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RV Park dans la pelouse et le sable, au pied de l’océan. Piscine, terrasse, hamac et petit resto local super frais. Martin sait recevoir ces hôtes. Des chambres sont disponibles aussi. Toilette et salle de bain sommaire mais ca fait l’affaire (douche fraîche). Je recommande.

Playa Bonita Beach House RV and Camping 25.29769, -108.52819

They have construction of a parking deck going on. parked near the roundabout and was very quiet. Shuttle service to the casino by driving up there or calling 8284225008.

Harrahs casino 35.12076, -83.99863

Probably one of the best group of mechanics/bodywork in Latin America.
The owner is German, speaks excellent English and is friendly, competent, and fair. His father is a famous race car driver in Germany. He and his fellow workers can fix anything from Classic cars to any type of RV. He has specialists in aluminum welding, fiberglass repair, motor rebuilds, suspension, etc.
And his prices are very fair. This isn’t a roadside shop running out of an old container, it’s a professionally run shop with access to new parts who will go the extra mile to get the job done properly and on time. All this while maintaining a friendly and chill environment. Highly recommended.

Euro-Latino Racing-Services 20.89899, -100.68043

parking très bien pour la journée mais pas possible d'y dormir

beach 28.95143, -80.83927

As stated in 2020, nice spot. There are one duplex 120v and one single 220v L5 outlets on the power pole next to first site

Spray Riverfront City Park 44.82683, -119.79379

Site just off the Pony Express at the junction of Pyramid Pact Rd. Large site with fire ring. Plenty of room for my 24’ bumper pull. Could easily fit a larger rig, and access is fine.

Pony Express Rd is dirt, but well maintained. A little washboardy in sections, but unless very wet you should be fine in most vehicles.

BLM land, closest services are about 70 miles, no cell or internet on any provider (though likely starlink).

Only about 3 miles from access to Dugway Geode Beds.

Pyramid Pact Rd 39.86629, -113.11793

This is the only place we found that you can get a private vehicle verification needed for Zambia (the Zambia police referred to this document as police clearance). there are some reports that the police clearance documents from SAPS confuses the Zambian police and they want the private vehicle verification document instead. There is a counter inside the building towards the back where you can get this document. Took about 45 min (when the network came back online) and they checked the vin as well as the engine. Easy and helpful staff.

SAPS Vehicle Clearance unit -33.89689, 18.67260

Very nice RV space. I have a Sunseeker and parked easily. Store is close tonight but you can still access the WIFI A couple more RV’s with us

Cracker Barrel 34.24470, -77.87252

we stayed 50 meters before. the original spot has a lot of rubbish.

very nice lake! very quiet

Lakeside camp 35.70481, -5.38813

Great campsite. Well planned and maintained. Wood provided. Swimming pool, lounge and bar. Ablutions clean. Worth it

Camping Kaliombo Safari Lodge -21.96265, 16.24299

Free spot, sunset to sunrise, you need to go after. Go at the very back of the road, all the parkings before are private. Quiet and toilets avalaible.

N River Street 45.86834, -122.79887

Nice spot, like the others comments. Quiet, and safe.

Nice Camping behind The Church next to the lake -1.72620, -78.75661

Free RV Dump. They have water too but not drinkable.

Valero RV Dump & Free Water 33.52808, -101.80928

Military check they open and try to find strange things in the van. They are polite and everything ok

Military checkpoint -19.09672, -57.62228

I was hiking alone, came up from the northern slope of the vulcano on the way to the summit in late afternoon.
This spot is marked as a camp site on maps using OpenStreetMaps data.
There were two tents and a campfire already when I arrived at the spot. The guy shouted out of his tent (in english) that I should leave him alone and that he is armed. I was just walking by. When I already passed the camp, and was about 25m away, he came out of his tent, pointed his gun on me and went on shouting that I should "piss off".

He was NOT robbing me. He did not follow me.
In his opinion probably, he was defending himself. But scary for me.

