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Very poor cafe/restaurant but in a nice location. Interior is very teardown. Food was average, at best! Friendly staff. Would not recommend.

Querido Café -34.09931, -59.01231

Great spot for a night, they have cold showers and toilets. They also have a little coffee stand (although it was closed) they also had a little store they sold cold drinks. The view was beautiful! Cons they had a lot of biting bugs in the morning, I’m not sure about if they come in the evening or late afternoon because we had a constant wind! (Charged us COP 30,000 for 2 adults)

Mirador Matumbo 2.46171, -75.54160

place overlooking the reservoir. You can travel by regular bus. There is no water, but sometimes dogs come asking for food.

Bardzrashen 40.07956, 44.61332
Murielle et Marc

premier village à 160 km de Tupiza vers la laguna Coronada, à éviter lorsqu'il pleut...bivouac tranquille à l'abri du vent contre l'église sur la place où il y a un robinet d'eau
first village 160 km from Tupiza towards laguna Coronada, to be avoided when it rains...quiet bivouac sheltered from the wind against the church on the square where there is a water tap
primer pueblo a 160 km de Tupiza hacia laguna Coronada, a evitar cuando llueve...vivac tranquilo al abrigo del viento frente a la iglesia en la plaza donde hay un grifo de agua

San Pablo -21.68781, -66.62119

Can't believe this place is not listed here! Extremely quiet place, even for Abéné, seemingly lost in the bush, but close enough to the village and the beach.
There's plenty of shade (and plenty of fruit trees) to pitch tents and rooms in nice little rondavels with dry toilets.
Place is off the grid, so electricity is solar. You get light in the huts, but phones need to be charged in the family house. Water is usually pumped from the well to all rooms, but at the moment the pump is broken so bucket shower is the way to go.
Breakfast is included and other meals are available on demand. There's a little cheap bar as well.
Plenty of books to read or swap, mainly in English, including the late owner Simon Fenton's "Squirting Milk at Chameleons".
Khady and her family make you feel like you're part of it and there's no better place to chill and take a little break from travelling.

The Little Baobab 12.99132, -16.72707

Huge parking lot. Parked over by the rental vans kind of hidden behind them. Quiet great night of sleep. Not 100% leveled but easy to level if you need to. People walking in parking lot job hunting were harmless. Some WiFi reached to parking but not enough to stream where I was.

Home Depot Marina del Rey 33.97566, -118.42320

Small family run hotel, very friendly and kind people. Paid 150'000 som per person per night, breakfast included. We got a huge, nice room for the three of us.

Our dog was allowed in the courtyard but not in the room.

Dilmurod Hotel 39.03664, 66.81311

Pasamos 2 noches aquí para conocer Epuyén de camino a Esquel. Nos pareció muy tranquilo por la noche. Hay una canilla de agua al lado del punto Digital por si hace falta.

Parador Epuyen -42.23147, -71.35262
Wendy & Graham

This place is still being 'renovated'. No obvious entrance. No signage. The owner Lucas did come and speak to us but our Portuguese was not good enough to follow the conversation. We did not stay and we decided not to check out the municipal camping option as it was located far out of town. Busy place.

Camping Califórnia -31.36763, -51.96363

wild « grassy «  area next to the river with clean water. Need to filter to be drunk

Wild spot with water -18.98267, -68.51066

35000 for a good matrimonial but with poor wifi. highly recommended for a value deal and value stay

Hotel Arturs 1.20496, -76.92113
Smart as a Goose

3 men in black with guns. Sign said agriculture Inspection. We were not stopped going east.

Agriculture Inspection 16.12602, -91.84577

Beautiful villa sat on the side of a hill with a stunning vista. Basic room with shared toilet/bathroom for XOF20k (no negotiating), Room with ensuite XOF25k.

Gardens are lovely, staff are super friendly, track to the place is okay, if it rains it may be a bit slippery as it's the standard clay surface.

Haven't tried the food as yet, but if it's anything like the room and cleanliness, it'll be good.

