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outside of beach bathrooms there's a water bottle fill station that will fit a gallon sized container under it. it's on its way out, the drinking fountain and shower are long broken, but its a good emergency fill spot. the water pressure is very low, but it happens to be broken in such a way that if you nudge it just right, it will stay on instead of having to hold the button. we just parked nearby and watched our jugs fill. finding free water in the city is hard, so im grateful

water bottle fill station 37.73501, -122.50709

ATA sign above the office. Got here 1 month (same price for 1 day up to 30 days) insurance for 9000cfa for a 4x4. Guys spoke a bit English as well.

Assurances ATA- For Western Africa 16.02672, -16.50525

Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm

Swiss Bakery 52.83469, -119.26066

Tap visible from gas tanks. Ask really nice staff and they will turn the key.

Ultramar 46.13211, -64.90957

Very hard to find. Turn left off 119. At the end of campground.

Sanidumps Dumpstation 43.03683, -80.87088

Western union agency, really professional

Western Union -32.89535, -68.84224

There is a Sani dump available on the campground.

Ingersoll municipalities campground 43.03675, -80.87064

There is a brown building with yellow trim that has one shower in each the women’s and men’s and also toilets. Nothing super fancy but it work and also it’s free!! I asked at the visitors center and it sounds like the bathroom/shower house is open year round.

Riverside park bathhouse 42.76267, -105.39201

The dumping site is at the end of campground ahead pass the museum.

Sani dump Ingersoll campground 43.03683, -80.86668

Perfect spot for the night! HUGE gravel lot, the lower lot says “no camping” but the upper lot doesn’t. Beautiful sunrise! You can hear the waves hitting the shore! I feel like I am at the ocean.

Taconite Harbor - Upper Lot 47.52083, -90.92635

No potable water!!! Only water for rinsing.

Flying J Truck Stop 42.85181, -106.27004

Wonderful spot for boondockers!

Fuel is inexpensive (diesel 30c cheaper than others), clean restrooms, and all the amenities listed in title.

Laundromatwifi network has very fast download speeds.

Definitely stop here if you need to top up anything!i

Tradewinds: fuel/water/power/wifi/laundromat 44.55893, -68.43421

Wind Farm at the top of Bear Mountain. Gravel road up is in good shape. Lots of potential sites, including some along the cliffs looking west. Some interpretive signs and a walking trail run the length of the bluffs. A bit noisy with the turbines but beautiful area. Some spots look like they may be party spots for locals on the weekend, but we saw nobody else on a Tuesday night. Nothing to indicate no overnight parking. Spaces for rigs of most sizes.

Bear Mountain Wind Park 55.70469, -120.43000

Ola. Mi nombre é JOEL Ferreira. Usted tem disponibilidad para hoy?

Camping Balneario Maldonado -38.73337, -62.31460

Ficamos 2 noites aqui. Espaço amplo de estacionamento e banheiros razoavelmente limpos. Do outro lado da estrada tem um mini mercado e uma oficina mecânica.

YPF -23.57263, -65.39710

venta de repuestos de vehículos multimarcas

el vasco respuestos multimarca -32.90781, -60.89751

These showers are not open to the public at this time. I recommend going to the Montrose Recreation Center on Woodgate for a shower.

Montrose Rec Field House 38.47053, -107.87412

Large camping ground on the back of the hotel, they receive travelers on bike ir motorhomes. The place is like a small farm with and open area, view to the mountains, avocado and mago trees. Super quiet place and super friendly people. They also work as base camp, you can leave your stuff and pickup later. The family that owns the place are amazing people and very supportive. We spent a high quality week here.

Hotel Moto Refugio Campo Bello 10.35624, -68.70659

I spent two nights in this clean, quiet campground off of cow creek rd. I was the only person here the whole time. Most of the 5 sites look like they will accommodate a class b van like mine. Brand new tables and fire rings. Sites look mostly level. Little bit of trash. NO cell service in this area. Fishing in the creek across the road. I rode my bicycle on some of the nicely maintained gravel roads. I did not go in the pit toilet bathrooms but they looked clean.

Skull Creek Recreation Site 42.77211, -123.57015

Spent the night needing iv antibiotics for a bad salmonella infection. They can set up direct billing with your travel insurers. Well looked after and some staff speak English

O2 travellers medical clinic -13.53405, -71.97418

brand new top and front loader.
If you need to wash your pillows and blankets... this is the place!!! very big washing machines and dryer.

A thrift store next dore kills your waiting time.

Barriere Laundromat 51.18570, -120.12309

Ficamos 03 dias e 02 noites. Local muito tranquilo, mas a noite é bem escuro (não tem iluminação). Local muito lindo @livresesemdestino

Mococa Beach - Close to the turtle rocks, Praia da Mococa - Próximo as pedras da tartaruga -23.57508, -45.30599

Coordinates are incorrect. Harmon Den Rd. is further north. The road ends at a gate and is not accessible to the public.

Harmon Den Rd, I-40 NC/TN state line 35.69131, -82.99541

absolutely beautiful spot, but people have NO RESPECT FOR MOTHER EARTH. leaving garbage and toilet 🚻 paper all over, yet garbage 🗑 bins are provided. it's a privilege to stay free at a place. c'mon. the service center is closed, as are the bathroom. There are garbage bins and clean up after yourselves. gosh!.

otherwise we parked behind the fire hall or more so to the right side. noise is there, yes , but not bad. it rained since we arrived, and to be honest, after 3 weeks ago heart surgery, it was beautiful out here. nature is great, but remember, fire trucks could potentially cone out of the forage we saw fresh today's wet fire truck equipment leaving the building. stay out of the fire fighter trucks way so they can go fast. we are firefighters and know how important safety and clearance is. we had at first parked right behind the information center but the noise and was just too overwhelming for me. our dogs unfortunately after finding human poop and toilet paper all over the site had to be leached. big rig friendly and minimal noise. stay out of the firefighters' way. otherwise the weather was raining and safe though. loved our night stay.

Sudbury Rest Stop 46.33965, -81.47365

It's still open, pumping water as I type.

Hot Springs RV station 43.42327, -103.46788

National Park campground. Got the last open site for our camper van. $38.75 CAD. Showers and free firewood.

Johnston Canyon Campground 51.24300, -115.84495

Oficina de guardaparque a unos metros de la ruta.

El Relincho guardaparque. -36.01649, -68.81122

Shower rate for a senior is 4.50. Also found a water spigot to fill jugs @ a water fountain in the park.

Si View Pool 47.49034, -121.78363

Water spigots are still on as of sept 13th 2023. The spigot is pretty close to the road so not a super long hose is needed.

Lewis Park Campground. 42.04783, -104.95384

Also it seems like they don’t lock it at night so available at all hours. & the shower got super hot!

Riverside park bathhouse 42.76267, -105.39201

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