Someone pointing a gun on me 14.50571, -90.87499

The summit is very windy, cold and uncomfortable.
In the middle of the crater are some left over parts of a destroyed hut or shelter, including the roof.

Together with some stones, the roof can serve as a good shelter, probably big enough for two persons.

Still, do not expect comfort!

I was well equipped for very cold bad wet weather and I had a good night up there, with this welcoming piece of a roof. But I do NOT recommend to camp/sleep/spend-the-night up there!

The wind is very strong. I didn't try setting up a tent. And I guess most normal tents won't survive a night up there. If you have a tent made for this harsh conditions, there are many rocks to secure the tent properly.

Emergency bivouac spot 14.50052, -90.87575

Parked along the road here right next to a lovely park. Have a nice view of Phipps conservatory and the Cathedral of Learning. Was even able to get Wi-Fi from Phipps!

Phipps/Pitt/Carnegie sleep spot! 40.43950, -79.94667

Beautiful place as described but do not, I repeat do not try this with a trailer. We have a 13 foot trailer and my husband is very good at driving it and it still took him quite a while to get it turned around.

Nesika Road 42.51434, -124.40975

Fantastic alternative to expensive state parks!
Showers are good enough, there is a dog park and the wifi is good. Off season rate as of Nov 10/2023 $ $10 for camper van, $15 for no service RV, $20 for service RV

Curry County Park at Floras Lake 42.90113, -124.50271

A nice pullout has a small entrance but opens up to a large area with hard ground. has a fire ring with a grate. Very limited service with AT&T

Aiken Mine Road Pullout 35.19217, -115.76806

place was awesome. Right by the creek, close enough to where you can hear the water flow while you sleep. Great Verizon cell service. 10/10 would stay here again.

Kolob Terrace Rd near Zion NP 37.22096, -113.16135

The parking lot for Kohl’s Plaza is private. There are No Overnight Parking Signs and there is a private patrol. Security will will ask you to leave after the stores in the mall close.

Kohl's parking lot 37.49277, -122.22369

Definitely a place to go at night! 3000c pro person, but worth it!

Termales del Bosque 10.36323, -84.37647

Great place to spend a night. Not much noise and there were several other rvs/vans there.

Cracker Barrel 34.64213, -79.01703

Overrated. The resort looks unkept. No lights or hotwater in the bathrooms. Electric outlets at campsites not working. Barbecue grills are full of old coals. The pools were still in good condition though. For us the price of 1400 pesos per night for 2p and a car was way too much.

Termas San Nicanor -31.53502, -57.80070

Beautiful place. I payed 40 per person, using my tent. It’s clean and very close of Guaramiranga center, you can go walking. Have a lot of plants and some animals.

Lugar muito bonito e bem limpo. Bem perto do centro, você pode ir caminhando. Tem muitas plantas no local e alguns animais. Lugar bem legal para acampar.

Camping Alto da Serra -4.25820, -38.93110

Stayed here for one night when visiting Lüderitz. We checked out the beach and the camping opportunities during the day, went to town for dinner and then came back around 9pm. Didn’t see or meet anyone either in the afternoon, at night or in the morning. Great place to overnight, although the toilets don’t have any running water. Each “site” has a table and bbq. A lot of wine during the day, but calm at night and in the morning

Agate Beach -26.60856, 15.17688

nice place and atmosphere ,good food, clean toilets, cold showers.

CPMontazyfrane, Taounate 34.58152, -4.64343

Maravilloso volver a este lindo Hostal y Camping, estuvimos 2 días con nuestra motorhome con la mejor atención. ❤️☀️🌿
$7.000 x persona x día.

Phuqata Hostel -18.39524, -70.31284

Does not allow overnight sleeping.Stayed here until 4AM and woke up to really nice transit police saying since this is private property I can't sleep here

Puritas Station 41.43993, -81.80567

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