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sonny jadun

Beautiful Hacienda where you can do lot of activities and also campout at night. Car or RV camping is 200L per night. They have zipline, coffee tours, farm and horse riding. it's a very popular place with the locals. I am surprised it was not posted on IOverlander. Restaurant has great food too. Great coffee. Tgey grow their own coffee

Hacienda Montecristo 14.86180, -88.77866

laundry/dry cleaning the price is 2300 ars per basket. dropped off in the morning at 10 a.m., picked up in the evening at 6 p.m.

laverie/pressing le prix est 2300 ars par panier. déposé le matin à 10h, récupéré le soir à 18h.

Lavandería/tintorería el precio es de 2300 ars por cesta. Se dejó por la mañana a las 10 a. m. y se recogió por la tarde a las 6 p. m.

lavadero Daver -32.59075, -69.34749

Great night’s rest! Pulled in around 8pm and it was quiet. A few other overnighters pulled in after. Stayed quiet through the night. Felt safe and they had good bathrooms. Free dump and potable water too! Would stay again.

Sundance rest area 44.41381, -104.33958

This place has almost every part for your Honda motorcycle! Also repairs for fair prices. Service is good.

Honda Multimotos Roger -7.15101, -78.52098

The gravel road in is in great condition, and it’s not steep. It’s about half a mile long (0.8 km). A road that forks off the main road, to the right, leads to a large private campsite that’s suitable for big rigs (class A, but maybe not a fifth wheel). Another big rig site is roadside on the left a little farther down. Past that it may be difficult for big rigs to turn around using the tight loops (one loop just before the main campground, another at the end). Nice place. Level areas. Low branches at some sites. You can walk to the riverbank. The free firewood logs are so big they’re hard to move. A hatchet would be helpful for fire starting.

Yukon River near Five Finger Rapids 62.28602, -136.32316
Jason Quinn

Stopped here to just fill water and the guy let me fill water for free but he was super rude.

Short Stop 40.01383, -105.22568
Jason Quinn

Great place to fill water. Bring your own hose. If you come during the propane fill hours be prepared to talk to a very rude guy who runs the place

She'll Gas station 40.01383, -105.22568

FREE. Beautiful Views. Wind started to pick up about 7 PM. 4 other vehicles here, nobody too close & more space across Reservoir. 2 bar’s Verizon. Pit toilet but didn’t use

Stabilization Reservoir 37.17017, -105.51660

Perfect soot for a night or more ! Free, fast open wifi and toilet during the day. The canyon is beautiful

Hualco Archeological Site Parking Lot -28.48802, -67.11973

Got recommended to come here by the torno down the street. Pepe is a really nice guy and does a very good job. Did a quality repair on our suspension, listened to what we wanted and did everything to a high standard.

Very good welder -16.52480, -68.15940

one side is semi bad, but still park able and the other side is much nicer. still not that bad for pot holes. 3 people here this night

Road to Outer Harbour Marine - gravel side road 43.64647, -79.32413

parking place was fenced off so we diverted to the marina where you can stay the night for 190 sek. (without power). just a slab of ashpalt but you get showers and toilets

Mariestad 58.71452, 13.82951

Great place to stay in Tupiza. Lots of spaces, toilets, great shower, water. They have a laundry service for 10bob/kg super quick and efficient.
Mario offers storage service too if you want to let your vehicle during a tour or something.

La Casa del Baron -21.43807, -65.71425

A bit further along the road from the other sites is this large gravely uneven area where the PCT comes in. Very hard to get level but we did it. Verizon and t-mobile signals.

Past Castle Crags 41.16176, -122.36926

CB large parking lot right off of 25 stayed here overnight other camper, vans and RVs. There is some highway noise at the front of the cracker barrel. You’re also several hotels in this same area I felt safe and slept well.

