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Hotel on RN52, with ample parking and a restaurant. No liquor or beer.

Las Vertientes -23.41123, -66.37428

We checked out the place mentioned in the previous comment by taking right when the road splits. We thought it was too close to the road and too much viability so we decided to take left instead at the split. We drove around the mountain and found a spot we liked. Didn’t see or hear anyone all night. On the other hand, there were a millions flies who came to visit so we had to light a fire when we arrived around 16pm. It was 38C and no wind at the time. However from 19pm and up until we left the next day, the wind got really strong.

Next to beginning of a hiking trail. -24.04965, 15.98525

Slept in the parking lot next to the fence. No issues

Walmart 43.23517, -79.87624

This hotel it is okay to stay for one night when it is getting dark, it is raining and you are on a bicycle. I payed 500 pesos for a night. Clean, hot shower, air conditioning (noisy). Enough space to park the bike in the room.

Hotel Colonial 22.99837, -105.85893

As said by others; beautiful campsite, not a lot of parking space.
Only rig today, 2 tents on the campgrounds.
Showers were warm but not hot, the weather is not great, so that would explain.
The hike is well worth the 4 hours!

Parque Patagonia – Casa de Piedra -47.05790, -72.19591

follow the road on the right. several options to camp. next to a baobab or further up. nice birds around but also a lot of flies. there were no people around and very quiet.

Nice place hidden from the road and quiet -18.35021, 13.77925

Beautiful spot but difficult to leave when snowy or muddy with big rigs. For us it was to risky in snowy conditions.

Lago Hess - Camping Libre (Free) -41.38043, -71.73766

Very beautiful place! The road getting there can be complicated because you have to go through the neighborhoods on the hills. You can easily do it by yourself, unless you want to do rapel. 5 soles, takes about an hour to do the whole canyon.

7 cañones qorihuilca -13.14157, -74.24690

Very large parking lot. I asked if we can overnight and the nice ladie says yes no problem. Just keep the front spaces for trucks and rv's are in the back. I had no issues.

Vaughn Conaco 34.59503, -105.18803

🇪🇸 Dormimos una noche, por la noche muy tranquilo. Era domingo y fuera de temporada porque sábado parece si hay movimiento. A 50 metros en el hotel Velero Azul hay un grifo en la calle y me dejaron cargar un bidón de 15 litros, más no pero ayudó!

street parking -2.19824, -80.98273

Quiet with very little background noise. Nearby roads have an occasional vehicle. Considering the sparseness of the area I highly recommend!

Corridor Trailhead 36.32768, -80.46314

7 minutes from the airport. Can’t complain. Definitely a lot of trash left behind. There’s a trash can so please just pick up after yourself. Called and they said we could stay. Relatively quiet aside from the garbage truck.

Cracker Barrel 39.87030, -75.31984

After going to different beaches our van needed a wash ASAP we came to this place 150 córdobas outside only or 250 córdobas with interior vacuum

Chaparro carwash 11.26033, -85.86227

Rolled up to a fire ring and small trail leading to a sandy beach by the river. Here in an Astrovan, high clearance NOT necessary. However, I wouldn’t come here if it rained recently, as it looks like the side road would turn to mud. No cell service.

Riverside dispersed camping 36.33727, -106.64112

Estacionamento muuuuito grande e plano. Funcionários atenciosos e adoram motorhomes. Pernoite a partir de R$ 25.

Huge and flat parking area. People Who work there really like motorhomes and are very friendly. Parking at night from R$ 25

Arya Park -25.40544, -49.27101

Nice location with lots of trees. Only stayed for 1 night. Wifi really bad, but 4G works. The town looked nice and had a really great panaderia close to the petrol station.

