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Beautiful spot for the night! Views are amazing and listening to the ocean all night is a bonus. Two levels of parking like previously stated.

The Arches Provincial Park 50.11362, -57.66436

Just a normal pull over along the highway. There are some tracks within the open trees where we parked for the night. I doubt anyone would have an issue with a tent. Nice sounds of birds in the morning. Okay for a night! No amenities, but there are public restrooms 300m from here in the town of Salmon Gums…

Roadside Tree Stop -32.98858, 121.64514

They have a good selection. Re-stock in Esperance if possible though! Our bill was 25% higher here

Norseman IGA -32.19871, 121.78014

Nice looking place for a rest. There is another just like this about a kilometer west, too. Didn’t stop at either, but noticed many people parked at this one and not the other

Southern Hills -32.07320, 122.59295

This is a beautiful car park, literally on the beach. It’s open 24h, very busy during the day but quiet at night. There are signs with camping not allowed, but there are several campers here. One has a roof top tent, but all the others are discreet. I also slept in my truck. If you’re discreet I’m sure it will be fine to spend a night in this amazing place.

Parking de la Maye 50.24978, 1.59321

Camp at the museum is very rundown. No hot water in the ablutions and lights aren't working. The only reason to stay here is to walk the trails early in the morning.

Tsodilo Hills Campground -18.75901, 21.73732

They have opened another building with very fancy rooms. 5000 for a double room, we paid 1500 for a tent in the garden. The apples are free. The guy from the hotel is very nice, speaks perfect English and even took us to a wedding in the village to get to know their culture better.

Step in Kunjerab guesthouse 36.67598, 74.83297

The park is really nice, a lot of people training. Quiet at night. Just in the morning zumba class start at 7/8 am , as many says it's kinda fun ahaj.
Near the center, dog friendly, and it as a place to charge the phone :)

Parque muy tranquilo, estuvimos 3 noches. La mañana a la 7/8 am empieza la zumba con musica muy alta.. como dicen los demas es casi divertido ajaja. Es un buen lugar para dormir, cerca del centro :) Bueno para perros, y tiene para cargar telefonos :)

Parque San Sebastian 0.23496, -78.25491

There is sign saying that campers are not allow to camp anymore. You should go to the street more close to the water.

Puerto Madero -34.61319, -58.35963

Good self laundry place. Open on Sunday from 10-2pm.
Paid 4300 for 3 big washing machine and 2 dryers with soap included (you can’t use your own)
Quite crowded with local coming to do their own laundry.

Lavadero Autoservicio -34.61853, -58.37521

We arrived late, at 11pm and asked at the reception to 2 very nice people and they allow us to put our RV at their parking. The overnight rate is USD 10.- We recommend it.

The Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites 36.11892, -111.22697

Well stocked Shoprite, with everything you would need. Meat is decent and wine and beer available for cheap.
No height limit but the parking lot is quite small and it not easy access for a big rig. Still possible to park on the street for those.
Some sticky dudes hanging around telling you they will watch your car but it's not necessary there is security in the parking 🤣🤣

Shoprite -13.64757, 32.64732

We loved this campground when we stayed last year, so decided to return again this year. Lots of flat areas for overlanders in the parking lot. You will likely have the place to yourself after the day time tourists leave. Very tranquil and you can hear the small river trickling nearby. Some beautiful trails in the area. We spotted a quetzal. We went fishing too. Pretty much guaranteed catch so be prepared for cooking up some trout for dinner! Also make sure you bring some warm clothes, as it gets quite cold here.

Truchas Selva Madre 9.67881, -83.87887

Nice campsite, rate is now $7,000pp. Close to beach. Shelter at each site with electricity and light. Hot showers and sinks to wash dishes.

Los Olivos -27.14612, -70.89117

A nice short drive from the Guatemalan border if you end up crossing later in the day. A fun place to spend a day or two with a decent restaurant. I loved riding out the afternoon storms in a hot pool. the trick for finding a quieter, level place to camp is to drive up above the restaurant.

