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Stationnement gratuit sur rue. Un peu bruyant par la musique du bar pas loin. On a quand même très bien dormi.

Pilgrims landing 42.03714, -70.19708

This was just amazing. You can park in the street. Walk in the parking garage because the sauna+showers are there. Its a big room! You can put the steamer on and the shower at the same time. Cold warm whatever you want. You get even fresh leaves with you for smell. My boyfriend was having a cold and blocked nose so this was perfect! There is a bench in the shower a big one . You can even may down. And a separate room to change and enough space to hang. Mirrows also.

Its awesome!!!!!!! 20bol for 1 hour. They do not check the time btw. We have no idea how long we were in but veryyyy long.

Enjoy travelers!

Hotel Glaymor -17.96099, -67.11082

Good place.
We parked under a camera.
Very quit

Quiet street -17.95625, -67.10717

Level gravel area just off the road. Some traffic but pretty quiet during the night.

roadside pull out next to an electrical substation 37.75901, -118.09766

This is the shuttle spot for concerts at the Mishawaka and I stayed here overnight with no issues. Mon-Fri this lot is permit only 7:30am-4:30pm. I stayed on a Thursday night and left before 7:30am the next morning.

Huge parking lot, pretty quiet but if you’re here on a concert night you’ll hear folks getting off the shuttle midnight through 1:30am. There’s also street parking on Research Blvd that seems to allow overnight parking as well as a back up option!

There is also a porta potty here, but it may only be here when concerts are happening (unsure).

CU Tennis complex parking lot 40.55666, -105.08762

If you are looking for a peaceful and personal yoga retreat, then you have come to this place. We spent a week at Sanatan Yog and stayed in their beautiful backyard. We always felt part of Sanatan's family with a long historical past. To make a reservation, call or text Sanatan (+91 96720 22207). Private or open courses are available. Yoga sessions take place in the temple under the supervision of the Hindu gods. They also have accommodation facilities. Several beautiful and delicious restaurants are in waking distance.

Lovely Yoga Retreat Sanatan Yog 26.48558, 74.56363

Around this place the seabed is wonderful! There is a drop-off that coral has colonized. Thousands of fish of all colors have made it their habitat. We came here with a kayak before jumping into the water. If you're lucky you might see eagle rays and maybe sharks. To find your way around, nothing could be simpler, as soon as you see a white dot, it is a mooring anchor for divers' boats, here is the drop-off.

Moon Hole Dive Buoy 16.08479, -86.89364

25,000 for a small double room - just about big enough for our two bicycles once we’d taken the panniers off. Cold shower with good water pressure. Western flushing toilet. Wifi is very slow.

There’s a bar out the front so expect noise. This place isn’t great but the bedding is clean so it’ll do for a night. Think comfortable prison cell.

We found it hard to find a room in Bujumbura on a Saturday - the hotels all fill up with Congolese coming over for a weekend of shopping and partying and we got turned away from a number of places before we found this one. Happily there’s quite a few hotels to try your luck with in this neighbourhood.

New Biso Na Biso 3.37254, 29.36764

Quiet campground. 8 sites, pit toilet. Still free. Larger day-use area adjacent with large parking lot, shelter and two trailheads. When we were here there were four dogs (no collars) that were roaming the sites, poking at empty tents and breaking into food bags/garbage bags that people had left on tables or raccoon-hangs. Dogs were not aggressive to people but you should keep your stuff protected hard-sided vehicles.

Berryman Trail Campground 37.93100, -91.06200
Rich Fesler

as described. yes, between sidewalk & parking lot near crosswalk.

Water Spigot outside of West Glacier Camp Store/Gas Station 48.49655, -113.98261

Spring water spigots near the parking lot, 3 different spigots to fill water bottles or containers.

Desert View Watchtower 36.04223, -111.82584

Clean, well maintained and affordable, loud music from nearby bar but other than that a pleasant stay. Hot showers and very clean bathrooms.

East Gate Rest Camp -22.28254, 19.99022

Pretty good. And usable AT&T. There's a car on the road every once in a while, but wasn't too bad for a Friday evening roadside spot

NF-27 better spot 47.78479, -122.94745

Found this lovely oasis on our way from Reno/Sparks and were pleasantly surprised at this hidden gem in the middle of the desert! The showers were clean and water hot, bathrooms were also tidy. There were both gravel and paved sites with one water front pull through site., dump stations, but you need your own hose for rinse out. Area is peaceful and quiet with no road noise. Leashed dogs allowed.

