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Great station to rest when you are travelling. Nice bathrooms and restaurant with great food. There is also a small playground for kids.

Posto Elo Dourado -19.75958, -51.88605

Parking place between road (only very little traffic) and a nice garden. Cost in campervan is 6$ pppn. Owner Jeannie did not show up when we arrived, we were let in by her son (moving super slow motion) and the gardener.

Casa de Campo 0.06363, -78.12248

Nice campground with very clean and good showers. We paid €7 per night for a big rig with 2 persons, without asado and without electricity.
The city with supermarkets, shops and restaurants is in walking distance. You can walk the railway, but watch out for trains.
Be sure to have a meal at restaurante el moulino de casa azul! Perfecto!

Camping Lourdes -38.13274, -61.79154

Beautiful spot! We haven't seen anyone in about 24 hours. On the map the road seems to eind here, but in fact it's going all the way around. Good place to spend the day & night. P.s. We drove the van up to sleep. Down at the water is a bit to much of a slope.

Barragem da Meimoa 40.26646, -7.12000

300 for a bed in a shared tent with mosquito net, 300 for dinner, 60 for coffee. Nice, relaxing open place with chickens, ducks, and a car. Owner is looking to sell, he seems a bit fed up of answering the same questions for a quarter of a century, which is fair enough. Would recommend.

Bab-Sahara, Atar, Mauritania 20.51930, -13.06179

Huge paved fairly level parking lot. Very quiet, we were alone. 2bar Verizon and T-Mobile.

Mink Creek Boat Ramp 34.57683, -86.11668

Such a nice and calm place with a great view onto the mountains.

Graveled Parking Lot 37.22610, 34.78847

Stayed one night, confirmed with the manager and had no issues. Small lot, clean bathrooms. Pretty noisy due to McDonald’s next door, the highway and the airport but with our fans going we were able to drown it out. I was looking for some Wi-Fi and was able to connect to CB with no problem.

Cracker Barrel 36.81589, -76.06771

The road is open again. The place looks nice, but we didn't stay as there were too many mosquitos for us.

Celeste River Camping 10.73513, -84.88487

Hotel que permite llegada de Overlander, se puede usar baños y ducha, costo 20 soles/persona
Entrada mide 2,80 de alto, pero tiene también detrás del hotel un espacio abierto para vehículos más grandes

Vista Verde Hotel Lodge -11.96258, -75.24679
Murielle et Marc

We are at the only campsite in this town, rather a house which rents its garden to camper vans and still no more than 4... despite the disparaging comments from some on IOverlander the welcome is very good and the service too! It must be said that THE owner is absent, only the son and the father are there...also visiting Carolina the daughter who gave us very good advice...
Sommes au seul camping de cette cité plutôt une maison qui loue son jardin aux camping-caristes et encore pas plus de 4... malgré les commentaires désobligeants de certains sur IOverlander l'accueil est très bon et le service aussi ! Il faut dire que LA propriétaire est absente, seuls le fils et le père sont là...visite aussi de Carolina la fille qui nous a donné de très bons conseils...

Camping Alberto and Felicidad -19.04300, -65.25499

2000ARS pp, nice place, was busy in the day as it was a Sunday but everyone had left by 8pm, we had the place to ourselves. Swimming pool had water in it when we were there (November). Picnic tables, toilets showers, water and electric . Friendly owners, small kiosk was open for drinks snacks

Camping La Loma -26.76519, -66.05720

Just as described. We drove up a little past this pullout to another one. Not many of the spots are level but we made do with our levelers. Beautiful and peaceful. Two bars with Verizon. A bit bumpy on the way up and down.

Forest road 525 35.04894, -111.73519

Correction: I think a Toyota hillux truck with living cabin and any other car would fit in the parking space

Residencial Moroni - Alojamiento en Cochabamba -17.40524, -66.16475

Green place close to the beach. A lot of shade. It is calmer than on the beach as it is about away from the road.

Motorhome Parking -34.44127, -57.86550
Wind and Whim

Couldn't get a site at Sebastion Inlet until the next night, so we parked here. Didn't have any troubles. The staff start coming in around 5am, but no one bothered us. The train nearby is quite loud!

publix 27.76939, -80.44611

Great campground close to Brevard and Looking Glass climbing areas.
First come first serve campgrounds, they close some of the sites for winter, but there were plenty available.
Can use their dump station only for $10 or it's included in your campsite fees.
There are showers, flush toilets, WiFi in parking area, and firewood for sale.

Davidson River Campground 35.28120, -82.72260

Quiet and simple Motel.
room is clean, shower is clean, water is cold.
Staff is attentive and space in the court to maybe park a car. not suited for high vehicles.

