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We got our German fixed Tank filled here fast and easy. 7 l for 1300 ARS. very fast and friendly. other glpa of same brand in town wouldn't want to fill.

GLPA Salustri -27.39860, -55.92283

Very fast and friendly. Took 120.000 ARSbut more seems possible. Opening hours 8 to 20.

Western Union in Shopping Mall next to Mc D -27.40227, -55.91692

We couldn't get our fixed German gastank filled here. The guy said it wasn't possible. We tried at another Station of the same brand in town. There it actually was possible fast and smoothly.

GPL/LPG Gas Station Posadas -27.45681, -55.85693

Spent one night, quiet evening. The road got a little busy around 6. Still better than paying for a camp site.

Main St 44.38177, -68.20274

Realy a great place here. So peaceful. We contacted Andy 2 hours before so he organized with his neighbour next door to let us in. Such a grat view. Afterwords we enjoyed our stay together with Andy. Enjoy it as well!

CoDa Vista -0.24085, -78.48001

ducha caliente 400p , es el habitáculo que usan para depósito, pero la ducha es regeneradora. puedes dormir bajo techo, a mi Kombi no le cubría del todo pero safa. hay una canilla ahí mismo

Palo Santo -25.55822, -59.32789
Amar e viajar sm

Pousada Muiraquitã em Parintins no Booking ou no Google tem informações

Ficamos aqui 3 dias a pousada, para quem quer conhecer Parintins este é o lugar para ficar.
E como fazer você deixa seu motorhome em Santarém/ Alter chão/ Manaus, nós deixamos o nosso em Alter do Chão na pousada Vila Flexal ( tem aqui no Ioverlander), pegamos um ônibus coletivo até Santarém e pegamos um barco expresso até Parintins valor 250,00 PP 8 horas de viagem

A pousada Muiraquitã
é muito boa, limpeza, o atendimento é excepcional, os donos são muito prestativos (Mários e Artemísia) são muito gente boa. Além de tudo a localização é muito top fica atrás do bumbotromo, ficando aqui em qualquer período do ano fácil acesso.
O café da manhã é regional, muito bom, tinha queijo da região que ganhou como o melhor queijo do norte e também comemos tucumã no café
Pousada tem wi-fi muito bom

Os chips de celulares pegam bem aqui os nossos são Claro 4G e Vivo 4g.

Pousada Muiraquitã -2.63415, -56.73444

Nice spot, clean bathrooms in the restaurant but the showers are in other place and a little dirty but the water is very good cold. Is 10 soles by car night but you can negotiate the price

Cochera Restaurant K16 -5.72608, -78.79715
Les Frabys

Large property with a view of the Cordillera Blanca.
Very quiet night even though it is on the side of the road. You will be exposed to full wind.
We felt completely safe. Perfect for one night

Vaste pleine avec vue sur la cordillère blanche.
Nuit très calme même si c’est en bord de route. Vous serez exposé plein vent.
On s’est totalement senti en sécurité. Parfait pour une nuit

HUARAZ VIEW -9.54158, -77.55078

Large grass area beside disused runway (but, just in case it's not disused, DON'T park on the runway itself). There is quite a bit of flat space off the side, enough for several vans and probably a truck towing a 30ft maybe. No services, decent LTE. Close to town. Some locals have used the general area to dump an old fridge but it's basically clean, and quiet. Good spot for an overnight.

Grassy area beside disused runway 63.30697, -143.00461

We tried to cross that border twice as foreigners with a chilean car. No chance to exit Chile. The lady was very unfriendly and insisted on the law.

Immigration + Customs Chile Argentina -23.22779, -67.04255

Showers are still 2.25 CAN. In the womans bathroom, there are 4 shower stalls. You have to push the button to get water, so you can not adjust the temperature. It was a good temperature when I was there, but it had to warm up for a bit first. Clean, easy, would use again.

Badlands Community Centre 51.46731, -112.70618

good for a overnight.
a small river and picknick tables are here.

there is some noise becourse of factor/ work but not that bad.

Area Autocaravanas Ordoki 43.17858, -1.48801

Very quite and safe place, flat Parking. By a little pond, nice if you want to relax, spend a nigth and take a walk in the surroundings.

Las Cochas -1.54552, -78.97946

Well kept and quiet park with apples! spent the night with another van here and was not disturbed and no visitors, however there is a No Camping sign. Perhaps only use off season and be respectful of length of stay.

