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They offered just a cold wash. Hot or warm washing of the clothes was not possible.

Lavandaria Lavazac -49.32976, -72.89466

Nice calm place at the beach. There is a house close by but no inhabitants just security. We had to speak with a community council member and later the police, who checked what we were doing. After it was all no problem. Stayed for a few nice days. No amenities, just the beach and sea.

At the beach 5.94450, 1.00503

Art centre with workshop and small exhibitions of modern art. They are still developing the centre, but if you are into art this is definitely a place you have to visit. Entrance is free at the moment and they are happy to show you around. Combine it with a visit to the Museum and you will have a great day!

Morija Art Centre / Maeder House -29.62540, 27.50752

Nov 16,2023. Wide spot at the lookout.. there was a slight breeze which is nice.

Playa Panama and Playa Hermanos connecting road mirador 10.58363, -85.66932

it's a family with 7 children. they are very welcoming and said it's no problem for us to park there. we gave them 20 Leones as parking fee. they were really happy.
We observed that they have an electricity cable though at night they only use their solar flashlight. It is probably too expensive. You can also put your garbage in the dumpster behind the house

private House 7.31190, -11.30313

Heard about military and cartel check points from the previous 7 days and saw none of it. I did roll through 2 towns that something had been set up and yes people (30 or so) were sitting there at 7am but I just waved and they waved back and I rode right on through. I left cometin at 6:10 and was at the Mexican TIP for 7:45 and they took me right away. Then left and went to the border and they were so helpful on the Guatemala side.

Military Checkpoint 15.70032, -91.99853

Fairly quiet and plenty of parking space. The parking lots are well-lit so don't expect to find a dark area to park.

ONroute Port Hope 43.94165, -78.43237

They don’t do it anymore, according to them it is illegal to fill them

Aygaz Fuel Station 38.42646, 27.24339

Others say it's closed. But just buy gas, and ask.

San Paso Truck Stop 35.69472, -120.69887

Great campground. Site far apart. Level. No one on one side of me. Quiet and peaceful. Electric and water at site. First time i ever saw a site racked. Ill be back.

South Monticello Point Campgroud 33.29524, -107.18320

Stealth camping only. Accessible via dirt trail to the left of red gas station. As the trail veers left, turn right over the ridge and head towards the tree. Flat concrete surface is beside it. Some shops and cafes nearby.

Flat Concrete Slab (no vehicle access) 42.83572, -1.61003

Really nice people and helpfull.
Pablo father and Pablo son are realky friendly and they know a lot about mechanic things.

Mora Motor Sport -0.20316, -78.50520
Diane Adams

Large area, relatively quiet overnight. Very scenic in these parts. Travelling with our 32’ fifth wheel.

Vermont Distiller 42.85394, -72.79575

Cement lot cars and vans were using for parking. Easy spot to park a van. Not sure about over night no signage anywhere.

Parking Area 43.64133, -79.42284

this place is still open. 1030 monday-friday but its dependent on volunteers at Connect warming shelter who are not always available or understaffed.

Lewis Centre 49.69550, -124.99286

This spot we tried staying at & we were moved along by loggers. Its an active logging site & unsafe to park here. You will get moved along & they will threaten call a tow truck if dont leave.

Comox Lake Ecological Reserve 49.64228, -125.09711

Wifi only in restaurant
nice and clean
safe parking

The Food Station Motel -1.24031, 30.05551

Rest area (northbound) is now open

Rest Area Northbound 35.83170, -120.75826

Beautiful view of small lake, fairly level, gravel road in, easy access for two wheel drive, fire ring, very quiet

Yellowtail Wildlife Management Area 44.88111, -108.26631

Busy truck stop but not many cars or vans. Bathrooms clean and well lit.

Sallisaw Rest Area. East Bound I40 35.40638, -94.68115

Clean and safe for a night
Coffee free at morning

Posto Domingos -5.24845, -36.37222
Roadtrip 2020

Stayed here one night without any problems. Arrived 6pm and some locals with stock walked by. Nobody bothered us.
Did not see anybody at the trout farm either.

Piscigranja de Acapalca -9.32438, -77.18687

Stationnement sur la rue à 1,5km du centre-ville. La route est passante mais à part ça c’est parfait

Street Parking 36.16045, -86.78900

Beautiful quiet place to camp. The only easy to get to camp site. Made it in my old toyota corolla. Quite literally the ONLY and last camp spot for low clearance vehicles. On the off roads there are some here and there, my friend was able to get to in his truck but i couldnt make it anywhere but here. It was an awesome and beautiful night! No one bothered us. Can see lights from cars in the distance but no one came all the way out.

Alabama Uno 36.62158, -118.11309

quiet. no one bothered me in an suv all night. showed up around 1, left around 8

Wal-Mart 45.81871, -92.97687

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -18.05332, 33.13359

Cantandica Roadside -18.05332, 33.13359

Water ta is closed for renovations, but you can ask at the pronto and fill from behind the trash cans

COPEC Southbound, Osorno -40.46462, -73.03083

Siempre es maravilloso regresar a este lindo camping, disfrutamos de la entretenida compañía de otros viajeros, de la piscina y de todos los servicios impecables ❤️🌿☀️ 35 soles con electricidad.

Refugio Lima -12.09735, -76.78058

Número de contacto y WhatsApp: 318 6613794

Los Colores del Colibrí 4.24113, -76.12777

What an awesome spot. Tucked into the rocks for wind protection, east exposure for warm morning. Gorgeous.

Bushcamp Rocky Valley -21.80204, -68.00272

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