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Campground in front of beach in tall trees with grassy sites - varied spaces at different heights, attractive despite being surrounded (the variety provides a positive sense of place),  firewood delivered (CAD 10.00), firepit and picnic table, CAD 56.50 (cash only).

PineCrest farmhouse campground 44.30861, -76.25447

Don’t go passed it and go to some other persons house that has a camping sign like I did. It’s only 200 mxn a night next door but there’s nothing except a pit toilet and dogs that don’t shut up

Cuatro Casas Hostel 30.93350, -116.24222

Extensive campground with varied site size (ours OK, a little close to neighbours on one side but OK) lots of potable water standpipes, ablutions with showers (included) flush toilets and washbasins, plus wash station for crockery, sites varied at various levels in forest. CAD 48.11. D, beach.

La Grenouille campground. Mont Tremblant Parc Nacional (Québec) 46.33103, -74.50464

This morning this tap was not working. The next one was ok.

Water Supply 9.67021, -83.88683

This tap was working fine today. The pressure is good.

Water Supply 9.68757, -83.90011

I don't quite understand the hype, it's a partly one-lane road, unpaved, through the mountains, fantastic landscape, the locals drive from the Toyota Corola to the truck with a trailer and excavator on this route

Trampolina del Muerte 1.06897, -76.77134

Its 5$ per Person. Clean Showers. Clean showers.

Ruby's Inn 37.67243, -112.15776

Campground with serviced and open sites, latter small sites around a grassy area with fireplaces (with chimneys), picnic tables, flush toilets, showers (??). CAD 42.54,

Camping La Rocaille 48.30947, -71.20078

The camping ground and marina are closed for the season. However, the marina’s parking lot is still accessible. Numerous hiking trails start from the parking. Locals visit the location to admire the view or walk their dogs.

Nipigon Marina and Campground 49.00754, -88.25577

Chaikhana kind of place, but they also have rooms in the back, if you ask.
And there’s a compressor in free access for those who arrive from the dunes !

Hojat restaurant and “Amour” hotel 34.21229, 51.52627
Adventures of Staude

Super-fast internet, top service and very tasty breakfast and cafe. Download and upload more than 💯 Mbit.

🔥Youtube/Insta (adventures of rema)

Cafe San Pedro 20.67375, -103.36857
Adventures of Staude

We felt very safe and the night was very quiet considering the conditions. 24h / 159 pesos.

🔥Youtube/Insta (adventures of rema)

estacionamientos nota de venta 20.67383, -103.34926

Short track on west bank south of highway to gravel area surrounded by trees adjacent to river (short walk to riverbank), some traffic noise but not much traffic during the night, few mosquitoes, nice to sit in the sun for breakfast.

Miron RIver, west bank 53.23283, -66.00156

Great campground. Friendly people and you get to meet other overlanders.

Their water supply is not clean and has a lot of sediment. Best if you fill up with water at a gas station on your way here.

La Chacra Holandesa -34.73683, -55.73919

Mealy Mountain campground- essentially the yard of the house and gallery, a gravel space next to the sea, showers (finicky), flush toilet (no sink), gazebo with fan and electrical outlets, wifi, CAD 35.00. Very friendly owners.

Mealy Mountain Gallery 53.69900, -57.01114

Store selling gas bottles. 7600 pesos per 10 kg bottle (November 2023). Very kind staff.

Ramos generales El Rural -47.75175, -65.88810

No petrol or diesel here, make sure you have enough for the 58km ish to Perito Moreno!

YPF -46.55054, -71.62735

We stopped here with an almost empty tank to find out there was "no fuel" we are driving a Chilean car so maybe that's why or maybe there is a shortage. Anyway be careful as the next one is in Perito Moreno which is 58km away. Stations in Chile Chico just across the border the other way had fuel.

YPF NO FUEL -46.55058, -71.62742

Here at Caja Los Andes you will find Western Union service
lunes a viernes 9:00 / 18:00 sábado 9:00 / 13:00

Caja Los Andes - Western Union -16.56286, -69.03737

Basic, clean, spacious! We thought it was a great spot and so affordable. We paid 20$ with electricity. Next time we will use the cutesy golf course.

Centennial Park 33.79354, -113.55800

diesel and gasoline payment only in cash

Grifo Rodrich -16.57471, -69.04875

Just so you know, They don’t have water anymore

Petrobras -51.72421, -72.51026

Nice place, AWD necessary to access, thorny grass. Nice view of Aragon and beautiful sunset.

San Pelegrin 42.18921, -0.00024

Fine just to spend night, people leave trash. Verizon 2 bars, works good

Away from the town 46.58836, -121.68524

Showers we used for free, ask in the fuel office next to the cafe. Very clean and warm, hot water! Just went off briefly when someone flushed the toilet but not too long. Toilets also free and with loo roll, soap and hot water!

Axion garage showers -46.58334, -70.92987

Stayed overnight. Very quiet. No issues. Bought a little something from the gift shop.

Cracker Barrel 40.46643, -78.40930

Multilevel campground- friendly welcome, relocated for better ablutions access , compact gravel site with  grass at side, picnic table and firepit, ours looking over lake valley with loons calling and starlit sky. CAD 47.00 + 8.00 for (excellent) firewood.

Camping St Mathieu 48.16131, -69.00525

Chile --> Argentinia
The most organized border crossing since we've traveled down here from Canada. You start at window number 1 and end 10 meters further on window number 4. (with dog to window number 5). It took us an hour even though a bus arrived in front of us. Meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables are controlled and cannot be imported into Argentina.

Immigration + Customs Chile Argentina -23.23720, -67.02305

Standard Camping World store, with external dump and water.
Loja padrão Camping World, com dump externo e água.

Camping World 30.53508, -87.70735

We got there in our Promaster. Road is rough but doable. We spent a nice and quiet night. Only 2 other vehicles in a distance. In the morning, while walking nearby, we saw «donuts» freshly made on the ground. We wondered what kind if people are coming by and didn’t want to see. We didn’t stay.

Saddle Mountain BLM Land 33.44520, -113.01440

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