Termales de Santa Teresa 13.90135, -89.81849

safe and free. Ask the guard to stay overnight.

parking lot by supermarket 11.97367, -86.09721

This place was not able to fill our North American tank even with the South American adapter.

Grifo Pecsa -8.08584, -79.09550

We were able to fill our propane tank here (North American tank and we offered our South American adapter)- they fill it behind a door so we are not sure if they used the adapter, but we got our bottle filled successfully. Cost was 41 soles for 10kg.

Llamagas -8.03053, -79.06231

Indeed a perfect spot for the night. But please people do not litter these spots and take your garbage with you. I collected a garbage bag full and took it to the next litter box along the highway.

Old Alaska Highway 57.22541, -122.70359

Bonito y tranquilo balneario. Facil para acceder y cerca del rio. Pagamos 15.000 pp incluida la autocaravana. El único problema, si es problema, es que no hay cobertura de internet de Claro y Tigo

Balneario Brisas del Rio 7.22588, -73.15339

Yes, the town is cute and the camping faces the Parana river. You have a beautiful view but for that you have to pay $800 for the motorhome, $300 to enter, $500 to spend the night, and $450 if you want electricity. This is per person/per night. I stayed on a Saturday night and saw many people coming in. If you face the river, I located myself to the last electrical outlet to the right of the camping shore, far away from the bathrooms/hot showers (only the ones at the far left building were working) and kiosk. Some families arrived around 9pm with fishing gear and parked next to me. To my surprise, they were all very quiet so I was wondering at what time the loud music would start. A gentleman told me that this site of the camping was quiet because of the fishing opportunities and that the other side was the noisy one. He was right. I had a pleasant night and a beautiful morning. My kittens were the only ones partying the whole night.

Villa Urquiza Municipal Campground -31.64524, -60.38424

We spent one night here from Saturday to Sunday. During the day it is crowdy (on the weekend) but we were alone during the night. In our opinion This was definitely the best spot for an overnight stay in this region. We first went to the Dam and to Crique Touissant, but they were far less beautiful than Crique Canceler.
Quite a few mosquitos at night.

Crique Canceler 5.42983, -53.03787

Had a quick lunch break here and decided not to stay for the night. It's a nice location but in the end we went to Crique Canceler which was far nicer.

Crique Toussaint 5.35791, -53.00418

In our opinion it was not really worth the drive. There are only to spots where you can bring in your boat but that's it. Also quite smelly when we were there.
Nonetheless, if you have a boat or Kayak, it should be worth a visit.

Barrage de Petit Saut ( Sinnemary Dam) 5.06713, -53.05135

We arrived on a Sunday at noon & everything took less than two hours. The longest part was the TIP but otherwise everything went smoothly. There was no line of trucks

Valle Nuevo, Guatemala to Chinamas, El Salvador 14.01758, -89.90668

It was 50 quetzlales per person to park your car up front & use the facilities. It was a very nice place & perfectly located. I would recommend

Hostal Antigüeño 14.56063, -90.72899

Awesome spot to basecamp for the incredible hiking here. Cold and windy. 4 degrees C when we went to sleep, Zero when we woke up. There is no campground, if sleeping in your vehicle it is in the small parking lot. Bright lights and armed security all night. Some road noise. If sleeping in a tent you can go down near the lakes. $4 pp, excellent deal for being in a National Park. 

PN Cajas Visitor Center Campground -2.78350, -79.22233

great place for the night. we where 4 and a late and very discreet arrival. we can use the wash room in the building which usually closes around 22:00

close to bike path and lamoureux Park. lite parking.

thanks to the city of cornwall for the permission to use this parking and the close facilities

Cornwall Aquatic Centre in Lamoureux Park. 45.01547, -74.72164

Probably the most solar-friendly spot in donnell ponds area.

Site is the dead end of a decent dirt road. It is sloped with big puddles during and after rains. Quiet.

That said, pickings are slim in the area and it worked well for me.

Rt182 Wooded Lot 44.60152, -68.02491

The creek here is kind of overgrown with steep banks. MT has tons of great swimming holes, I don’t think this one is worth the effort.

Ponte Piedra -14.44273, -56.01378

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