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We parked along the curb next to the field all night with no issues. Quiet spot.

Residential Field 44.07963, -121.29269

Mess Gaps is still there. She is happy and proud to have visitors. We had a good chat. Everything is still true about food, cleanest and available space for camping vehicles/tents.

Mess Gaps -4.19680, 12.67957

had to wait approximately 20 minutes. got 50 litre diesel. very friendly staff

Diesel fuel station 29.81267, 52.73180

We visited mid-week and the place was very quiet. Absolutely zero litter anywhere- if only all sites were as good as this one ! 😊

Children park at forest. 46.28405, 19.67410

Large grassy area next to the river, some concrete tables for picnic and trees for shadow. Visible from the road, but not much traffic during the night. Seems safe.

Rio La Higuera -31.01578, -65.11611

seems nice, the energy of the volunteers I met there was really good. the room, they said was their worst room because all the others were occupied, but I thought it was quirky and cute. didn't stay though because they have 16 dogs! and a few don't behave very well, and were aggressive with mine.

Hacienda Colonial Murillo -13.76778, -71.57457

Just to update that the ticket to the museum is no longer included with the arqueological site one. The flyer distributed in the ruins still states that the two entrances are connected, but that's no longer valid.
The arqueological site price is 15sol pp and the museum entrance has a cost of 10sol pp.
Open Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Museo Nacional Chavin -9.57636, -77.17721
Lizzie M

We highly recommend a stay at villa laura, there is the option to camp, rent a tent or stay in the Ecolodge. Breakfast was included and lunch & dinner can also be arranged. There is also a small pool to cool off from the hot weather in, and the opportunity to see how they grow and harvest their own coffee.

The owners have a clear and dedicated passion for protecting the environment they have created an amazing project to reforest both the Ecolodge and a huge section of mountain behind the lodge to increase biodiversity in the area, and attract bird life. Consequently we saw many beautiful birds, Juan one of owners was extremely knowledgeable about the bird life, explaining about the different species we could see.

We highly recommend stopping here.

Eco Lodge Villa Laura & Travel By Nature 3.92182, -75.46483

After extremely long day of driving, we have stopped for gas at nearby fuel station(tank) and spent the night on the grounds right between fuel tank and some office building. Quiet, unbothered, ready to continue the journey.

Liard Fuel Center 60.23906, -123.47294

Thursday night before Memorial Day weekend 2023. Arrived late so grabbed a spot up front. Boondocking is free here. If you have an OHV this is the place for you. Miles and miles of dirt trails adjacent to full hookups. Bathroom was clean and had a shower (need tokens from attendant). Beautiful clear sky sunset and sunrise; does get windy and for me it was too windy to have a fire in the fire pit. Will definitely be back.

Borax Bill Park & Station 35.17140, -117.83773

This water hole has a hide where you can spend time watching game drinking water. We saw buffalo, elephant, impala and many birds! The buffalo herd was about 100. We spent our afternoons here.

Royal Water Hole -15.69895, 29.26676

Here you can find a big supermarket with many things, local and Europeans at a good price ! Easy to find milk, cereals, cheese, bread, meat, flour, bakery, etc. They have a lot of local brands so it’s not so expensive ! 2.4m access to the parking, no problem with our Defender (it’s actually higher than that) otherwise you can park on the Main Street after.

Shoprite - great supermarket -12.36346, 13.55130

The track to go to Meva and the lookout is so nice! A bit windy at the top but the view is amazing. On the left of the gps point there is a path you can take to go down to the beautiful beach you can see from the top. Fisherman’s take it every day, worth the walk :) big rigs friendly, no signal, beautiful sunsets!

Lookout over Cabo de Santa Maria -13.42427, 12.54807

No problems anymore, the track is in perfect condition again ! Until the next big rains I guess. But they work on it fast because of the different villages after that :)

Road washed out -13.43297, 12.56694

when we pass, nobody here on Wednesday at 13:00.

