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Maybe the person in the previous comment was sick of Africa (wich we understand sometime 🤣🤣) but dude seriously ?! Have you seen one thing for free, especially a campsite, on this continent ?
Its 1000 pp and its definetly a nice place to spend a night or 2 after or before the border. Big grassy area to camp, super private and quiet. Plenty of toilets available but only one shower in a room (number 3 ! There is no number but its the third one, starting from the road side). It seems like they are still working on building the showers.
Beers are 300, very cold.
The staff is not the most welcoming we have seen, its a local ran place and not many of them speak proper english so that could explain that. Still we felt welcoming enough and we will come back here in the future if needed 😁

ONA Campsite -2.53295, 36.81651

Not closed for the winter yet. Very nice campground with trees - not an open field or a parking lot like most campgrounds close to a city. And good showers too!

Wesley Clover Parks Campground 45.33154, -75.86595

this is NOT a boondocking spot. Got the knock from State Police. It is state land and overnighting is not allowed.

Epsom Boondock 43.22373, -71.31676

Quite expensive for what you get.
Large hall with many tables and music. no wifi.

Deli Bakery -13.26505, -76.27984

We stayed just up the road from these coordinates, just before the road gets closed. Across the street from the Lady Dunn Health Centre. We were able to park our 24’ and our friends had a 24’ with a keep in tow. Plenty of room. No issues. Another van tucked in for the night as well.

Wawa Boat Launch 48.00007, -84.77079

we started driving on the Abracay Cuesta late, so we decided to make a stop because Andrea's felt sick cause of the altitude. the spot is in front of the road, crossing a small river. it's safe to sleep there.

Labradoodle's Overlanders Argentinean spot -24.53817, -66.18763
Mariana Tazima Fujiwara

Is a private area just outside Etosha/Onguma gate. Very confortable place, nice reception with a waterhole although not so many animals there. Wifi is bad even in the restaurant. Has a swimming pool, bar and store. Campsite is quiet, very separated from each other by the bush, with electricity, individual ablutions (so clean!!), kitchen station, braai, lots of energy plugs, big sinks (could wash the clothes). Had the best camping structure compared to other campings in our whole trip. Paid NAD810 2 people 1 night. Staying inside Etosha is nice because you can watch the waterhole at night and is already inside the park, but this is a better option just outside. Was a bit cheaper (810 x 900NAD compared to Halali) but way better ablutions.

Tamboti campsite - Onguma reserve -18.78255, 17.06059

This is the beginning of dirt heading south. Doable but slow. I was making a 30 km/h average

Dirt road -28.34923, -49.90146

Went there with our 4×4. Be aware of the deep sand below the picnic area. nice hidden spots there. Road was not too noisy.

Zakher Lake 24.08783, 55.62592

Indeed much colder than in the plain.
But there was a lot of locals which did car/motorbike racing up the mountain starting with sunset until 2am. It was crazily loud sonwe searched for another place (ended up at Zakher lake, also on iOverlander)

jebel hafeet mountain 24.05923, 55.77849

direction Oman->UAE

Very easy border with clear process. 1h in total. In UAE car insurance seem not to be mandatory (we weren't asked for, and no clear sign where you could buy).

Oman —> UAE border for all nationalities 24.02109, 55.84712

Bought SIM here.
Avaliable 2GB (50 AED), 4GB (80AED), 8GB (120 AED) or unlimited for 1 month (300 AED) or unlimited for 1 week (200 AED)

Etisalat shop 24.08644, 55.83319

direction KSA->Oman

Easy border with clear process, took around 1h in total.
Oman side didn't require to stamp in our CdP. Insurance mandatory in Oman. You buy it before at first before immigration and customs at a big building right of the main road. Minimum was 10 days for 18 OMR

Border Oman Saudi 22.21500, 55.53000

It has seen better days, but overall fine for being one of the cheapest options in town. Lots of space to park, Fausto is a friendly guy and seemed to spend most of his time on upkeep while we were there - mowing the grass, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.
Bathrooms and kitchen not the best. There are some long-term tent campers at the moment who might be responsible for the grubby kitchen, they didn’t cause any issues though.
Location is great for reaching the town. We felt safe here.

Lo de Fausto -1.39932, -78.43328

Nice space with water and electric on site, and a dump site on the north side. Donations accepted for those staying up to 7 nights. Anything over 7 nights is considered long term and is 150 a week. Not bad at all.

Concordia Airport Park 39.54816, -97.65592

Minha Pet foi picada por um carrapato em Mendoza e o Veterinário foi bem competente e atencioso em resolver rápido a situação.

My dog was bitten by a tick in Mendoza and the veterinarian was very competent and attentive in resolving the situation quickly.

Vetcuyo Veterinario -32.89188, -68.85908
Clay Lucas



The pull off along the road has no overnight parking signs.

I-80 Exit 268 East Bound - Emigrant Pass 40.64826, -116.30189

Like most Walmart parking lots. Stayed here between going from Devil's Tower to Jackson Hole. Arrived late and left early. Noise was as expected. Felt safe here.

