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As everyone said. Perfect. Got a spot in the lot 9pm to 6am when I heard the first plane. Definitely recommend staying here.

Parking with 24h zone 48.64438, -123.40078

although this pull off is literally on the side of the highway, there was very little road noise. excellent view of the mountains and night sky. there was room for several rigs however we were the only one there. 5G cell service. There's only a sign that says no littering. Close to Sand Dunes and Alamosa.

Highway 17 Pulloff 37.82166, -105.88845
Two Vets on Tracks Emiel & Leslie

we drove up the road, through "town" and up till the gates.
Nothing for a café...anymore.
The sign is there, but we could not find the ranger.
At the moment it's wet again in the wetlands.

Laguna Galarza Boat Excursions -28.09550, -56.68453

Nice little cafe shop with very good pastry and cakes and salty pies (empanada). They also have a coffee machine and good Expresso and Cappuccino.
They have open 7 days a week.

Try the chocolate croissant. Lot of „Nutella“ inside.

Sweet Place - Cafe -1.84830, -80.74590

Parfait pour un stationnement de rue, très tranquille en semaine, possibilité de marcher dans le parc. Arrivée tôt car les espace se remplisse vite.

Nous sommes allés à l’université de dentisterie, 10 minutes de marche, pour faire faire un nettoyage et une réparation, mais leur système d’eau était en panne, alors nous avons fait une radiographie pour confirmer la réparation au coût de 70,00 pesos. Pour ce prix nous avons eu même droit à une consultation avec la dentiste sur place et nous sommes repartie avec notre radiographie.

Pas de toilette dans le parc.
Voir nos photos, nous sommes Mary & Dave et nous voyageons avec notre petit westfalia jaune ✌🏼

Street parking Parque El Bosquet Cuauhtémoc 19.69955, -101.18178

one of our worst nights! Every minute a new car comes looking for a parking space, honking and playing loud music. This went on all night until 4am (Tuesday).
nice view yes, but bad for sleeping!

The vue for the Corniche 24.47838, 54.33296

Originally stopped at some of the spots father north. However, was disappointed that they put barriers up to get to the Rio in the van and had to park on the road. This spot turned out to be the hidden gem, with a short trail access to the water and a bit farther off the main forest road. 2WD and low clearance, no problem! About 3 or 4 different fire rings also.

Sunny spot above the Rio 35.76179, -106.78931

Stayed for a night, nice and quiet, big parking lot and wifi from Health Center across the road

Blanding, UT The Dinosaur Museum 37.61459, -109.48152
Blue Sky Adventures

Mice not guns

No issues with the terrifying semi-automatic weapons. Had one person stop by looking to do some target shooting and then moved further down the road as soon as they saw us parked. Only unfortunate thing of the target shooting is there is a lot of target trash left behind.

Had our first mouse by 9:30 PM. Thankfully we had traps preset and caught it fairly quickly. Parking more in the middle may reduce you chances of one exploring out to your rig.

Not noted by other but this spot isn't very level but can easily be leveled with plenty of rocks around to help do so. Not too much road noise nor noise from ATVs. Only stayed here from 4pm-7am on a week day.

North Sycamore Canyon Road, Tonto NF 33.68188, -111.51052

30 pesos/person/day; 60 pesos/person/night, Toilets without extra payment, dirty and the flush didn't work, a barrel of water is ready

Parque Los Columpios 19.03723, -99.23207

7pm shérif comes . no overnight in all thée cuty

Street Parking 28.89766, -82.59232

nice spot! we were lonely here on this rainy night. we found some wood to level our van, not that hard. the beach is so peaceful.

Super nice Beach -40.71100, -72.39980

still here! we found it by ourselves as nobody is here on this low season. after the bridge, follow the picnic area and it's right after it! we went after to the paid hot water and paid 7.500CLP, half price on this low season, clean, hot and large area!

Aguas Calientes -40.73437, -72.31002

Not exactly a “campground”, but this place is great!

It is a house for travelers of all kind. It offers places to sleep (dorm style, but there are also rooms) and there is a small area to put a tent (maybe two) outside. There is a hot shower and you can make use of the kitchen. I think the owner also offers a laundry service (not about this!)

Sandra owns the place, she is super nice and helpful! She charges 3000 pesos per person, so it’s crazy cheap!

There are two dogs on the property, they are friendly! We were traveling with a dog ourselves and were allowed to stay here (the other campground rejected us…). There were some difficulties between her dogs and ours, but we got it all sorted out!

