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Adding photos of the property including the horse stables

Camping Guadelupe Jaime Veliz Caraz -9.05472, -77.79490

Awesome spot! Toilets were clean, based on reviews we thought it was going to be busy but there was only one other person and the place is huge. Can find some shady spots among the rocks.

Sawtooth Canyon BLM Campground 34.66833, -116.98302

Huge camping area, lots of pine trees for shade but also sun and clear sky if you wish. Some sap from the trees.

Popular place with the locals with almost constant traffic throughout the day and even in the early hours of the night. Quiet during the night.

In May, it was warm during the day but very pleasant at night.

During the week the toilets and showers are closed but you can ask at the entry gate to open them. But there is trash and a water spigot where you can connect your own hose. Water is near the showers in a separate enclosed part.

Almost constant police presence and there is a person at the entry gate throughout the night.

Overall, safe, no issues and totally worth the money.

Parque La Primavera Campamento El Pedernal 20.71062, -103.57092

there is a sign that says no overnight parking. stayed anyways, no one bothered me. quite a few other cars doing the same

Walmart super center 47.06113, -122.77214

Very nice Place to chill for a few days! Always nice people around, clean toilets with paper and soap and good food as well! Definitely worth a visit!

Zebrabar 15.86495, -16.51210

there are lots of little flat areas in the grounds for tents. when I arrived Saturday evening there were a few families. rubbish everywhere. I camped alone. before sun set 2 cars with couples in drove past a few times. don't know If I was disturbing something. police drove past me twice. did stop just looked. made me feel unsettled as to why they were here and what potential happens here at night.

Lake side beach 37.95419, 30.77208

Everything was closed!... Loods like the camping are not open even more.

Norseman RV Park & Marine 59.56967, -133.70405

It's an industrial campground but campsites are quite big and it gives enough privacy. Ablutions block is OK, well-maintened.
On the other hand, we were there in low season and the whole thing seemed quite messy, with a reception closing very early. No way to understand which sites are A,B or C (A are cheaper, C are the most expensive). They made us pay the B rate, even if we didn't know we were in a B, as reception was closed at our arrival. Staff is unfriendly. Poorly managed campground. We hope it's because of low season... We paid 264 for a B site. Unfortunately not many other options in the area. Ok for a stopover.

Onrus Caravan Park -34.41522, 19.16935

Quite a lovely rest area. Highway noise but you can't actually see the road. Picnic areas, flush toilets. 8 hour stay - a few overnighters when we where there.

Ryan Rest Area 49.13926, -116.02807

130 pppn, we didnt stay and were going 1 night in Kwalape lodge (excellent facilities for 110 pppn) and 1 night in Bananya Backpackers (one night overstop for 75 pppn/cheapest option in town ;-)

Chobe Safari Lodge -17.80583, 25.14677

if you are taking the transit route between Ngoma and Kasane, it is for free and we saw 20 elephants and 1 giraffe ;-)

Ngoma Gate, Chobe NP -17.92818, 24.72794

When paying for the camping ($64), we were told there was no dumping and water available, but there is in fact. Just in front of the checkin office there is a small street turning left with a dumping station and fresh water

Hermit Park Open Space 40.35205, -105.46696

Nice NP campsite with good views, we saw an African Wildcat and heard elephants roaming the campsite.

South Gate Campsite -19.42540, 23.64440

From Namibia to Botswana :
very easy process, just filled up the form for exit and stamped our passport : 30 seconds !!!