Walmart parking lot 44.27248, -105.49620

Well maintained campground with lots of places and lots of places available. Next to a beautiful lake and beach. Hot showers and pit / flushing toilets available. 30$ per night, unserviced.

Wasa Lake Provincial Park Camp Ground 49.78122, -115.72854

There was no water at this time, but a quiet nice spot. Easy to find if you read previous comments. No one around

Wild camp at Gary’s Waterhole -18.44029, 25.46932

Piedad, the restaurant’s owner, is a gem. Her burritos are great, the tostadas as well, and she kept refilling our aguas de jamaica. Travelling by bicycle, she also allowed us to set up camp behind the restaurant. Gracias, Piedad!

Restaurante Yacqueline 31.40167, -115.71770
The Joslyn Journey

We stayed one night at a site just before the campground. There were a few cars driving on the road and it went to nothing towards dusk.

Gary met a hunter who was in the area who had just spotted a huge elk, but we didn't see it. The hunter also said to be wary for grizzlies since they frequent the area. We didn't spot much wildlife except the angry squirrel but it was so much better than an overnight parking area.

Nice site just off Spring Creek Rd. 45.35974, -118.30850
The Joslyn Journey

This was one heck of a find after striking out at Wallowa Lake State Park. The drive in is a bit long and does go down to one lane during the last mile or so. There are multiple campsites located here and most are located on the creek side. The site we had included a picnic table and firepit.

This is a gorgeous area with tall mountains as the backdrop to the creek. Hurricane Creek Trailhead is also located here - we looked at the trails and they were long and difficult so we decided to enjoy the creek instead. :)

We only stayed one night, but we were surprised by the amount of traffic on this road. We didn't really hear anything beyond the vehicle noise though.

No cell service (AT&T or Verizon).

Near Hurricane Creek Trailhead 45.31034, -117.30598

Very nice and quite camping site, toilets, showers, power outages, water, grill area with tables and benches. Pet friendly. Just a few meters from Berrondo waterfall.

Camping Salto Berrondo -27.48114, -55.19512

Still free!! It’s officially a free municipal campground right on the beach!!! We felt safe at all times.

At the time of our stay bathrooms and showers were closed, but the whole site is beach, so it's easy to use a shovel.
Drinking water available. Very safe, plus live on site 3 guard dogs that alert when someone is coming. The next morning a group from the municipality of Curepto went to the site to feed the dogs.
We are traveling a Mitsubishi l300 2WD and had no problem getting there. You can easily get to the beachfront, but make sure it is not the bird nesting season. Trash cans available, high camping sites and even a grill per site.

Municipal Beach camping / picnic La Trichera -35.10964, -72.20060
No Fear Reizen

About 100 km’s before Makokou we decided to ask an officer at a checkpoint to spend the night. “No problem” he said. So, we had a quiet and save and free night. No amenities.

Police station 0.32695, 12.19674

Well-used campsite beside Ophir Creek in the San Ysabel National Forest. Has a stone fire ring but no amenities.

Dispersed site beside Ophir creek 38.04004, -105.13617

place was as described, nice n quiet. development is for sure happening, lots of workers. best as just a spot to sleep, i wouldn’t hang out here too much. there is a 7-11 right where you enter the road for the complex, so that’s nice n convenient! bathroom there was clean

Williamsburg Apt Parking Lot 37.25133, -76.67095

The visit of the Bamoun musée is really nice and interesting. Maybe,when you arrive on the car park, a guy will tell you that he is a guy and can show you the palace +the New musée (with the big spider) and climbing at the top of the mosquée and more things. But the only one who can do the visit of the musée of the palace is Ali. You pay him the fees (2000fcfa per person). And there is nothing else in the palace that we are allowed to visit than this musée with Ali. So if somebody else (like Amadou) is speaking about visit something with him, know that it's nothing to see with the palace muséum. Also in september 2023 the New muséum (with spider) is not finished, it's empty, nothing interesting.

Bamoun Sultan Palace & Museum 5.73284, 10.90185

Awesome campground if you are a beach lover! Staff was super friendly. Campground and sites are well kept and clean. The sites are spread out everywhere and you just kind of choose a spot that you like. Tent sites are first come first serve but there are a ton of sites. We stayed here two separate weeks in September. One week for five days and the next week for 3 days. $25 for a tent site. One shower stall in each bathroom with hot water and a lot of outdoor showers with cold water. There are tons of trails to the beach, from the campground sites, and it is beautiful. It is super dog friendly. If love dogs you will not mind the two or three that roam the beach and campground daily. The dogs are super friendly. Lots of other off leash dogs as well from other campers. We had no issues with our doggo nor the other dogs. All well behaved and well trained. If don’t have a well trained dog I recommend leashing him/her up while you stay. If you do not have a friendly dog or not a dog lover I would recommend looking to camp elsewhere. Everyone we met was super friendly. We loved it and will return again!

Hobuck Beach RV Park And Campground 48.33882, -124.66371

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