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we stayed 2 nights and it was during the week so very quiet. we liked it. but take care, could be very busy and noisy during weekends (words of the staff ;-)
electricity, light, wifi included, drinkable water tap, garbage bins, brai.
big and very clean ablutions with hot water.
big and clean pool with chairs to relax.
sushi bar very known at the pool (we saw plenty of people coming to take away!)
walking distance to everything : falls (10 minutes), city center&supermarkets (5min) and craft market (1 min).
small shop inside the hotel at fair prices. friendly staff.
cash or credit card.
10$ pppn.

N1 Hotel -17.92547, 25.84013

50$ foreigners and only single entry (we entered for sunrise and could not come back for sunset :-( !
we tried south african prices (30$) but they asked a residence permit :-(
bar, restaurant, toilets, souvenirs shop inside.
interesting informations panels at the entrance.
3 hours to walk slowly and take pictures of the 16 points of view.
cash or credit card.

Victoria Falls Entrance Gate -17.92497, 25.84713

Almost a wilderness camp on the Mbudi river where hippos or elephants might greet you. Tent-like ablutions and a lovely atmosphere we came back for. 360 BWP ppn.

Khwai Safari Grounds -19.09439, 23.80944
Stefan M

Mauritania -> Senegal

Road to Diama was 40+ km of rough track with big ruts. We are two up on GSA with well worn Anakee Adventure tires so took us a while. People solo on slightly smaller bikes were zooming past. Saw lots of SUVs and even cars coming the other way.

MRU400 nat. park fee with receipt. Friendly guy.

MRU100 community tax with receipt.

MR douane stamped bike out no problem

MR immigration guy (large fellow, didn't catch his name) asked for MRU400/CFA5000 fee. I obv complained that it was free but he sat, impassive. It was 6p and didn't want to be stuck in dark so I paid (sorry).

CFA4000 bridge toll with receipt.

SN immigration very friendly no worries.

SN douane gave me passe-avant until Monday. Can't remember the price but it was as expected as I recall.

Note: the passe-avant was stamped "a declarer" after I told him I was expecting my carnet in Dakar. The carnet is late and when I went to douane (downtown Dakar by place de l'independence) for a prolongation (at the port douane they stamp carnets, they don't do prolongation) the officer told me he couldn't prolong a passe-avant that said "a declarer", and only could if it said "tourisme". He said he could arrange to do it - if my carnet doesn't come - for CFA50000 (which is much cheaper, he assured me, than his corrupt colleagues at the border would charge!). TBC.

A guy tried to sell me insurance - no shop or office - and said gendarmerie was waiting just down the road but I didn't and they weren't. I got some in Saint-Louis for cheap the next day.

All in all no hassle apart from the non-voluntary fee at MR exit immigration. We got there around 1745 and the whole thing took less than an hour. I think we were the only ones heading south that I could see. A handful of cars and trucks headed north.

Diama border 16.22212, -16.41426

avoid this place, unless you absolutely have to like I did biking through during a thunderstorm... 2nd dirtiest place I've slept in all of Peru during my 3 months. I'm not very picky but used condoms all over the place is gross!
the lady is nice but came in at 730 to ask when I was leaving. paid 15s for one person. slept on the ground on my sleeping pad, more hygienic than the bed. really dodgy electrical as well wires going into a burnt out socket I was really concerned when water started coming in from the door and getting close to the electrical cord.

alojamiento -16.13921, -70.34561

We spent two nights here. Perfect place for overlanders and travelers. You have a potable water source right at site, toilets and a safe space. All that in the middle of the city. The locals also helped us out with finding Diesel.

Motorhome Park Zoológico La Guaricha Maturin 9.74367, -63.16452

Don't go if you're already sad, you'll walk out even more sad. Very serene, definitely worth a visit but very touching indeed.

Museum of memories -31.41657, -64.18502

Moved to this lot at 7:00am when paid parking down the road kicked in. Watched the sunrise here. Decent bathrooms with flush toilets. Lot says you can park all day except from 2:00am - 6:00am.

Dunphy Park (free day parking) 37.86150, -122.48870

Van or car parking on the north side of the street behind Safeway. Close to gas stations and shopping. Fairly quiet and out of the way.

Street Parking Behind Safeway 45.44665, -122.61838

Place safe and quiet in history center.
No convenience

parking history center -8.01669, -34.85052
Gray Manicom

Lovely place to stay. No wi-fi in the rooms but the staff were helpful, the aircon worked, there was wi-fi in the bar area and free pancakes at 15:00 after a nice swim was a treat.

Fawlty Hotel -17.85421, 25.85472

Je suis arrivé à 2am. ayant fait une résa via Booking. Le proprio m'annonce que finalement ya pas de chambre dispo. il m'a reloge dans un autre lieu au même prix, rien à voir avec se que j'ai réservé. A éviter à tout prix car se n'est pas la première fois que cela se produit. C'est du vol! à éviter!

Africa Thiossane 14.42712, -16.99202

The correct address is Deloqui 845, the staff is very nice and speaks perfect English

ANTARCTIC Last Minute deals -54.80696, -68.31041

Ask Robert, who is taking care of the place, if you can sleep here. He is very very friendly, like all the people who come here.
Roof, water, toilet, electricity.
You can sleep upstairs or in a little room, if you prefer. There are a lot of people playing soccer and volley at night as well as cardgames. The will leave around midnight. But nobody bothers you, if you want to sleep earlier.

Sports ground -8.55813, -77.62575

After getting < $240 in gas, I exited the pump area, turned left and parked across two spaces in my 27’ motor home. Best gas prices in area, but you have to be a Costco member.
I didn’t see any “No” signs in this area. No one came by.
There is road noise, but it’s just background noise. Two tankers came by to refill the station. I was still awake, but they were quiet anyway.
Three bars on AT&T.
During the nearby Costco store open hours, members can go inside for bathrooms, food court, and grocery shopping.

