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Hard to find, one of the roads that leads here is closed. once you find it. nice place. room for our van and a big rig that stayed.

Public Parking - Luce Hill Road 44.46990, -72.79805

7 four load washers
3 five and a half load washers - $6.25 a load. Didn’t check smaller washer cost. Theres a lot of very clean, Maytag washers. Clean laundromat, decent parking lot, playground for kids and WiFi. One of my fav laundromats I’ve been to

O-Town Coin Laundry Mini Mat 40.70034, -111.87715

At just under 200 bucks a night including tax, it’s nice, if you are rich. We just stayed 1 night for the grandkids birthday across the freeway. I actually enjoyed the place. It has some freeway noise but not bad. It is clean and feels comfortable and safe. We had zero problems and will stay again when I cash in my aluminum cans. Limited choices in the area and it’s right next to the beach so I get it. Want cheaper camping? Join the Elks Lodge as most of them allow camping in their parking lots for a small fee.

Marina Dunes RV Resort 36.70105, -121.80339

sweet spot along the river just off the hiway.

Wolf River Camp Area 48.82120, -88.53107

About a dozen RV/car campers and a few tents on a Saturday. Lots of ATVs driving until midnight, so very loud. Spent one night here car camping since all other sites around the area were full, but not my favorite. There are pit toilets though.

Derrick Road Campground 45.31701, -123.94439

Great place and views. No problem getting our short 20’ RV into this roundabout which could fit much larger vehicles. Fire pit, 2wd, good AT&T

Green Creek Road 38.19393, -119.22146

An pretty big laundromat. Clean and many different machine. Price quite reasonable. Big machine is 8$. than $5, and $3 for small one. Drying is 25¢ for 3min. Have a sink on each side to hand wash clothes. There is a washroom but not accessible.
There are also free parkings which is nice.

Super Coin Laundry 49.13532, -122.84240

great place to stay for a night. lots of people fishing til late, and early in the morning. would stay again.

Wolf River Camp Area 48.82070, -88.53150

Friendly owner, nice place. Parking under trees on grassy ground. Toilets and warm showers. Don't know about WiFi, but we had good Claro Signal. In the morning we saw sunrise over the river. Beautiful. 5000 ARS/ 2 people + van for 1 night.

Camping Don Pedro -31.96581, -60.91252

Forest Service Department of Agriculture U.S. Fee Area

$5 a night
$2.50 with Golden Age / Access or Senior / Access Passes

Maximum Stay 14 Days

Fire rings, picnic tables, vault toilet, 5 sites. Keep all wheels on slabs. Small creek close to a few sites.

Bench Creek Campground Challis National Forest 44.31799, -115.23548

Very nice campground by the lake and at a trail head.
The best restrooms and showers I've ever encountered at a campground.
Covered table at every tent site.
You can buy cold soft drinks.

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park 37.78731, -111.63066

Beautiful little spot— an open area surrounded by thick brush beside the lake. Not fully level, but not so bad you can’t make it work. Beautiful mountain views!

Opus Beach 55.38465, -128.11495

Beautiful spot, quiet but within hearing of the Cassiar Highway. Gravel road in is good. No totally level spots but great views of mountains and peaceful lake. HOWEVER, tons of mice came out after dark, crawled on the roof and on the bucket we left outside. One even managed to find a way in. Definitely be prepared for them if you overnight here.

Opus Beach 55.38474, -128.11457

Free Wifi even across street at liquor store

MickeyDs 40.17968, -118.47276
Mark Turley

The dump is back behind the Visitors Center quite a ways. Just South of the Visitors Center, take Brian's Way to the East. Keep going further than you think you should, and don't fear the "No Outlet" sign. You will find the dump on the left, look for the dumpsters and the water poles. There are 2 entry/exits and you can use either one. Potable water is marked and is sometimes on the right of the rig rather than the left, so chose wisely before picking the front or back dump if you can (that is, if it isn't busy so you can pick either). Closes sometime in early Oct when it starts to freeze in the area, so call ahead in October or check the website - .

