pela experiência dos funcionários.

Talleres Faconza (LR) -0.14181, -78.48461

endroit super tranquille. quelques VR déjà en place.
toilette ouverte 24 h. aucun dérangement durant la nuit.
nous avons dejeuner de l'autre côté où il y a des tables à pic-nic.

Hawkesbury 45.61545, -74.59918

We wanted to spend 8 days, ended up spending 28. The owner is very nice funny man (he was celebrating 89th birthday when we were there), it is 20$ at first, but we got a nice discount for long stay). It has showers, wifi, toilets, on site sewer, water and electricity. And if you’re a surfer there is a break just in front of it. Police checks every day. We miss this place. We’re currently in El Salvador where they want 15$ for parking on the street with no facilities. :)

Sayulita Trailer Park 20.87194, -105.43756

not reachable without 4WD and high club clearance, but still plenty of beautiful, secluded places to park as you head down this road. hunters start shooting the morning.

Edge of the meadow 34.08126, -109.53637

Great spot, only 16min from the strip. no one bother us! you can have breakfast in the morning! would stay again

Cracker Barrel 36.23978, -115.11076

Spent 2 nights here, the view is INCREDIBLE! best spot! T mobile signal works perfectly, right on mountain bike trails! we loved it! would stay again!

Off Road 37.15282, -113.15833

Logging road trail that eventually ended at private property. The open spot just up the road provided great views of the lake below and a peaceful breeze all night. @Rex_theGX @EarthPilotOverland @OverlandingTeachers

Ridge top view of Mountain Fork Lake 34.27249, -94.70124

Stopped late 9:30 pm. Friday. The drive in on a dirt track was OK. Again if you’re not with 4x4 do not go into the River bed.
However now there was a bad garbage or sewer smell which wasn’t there last time. Likely won’t park here again due to the smell.

W Jayne Ave 36.13897, -120.27738

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