Costo Gas Station Parking Lot 35.38553, -119.04716

Nice campsite, we slept in no3. Quiet and peaceful. Clean and very original bathroom (without a roof), there is a donkey for hot water. We paid 225pp.

Steinheim Game Farm -22.90689, 16.84661

This is a good park to camp when in Shiraz. It is quiet at night. During the early morning and day a lot of people come to sport or picnic... All friendly and very interested. You can grab some fast food or a coffee nearby. As the previous comment already stated, the guard unfortunately is charging tourist prices now too. He wanted 1 million rial from us, but in the parking there is a sign with the official prices, stating that 24 hour parking with a bigger rig is only 400.000 rial (date 18/11/23). So we showed him the sign and gave him 500.000. He still wanted more, but then a local came to check and said we already paid enough and the guard had no choice than to wave us off. Its for us not about the 1 euro off course, but the principle of made up tourist prices that bothers us.

Parking at Jan’nat Park 29.61294, 52.47669

A Gem, not new, like everything the place aged. But I like it.
At the sites:
Most of the sites have a view to the river.
A Braai hokkie with cement floor, 3 walls and a roof. Cement seat on the three walls. And in the middle to the front a build braai place for two grids on each side and rods to change the height of the grids.
Water taps ..not drinking water.
Electricity points
Rubbish bins and also bins for glass and tins.
The sites are not all the same and not necessarily square sites, they are uniquely size shaped by the contours of the areas.

Jetty to launch a boat, you have to submit your skippers license at time of reservation and payment.
Lovely swimming pool and a build roofed seating area with built cement seats on the three walls. Please note. No fence and you have to accompany children 13 years and younger.
A swing and klim and klouter.
You have to bring your own drinking water
Ablutions clean, showers is lovely. No struggle to open and close the taps until water is perfect.

I felt very safe.
Friday and Saturday some canoeists accompanied by their coaches were practicing on the river.

Edenvalley -33.05212, 18.80702

Big parking (asphalte) juste before the sign entering recreation area.we slept there 2 nights without any disturbances, a car was doing rounds every night at dusk and before 9pm that’s it!Make sure you have a legitimate pass .The signs says no overnight camping but nothing about no overnight parking! No utilities other then dry toilets at walking distance in recreation area.Wifi is good. Enjoy respectfully!

Butcher Jones recreation site 33.57686, -111.51742

See bee Park
What a great spot! The views of the lake were spectacular especially during sunset and sunrise. Easy to find and clearly marked. Two spots have picnic table, shelter and fire rings. The last one had nothing.

We arrived around 3:30 pm and discovered there were a few “long term” tent campers tucked into the woods at a designated space, which we avoided by sharing a spot with another traveler in an RV. The downside of this spot was the extensive amount of garbage strewn about, despite easily accessible garbage cans and a large dumpster at the picnic areas. The other bummer was a fair amount of human waste and toilet paper along the woods lining the sites, however the actual bathrooms were neat and tidy. This was a great layover spot for our trek toward Marfa. We would definitely utilize this spot again. We felt safe and slept great.

One thing to note we were here midweek, but we feel it’s probably a local’s party spot on weekends based on the debris.

Sea Bee Park 32.53994, -99.71246

nice and quiet spot. just check the wind forecast. it started very quiet but, during the night, the wind became very strong. 8 hours stay time still present

Battle Creek Vista 40.35158, -121.77921

We were welcomed here with open arms. The camping sites were spacious and we had the entire camp to ourselves. Ablutions having been recently built are clean and hot water - lots of it! Owner knows this and is getting it fixed but when it’s cold the hot shower is welcome. Beautiful flowering cacti and fire wood available if you have forgotten some. A recent addition - a bar! Enjoy a nice cold beer. A tranquil and picturesque camping spot with an amazing sunset views.

Die oude Werf -29.22000, 17.48190

We loved this beach. We were in the first spot on the left (after the washed out road along the water) and felt so private. A bunch of people packed on the right side, for the shade I guess.

No utility at all I think but still worth it. Was so nice !

Los Coyotes (Bahia de Concepcion) 26.71461, -111.90532

We received 115 liters of diesel for 0.08 euros. Friendly staff.

Diesel with Diesel Card 34.83899, 48.49477

Filling up with water at decent pressure is still possible.

Water Tap of drinking Water 34.83899, 48.49477
Gray Manicom

Liked the backpackers. The cave-rooms have fans in them but were still very hot compared to the rooms with aircons. Swimming pool and braai area were clean and well-maintained. As with everywhere in Kasane it is easy to find a taxi and a tour into Chobe. The only gripe would be that the cutlery was limited and they did not have tongs, so we bought some cheap plastic stuff at the local Choppies.

Elephant Trail -17.80847, 25.21165

Fantastic spot!! We had the whole lot to ourselves last night and slept great. There is a road that has steady traffic but it eventually turns into white noise. Fantastic view of the city, especially at night, with planes taking off and lights sparkling. Not to mention the 3 volcanos directly to your left. We saw several police officers pass by but none paid any attention to us.

Road Pull off 35.12642, -106.78620

None of the fountains were working when we were there.

Info Center Water Fountain 34.86869, -111.76187

We crossed the border from Honduras to El Salvador. Very easy, almost no one else crossing, friendly staff. No car checking. TIP at El Salvador took some time, but still OK. Didn't pay anything for exit or enter.

El Poy, El Salvador to Antigua Octopeque, Honduras 14.37834, -89.20871

Free dump station located behind large shed at City Park. 2 blks from campsites at Memorial Park. On 3rd between Sherman Ave and S Burr

Jasper City Park 43.84864, -96.39802

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