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Esta dentro de un MALL, tuvimos mucho reparo en quedarnos porque temíamos que nos botaran sin embargo no vimos ningún carrito de seguridad, nadie nos molesto.

Esta al costado de un mc donald que tiene drive thru hasta las 3am asi que hay bastantes carros entrando y saliendo.

Solo pasamos una noche aqui.

Cracker Barrel 36.81598, -76.06729

Really great views of the reservoir. Tons of carp in the water. Campground gets pretty busy on the weekends but really nice and quiet on weekdays.

Hellgate Campground 46.61361, -111.65199

once was provincial park now managed for off roading, not suggested for vehicles not equipped with 4x4 off road capabilities. Beautiful, wild spot on the lake.

Chehalis Lake 49.44860, 123.98078

There were so many campers/rvers/over landers in this lot. Not really any great spaces to stay because of all the people. one of the campers told them the police told them to camp there. I went inside & was able to use restroom, brush teeth & change. Not too bad. parking lot was bright from all the lights

Walmart 36.90435, -111.48648
K n C

One of several small, self-service laundromats on the island. Inside a blue container building with 4 washers and 4 dryers. Unattended so pay with card at a small stand inside. If you don’t overload the machines they work very well. Listed as 10kg capacity. 17-18 R each machine used. So luxurious to use a dryer!!

LaundrExpress -27.65183, -48.47880
K n C

Short, steep hike with a rewarding, beautiful view of the island coast from some impressive giant boulders that you will want to climb up and around to get the best views. We walked from nearby camping, but looks like there are a few places to park at the bottom.

Trailhead to hike Morro Lampião -27.66601, -48.48839

Basic campground. Clean bathrooms and showers. Host wanted to charge us R35 PP which we thought was too much, he saw our hesitation and said R20 PP which was fair for this place. Downside, too many bright lights at night, noise from the road and LOTS of mosquitoes.

Camping Beira Mar -25.63616, -48.42851

Beautiful spot, stayed two nights. Renting Kayaks for $10pp and paddling up to the laguna was one of the wildlife highlights of several months on the road. Unbelievable array of birdlife, + caiman. If you are a bird nerd don't miss this. Otherwise, beautiful sunset spot and friendly owner. paid 100c pp for first night, but not for the second, though we did rent the kayaks 2 days in a row.

El Peru - Camping in Restaurant/Bar Parking Lot 11.46366, -85.56411

If you like to buy some cheese or yoghurt, this could be the place for you. They also sell marmalade and coffee beans. You can also stop for a coffee (simple automat) and piece of homemade cake. We enjoyed our break there.

Productos Lacteos el Alisar -0.41199, -78.02822

Bad road with some really hard wash board. But I don’t think that you could get stuck or loose the track. Anyway despite the hard washboard and the local dumping station close to Ica the last 20-25 km are very scenic. On the last Kilometer to the beach are some dunes on the track.

Bad road to Paracas -14.07880, -75.82391

As described, immediately on the left upon exiting the interstate. Quick, easy and free.

Rest Area (East Bound) 43.70804, -98.62673

Immediately upon entering the rest area there is a dump facility on the left. The first water pump is non-potable rinsing water; according to the signs the next pump is potable water. Inside, the water fountains have a bottle refill station.

Rest Area East Bound 43.70803, -98.62670

Nice large pebble beach, plenty of space and easy to spread out. There are a few spots of loose sand but nothing terrible. The road in is still washboard but slow driving gets you there without issues.

This beach is not the best for swimming because of the surge, but still very refreshing.

Cabo Pulmo (formerly An RV Park) 23.44137, -109.42744

Camping in the treetops overlooking lake

Edgar Evan's State Park 36.08150, -85.83132

Campground for tent, 4*4 and small vans
Under olivetrees and really simple with hot showers, toilets and water for dishes

U Pignottu 42.55940, 8.89608

upon entering of the park there is a brown sign with a crossed tent for 10 miles. so no camping at the first 10 miles?

Wild camping 35.21437, -112.26970

At edge of paved parking lot follow dirt road for approximately 1 mile to several sites suitable to off-road vehicle parking. At end of road is a large circular turnaround suitable for vehicle camping. There is no signage restricting use. Spent one night. Some high winds. Great views of Star Wars Canyon and Death Valley.

Vista Point In Death Valley NP 36.35213, -117.55047

They have excellent pastries, cakes and coffee. Also very good ice cream.
you can sit outside when it is to hot. Inside you have nice chair and tables.

Don Costa Restaurant -37.37592, -70.27447

Big parking lot in Cracker Barrel Jonesboro. They had their music on all night so maybe park at the back. Toilets are only available when the restaurant is open.

Cracker Barrel - Jonesboro 35.80891, -90.67429

Nous avons passé une nuit tranquille dans ce beau point de vue surplombant la mer. Beaucoup de déchets jetés dans les broussailles sur le chemin d'accès côté village. Nous avons également ramassé au petit matin plusieurs filets échoués sur la plage.

viewpoint overlooking the bay 31.05617, -114.82600

Wasn't level at all, but wasn't a big deal to us for one night. Just happy it was free and right in town. Quiet, surrounded by trees with stairs leading up into the park. Beautiful little town.

Croft Street RV parking 48.92284, -123.71638

Terrible place to tent camp while traveling. All the tent sites full of trash, ground is sloped. Pretty sure the semi-permanent camp next to us was dealing throughout the night judging by all the stop by traffic at his tent. Ranger only cared about getting paid. I would highly suggest you look else where if you are in a tent

Ponca Lake City Campground 36.71732, -97.01411

Great for us as we are more spontaneous people who don’t have reservations. Love the FCFS CG, arrived on a late Saturday afternoon and got a site between flowering rhododendrons. Quite nice and the price is right toi ($15). Quiet at night and sweet trails for a stroll.

Rhododendron Park Campground 48.20534, -122.65303

Still no water. They told us the pump is in windhoek for repair (since 2018?! ;-) ) It is like a wildcamp-spot but we wanted to support the locals.
they wanted 200pppn for nothing. At the end we paid 65pppn and bought some beers at the shop. Good stop before the really heavy van zyls pass.

Van Zyl’s Community Camp -17.63997, 12.75203

1 bedroom kitchen bathroom - secure parking. On Airbnb. I paid $25/night. Very good value I stayed 2 weeks. Excellent place for motorcyclists to sort through gear and do repairs/maintenance.

Nove Hrady Airbnb 48.79061, 14.77862

Passed this point twice, no problems. Could just drive through.

Corrupt police -8.95988, 33.59750

This supermarket is no more. However there is another mini market called Isibela mini market.

Elegante Supermarket -8.91105, 33.45572

Nice and quiet place with great views over the valley. There is a pool and free WiFi. Delicious coffee and restaurant offers decent food for good value for money (proper portions). A good place to relax and regain some energy. Ablutions were clean, did not have hot showers.

All in all a great place but $13 a person is too expensive in our opinion. Nevertheless still a great spot for at least one night.

Utengule Coffee Lodge -8.88498, 33.32041

We drove up to the farm but unfortunately no one was there. We waited around two hours and then decided to leave. If you want to go here best to contact the owners beforehand. Have to say the property and garden looked amazing and would have made a great stay.

Lunji Coffee Farm -8.87121, 33.35709
Des routes & nous


Supermarkets -18.36825, 21.84583

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