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Natural stream from mountain very clean and very easily accessible. Cows might come to share he water!

Water 41.93457, 73.49983

nice place, easy to access, no one interrupts you, great internet, a bit trashy

Green area beside river 40.77241, 43.29687

Great place around. super safe and quiet. other 3 campers stayed the night.

Cracker Barrel 40.19775, -74.63829

Driving from West there is a stretch of several kilometers between vet gates without fences along the C19. Several possibilities to camp along the road. We did not camp here and spots are not hidden from road and lots of sharp stones, but it seems to be one of the few places without fences where camping would be possible.

Wild camping along C19 (non fenced) -24.92224, 16.47312

The road is now open. We just passed through all the way from Torkent to Ken Suu.

Road closed in winter 41.86901, 73.71176

Waterspot next to road. looks clean! We don't know if it is someones personal watersupply, but it was a constant stream.

Istarawshan waterspot 39.88045, 69.00282

2-3 parking spots on quiet rural rd. Direct access to Appalachian Trail. Stream nearby and tent camping nearby for hikers.

AT access parking 36.89731, -81.36910

Parada para pernoite com restaurante 24h, banheiros com chuveiro quente e banho feminino gratuito e masculino consumindo no local é grátis. Excelente atendimento e nos sentimos seguros. Primeira experiência dormindo dentro do carro.

Posto Dom Pedro -22.82634, -45.20457

Waves us through, but try to find something wrong

Police check point -15.95363, 27.85690

Big lots/ strip mall parking lot. No signs not allowing over night parking. Had a quiet night along with a semi here. Cop drove through around 9pm and said nothing.

Big Lots Parking Lot 28.89290, -82.58557

potable Water, 220V electricity dump portable toilet

Royal Hill County 47.87190, 106.91429

Il n’est plus possible d’utiliser ce stationnement, il est en train de devenir un building, tout est en construction. C’est vraiment dommage!

Dow’s Lake Parking 45.45263, -75.72659
[email protected]

Leharo camping is ready to welcome You throught the whole year.
Limited number of pitches (23) - each with its own electrical connection (16A) and also drinking water tap, most of them also direct sewage plug.
At service point also available black water (chemical wc) dump station andn gray water sink.
The toilets, showers and washing-up station work with no limitations. Washing machine, fridge also on-site.
Guests can also use the mobile sauna, the neighbor's snack-bar or the nearby Famosa restaurant
Relax-lovers can visit the nature wellness center in the newly opened Hotel Hills (in a walking distance) with a 30% discount.
Booking or and advance-call requested.

Leharo Camping 49.14308, 20.29400

there is flat ground at the entrance of the pink farm British War graves. I camped here with a small tent. very peaceful. arrived at 5pm and didn't see anyone. only suitable for cyclist and walkers. no access for vehicles.

pink farm cycles only 40.07267, 26.19105

Our First gasolin in VEN coming in from Cúcuta. After seeing lots of closed gas stations and being denied by others before we finally could fill up our tanks here. 50 cents US per liter. Many cars in line and a crowd of motos in front of the station. All waiting desperately for there turn. We went directly to the front and talked to the man in charge. He got permission from the owner and we could fill up. They have a license plate system which days you’re allowed to buy gas and additionally at many places they accept only cars and no motos. The quality of the gasoline officially is 95 octane (there’s only one type) but the guy told us that in reality it’s much less. We need min 95 so we’re going to look buying additives to elevate the quality.

Gasolin for tourists 8.48690, -71.36751

lots of space behind the gas station, basic but clean showers. Friendly staff.Some dogs barking through the night, but only a few trucks. Had a safe and rather quiet night.

YPF -29.44446, -66.83746

Ring road along crater lake with big empty parking spots, suitable for big rigs No services, quiet and great view on the crater lake

Lake Meke 37.69268, 33.63810

No overnight not allowed signs. Nice gravel lot next to a trail into the woods and a baseball field.

Good t mobile cell reception.

Gravel Lot 46.47647, -93.89930

fresh water beside of road
natural water

alamout road 36.40416, 50.22715

As described before. The staff is super nice! I was twice dropped off the laundry around noon, it was ready for the next day at 9am. I highly recommend, the laundry is clean and tidy in a bag.
Minimum 8LBS / 200C$
17.6LBS / C$445
Pay only in cash.