Tidnish Provincial Park 45.99624, -64.00925

Very nice! Campsite is spacious, clean ablutions but water wasn't hot. No electricity so quite dark in the evening. You can charge your phone at the bar. We saw many rhinos, giraffes and some hippos at the pool in front of the restaurant. We did the sunrise game drive and saw 3 lions, and some elephants. Awesome.
WiFi was working, costs 50 for 500 mb.
We've also been to Mlilwane, but this place is not as busy and much much nicer!

Ndlovu Camp (Royal Hlane National Park) -26.26021, 31.87668

Designated overnight parking area for RVs and campers behind Cracker Barrel. Can be a bit noisy since it's next to the train tracks, but a good spot overall.

Cracker Barrel Parking Lot 41.42253, -81.76106

$4 showers at the community center from Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 p.m. Super clean when I was there mid morning on a weekday and no one else was even in the locker room the whole time I was there.

Pagosa Springs Community Center 37.26014, -107.01021

Nice hotel, the rooms are clean. The wifi is fast. They advertise showers with hot water but this is not yet the case, the hotel is new. The managers are super nice. The lady can prepare dinner and breakfast on request and it is very good. They agreed to park our 2 motorbikes in security in the large room which serves as a dining room. There are hot springs in the village, it is possible to take a hot shower there. After 7 days of driving in the mountains we are happy to find this place. We stay here one more day to rest.

Matrimonial with private bathroom : 50 sol Dinner : 10 sol.
Number: 996227117

Hostal Santa Leonor -10.92713, -76.78344

Public park, perfect for camping. Running water and toilets. Unfortunately the toilets were dirty. Motorcycles directly at the tent. Not overcrowded. A few very friendly, non-intrusive Iranians were there for the picnic.

Excellent place for setting up a tent 31.04263, 52.83034

Cargamos dos garrafas de 3 kg cada una, una argentina y una uruguaya y sin problema de no tener adaptador, 30 soles por las dos. En las fotos ves la descripción de donde te atiendes, ya que no es en la puerta principal.

Llama Gas - Arequipa North -16.33183, -71.59318

Hes un muy buen lugar para pasar el dia y la noche si vas camino a P.Maldonado. nosotros pasamos a la ida y a la vuelta, tiene una piscina preciosa 5soles adultos 3 soles niños. Comidas típicas muy ricas, baños y ducha. Marco su propietario está encantado de recibir viajeros, basta con que consumas algo y podrás pasar la noche.

Bambu piscina y restaurante -13.08447, -70.36243

Laundromat 60 Real for washing plus drying we were able to park right in front in the shade.

Laverie 60 Real pour lavage plus séchage on a pu se garer juste devant à l'ombre.

divinopolis -20.14148, -44.88968

spigot on the left side (south end) of the road by the bathrooms. Sign marks that it is only for RV use so I am assuming it should be potable. It is right before the RV dump station.

Riverside Park - FREE 42.76276, -105.39191

Big, clean laundromat. A lot of washers in small, middle, big sizes costing $2.75-5.25 a load. Many dryers. Plenty of parking.

Bull City Suds 36.00571, -78.88400

Family run sauna and showers. Private cabins for 1, 2 people or for a family with steam sauna and hot showers. Very clean. 10 Bobs / p. Open 9 am to 7 pm. Recommended.

Saunas y duchas Sagitario -18.89373, -66.77442

We left the campsite! It is nice in the shade, but you can no longer get to the lake. You can neither bathe nor put your feet in the water. You're standing in your car in the forest and you can see the lake through the trees, but you can't see anything of it. Ablutions are very rudimentary, we didn't like it at all, so we left. We cannot recommend this place.

Jakobsen Beach Camping -4.90963, 29.59914

Lugar super tranquilo, passamos 1 semana! Primeiro fomos para o restaurante da Kelly e não ficamos pq nos cobraram 50 reais. Aí fomos conversar com o Oziel que fica ao lado e ele foi super receptivo. O valor a combinar a depender do uso de energia. Não usamos energia e consumimos do bar.
A lagoa é linda! Um paraíso

Restaurante do Oziel -6.06340, -35.16258

excelente lugar para pasar la noche. gratis. tiene baños. vigilancia 24h. cámaras. es una gasolinera pero no hacen mucho ruido. muchos camioneros descansan en el sitio.

Gas station -1.39102, -78.41848

slept here, but leave early seeing that a park ranger knocked on my door at 8.30

Songo Locks 43.93242, -70.57762

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