Ventilated room: 8.000 CFA
Climatised room: 1.2000 CFA

Motel Du Chateu d'Eau 6.89536, -6.44765

We did not have the great experience others are mentining. Service was very slow. Only 1 waitress. We felt badly for her. Ordered the shrimp ceviche...what we got was some bad tasting clam dish. It was absolutely horrible. Told the waitress we didn't want it, paid for our beer and left. If you want a good meal, drive north about 15 minutes to Mulege Brewery.

Armando’s 26.76579, -111.88805

Dormimos super tranquilo, junto a Praça
lugar calmo, tranquilo e silencioso.
nos sentimos seguros.

Plaza Central -41.96516, -71.53392

Exit Guatemala, Sunday 19.11.2023 * We are assigned a parking space. There are only cars, no trucks or buses to be seen. * An official shows us the switch to stamp out the passports. * We change our last Quetzal in front of the building for a very good course (7.8) in US $. * The passport is stamped (we get a small white note that we will never need again) and then it goes out on the right out of the building to the next switch to stamp Sat for the tip. * Unusually the lady would like copies of the vehicle license, driver's license, passport, tip. She gets everything, makes a copy of the exit stamp and wants to see the car. * TIP ORGINAL is retained, we get a copy of the tip with stamp for El Salvador. Done. Time expenditure 10min. No costs.

Entry El Salvador los Chinamas, Sunday 2pm:: * An official takes the passports from our hands and assigns us a parking space to the right of the bridge. * He speaks perfect English and takes us to the counter to the entry stamp. * For the tip we have to go back to the bridge, blue pavilion next to our car. Copies of driving license, vehicle registration, passport, exit Tip Guatemala are required again. (The international vehicle registration document was helpful again today.) * Questions about the number of cylinders, displacement, weight should be answered. * The chassis number was compared to the vehicle and a quick look at the cabin. * We compare the information on the document, must provide an email address and sign it. * The official brings us back to the passport building. We wait. * After 10 minutes we get the finished document for our tip back from a very nice English-speaking official. Buon viaje. Welcome to el Salvador. Time expenditure about 45 minutes. Best, nicest border process in the past 3 years.

Valle Nuevo, Guatemala to Chinamas, El Salvador 14.01758, -89.90668

no Option for bigger rigs, because of the small gate and the low cables

Car Eros Hotel 14.15157, -90.04058

Looks closed, but also not for bigger rigs, the gate looks very tiny, place abdonded on a sunday afternoon

El Gran Palmar Hotel y Restaurante 14.15032, -90.03828

yes, it is may be a possibility, if you are to late, but it is not nice, not huge, 23km to the border, 20km to thermales santa Theresa....why should somebody choose these place?

Texaco 14.13947, -90.01883

thanks for sharing. Huge Petrol Station. good price, paid for ION Diesel 31,59QpG. autoservico only with prepaid, nice staff also

PUMA - ULSD 14.30243, -90.37779

Avoid Sunday. The street to the termales is narrow and many shrubs and trees. At the ticket office the roof is about 3.5m, you have to go opposite the direction of travel to the very bumpy, uneven parking lot with many trees and cars. The termal bath is great, but the journey and the parking lot are not for large cars (we had a hard time with 28ft and 3.65h. Various low cables in the parking lot as well as on the access road.The parking lot is brightly lit at night and dog barking can be heard again and again. The party music was off from 10pm.

Termales de Santa Teresa 13.90255, -89.81812

Highly recommend staying here, the owner is super friendly speaks English, and also brews his own beer which you can buy and it was delicious. the toilets and hot showers were the best we've seen, all built by him. The setting is great too, most of the spots have a place to build a fire. We paid 5000pp. It's also very environmentally friendly, with recyclable materials used for the facilities, and wood from the surrounding forest, and they also have a system for the water too.

El Orejano campsite -41.23548, -71.43058

Still here ! Thank you, hard to find water in SV

Agua Distributor 13.71388, -89.72531

There is a nice spot right in between the Food Lion and Ace Hardware. The planet Fitness in the lot is 24 hours which I used for showers, water refills and gym. Stayed on a Saturday night with no issues. Tried the second night and to many ppl were walking past and playing basketball so it might be a hit or miss.

Planet Fitness/Food Lion 33.98811, -81.05517

Slept in my car here overnight. About 5 minutes after I arrived another car pulled up and realized they were going fishing. Once they went down to the river I got situated had no issues all night. Yes, smells pretty bad outside but didn’t affect my sleep. My only issue was waking up at 6am needing the bathroom. Just went to the planet fitness in Cayce.

Cayce Riverwalk Battlefield Connection 33.94826, -81.02985

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