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Petrol station with a grocery shop where you can actually get all what you need (electronic devices, food, clothes… wow!)

Petrol station + grocery + café 27.88484, -12.87812

Small lot at end of road just before Trail off to the left. Very quiet 🤫. Lots of bugs 🐜.

Bradley Wildlife Viewing Area 31.99433, -85.05040

Good campsite. 1 bar 5G of ATT. Dogs not allowed on the beach which is a bummer. $35 a night for a basic site which is a little steep but about the same as everywhere else. Would stay here again

Bodega Dunes Campground 38.34189, -123.05658

Although it was a little pricey, We were unable to go because our son was too young. The lady told us they have to be older because the elevation is too high. Although it is an active volcano which would have been very cool to see!

PNN Los Nevados 4.93606, -75.35009

Fresh water pump on a BBQ area, covered picnic tables and lovely view

Pompe à eau fraîche sur une aire de BBQ, tables de pique-nique couvertes et jolie vue

Fresh water 45.23279, -66.11192

If you’ve been on ruta 10 this is a good stop. We stopped here to refill our tires after letting out the pressure for the ripio. They only asked for 5bol.

Gomería -16.38461, -60.95706

Small parking area for four or five campervans. Beside a lake with mountain view. Very quiet. No fee but donation welcome to the adjoining community hall.

Haverringen 68.30393, 13.87458

We didn't see anyone there (13/09 at 1pm)

Road block -18.08778, -60.08897

From Playa Blanca to Sierpe. beautifull place. I took a bath in a very clean water. Don't sleep was very early. Safe and quiet

river cross 8.76231, -83.50058

Pull out along Parks Highway. Beautiful views of Denali National Park. About 12 miles South if Denali Park Entrance

Pull out along Parks Highway. Beautiful mountain view of Denali National Parks and Nenana River 63.54041, -148.80604

Located on the road 400 between Sinark and Udulere, just next check point on the main road. l paid 600 Lira for one person. Big and clean room with fridge and kettle. Good restaurant just next the hotel and supermarket in front of . parking just front of entrance. Safe for motorbike

Bio Otel 37.43002, 42.78659
Kachere Kastle

Sorry folks, we have had to close due to ill health.

Updates to follow, but CLOSED for now.

Kachere Kastle (Hotel & Camp) -12.00951, 34.05856

I arrived on my bicycle and stayed on their property for the night. The property has a fence and a gate so it felt safe. They didn't charge me to camp but asked me to buy food. I had lunch and dinner with them and also bought drinks from the store next door.

Restaurant and little food store -20.47280, 22.68688
Our Pangaea

If you go a further one kilometre up the creek beyond the last place on the map you find this quiet little patch of grass off a gravel logging track behind an abandoned hut. Much more private and quieter but we did have cows walk through in the evening.

Further up the creek behind the monastery 47.49644, 25.87757

Got to love our overlanding community! What a beauty spot.

Small pull off next to stream 44.45982, -64.81151

picnick are but signs show no camping. beautiful falls and great for quick stop scenic area loud highway traffic area

Parry Sound Picnic Area 45.36082, -80.01787

Area facing the lake, but very close to the road. we stayed here two nights, very peaceful and safe. We don't pay anything.

Área de frente para o lago, mas bem próximo da estrada. ficamos aqui duas noites, muito tranquilo e seguro. Não pagamos nada

Laguna Pomacanchi -14.00660, -71.51147

Gas/Diesel station with propane refill and potable water beside the building close to diesel pump with green hose. Large potholes to get in

Vitus Gas Station 63.39505, -148.89286

Accepts most recyclables items plus compost !! Magazines, aluminum, office paper, plastic, metal cans, glass, cardboard. A great resource !

Recyling center 42.76420, -105.38896

Very nice spot for camping. A bit hard to pitch a tent though. Really quiet at night, just with the sound of wildlife. Please help this place to remain clean!

Haute-du-ruisseau Nature Park 45.97079, -64.51627

Solid spot for a single night. Followed the Motor Vehicle Maps on Avenza and this is a legit spot. Trash from previous people camping here along with a fire ring. We camped here to do some night fishing and morning fishing which didn’t disappoint but be prepared to be surrounded by fisherman in the morning since this lake is a primary fishing location around these parts. Woke up and probably had close to 20 different people fishing within 200 feet of us by 9am.

Right on the lake 37.70843, -112.65166

Great place to learn about the area as there is also a visitor center there too. When they are open there are public bathrooms inside. The trains were also super cool to look at and you can walk through them but I believe they are only open when the museum is open.

Douglas Railroad Museum 42.75806, -105.38775
Jamie Z

I stopped here hoping to camp. As stated, it's very exposed and all vehicles coming out going will see you (and shine their headlights).

In the five minutes I stopped to check it out, two mototaxis stopped here. It seemed clear to me that there would be a steady stream of locals coming here. it's a popular spot.

So I went 500 meters to the north and found a narrow gravel patch next to the road. It's just as exposed, but far fewer people.

Mirador in front of El Lanche chapel -6.87475, -78.11249
Motorrad CH

very old and nice cabin not fancy but for a true adventure pepole 💯💪🏼guys keep it clean and nice the lokal pepole say to me it's oke to stay🥹

Train worker shelter 66.66976, 19.82441

A área do camping, é toda gramada bem cuidada e conta com uma piscina, espaço para reunir amigos, ampla cozinha comunitária, com alambrado ao redor oferece a segurança esperada.
Conta com água abundante e de ótima qualidade assim como energia 220V por toda parte do estacionamento.
Sendo o proprietário um campista com mais de 40 anos de experiência, a organização e os recursos são pensados com foco na melhor experiência dos usuários.
Os proprietários são muito atenciosos, prestativos e amigáveis, o que tornou a minha experiência muito mais agradável. Praticam preços muito justos e bem acessíveis!

Camping Sítio do Guedinho -23.22638, -45.89541

5 bars of 5G. Highway noise. Really clean bathrooms. Closes at 5pm. Front desk. confirmed you are allowed to stay 24 hours and sleeping in vehicle is ok.

Wichita Falls Travel Information Center 33.92350, -98.51316

very clean,large circle, road in is not too bad, a Toyota carry drove in yesterday. hearing elk bugling nearby.
has some shady areas, on a slight slope.

Watershed Canyon 42.47488, -112.03927

not a great spot for an extended stay, a lot of cows, no shade, right on side of road,, up the road mile I listed a better place. weak tmobile signal.

Nine mile road past castle guard 42.47474, -112.03928

I stayed overnight in the large roadside pullout and enjoyed a quiet night's sleep. There is one offshoot from the paved road that puts you next to the water; however, I didn't want to risk the chance of getting stuck as the short road in was muddy. As you get closer to the old bridge you will see people use that part of the road for burnouts, so I avoided that area as well. Another offshoot road near the end had a "no trespassing" sign. Adequate cell signal.

Old Rte 105 45.82792, -66.14622

Small room with with small double bed and private bathroom and fan available for 7.000. Also different types of rooms available for higher prices. They have places for car parking.

Delabiz Guest House 7.15270, 3.36601

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