Rye Patch State Park Recreation Area 40.46754, -118.30906

Thank you iOverlander contributors. This is a really great stopover place and so good I’m going to stay two nights. The lake is clean and today was 22.5 C. The toilets are immaculate and it’s now 20:00 hrs and no one has come to lock them up. 2KM down a walking/cycle friendly track is a village with a convenience store and a butcher.

Kettenhammer Weiher 47.99985, 12.19882

Correction --> No grass for pets. **

Ferrocaril, caserne militaire -20.46537, -66.82495

We had a great experience with Karin and Stefan. They are so friendly and you can learn more about this area or even what it is to be a farmer.
Please try to get in contact on their facebook account if you would like to stay a night there.
Cellphone signal is 2 bars (Bell).
The surrounding is very quiet and peaceful.
At Wetaskiwin you will find anything you need, from dumping station to restaurants and groceries stores.
Thank you for to be your guests. We will come again.

Kanada Farmer 52.98525, -113.48854

Pasamos la noche acá con 3 motorhomes más y fue muy cómodo.Es seguro, hay agua (dentro del parque) y 220v (en un poste).

Next to the park -22.55199, -55.71589

El mejor free shopp de Paraguay. Muchísima variedad de productos con buenos precios. Gran patio de comidas y estacionamiento con seguridad.

China Shopping -22.55939, -55.71239

beautiful Blm land. right by the river with a vault toilet and fire ring. multiple sites along the roads here. flat dirt roads. flat sites. mosquitoes during the day

By the river 43.02423, -110.10363

make sure you do get here around 4-5 to enjoy the sun! and go for a walk the next day

Free parking lot camping -51.06525, -72.99736
Waka Nash

The sunset was stunning. Toilets and showers very clean. The water is probably solar heated as it was very hot in the evening and warm first thing in the morning. We paid 5,200 ARGS for 2 people in a van, no electric.

Cámping Sirirí -30.96734, -57.94338

Just talked to some people on the trail head that just dealt with multiple break ins (especially campervans and motorhomes). Windows hammered, toothpaste, shaving gel and valuables all gone. Be careful and park at highway if possible!

Ripple Rock Hiking Trail 50.14042, -125.40615

Good spot. I’m a solo female that sleeps in my jeep but everything went fine. There’s reception, it’s a state trail I believe also. Take a left off cr 6 onto a what looks like half dirt road have regular road and before the pit take another left and pick a spot! There are a few back there. I stayed at the second to last big area.

Wild Camp Superior NF 47.79395, -90.38503

robinet facilement accessible.
essence à 175.6

Fast Gas Plus 58.80427, -122.68749

Beautifully set pull out/rest area among red sandrock cliffs. The site is kept very clean and tidy. 8 picnic tables with 4 grills. Some of the cleanest pit toilets. There’s a 1 mile canyon trail. Virtually no traffic. 10ish car parking spots.

Hog Spring Recreation Area 37.96283, -110.49145

It’s fine but the McDonald’s to the south is a better spot for overnighting. There’s an occasional train and the parking lot is parallel w the highway so noise sensitive sleepers should go somewhere else.

Walmart - Gorham 44.42494, -71.19521

Public park, it is safe, free and quiet... there is water, the bathrooms are in poor condition... municipal police come to watch every hour... some families pass by at night but far from where we stayed... going down at the end of the parking lot there is a street that reaches the main road towards the Chinese border.

Parque Ecológico el Espino 13.93906, -89.85548
Mick Trees

Stayed the night in parking area for $10. Got in and left in the dark so didn't actually see the other options.

Grins & Pickin's CampFarm 40.35234, -82.79256

Nice place to camp for the night. At 3pm they note the open campsites on the board. You can pick a site & pay, if you don’t have reservations, on a first come, first serve basis. Shower was a nice temperature- 25 cents for 2 minutes. 50 cents gives you enough time! Clean bathrooms. No real access or views to the water. Dump & potable water fill up included in $30 camp fee. Quiet. : )

Dungeness Recreation Area 48.13829, -123.19637

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