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michel G

Nous avons coucher une nuit. Vous pouvez d'abord vous stationner , marcher dans le tunnel (environs 10 minutes) et vous vous retrouverez directement dans le port . Pas besoin donc de payer le stationnement près de la Marina.
Attention le train passe toute la nuit a proximité, mais heureusement les klaxon arrête vers 10hres du soir.

Parking near tunnel 44.59441, -75.68819

Simple hotel, owner offered to let me bring my moto inside, I was worried about getting it up his thin plank of wood, left it right outside, no security issues. Nice owner, sweet town, very old world vibe. Gorgeous location in the mountains. Only thing I’d have liked would be wifi.

Hotel Tomas -12.23764, -75.74568

Stayed here for one night in our campervan (3.5 ton, 2WD front, 6m long).
I can not fully recommend:
- To get to the spot is possible, but it has a few challenges (narrow sections, steep, washed out) and no chance to turn around before getting to the spot.
- The spot is in front of a house, which also offers paid parking. So, the situation is a bit awkward.
- There are 4 to 5 dogs at the house, which kept barking during the whole night.

Las Gachas Trail 6.23213, -73.41886

there are 5 disperse campsites just past the REALLY rough part of the road. I took my time and made it in a forester. no cell service.

Stoney Pass Road 39.27835, -105.32066

Small family run Indian place. Husband is from India, Wife from El Salvador. Delicious food! Small place. Check google for hours but they are open most days. Dinner time gets packed! Vegan options

Namaste Rawat Restaurant 13.67547, -89.28719

We spent 3 nights here. The price is 50 reis per person, however, if you stay longer, you can have a discount. We paid 40 reis per person. Great camping, well situated, quiet, wifi, kitchen, etc.

Camping Bambu -14.13253, -47.50875

This point can be removed. No obstacles on road….we passed with 9t truck….

land slides -14.97283, -72.72243

Still perfect place to stay at around 3700m before hillclimp starts….nice and very big area.

River Camp -14.97272, -72.72287

Stayed here one Saturday night when all campsites nearby were booked. Quiet night. Would stay again.

Emigrant Rest Area 45.29520, -110.83475

In the evening a few people came to look at the river and 5 fisherman looked after their boats. We had a quiet night, but the next day we decided to move, because the water of the river was rising.

villa soriano in front of the river -33.39118, -58.31505

The shower for the womans is super hot. And the pressure is really good.

Further you can sleep here. Its the parkinglot behind the gasstation. We were with 15 other campers. Very safe, super quite, there is a restaurant on the other side, toilets, wifi, water and drinkingwater. Very very nice. Western union is 10 min walking and supermarket also.

Perfect spot for vanlife. There is grass, its like a little park we would say.

Hot hot shower -25.60426, -54.56156

Perfect spot.

Its the parkinglot behind the gasstation. They have hot showers at the womans one. Toilets, wifi, restaurant, coffee, water potable and non potable, there is grass so you can sit nice outside. And a lotttt of other campers. Everyone is really relaxed and doing there own thing.

Its very quite, we sleep with the door open tonight (with musquito net) 😜

YPF -25.60481, -54.56277

Wifi. In and out. Its not super fast but working. Its free

Gasstation -25.60426, -54.56156

This is a rest area with lots of spaces. Camper, truck and cars parked right off 101 but pretty quiet for a Saturday night.

Winema Wayfinding Point 45.14197, -123.96971

Stayed here. It was okay for an overnight stop. Was 15 dollars (senior discount 55 and above). otherwise 20 dollars. RV site with power and water.

Stroud Municipal Lake County Park 35.80151, -96.60667

We spend the night here, arrived at 6pm leave at 10am. Nobody use the road we were on. Very quiet.

C'est effectivement un emplacement sur le début d'une route, on y était de 18h à 10h et personne n'a voulu emprunter la route où nous étions garés.
Un peu de signal internet. Très calme.

pullout on old road (current forest road) 47.35437, -123.89646

Seemed to be no problem staying here, joked up for the full day aswell to wait out the storm many people came by no one said anything

Boat launch 45.24015, -63.32914

Hablando te dan un espacio para acampar e información de la ruta, buena comida y gente muy amable.

Restaurante en Espíritu Santo -16.40619, -71.38220

Hablando te dan un espacio para acampar y quizás una cama. tienen comida buena y económica.

Espacio para acampar en Espíritu Santo -16.40619, -71.38218

you can not park here! maybe when OP came you could but now there is signs saying no overnight, you will be towed/ ticketed

Rocky Point Park 49.27898, -122.84965

Really nice stay, quiet and welcoming. 5$per person with great service - clean bathroom & kitchen, hot shower. Perfect place to stay!!

Killa Wasi Campspot -2.20802, -78.85312

Was awesome but lots of driving in between. Not a bad thing just make time for viewing. Closes at 3pm.

Chimfunshi -12.36584, 27.48161

Jon was excellent. A lovely spot right by the river.For camping but you can also rent a cottage. Phone Jon prior to arrival.

Ntanda Cottage -12.44380, 27.63204

Beautiful spot for the night! Views are amazing and listening to the ocean all night is a bonus. Two levels of parking like previously stated.

The Arches Provincial Park 50.11362, -57.66436

Just a normal pull over along the highway. There are some tracks within the open trees where we parked for the night. I doubt anyone would have an issue with a tent. Nice sounds of birds in the morning. Okay for a night! No amenities, but there are public restrooms 300m from here in the town of Salmon Gums…

Roadside Tree Stop -32.98858, 121.64514

They have a good selection. Re-stock in Esperance if possible though! Our bill was 25% higher here

Norseman IGA -32.19871, 121.78014

Nice looking place for a rest. There is another just like this about a kilometer west, too. Didn’t stop at either, but noticed many people parked at this one and not the other

Southern Hills -32.07320, 122.59295

This is a beautiful car park, literally on the beach. It’s open 24h, very busy during the day but quiet at night. There are signs with camping not allowed, but there are several campers here. One has a roof top tent, but all the others are discreet. I also slept in my truck. If you’re discreet I’m sure it will be fine to spend a night in this amazing place.

Parking de la Maye 50.24978, 1.59321

Camp at the museum is very rundown. No hot water in the ablutions and lights aren't working. The only reason to stay here is to walk the trails early in the morning.

Tsodilo Hills Campground -18.75901, 21.73732

They have opened another building with very fancy rooms. 5000 for a double room, we paid 1500 for a tent in the garden. The apples are free. The guy from the hotel is very nice, speaks perfect English and even took us to a wedding in the village to get to know their culture better.

Step in Kunjerab guesthouse 36.67598, 74.83297

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