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the shelter is totally destroyed
all the area is fenced

Ruta 7 -46.17133, -72.71586

The site is fabulous, quiet place. I love it.

Magnifique endroit très tranquille. Les barrières sont fermés de 11pm à 4am donc vraiment sécuritaire

Titus County Freshwater Supply District 33.08893, -95.01427

Nice spot on the outskirts of the town with a view of the estuary. May be avoided in case of heavy rain. Windy during the evening but quiet during the night. About fifty meters from a road the traffic could be heard in the evening, especially since some locals seem to really like the very loud exhaust pipes.

Puerto San Julian -49.31796, -67.71688

Very nice excursion with navigation in the bay of San Julian. Visit a small island with Magelan penguins and another island with imperial cormorants. Throughout the navigation, several dolphins swim and play with the boat. Very nice guide.
Small zodiac of maximum 20 people, but we were only 5 in the boat. 20$ (USD) per person. Duration: 1h30.

WhatsApp : +54 9 2966 50-0023

Pinocho excursions -49.31413, -67.71445

Nice stop on your way south/north. It’s very close to the highway so not the most quiet but not a lot of traffic at all. Very windy today ! No service.

playa negrito 30.30239, -114.64971

Ok for a night or so, looks like the locals use this as a dump+shooting range. Broken, shot out trash , be careful of glass and metal shrapnel.

Quiet, free...

Sheeplane BLM 39.69209, -111.92011

Stayed in the parking lot between Canadian Tire and Marks without issue. Super quiet other than some road noise. There's a 24 hour Tim Hortons right there as well however it's currently closed for renovations.

Mark's 51.26300, -114.00544

don't expect a smooth ride. definitely need a high clearance 4x4. phone coverage is spotty

Forest Rd Overlook Campsite 34.87591, -111.70149

Stayed here on a Saturday night. There was an event, so the parking lot was a bit busy for a couple of hours. There is construction happening in the overflow field, it is fenced off and the pavilion cannot be accessed. I imagine on a week day morning it could be noisy because of the construction. A good spot, I'd recommend. 3 bars AT&T.

Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park 32.80208, -79.90081

This was a great all-in-one stop. nice private unlimited showers. Locking room with toilet and sink as well. Had good hot water. They provided 2 towels, 2 wash clothes, and 1 hand towel. Even a bar of soap. Shower for $15.95. I did 2 loads of laundry as well. $1.75 for wash and $1.75 for dry, card or Google pay only. They have 2 washers and 2 dryers. Then I got dinner at Subway. Foot long American club for $13. Finally, I stayed here for the overnight parking. I parked on the side where the entrance to subway is. Fairly noisy but I slept fine. The employees were friendly. I got a cinnamon roll in the morning for breakfast.

Coffee Cup Travel Plaza/TA Express--Hot Springs 43.39880, -103.39620

Stayed here several nights, very quiet, lots of hikers with dogs during the day, but nobody has any problems with campers. Clear skies, perfect for Starlink.

Trailhead 49.13303, -123.96966

Slept one night. No issues. Didn’t get quiet till about 9

Wal Mart Parking Lot 36.02137, -115.12518

Not many trucks when I came here, I parked way in the back by the fence and nobody bothered me. Was fine for one night, a bit noisy.

Silver Creek Travel Center 49.36271, -121.47932

Lovely spot to park for the night. We arrived just after dark, and there was nobody else here. Several dog walkers in the morning, but no issues at all. The lock station was closed for the season, and so were the washrooms, but the gate to the parking area remained open.

Upper Nicholsons lockstation 44.95078, -75.81737

Small laundry in the ShopRite complex (to the left of ShopRite) with machines. We paid 10,000 Kwacha for half a (very tall) basket of laundry. It’s 20,000 for a full basket (although prices will likely increase now that the currency was devalued). They said laundry would be ready within 4 hours though we collected the next morning.

High Class Laundry and Dry Cleaners -11.46169, 34.01454

Services are closed here, to obtain car and motorcycle insurance, find Ali's office in the list under "Iran Insurance"

Automobile Insurance 38.07731, 46.29685

Friendly owner and staff, guidance on insurance, good english speaking. Possibility to insure your vehicle for 1 month or more. The longer your duration, 31€ for a month for my Land Cruiser

Iran Insurace 38.07750, 46.29671

place still exists. opens until 10pm every day. go to this point the carry on straight on until you see a barrier, carry on and take 1st left small parking in front of the shop which is on right hand of the road.

Liquor store in Hilton Hotel 24.20772, 55.78385

So sad. This is no longer a campsite only Conaf parking for the Ventisquero Yelcho Walk. There are signs that camping and fire are not allowed.
I guess in low season it is not a problem to stay overnight but be aware that people from Conaf are walking the trail regularly.

Riverside -43.27663, -72.42130

Fill up your water tanks here! You also get water bottles here.

Drinking Water Station 17.50151, 47.09202

We tried it here and wauw was delicious!!! We asked for 1 person and it was more then enough for 2!! Beautiful place. You sit on the beach with view with big waves.

Best bobo cameroa -23.05122, -43.53609

Absolutely wonderful! Unfortunately the sun was not enough to keep the showers warm, it’s early in the season I guess.
Even had the honour of seeing a puma up close, just 30 meters from our camper!
The Laguna Altas hike is worth the day, go for the counterclockwise direction, steep start, but better than the other way round.

Parque Patagonia – Westwinds -47.12883, -72.50544

price for a traditional boat is 4050 CFA pp and for a motor boat 5050 CFA pp.
nothing to pay for the parking.
ignore the guys who straight away come to your car and want to sell the tour for the double price :)

Ganvie Stilt Village 6.44780, 2.36023

Do NOT TAKE THIS ROAD TO THE NE. it is not maintained any longer. Plenty of bad washboard and very sharp gravel.

Rp43 Fork to avoid bad road conditions if going north -25.75979, -67.25873

amazing place, clean, and perfect spots to camping.
i asked for 2 sílice of bread (to breakfast becouse mine was finish) and they charged an entired breakfast. come on guys? is necesary?? i want to pay of course, but a fair price.
other problem.with money, i payed to guide for a walk, never came with the change... and was a quite money.

The Mushroom Farm -10.58661, 34.13448

Stayed here two nights without any issues. No overnight parking restrictions.

Visitor Center Water 36.74093, -118.96343

We spent one night here due to the closed border (snow). Large parking, very quiet at night, no signs forbidding the overnight stay.

Big rigs okay, tents might be more difficult. Nearby toilets were closed.

Busy on Sunday with locals enjoying the lake.

Naval Prefecture -40.78176, -71.65853

Lovely spot. It doesn’t look like much when entering it. But it’s very nice and quiet.

Rio Grande Campground 37.76229, -107.01182

Police checking large numbers of car for defeated cars and licensing check

police checking car information -3.49899, -80.20535

All easy. The officer was great, he spoke good English and I was on my way in 2 minutes.

Ecuador Aduana Control -3.53236, -80.17705

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