Cracker Barrel 35.15963, -106.58554

Thunderstorms drove us to wait it out for the night at this rest stop. The indoor area is open 24/7 with clean bathrooms (no hot water), water fountain, and lots of vending machines. It appears to be staffed all night. There are many tractor trailer trucks overnighting, I'd guess at least 20. Some pulled into the RV side, I assume, because they ran out of space on the truck side. So it is not quiet but it is a highway rest stop that goes a long way to provide for drivers of all sorts who need to rest. One other camper was on the RV side along with two semis. Free, well maintained sewer dump at the exit to the RV area, but water was turned off. construction is going on until October. Parking lot is pitched, so we used levelers.

Middletown rest area 41.03050, -73.56416

Great camping with facilities (hot shower, drinking water, toilets) right by the lake near the sites 160-
15$ per night for 2 with our van. State park entrance is free, just pay for the camping.

Lake of the Ozarks State Park 38.07402, -92.57040

très passant, très venteux, mais très joli

Port au Port Presqu'île 48.55870, -58.73016
sonny jadun

Hacienda allows camping for the overlanders. You can camp at the Mirador. There may not be parking more than 2 cars but on the way up there are turnouts where you .ay be able to park and campout. The views are gorgeous. Car/Van camping 200L/night.

Hacienda Montecristo Mirador camping 14.86067, -88.78397

Flat and quiet with great views. old lady gently asked for a propina next morning, but just wanted to visit and went away without money. No facilities.

Police Station on routa 30A -14.83198, -74.70407

Spacious, semi-private wooded area back in RV spaces. Grill and fireplace. Lots of dumpsters throughout the property, several bathhouses. Basic, clean bathrooms. Just one dump station, long line at checkout time. Gorgeous walking trail with ocean view and wild blueberries!!!

Bar Harbor Campground 44.43245, -68.26352

Still 4 free hook up spots in the back! I didn’t need the amenities so I just picked an open spot in the back of the parking lot. The wifi from the building reaches all the way to the back so that was nice. There were some cars that passed by in the night but not too loud. Stayed till about 9am then drove off. Would stay here again

Camping World 42.73681, -78.84053

Worth the drive if you take the better road to get there! We followed google maps and went the long way on the way in and it was a bit rough. Take the 1250 S/ Tiffler road entrance (screen shot attached). Beautiful spot, pit toilet, small spring with running water, shade trees, cows in the distance.

McClendon Springs Rec Area 42.33579, -113.40664

Beautiful setup right next to the Kavango River with grass stands.

Rainbow River Lodge -19.92503, 23.50937

We arrived at this spot around 4pm and were told just before dark by two guys to ask the chief for permission. This took us 1.5h and we registered with the chairman of the village executive officer, but then all was fine to spend the night here. So, if you get here, perhaps say hello up front, so you won’t be disturbed later.

Isongole at the river Kiwira -9.05016, 33.61230

Prices mentioned below are accurate! However we didn’t stay at the camping spot, because all kind of machinery and materials were now stored here for building something. Absolutely not an idealist jungle spot at the moment. Still went for a hike to the crater rim, which was amazing and took us about 1.5-2h in total.

Ngosi Crater -9.02521, 33.56711

We didn’t see anyone to pay the entrance fee. God’s bridge is visible from the road bridge

God's Bridge - Daraja la Mungu -9.05015, 33.61233

Absolutely recommended to stay here if you like to support the community and experience some Tanzanian life! We had a great time playing with the kids of the village and having good chats with Michael. The ablutions are very basic, but a hot water bucket shower was available when we asked. Also had some nice breakfast provided by a local women from the village. As said before, the campsite has been hit by Covid-19, but Michael has a lot of ambitions and is saving up to improve and invest in the campsite and the community.

Bongo Camping -9.21258, 33.63917

We had to pay the 25USD Road tax for 1 month in Tanzanian shillings. As mentioned the ATM at the Tanzania side still didn’t work, so we had to exchange at the border.
Also, PRINT EVISA, as they want them in paper and are not willing to help with printing (we had to go to the a photocopy shop, which altogether took an hour).

Kasumulu Border Post -9.58649, 33.77610

To add: everyone of the village was really kind all the time and welcomed us. We felt really safe at this spot.

Isongole at the river Kiwira -9.05010, 33.61243

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