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Roxanne Pepin

comme décrit, quartier tranquille sans restriction. Nous avons passé la nuit sur la rue Hemphil, face au stationnement sur étage de l'école. Un peu de circulation à compter de 7h AM.

Street parking 29.76552, -95.37749

it's actually a run way so don't park on the gravel road but lots and LOTS of places to pull off any size rig. it's desert salt flats so we left before rain was coming cause I think we would've gotten stuck in mud. our animals loved running around. you can still see and hear I80, but it's plenty far enough away it didn't bother us or worry me for our animals. stayed two nights. there is a dump station with non potable water at the gas station right there as well. we enjoyed our short stay and would've stayed longer but wanted to beat the rain!

West of Shamrock station 40.76185, -112.78676

Here you can find several spots along the road. Not at all protected, but really quiet region and nice to stay. Some horses and sheeps around. If you are lucky, some men of the troutfarms pass by and sell some fresh trouts. Bought two big ones for 10soles. Not the cheapest of Peru😉, but they were happy and we were, too. Delicious.
Or you can stop at the troutfarms yourself, there they sell fish, too.
No cell network.

Big flat area -11.89197, -75.74574

Although this campground gets busy in the summer, in the winter it is quiet and uncrowded. $20/ night for a campsite on the lake. Pit toilets open but no fresh water source. Adequate cel coverage.

Topaz Lake. East End 38.69253, -119.51386

Wonderful little free campsite just off of Hwy 180. 6 spots, can accommodate an RV, pit toilet, and fire rings. Clean!! You can stay at your site for up to 14 days. Not far from the Catwalks, which are a must see. Decent cell service. We are with Roger's (Canada) so I'm not sure which towers they use in the US.

Bighorn Campground, Gila NF 33.32284, -108.88275

stayed one night. large lot. a big rv and a few smaller rigs stayed all well. felt safe and was quiet. great place right off the highway

Cracker Barrel 35.45806, -97.59595

Large parking, pit toilets and trash. We were alone for the night, but some cars stop for minutes. Also there is EV charging so cars can stop for time. Very good point of view ! Noise from the highway

Hope Slide Rest 49.29862, -121.26259

closed, blocked off, no camping sign. could not use

Tennessee River Canyon Road 35.06767, -85.40344

Nice clean showers, interesting experience. Water was semi-hot but compensated by the steam flow. Price is 38 pesos/person.

Banos San Jose 19.04854, -98.19063

Small restaurant in yellow building opposite of hot springs. Served us scrambled eggs, bread, and Nescafé for breakfast. Pretty nice after a couple of days on the road!

Restaurant in Yellow Building -22.53581, -67.64965

There was a deep river crossing just northeast of Quetana Chico in mid-November 2023. We are on motorcycles and just about made it through but the water went over our front tires entirely. This river crossing seemed unavoidable if you’re driving west from Tupiza, as we were doing. Saw a 4x4 cross it seemingly easily. Failed to grab GPS coordinates when we crossed so the ones indicated here are just approximations.

Deep river Xing just northeast of Quetana Chico -22.17473, -67.32364

Stayed 1 night in a Toyota Rav4. Two pullouts right next to each other along the large rocks, right off of the road. My GPS brought me right to this location. 1 other car in larger pullout overnight, I stayed in the smaller area. Hooting Owl and some Coyote yips through the night. traffic was slow until around 6:00am.
The view in the morning was so beautiful, a farm and lush land leading up to the ocean where you can see cresting waves.
Unfortunately, there was some trash but not too bad.

Sculptured rock Indian site (small pull out) 38.25021, -122.94472

otimo local para curtir a natureza. Tem cozinha compartilhada com geladeira, banheiros muito bons e limpos. Tem wifi e muita sombra. 100% recomendável. Os donos são gente fina. nós vamos com vontade de voltar

sítio cantinho do céu (Fábio) -19.22634, -40.78916

🇪🇸 Estacionamiento en la calle a 100 metros del mar, frente a una casa en construcción.

Street parking -1.98056, -80.75183

Great place, just people leaves trash there. Verizon works very well. Sheriff stoped before sunset and asked if I’m fine. I was fine, so he left.

Conservation Area 47.46378, -120.37793

We absolutely loved it here. several people were here. no one bothered us. It was quiet, and cell service was OK. enough to get by and get some work done. it is so beautiful and peaceful. we will stop in again if we are back this way.

