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Quiet rest area with lake access, newer restrooms if you need them. We overnighted here in a Class A.

I-29 North Rest Area 36 41.07999, -95.82616

Has showers and there is a nice loops around the lake

Stockade Lake Campground South 43.77559, -103.50816

Nice hosts. Super convenient to stuff in the area

Bismark Lake Campground 43.77563, -103.50820

Estacionamento para carros, vans e motor home. Fecha às 23:30 e abre as 7:00. Estacionamento lateral com wi-fi. Oferece banheiro.

Havan Canela -29.36254, -50.83372

The road to get there is not really good but no problem without a 4x4.
It's just a car park for hike, so no toilets, just a table picnic .
Even on a rainy day it was ok to find a place without mud and leave the next day

Te Iringi campsite -38.95701, 176.22061

Large three person place with a view of the water. no supply. we stood here with a second camper and it was very quiet.

Open gravel lot 50.58870, -127.09382

4x4 is recommended as it was a rough road to get here. It was a beautiful and secluded spot for the night in the forrest with views of the mountains. We thought someone knocked on our door early in the morning but it was just a curious cow :)

fairy forest pond 41.32265, 72.97835

Great place to spend the night, big parking lot

Village of Hillsborough RV Overnight Parking Area 45.92305, -64.64358
Hostal Tatacoa

Hostal Tatacoa, situado en Villavieja- Huila-Colombia. Ofrece alojamiento en Campin establecido y Campin informal, con acceso a wifi gratis, baño y ducha, parqueadero privado.
Los huéspedes del alojamiento pueden disfrutar de un desayuno americano opcional.

Hostal Tatacoa 3.21905, -75.21718

We stayed for 4 days. The Metro to visit the center of Vienna is nearby. All facilities at the campground.

Neue Donau (Camping Wien) 48.20923, 16.44736

Nice little hostel between Jizzakh and Tashkent. 70 som for hostel dorm, 150 for a private room. Breakfast included. Room for bicycle in hostel.

A great little spot, owners don’t speak much English but are incredibly friendly. Great stay

Shox Hotel 40.31474, 67.96151

Beautiful spot and no signage indicating no parking (although a local told me “you’re not supposed to”). There is a public bathroom at the end of the lot. Yes, there are electrical outlets but they’re meant for summer vendors (not intended for “campers”) Initially it seemed others were parked overnight here too but, when I awoke at 2 am, I was literally the only one parked here. I wasn’t comfortable with that so I moved to Wal-Mart, where others were parked and which was super quiet.

Cane River River Walk/ Cane River Queen 31.75101, -93.06763

Spent a night here - 2 adults in a tent with electricity for about 21€, less without electricity.
Checkout at noon, but they don’t mind if you stay a bit longer.
There is drinking water, a dump for chemical water, rubbish bins, a TV room, toilets and nice hot showers free of charge.
You can also do your laundry, if you pay for it.
It is right next to a road, so there is a bit of noise, but slept very well.
The facilities are all a bit old and not the cleanest, but still recommend stopping by for a night, while on the road!
Close by there is also a nature reserve you might wanna check out!

Camping Bouscarel 50.98702, 2.04228

plenty of flat space, easy to access. dark and quiet. mosquitoes in the evening. slow Vodafone internet. great view on the mountain if there's no clouds

Mount Ararat view 39.57884, 44.15804

Quiet location a couple hundred meters from the road. Some cows around but barely any people. Only the farmer who came to get the cows. At night the frogs can be quite loud. Otherwise quiet and nice spot with a small stream.

A stream, trees and agriculture 40.87225, 68.89153

in the mountains on the old road you can stay very good. it is silent and a best view. no trash. no Moskitos. no flies. internet good.

behind the Road 36.08289, 32.64178

great place
super atmosfeer.
great staf.

but remember is a hostel.
with everything what comes with a hostel.

outside bar

walk up the stairs in the back of the hostel garden great vieuw over town.

1,5 km walk and you are in center of old town.

Downtown forest 54.67787, 25.30491

Right next to Okabena Lake! We backed up our promaster van and had a direct view of the lake. This park is small. More like a wayside rest with a dirt parking lot, tiny beach area, bench and trash bin. Probably too small for big rigs. There are 10 parks around this lake, some of them with big parking lots. No parking signs are posted clearing in areas they don’t want you to park. Otherwise, everything else seems to be fair game. We checked the ordinances and it said “no vehicle can be in the same spot for more than 24 hrs.” This spot is quiet and lovely. When we arrived at 8pm, there were some people with their dogs enjoying the little beach and water. Then, we had the spot to ourselves all night. We left the next morning.

Vogt Park 43.61709, -95.63258

A safe parking is part of the hostel area, so we felt very fine staying here with our truck, we just had to lift some low hanging cables when entering. It’s a really nice spot to relax for a few days. There’s laundry service ( one load is 40), free drinking water, Wi-Fi, very clean shower and toilet, restaurant serving good food. 70pp isn’t cheap for camping, but the breakfast comes with home made bread, fresh juice and real coffee.

Tumi Hostel 6.67787, -1.59845

Nice, secluded spot near a canal (Havelkanal). Lots of mosquitoes though. There is a fireplace. You dont necessarily need a 4*4 to get there unless the track is still wet (i.e. from November-April). A bit of clearance might be enough. It should be doable with a normal van. The only way to get there by car is along the canal coming from the Schleuse Schönwalde.

Wild camping near canal, fireplace, mosquitoes 52.60812, 13.04977

When you take the little road and go further after the concrete blocks you can find really nice flat places, well hidden from the road, no noise from traffic at night,
We didnt see anyone
Really nice for one night

Quiet spot 10.29304, -12.35112

We slept 1 night. It’s not very quite but it is safe!

Monumento Gral Guemes -24.78700, -65.39974

On a dormi la nuit et rencontré un local qui nous a dit que c'était permis. très venteux ce soir là. Aire de jeux pour les enfants et WiFi :)]

Cap Des Rosiers 48.86446, -64.21148

Homestay with family. Indoor sleeping or camping. Breakfast and dinner possible. No shower but banja. Squat toilet. Wi-Fi available.

Homestay Altai 42.17957, 73.96682

Very nice rest area. Did not stay the night, but another camper was there. Clean bathrooms.

Rest area / historic site 46.98979, -107.86002

Friendly family.
Basic rooms. Toilets part of pay public baño. No seats.
Showers separate, didn't use .

Watch out for dog poop in the court yard at night! Their dog roams all day but comes home at night to eat, poop and sleep.
60 Bob for matrimonial room.

Hospedaje 9 Noviembre -15.53338, -69.25112

Very quiet place to spend the night. No hook up. Excellent cell reception.

Beside McCord Museum 49.42759, -106.83265

Forgot to say didn't see any fees or donation box. There is no picnic table or anything except pit toilet.

Beside McCord Museum 49.42759, -106.83265

Wide gravel parking lot for large campers. No restrictions. Might be possible to put a tent next to the parking lot. It may be very windy.

Parking lot with a view to sea near Woody Bay 51.22017, -3.89992

Nice Restaurant close to Yad Vashem with delicious Pizza and Pasta and some more. Very nice staff! Prices are between 60 to 80 ILS per meal, big portions (except Tortellini). Vegetarian, vegan and kosher food available.

Hatzar Ein Karen 31.76633, 35.16379

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