Well worth a night en route to Yaoundé and after the hotels to this point.

Villa Boutanga 5.08224, 10.53081

Sabine and Stefan are wonderful hosts. The campground is very nice, the bathroom is super clean, WiFi is working great. The dogs are very friendly.
Colectivo to Oaxaca costs around 15 Pesos per person and picks you up in the nearby village (15min walk).

OaxacaView 17.05010, -96.61092

Malawi Tanzania with motorcycle. Visa on Arrival done in 15 minutes (Australian passport) USD $50. Stamping carnet took 20 minutes, no copies of anything required. No road tax. Vodacom sim card available at the official office 2klms from the border, easily done 5k TzS for card, 35k 17gb data. Decent food at small restaurant couple of shops up also.

Kasumulu Border Post -9.58649, 33.77610

Non existent. Didn't see any sign of a barrier or collection point.

Council fees -9.58767, 33.77655

Perfect parking spot to stay overnight on the backyard of the YPF station. Quiet, safe and clean. Ask the "encargado" if you can stay overnight. Very friendly and helpful. WiFi, clean toilet and coffee shop.

YPF petrol Station -33.13809, -64.37604

Don't go there, they now want 300 Pesos per person per night. You can get hotel with AC and guarded parking for that price.

Punta Paraisa Cabanas *Best Placa in Punta* 15.83740, -97.04256

Good exchange rates, $$ and €€ are king - CFA you’ll get internet rates.
The guys are a bit manic when you show up but wait a few minutes and they calm down.

market / money change -5.56238, 12.18018

Water is shut off (presumably for the winter season)

Crown Hill Park 39.75498, -105.10250
Smart as a Goose

so cool 👍 great stop. we were on our way to Guatamala and were stopped by a mob in Nuevo Flores. they would not let us pass even with a military escort! when given lemons, make lemonade 🍋

Zona Archeologica Chikuntic 16.12457, -91.78209

Incredible cenote! The one where you can jump is almost always empty. The water is teal. You can dive off the cave walls. We liked it so much we came back 2 days in a row. My 9yr old and 12yr loved it. There is a cave at the bottom if you can hold your breath a bit. Bring snorkels if you have them! A great cenote to be alone.

Cenote los 3 Oches 20.73590, -89.27318
Roadtrip 2020

We drove this road up to the gate for the hike with a 2wd Sprinter. It was narrow and bad but doable. There was also some road building work at the last bit so that part was really nice. They wanted 10 soles, but we only paid 5. It took us 1,5 hours from Carhuaz.

Road to 513 lake -9.25994, -77.61470

Gente ficamos no final da rua d ao lado do bar do Helinho , lugar tranquilo para pernoitar e não cobra estacionamento enfrente da praia pé na areia , muito top 😃 viaje com carioca e Jo 🌎

Vila Histórica (Praia de Manbucaba) -23.02628, -44.51807

Perfect place to spend 1 or 2 nights. Quiet. No traffic. Silent. Windy but ok. Right in front the lake and the moutain. 4G ok!

Lakeside -50.30203, -72.31254

Street parking without restrictions on the streets surrounding the park. Spent one day and night on Yajome St right next to the park, since it was the most level section. Central location in a safe area, really quiet at night and nobody seemed bothered by us staying here!

Street Parking by Skate Park 38.30203, -122.28529

Great place with lots of space for my 25ft class C after being turned down at the very large pay lot due to size restrictions? Happy I was because this was free. See photo for date/time restrictions.


Stayed here 2 nights. Very quiet and no issues

Cracker Barrel 33.72965, -84.76036

New Pricelist Starting November 2023
$17/couple $12/solo $6/kid
$5/water tank fill
We do not offer electricity hook up for vans NO EXCEPTIONS
only for cell phones and laptops
Thanks the owner

Granada RV Park and Camping 11.92082, -85.95530

The 50 amp had a sticker that says it’s 240v so use at your own risk.

Electric Charging - Thomas Rail Path 39.14980, -79.49857

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