Old Station Dump Station 40.67677, -121.42422

pond 30 minutes from the heart of chiang mai. There are great cafes around. Giant fish. The locals come to fish with nets. A real little corner of paradise.

giant fish pond 18.71675, 99.17908

Nice and quiet. no dump station but it does have potable water and 20 amp, 30 amp and 50 amp electric at the sites.

Chief Joseph Park, Harlowton, MT 46.43481, -109.83785
Mark Turley

Quite a few camping spots of all sizes, but very few for larger trailers or motorhomes. First come first serve. The campground is all dirt and gravel, so very dusty. Best to go to Cave Campground and use Hat Creek only as a last resort. We checked both and stayed happily at Cave Campground.

Hat Creek Campground 40.66856, -121.44913
R. Amante N.

Good location before Manitoba border if you don’t have any other choice when you’re in the rush to get somewhere. Some big transport truck keep their engines on at night and will be hard night sleep. FYI we have travel trailer and had to be the transport lot.

Rest Stop 49.73866, -95.13822

The place is between Cordoba and Orizaba. On the main road there is an entrance with an open gate, which is not immediately visible. This gate is closed at night. Then you drive to the end and can park there in front of the property. The owner Marcos is very friendly and he don't ask for any money, just ask for a small donation. You can stay as long as you want. Toilet with shower is neat. It is in the countryside, but still close to the city. There is a company behind the property that works 24 hours. That's why it's not completely quiet. Since there are not many parking spaces in this area, the place is highly recommended.

An Oasis 18.86424, -97.04232

Really experienced welder, came highly recommended from a local Moto tour operator. He does all types of welding; steel, aluminum, stainless etc. Adnan did a great job fixing up a small integral piece to my motorcycle kickstart. He speaks English so it is easy to convey what you are looking for. His WhatsApp number is +92 311 5504841

Adnan Welding 33.60707, 73.05830

Full stock of gear, our roof hatch broke they had new one in stock + other gear to fix broken bits around the van.

Boat Marine Chandlery 7.83340, 98.34690

We stayed here one night. They have a nice place for camping cars and tents next to the banana garden. Everybody was very welcoming, we even shared some drinks in the evening, as well as coffee in the morning.

Mission Ste Thérèse de l'enfant Jesus -1.89526, 11.05896

Passamos 1 noite, local público tipo uma praça, contudo, bem seguro e calmo. tinha uma tomada para uso mas como já havia alguns motorhome precisava de cabo muito longo o que eu não tinha kkkk

São João Peninsula parking -22.59663, -41.99022

Close to the highway but not too much noise. The parking isn't very level. There's a huge field behind that's perfect for dogs to run around. 4 bars Verizon.

Cracker Barrel 43.62301, -83.94113

New owner new name. Nice family owned place to eat with a river view from the patio. Stopped for lunch and had pizza chicken tenders and curly fries. Owner put in new front door so families don’t have to walk thru bar area. A little hard to find behind other businesses

Brookse’s bar and grill 38.52571, -81.90884

Many laundromats near by, but this one is the only place that will wash and fold your clothes if you need.
Machines are new and efficient, dryers work really well.

Loudon Road Laundromat 43.22161, -71.49461
R. Amante N.

We were going to overnight stay here, I spoked to one maintenance staff about no camping she said that nobody follows it and she see many small rv’s, travel trailers and overlanders stay the night. However we ended up just having dinner there, it’s a beautiful spot.

Rest stop 49.61826, -92.44290

came form Park of quetzals to North and avoinding San José. I sleeped here. Very quiet and safe place with night quard. The park is small but is beautiful with flowers, birds (early) and butterflys. FREE . Pets only outside to the park. Sleeped outside in a parking lot.

Ruinas Iglesia NS de Ujarras 9.82838, -83.83613

stoped here after bridge. The river is cristal and many small fishes. Took a bath and whased clothes. I do not slleped here, maybe, at night the noise from carretera is less.

Bridge/River 9.83054, -83.68903

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