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Called and asked permission to stay overnight in our camper van. We were told that it was allowed as long as we were only staying for one night and as long as we parked far away from the door. Quiet night and level spots. Would stay again.

Walmart 43.29096, -91.75630

Was a staging area for Forest pipeline construction

Pull off 45.43785, -121.53314

Sleeping in my car. A lot of space out front away from the trucks. Clean. Staff super friendly and helpful for this first timer!

Flying J Travel Center 50.05475, -110.73479

Nice grassy spot by the river…seems like at one point they dug up an old cement water pipe and now people have moved all the broken bits around and it looks like a sculpture garden…Georgian style. Off the main highway, but kinda close to a smaller road. Not a spectacular site, but good for a night. @lifeofshack

Cement pipe graveyard 41.97220, 44.42393
Mel Smells

Driveway with electricity inside city limits of Gunnison across street from public toilets (open seasonally). Cell signals strong here, same as anywhere else in town. Must book through vanly app (linked).

Gunnison residential driveway with owner’s permission 38.55826, -106.93555

We climb a little bit upper on the hill, still not hidden from the road, but very good spot. 4G connexion average (with Unitel) but ok for WhatsApp videocall.
We arrived here by the north, and may be 30 km before, before Jinst, we've passed a great 4G zone on the highest part of the road.

Bogd 45.20746, 100.73745

Small RV/Tent/Van/Pop Up Trailer/Camp Trailer - listed on HipCamp - follow the link under "website"

The Knoll 48.51011, -116.93316

Car wash and water point not on site anymore. There is a focet sign along the road but we asked and they told it us behind a building but there was nothing there

TIR 45.19709, 64.15123

Nice option near the airport outside windhoek. 300N for a site with power, bin & tap. Lovely views and nice and peaceful with very friendly staff.
The ablutions are average but clean enough and super hot with good pressure so can't really complain. Would recommend

Trans Kalahari Inn -22.54862, 17.27816

We arrived late at night so it was good that this place is so accessible. There were already a few other campers but the place is more than large enough to accommodate this and still be ‘private’. Great view and very convenient!

Kremmidi Bay 36.72784, 23.02592

cozy hostel inside Paris.
8km from Eiffel tower.
car and motorcycle are welcome with private parking underground.
big kitchen
40euro direct book on their website

jo & joe 47.86417, 3.98081

No Diesel or Fuel today. 25.05.2023
They have no idea, when they will get it again.

Petrosol Fuel Sesfontein -19.12080, 13.62055

This store sells farm and agriculture equipment. It also sells fuel in the back, in case the petrol station here isn’t open for some reason.

Agra -24.84301, 16.98283

Great location, really nice place, good parking, if your vehicle is not too high, (see picture with the entrance to the parking lot left of the reception). Single occupancy asking price 25€, we settled on $20 after 2 minutes of bargaining. The restaurant is reasonably priced, but to my surprise she asked for $1 per piece of laundry, so a small bag would have come to $12 - we agreed on $5 after a bit of haggling, which is still a bit much.

Niayesh Hotel 29.61222, 52.53930

Great convenient stop over right off of the N7. Everything clean and a warm welcome. We didn't ask about Wifi, strong MTN signal. Still 150 rand pp per night.

Hardeveld Lodge -31.14857, 18.35941

Fuel station, small shops and restaurant (big plate of rice with chicken for 4 people cost 50 rials)

fuel station and restaurant 25.96152, 38.06085

On this road you can make a circle from La Higuera back to the road nbr. 38.
The views are great and the road is ok to drive.
If you stay in the Casa del Telegrafista in La Higuera ask the owner for a route description as only OSM maps show this route

Panorama road from La Higuera back to Road Nr 38 -18.81480, -64.18807

latest updated photos of the vehicle storage on 25 May 2023

Highlands Vehicle Storage -34.31822, 20.61373

Excelente. Super seguro. Comida boa e preço justo, Wi-Fi free, ducha e sanitários. Top

Posto rede Siga Bem BR -26.06446, -48.85985

A few local visiting in the evening, but quiet and private through the night… Just what we needed

Lighthouse - Fort Amherst 46.19021, -63.12943
Des routes & nous

Still here payment by card okay.
They olso have a tap water but very slow.

Shell gas station -18.36806, 21.84434

Has everything we need ten minutes from center

San Miguel de Allende Mexico 20.89574, -100.62099

Many RV’s here. Security asked just us to move. They pointed us at the road behind the parking. Good night and no problems at all. Great wifi reception

Walmart- Deerfoot Mall Calgary NE 51.10566, -114.03976

Very quiet little embassy right next to a restaurant on the corner. We parked opposite the restaurant as instructed by the friendly security guard based in a little hut outside. He then rings you in. There is a window in the far right corner of a small courtyard with a table and chairs in front. The visa sorted through this window.

The prices are:
56,000 CFA - 15 days
70,000 CFA - 1 month
105,000 CFA - 3 month
140,000 CFA - 6 month

Cash only

Plus an extra 10,000 CFA for same day service. We paid for same-day and were seen at 10:30, but had to return at 5:30pm. At time of collection we were told it was not possible to get the 15 day visa and had to pay for the 1 month option. Since we have no choice and needed to head off to Benin the next day we agreed and were able to still get our visa. The staff were all very friendly and polite about it all, with some English spoken.

The visa is dated from your expected entry date as you put down on the application form they provide.

All very easy and friendly, and although no hotel booking we wrote the name and town of one we found on ioverlander, and the lady seemed happy.

Republic of Congo 6.20124, 1.24914

Drove in around 5:30 pm on a Wednesday; lots of permanent looking dwellers towards the front along the river. I kept driving towards the back and found a level spot adjacent the main road. As it got dark, the traffic driving by stopped and was very quiet at night. As others have mentioned, very strong LTE (Verizon) and a well paved road winding thru the area.

BLM Land 35.62851, -118.50452

Nice spot with the occasional car driving past but it settled down after around 10pm.
Curious but suspicious cows nearby

Pullout with fire pit at defunct road 38.96755, -79.23628

Forgot to note... lots of space at entrance to the road, easy turn-around for large vehicles. Little traffic so minimal road noise. ATT signal poor with 2 bars

Outside Ely 39.02279, -114.67469

Fuel station shell, we also got water here to fill our tank.

Shell fuel station 10.93018, -10.75689

Petrol station. If there is no gas here check the nearby Agra store as they also sell petrol in the back.

Puma -24.84299, 16.98283

Friendly staff. Apparently this insurance covers all African countries. We paid the same price for two months as the comment below.

Zenithe Insurance 3.88636, 11.50684

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