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Went in and asked the attendant after filling up with diesel and they said it was fine. Filled up at the side located with the air pump. Good quality water. Clean washroom. Located across from Sobeys grocery.

Shell gas station 47.55653, -52.73617

Very good empanadas! Different. We took 2 pollo. There was like 3 chickens in it haha soo full stuffed. Its more like a pie pastry. Delicious! If you sit you get it with sauce. Cappuchino is also nice. There is dutch “hagelslag” on it. I am from holland so yeah that was a nice surprise.

Further super nice place! Fast wifi! They take good care of the animals. We will sleep here tonight. Its cozy looks like a garden

Puma Fuelstation e Parador Pirahu -23.65544, -58.69752

Great place to stay! Right on the beach and they have wifi now. 250 pesos for the night

Restaurant and Camping Mary Mar 16.12311, -95.27918
Clif Anderson

Small hostel for individuals or couples. Central area and within 15 minutes walking to main square. Very nice host. Secure parking for motorcycle.

Hostel Donde Alberto -8.11316, -79.03439

As described. Dump with non potable flush water. Potable water as well. Large lot; plenty big for any sized rig to turn around.

Happy Valley - Goose Bay 53.32807, -60.41026

As described, this station has Diesel. About 5 cents cheaper per litre than Red Bay.

Diesel 53.31009, -60.37776

Gas and diesel at this Ultramar. Diesel was $2.19/litre. Also a liquor store at this Ultramar station

Churchill Falls, Labrador 53.53121, -64.00022

Very private spot as it's a short dead end road. There were several cars on the main dirt road during the day, other than that it was quiet. Only spot I found in the area that allowed for solar charging. Easy dirt roads even during rain. Good TMobile service.

Wild Camping with lake view 46.68644, -91.06940

hotel next to the main plaza, they have toilets for $5 pesos and showers without soap or towels $50

Hotel Restburger 20.17509, -98.05148

Highly recommended. We slept two nights in tents under a roof. You have toilets, shower (cold) and an area where you can cook (but need to have your own gear and food, they do not supply). Possibility also to sleep in hut.

Parque Nacional Podocarpus -4.11627, -79.17193

Rustic camping with beautiful views! Host family is super kind. Surprisingly quiet, despite being just off the road. We felt very comfortable staying here. $250 pesos a night.

Campo #5, Cabo Banda 31.73086, -116.72436

Nice grassy field, this place is quiet and close to La Garnacha. The night is fresh. Don't miss to taste the cheese in La Garnacha.

Grassy field 12.97408, -86.37586

Nicely done african huts, double bed, 1750 a night with hot shower and mosquito net

They have a restaurant/bar and the neighbours as well. Didn't eat here but it all looked very clean and modern.

Very friendly people, didn't ask for camping.

Town is friendly as well.

The drive along this road is slow slow slow but at least no stress from potholes. Not sure if you can do this in rainy season

Jackson -17.90292, 33.93698

A nice place besides the Balta sărată, only at night there are same raising youngsters.

Turda 46.57725, 23.80694

Perfect hidden wildcamp next to mountain! It’s pretty difficult to find a wildcamp in this area that’s not a national park or private property. There’s no signs indicating that camping is not allowed here and no fence. You are not visible from the road. We had a very quiet night, no people around.

Hidden wildcamp -23.85879, 15.99180

Shared lot with a car camper and 2 vans. A couple of quads came through and a hiker or 2 visited but it was very quiet overnight. Nice spot.

Le Prospecteur Hiking Trails 47.39157, -68.32783

Very nice Hostal. Owner Herbert ist runnung this Hostal with his wife. A very beautyful garden is unside. It offers dorms and private rooms and a kitchen. I spent 3 amazing nights here.

Happy Paradise Hostal -5.88463, -35.17738

This spot is closed to motor vehicles. Must camp within 300 feet of the road in this area. A sign marks this two track dirt path as no motorized vehicles allowed (sign in pictures). Plenty of other spots within 300 feet of the road in this area.

NF road 682 43.51009, -103.54808

Nice campground. Found a large spot next to the water away from other campers. This place is probably pretty full during peak season on the weekends.