Rincon de la Mochila -51.61935, -69.25670

40 cents 1 gallon, $1.20 3 gallons, $2 5 gallons. Front left of the building.

Star Liquors 34.12360, -116.41154

Stayed two nights, no problems at all. Not the best not worst. People were friendly, felt safe. Bathrooms for 10 pesos

Playa de Tuxpan 20.97280, -97.30673
Roxanne Pepin

comme décrit, quartier tranquille sans restriction. Nous avons passé la nuit sur la rue Hemphil, face au stationnement sur étage de l'école. Un peu de circulation à compter de 7h AM.

Street parking 29.76552, -95.37749

it's actually a run way so don't park on the gravel road but lots and LOTS of places to pull off any size rig. it's desert salt flats so we left before rain was coming cause I think we would've gotten stuck in mud. our animals loved running around. you can still see and hear I80, but it's plenty far enough away it didn't bother us or worry me for our animals. stayed two nights. there is a dump station with non potable water at the gas station right there as well. we enjoyed our short stay and would've stayed longer but wanted to beat the rain!

West of Shamrock station 40.76185, -112.78676

Here you can find several spots along the road. Not at all protected, but really quiet region and nice to stay. Some horses and sheeps around. If you are lucky, some men of the troutfarms pass by and sell some fresh trouts. Bought two big ones for 10soles. Not the cheapest of Peru😉, but they were happy and we were, too. Delicious.
Or you can stop at the troutfarms yourself, there they sell fish, too.
No cell network.

Big flat area -11.89197, -75.74574

Although this campground gets busy in the summer, in the winter it is quiet and uncrowded. $20/ night for a campsite on the lake. Pit toilets open but no fresh water source. Adequate cel coverage.

Topaz Lake. East End 38.69253, -119.51386

Wonderful little free campsite just off of Hwy 180. 6 spots, can accommodate an RV, pit toilet, and fire rings. Clean!! You can stay at your site for up to 14 days. Not far from the Catwalks, which are a must see. Decent cell service. We are with Roger's (Canada) so I'm not sure which towers they use in the US.

Bighorn Campground, Gila NF 33.32284, -108.88275

stayed one night. large lot. a big rv and a few smaller rigs stayed all well. felt safe and was quiet. great place right off the highway

Cracker Barrel 35.45806, -97.59595

Large parking, pit toilets and trash. We were alone for the night, but some cars stop for minutes. Also there is EV charging so cars can stop for time. Very good point of view ! Noise from the highway

Hope Slide Rest 49.29862, -121.26259

closed, blocked off, no camping sign. could not use

Tennessee River Canyon Road 35.06767, -85.40344

Nice clean showers, interesting experience. Water was semi-hot but compensated by the steam flow. Price is 38 pesos/person.

Banos San Jose 19.04854, -98.19063

Small restaurant in yellow building opposite of hot springs. Served us scrambled eggs, bread, and Nescafé for breakfast. Pretty nice after a couple of days on the road!

Restaurant in Yellow Building -22.53581, -67.64965

There was a deep river crossing just northeast of Quetana Chico in mid-November 2023. We are on motorcycles and just about made it through but the water went over our front tires entirely. This river crossing seemed unavoidable if you’re driving west from Tupiza, as we were doing. Saw a 4x4 cross it seemingly easily. Failed to grab GPS coordinates when we crossed so the ones indicated here are just approximations.

Deep river Xing just northeast of Quetana Chico -22.17473, -67.32364

Stayed 1 night in a Toyota Rav4. Two pullouts right next to each other along the large rocks, right off of the road. My GPS brought me right to this location. 1 other car in larger pullout overnight, I stayed in the smaller area. Hooting Owl and some Coyote yips through the night. traffic was slow until around 6:00am.
The view in the morning was so beautiful, a farm and lush land leading up to the ocean where you can see cresting waves.
Unfortunately, there was some trash but not too bad.

Sculptured rock Indian site (small pull out) 38.25021, -122.94472

otimo local para curtir a natureza. Tem cozinha compartilhada com geladeira, banheiros muito bons e limpos. Tem wifi e muita sombra. 100% recomendável. Os donos são gente fina. nós vamos com vontade de voltar

sítio cantinho do céu (Fábio) -19.22634, -40.78916

🇪🇸 Estacionamiento en la calle a 100 metros del mar, frente a una casa en construcción.

Street parking -1.98056, -80.75183

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