Police Checkpoint 10Bol -16.17014, -69.07887

Absolutely great spot. We parked near the shipping container as it wasn't as windy there. Lots of kiters during the day, and people watching the sunset, but you should really see the sunrise here! Nobody at night.

Oh and dear community, could we please keep the reviews in English. Spanish works for me too, but French or Portugese not.. Just throw it in Google translate if you're unsure. Unfortunately, iOverlander doesn't have a translate function.

Embalse Potrerillos -32.97610, -69.17033

We didn't camp here, but there were three other vans/RVs parked here. We chose the spot behind the foodtrucks on the other side of the fountain.

When we walked around the park the next morning we saw a group of four Brazilian campers and two huge buses converted to campers. So I would say it's sort of allowed and sufficiently safe here. We had a quiet night, so you just have to be (un)lucky with the noise.

Beside Restaurant -32.88996, -68.86833

We stayed here for night 1 ahead of catching the ferry to Alert Bay (recommend!!) the next day. We were leaving our vehicle and traveling as foot passengers so had to pay for parking the following day so we purchased a 24hrs ticket ($5). Stayed overnight in lot D as it looked a quieter spot and moved to lot A in the morning to catch the ferry. Quiet stay and no one bothered us :)

Beach Street parking 50.59071, -127.08686

Very good, now 20 dollars Cdn per nite. Firewood from camp host.

Halfway River Hot Springs 50.50213, -117.79082

This campground is amazing. Bathrooms are very clean. Great showers. Wi-Fi worked well. They even have a conference room if you need to work. YouTube video on my channel.

Roan Mountain State Park 36.18753, -82.07151

Large area (grass and gravel) behind a barrier. You're hidden from the road and can protect yourself from the wind thanks to some piles of soil. Nothing fancy but calm and perfect for a night. Also very clean ! It's next to a small river but would definitely filter the water. It seems quite muddy at the moment.

Grass and Gravel 58.47085, 11.46589

We came here for a full check-up + draining of our RV. Took them around 1 day and a half to do it all. They allowed us to sleep on the van for the night. Really friendly and helpful people. The boss also has a RV so he knows a lot about how to help us and work with campers.

Urquizo Automotriz -13.53335, -71.94246

NAD 190pp/night.
500mB data 65rand. Good speed.
Beautifully landscaped place.
Camping well set out with private bathroom, sink for washing up. Water good for drinking - we refilled our water tank.
Desert Lithops (plants) display stunning and informative.
Booked for late dinner at restaurant- more limited menu than if had prior arranged but still 8 options. Lovely food.
Owners friendly, helpful and were good to their staff - which in turn meant they had friendly and engaged staff.

Alte Kalkofen -26.82494, 17.35182

Calm after 8. And no windy during night.

Salinas grandes -23.59544, -65.88529

Cheap at $10 for dry camp but the place is run down. Has potential to be nice but doesn't seem to be getting any TLC at all. $7 for a shower (didn't try), and the laundry is closed and the bathroom (,ok) is closed between 23:00 & 7:00. Can't recommend unless you are self contained.

Blue Bell Inn & RV Park 58.80222, -122.68450

Great spot down by the water. Only a few campers spread out.

Indian Creek 43.24573, -111.10740

Spent a quiet night. Park had just opened mid May. Very clean, has a little hiking trail along the lake shore which is dog friendly. Clean restrooms, too. Boat launch and day use area available.

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park 57.52983, -130.18390

Didn't stay over as arrived early in day. Super spot. Sun and shade. Water pump on left through entrance to church.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins 32.74310, -80.55758

Wonderfull place. Seen nobody. Just one fox and birds. 4x4 recommended indeed but our VW Caddy had no problems to come here.

Lagoa de Alqueva 38.43865, -7.35055

Nice place to stay for free for up to five days, with vault toilets and trash receptacles. Drove around to the east side of Lake Thirteen looking for more spots to camp per reviewer below, but only found a gate saying beyond that point was off-limits. Saw a ranger drive by once during our stay of three nights, no issues except some large puddles in some areas due to poor drainage.

Maxwell national wildlife refuge campground 36.58239, -104.59004

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