12 Mile Dam 46.24868, -105.75045

buanderie très pratique avec le sèche linge
prévoir de la monnaie ou des billets
petites boutiques et cafés aux alentours pour patienter le temps de vos machines

Buanderie Levis 46.80378, -71.18409


Fabián and Bete are building a camping site with motorhome spots. The place has water, electricity, Wifi, and a very pleasant atmosphere. The beach is within sight and the sunrises are beautiful. Since it is still under construction, they only charged a total of 20 reales per night. It is important to consider that at night there is a strong sandy wind, almost hurricane-like, with gusts reaching almost 50 kph. The motorhomes can be moved by the wind, and it is almost impossible to rest in a tent. 🧐

Fabián y Bete están construyendo un camping y punto para motorhomes, el lugar tiene agua, electricidad, Wifi y un ambiente muy agradable, la playa esta a la vista y los amaneceres son muy lindos, al estar en construcción todavía solo cobraron 20 reales en total por noche.
Importante considerar que por las noches pega un viento arenoso casi huracanado con ráfagas de casi 50 kph, los motorhomes se alcanzan a mover, en carpa es casi imposible descansar, seguramente acampando atrás de la casa hay mayor resguardo por desgracia nosotros no pudimos hacerlo así...

Camping Vida Nova -4.82454, -37.25727

Great spot. Plenty of tables, fire places and basic toilets. Perfect for tents and vans

Free Camp RMK Seaside 57.93907, 24.39081

Great spot! Completely private with no one else around, east drive in with a Jeep (4wd not required). There are lots of camping spots along the road, many with fire pits. Just down the road is a parking lot for hiking with a toilet if needed. Lots of Coyotes around but they didn't get close.

North Rim Grand Canyon 36.39418, -112.11538

A very nice coffee with sweet and salted pastries. We had empanadas and they were really delicious! The staff was also very friendly.
We can highly recommend this nicely decorated coffee.

Coffee «La Masan» -14.27111, -71.22778

Nice spot close to lone rock beach.
fee entrance to Glenn national recreation area (30$ fee non necessary if you have a pass for national parks) and camping fee (12$).
Some vault toilet available (smelly)

Lone rock beach 37.01511, -111.53436

Showers nice and roomy with very hot water.
Laundromat also on site.

Blind River Marina 46.18014, -82.96459

Small but nice park with restrooms, grassy areas, pickle ball court, and decent cell service. Daytime use only.

Lincoln Park 43.51019, -111.98754

Perfect stopping point on the road north. Rob and Claire were great hosts. And we enjoyed our stay there.

Rob & Claire - RUSCO FARM -17.13990, 26.34700

Large area between Taylor reservoir and stagecoach meadows.
There are a few other smaller spots along the forest roads suitable for vans or ten camping but this one could support multiple big rigs and has 2 well established fire rings.
Weak cell signal and no neighbors/other spots to camp close to this one.
This spot is at fork for Forrest roads 209-1i / 209-1h

West of meadows 209-1i/1h 38.84286, -106.51029

Kenya to Tanz. Easy border and very organised for once. Many fixers stopping you on the road but ignore them and go to the first fence with officials. They take your car and passeports info. Then you go park at the next big building 400 m further away and follow the instructions in the below comments. Easy.

With my french passeport, i reentered Tanz after 45 days in the east african union (Rwd, Ug, Kenya) with my 50$ single entry 90 days Visa without paying anything else. They didnt even asked questions, checked the previous Tanz stamp, looked at the visa receipt and stamped me in again. Friendly chaps.

We entered Kenya from Ug in a small border and we didnt have to pay a road tax, but at this border they asked us the receipt at the customs. We just told em that we didnt get anything at the border we got in and they let us go without paying anything after a quick chat.

If you are planning to not stay long in Tanz, you can get a transit "road tax" for about 7 days : 5 dollars or the equivalent in TZS. The first time we entered Tanz from Zambia, we stayed 9 days (because of mechanic issues) and then exited to Rwanda. We thought that they would give us a hard time and asked us to pay more but no one gave a damn rat about that and we exited Tanz very easily. Dont know if that would be the same at every border (the one we were at was very big, a bit like this one)

There is a bureau de change at the border that changes a lot of currencies including UGX, and of course €,$,£, Kenya and Tanz shillings.
Nice fast border.

Namangara TZ/KE -2.54651, 36.78752

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