Bois D'Arc Paradise 33.55984, -93.70035

Great overnight spot. The Walmart had "no overnight parking" posted everywhere so came here and it was an even better option. Tucked away from the main Plant Fitness parking lot, leveled, quiet and no one bothered me.

Planet Fitness Middletown 41.45087, -74.38614

Free if ya need it to be. Says to put money in envelope under front door? Had no idea where that was. Was able to fill water too. All the way to the left if you’re looking at the car washes. Had to back my rig in.

Springdale Coin Carwash 33.27304, -117.44465

As others described. Very large parking area so can probably handle as many vehicles as would visit

There is an outside water spigot with the lift handle that was still flowing

T-Mobile 4 bars. But was functionally more like 1-2 bars

La Bajada Rest Area 35.52760, -106.15542

As described.

I’m visiting all the most recommended dinosaur track sites so headed here. I was wondering if some services aren’t available during the off season…the shower was still open with warm water (up next to the ranger station). I spoke to someone with an RV who said electrical boxes were locked up, but I didn’t look around if that was for all spots. It’s a pretty big campground

Beautiful views of the lake. Sites are pretty spread out so lots of privacy. Each with its own fire pit and sheltered bench and table. Lots of bugs still even though the lows are in the 30’s. I think they’re just gnats and not mosquitoes but I used my window mesh screens

Once you dip down towards the ranger station you will lose T-Mobile

Clayton Lake State Park 36.57473, -103.30279

Decent. It's trashy for sure, but the payoff is you're close to Phoenix. ...Gunshots all night on a November Tuesday. Like alllllll night 1am, 2am, 3am..... But the gunshot area is maybe 1/2 mile north. It's annoying, but wasn't overwhelmingly loud. I stayed 2 more weeknights and it was quieter.

AT&T was problematic. 4 bars of 5G for 20 minutes, and then 0 coverage for 10 minutes. Repeat indefinitely. I assume it's a bad cell tower resetting that just needs maintenance. But it was 3 days in a row.

Beeline Phoenix 33.63748, -111.55964

Filled our german 5kg bottle in 10 min. you have to bring your own adapter. the US Adapter worked here. he charged the regular price for a 5 kg exchangebottle 15.000 cpl.
Very friendly. Just knock at the window. we Had to wait a couple of minutes until somebody showed up.
Open workdays from 10 to 20h.

Gasco - bottle exchange -53.15786, -70.93636

we didn't stay overnight but I think the coast guard would not allow it, they approached us to tell us that swimming was not allowed. we spent time further to the west (just around the corner, more to the open sea) and the beach there was great, even quite clean!

Al Hesi Beach (Umluj) 24.62558, 37.33012

This is a convenient place if you come or plan to go to the cape. The sites are clean, some with good shade, bbq, power, water and good security. You see erything is used/older but well maintained. Ablutions are clean with hot water. On one site of the park live a lot of permanents - but it is quite at night. Paid ZAR 300 for 2 Pers.

Imhof Caravan Park -34.13273, 18.33803

Best place in the area, ideal to spend multiple days
Rooms, hostal and camping, good wifi, clean toilets, hot showers

Daniel is a great host, will make you feel at home

Highly recomended this place

Los 4 Pulques 21.19915, -99.45019

Some traffic noise but doesn't bother me. central location as a base to explore an interesting area. thanks Walmart

Walmart 31.75146, -93.06766

20 Kwacha for car to pay even if you have paid the border the Road Transport fee

Toll gate -14.23635, 28.56960

Great place, stayed 2 nights. Plenty of space, kids' playground, the toilets and water were open and worked (showers off for the winter?), loads of nature, clean.

Parking Lac de Der 48.59340, 4.79650
sonny jadun

Stayed here for the night after late sand boarding. After all the tourist buses left it was nice and quiet.
The price is still $5 to enter the park, $5 to stay overnight, and $10 to rent equipment. I was solo so I needed someone to take my photos and videos so hired the porter (Louis) to carry my board. He knew exactly where to take photos. After dark, we had to walk back to the trailhead, so he guided me back to the car, too. After hike, you can go to the entrance of park where you paid the fees and use the showers. You can purchase drinks there too.

Cerro Negro Lava Field 12.50187, -86.70499

We found this spot on the way to the caravanserai. On this hill we are off the main road with a good view of the salt lake.

Salt Lake View 34.24864, 51.64532

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