Comme décrit avant. Le personnel est super gentil ! J'y ai été 2 fois déposé le linge vers midi, il était prêt pour le lendemain à 9h. Je recommande vivement, le linge est propre et bien rangé dans un sac.
Minimum 8LBS / 200C$
17,6LBS / 445C$
Payer seulement en espèces.

Lavanderia 13.08322, -86.35199

A recently opened camp ground near voi. In an area surrounded by bush next to a seasonal river. A low fence provides security from the goats eating the beautiful up-and-coming garden. There is a lounge area and an outside fire circle. Toilets and showers are simple. Solar electricity is available. As it develops one can see this spot expanding and improving.

Shambani Camp -3.45022, 38.51443

No more diesel at the moment. We went to the station just across the street and go it for 11’500/l.

Diesel and Petrol - 80 & 91 42.42285, 59.64021

there is absolutely no camping/overnighting in Snake Canyon. We got a knock this morning from a Ranger. This whole area is off limits.

Cliff 42.60647, -114.39682

I dont have an RV, but there is a dump station here in Pisgah National Forest to use

Dump station 35.74465, -82.21330

Good cafeteria close to RodeoPlaza and Central Market. Street parking in front with security. Excellent coffee and a wide variety of pastries and tortas. The owner Benito is a warm person and will help you with tipps in and around Mérida.

Tortas y Café 8.59012, -71.16392

Basic shops selling cold drinks, biscuits etc.

Basic shops 2.75438, 35.64339

Knock on the gate and bring your bottle. A person gave us a piece of paper with the amount + Tropigas bank details written on it. We got paid at AM/PM right next to the gas station 2min walk away. They gave us back a ticket. Tropigas checked the ticket and refilled the bottle for us. Simple and efficient and the staff is nice. I recommend.
20 LBS / C$371


Frapper au portail et apporter votre bouteille. Une personne nous a donné un papier avec écrit le montant + les coordonnées bancaires de Tropigas. Nous avons été payé à AM/PM juste à côté de la station service à 2min à pied. Ils nous ont rendu un ticket. Tropigas a vérifié le ticket et nous a rempli la bouteille. Simple et efficace et le personnel est gentil. Je recommande.
20 LBS / 371 C$

Tropigas 13.08322, -86.35199

Access is a bit tricky as there are no signs. You’ll likely need to ask around for Mickey and Silvian once you get to Trou du Prophete. Mickey does the cooking at his place - Silvian does the accommodation at hers. Mickey does breakfast for 2500 (5 euro) and fresh caught dinner for 5000 (10 euro). Nice portions at Mickeys and he is a good chef. Also can recommend the market in mitsamouli - 750 franc for a big octopus lunch. Silvian has cabanas for 30 euro and camping for 12 euro (2 people). Both Silvian and Mickey are delightful.

Silvian has cooking facilities that we can use in her home, cold shared showers, electricity, hammocks, towels, no Wi-Fi, composting toilet. Village for basic groceries 800 meters, Mitsamiouli is 3.5 km. You can find a moonshine 5th in the village, or go to either chez nini or hantsatse for better selection. Silvian is not hooked up to city water supply. When the cistern runs dry there are no showers. She has drinking water from a 20 Liter jug and she sells water bottle refills.

This is the nicest part of grande comore, highly recommended.

Baobab Magic Backpackers Resthouse -11.38033, 43.31533

Sports gym Public parking next to the sports gym and the river. flat, quiet and safe location 100 meters from the central square. we stayed here 2 nights. @bus.trada

Ginásio desportivo Estacionamento público junto ao ginásio desportivo e ao rio. localização plana, tranquila e segura a 100 metros da praça central. ficamos aqui 2 noites. @bus.trada

Ginásio Raquira 5.53744, -73.63367

Nice place and nice owner. But expensive for what it is. they ask 120 liras for 1 person, with really dirty toilets and basic showers. the place isn't clean, and no view of the river because it is at the bottom of the valley. doesn't worth the price

Doğaperest Kafe Restorant ve Kamp alanı 39.24625, 38.50126

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