Ngoma Border crossing to Namibia -17.91558, 24.71243

From Namibia to Botswana with a spanish car :
- immigration : ask well and nicely 90 days for free because our friends obtained only 30 days and us, 90 days !!! we were explaining our trip to the officer before he stamped our passports ;-)
- road tax, insurance, road permit : we payed 430 pulas with a 4x4 spanish mitsubishi 1995 but our friends paid 380 pula with a german truck. it is automatic, the officer put your number plate in the computer and say you the price ! we were complaining about the 265 pulas, it is only for a 4x4 namibian or south african. they are paying less because it is SA countries :-( you can pay cash or by credit card.
- shoes in the desinfection black water, open the fridge for meat : no meat, no veg, no fruits,no eggs,no wood allowed.
very friendly and quick border : 20 minutes ;-)

Ngoma bridge border crossing -17.92514, 24.72086

Os donos dos restaurantes colocaram umas estacas no chão limitando o espaço, ficou meio apertado. Tiraram os banheiros químicos e ponto de água desligado. Acredito que só tenha isso na temporada de verão. O lugar é tranquilo para pernoitar, mas ficou meio apertado para vans, ônibus nem pensar.

Praia de Calheiros -27.31621, -48.56285

After checking out some places in the city, we came here. It‘s an Axion gas station by now.
Huge parking, friendly staff, clean toilets, hot showers (100 Pesos for 5 Minutes), security guard at night. We spent a quiet night here!

Esso Gas Station -28.54951, -56.07800

Great place! Stayed 5 nights.Super quiet oneway street with city surveillance. Felt safe, and Not busy at all. Difficult to find a flat spot, street is not straight. Toilets and great restaurant nearby. Water fountain in the playground park. Sky costanera on 7min walking.

Street next to Cerro San Cristobal -33.41538, -70.61429

The place is wonderful and Samuel is a really friendly and helpful man.

Jardin Suizo - Hosteria & Camping -1.34486, -80.74169

Very large parking lots space to rest and big enough for a number of campers ,RV’s, and motorhomes. I have a 36 ft motorhome and it has tons of space to turn around. Spent just the one night and was very quiet and nobody bothered us. Lots of beautiful green field and lots of trees. Seen a few deers and tons of rabbits running around. Perfect spot to watch the sun rise and set next to the water. Convenience store open till 10pm 2 minute walk from here. No water or washrooms near by.

Old Fort Erie Look Out 42.89260, -78.92561

We asked at the Gendarmería post at the entrance and they said we could park there no problem.
No facilities but a very nice parking spot right in front of the beach.

Car Park Sea Front -42.76266, -65.03471

It was a quiet night and place to stay. A second campervan stayed. Good Verizon signal.

Walmart Ticonderoga 43.85699, -73.43528

We planned to stay. The parking area was so busy up until dark. The boat ramp was in use until dark. Even then, someone drove up next to us, left their truck running and blasted music. We eventually left and stayed at Walmart. Maybe stay off season, since the view was beautiful.

Ferry port Ticonderoga 43.85365, -73.38568

Excellent! Hot showers, very clean showers and locker room, with pools for just $5

Community Center / Alga Norte Aquatic Center 32.72127, -117.23125

Nice quiet place close to the town. Some hiking trails closeby. Toilets were closed day and night.

Parc des Chutes 47.83098, -69.53039

Nice little spot next to guesthouse. Beautiful area and view. Lots of space around you.

Molla Guest House 42.40423, 19.76414

Arrived late after doing laundry and showering near the Zion entrance. Lots of people here but no issues staying for a quick overnight. Really close to Zion (~15 mins) so it worked out great to start hiking Angels Landing by 6 am. Limited/no Verizon/Visible service.

BLM Camping 37.21159, -113.17355

There’s water…but it has such a bad chemical taste

Visitor Center Spigot 37.19994, -112.98754
Expedition Elysium

Large parking area in the woods with plenty of room for many cars. Just past the ranger station / work camp historic marker.

Buckhorn road is plowed up til this spot year round, so this could make a decent winter or shoulder-season spot. It is directly at the trailhead to a popular hiking and dirt biking trail, so it could get loud.

Small creek nearby. The Cameron Peak fire burn scar is clearly visible in the surrounding hillsides, but this spot was saved from scorching.

The spot is wooded, but there is plenty of sky visibility for starlink and solar.

Donner Pass Trailhead 40.58017, -105.47036

We passed here on a Sunday and no one asked us for money.

Village hustlers want money for bridge 6.90705, 11.45424

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