Camping Don Cirilo -38.89217, -71.14888

Lugar muy tranquilo, estación de servicio limpio y personal amable. Pasamos una noche.
Mucho viento en la zona

Ypf gas station -43.88479, -68.41290

Un lugar hermoso en medio de plantaciones de mango, papaya y pitahaya. Baño muy limpio y ducha caliente. Pagamos 35 soles para 2 personas y la van

Pampa Rosario -9.48937, -78.24288
Kimball Stone

If you want to get parked next to an industrial, gas powered air compressor while somebody gets their hull sandblasted for endless hours, this is the place for you.

Fantastic bathrooms, though.

Edit: I had some troubles pop up, and ended up needing to stay here for three weeks.

The good: the bathrooms. The staff is super friendly. The ability to meet a cool community of other global travelers with minimal effort. The fact that it is very safe and secure. As in, armed guards walking the property at night with flashlights and such. DIY laundry.

The bad: 75Q without electricity is really expensive for a long stay in an ugly, noisy, smelly, industrial boat yard. I talked to them about a discount, and after haggling I ended up getting one free night.
DIY laundry is $5usd per load (which is good or bad, depending on how you look at it).
The tienda onsite is super overpriced.
The walk into town is one of squeezing your body out of the way of an endless parade of trucks. Doing it once with my dog was enough. If you can snag a lancha or dinghy ride, that's the way to go.
In three weeks, there were two other vehicle travelers, a French family and a Swiss French couple.
The guards directed the French family to park in a spot that was directly downwind of hull sandblasting. They got all set up and had their side door open broadside to the direction of the breeze. Then the sandblasting started up and their van was immediately filled with an opaque cloud of toxic dust. They left immediately.

The Swiss French couple was parked roughly in the same place the day after sandblasting was finished. They stayed for two nights while they went to Livingston, then left without incident.

All in all, I regret the need to stay here for so long. The specific place had me ready to leave after one night, and the social life aside, the ensuing 19 did little to change my opinion.
Hate to bag on a place with such friendly staff, but for most vehicle travelers, it's really only good for the security and the bathrooms.

Ram marina 15.65549, -88.99283

Good place to stay. Accessible with 2wd, movistar signal. Quiet, but popular place for fishing. We were alone.

Riverside - Rio Azul -42.01947, -71.59598

local seguro e tranquilo, combustível de qualidade, água e e banho.

Ipiranga Gas Station -29.38985, -50.87399

Abandoned and boarded-up AGVP shed. Provides your motorhome with cover from the wind, if nothing else. Contrary to previous reviews, we found no wifi network (as was to be expected of an abandoned shed).

AGVP shed -50.34999, -71.58810

Still a good place to use wifi, also to have a Drink, grab an empanada and take a rest.

Free WiFi! -34.33639, -56.74239

Paved, side of road, level space to pull far over if you need to rest. Road traffic noise. There is a truck parked on the other side, so it appears there is also room if driving west. Pitch black out here, so I decided to pull over and wait for sunrise. I’m guessing the traffic will slow down later. It’s 7:15 p.m., over two hours since sunset.

CA Hwy 20 E Roadside 39.18531, -123.02632
sonny jadun

The price to stay overnight is $5 (180C). That is what they charge me. Better have the correct change, or you will have to dole out 200C.
2. Google Maps will get you here.
3. You definitely need high clearance and 4x4, especially during the rainy season. The road is deeply rutted. If it's dry, AWD with high clearance and not heavily loaded will make it too. I am attaching photos to gelp you decide.
4. No clean drinking water here. Make sure you have enough water.
5. Keep an eye on the weather as it gets cloudy up on San Cristobal. You may not see anything.
6. It's very quiet and tranquil here. I was the only one here.
6. Photos added to give you an idea of the road.
Comments after the hike:
1. There was a lot of brush overgrowth on the trail. Please wear a pant and extra shoet for little padding in case you fall coming down.
2. Recommend leaving at 5:00 so heat is not a factor.
3. The hike is listed as a 2.5-hour hike. The last 600m (the most difficult), it took me almost 2.5 hrs to climb. It's pure gravel. It's hard hiking if you can not grip.
4. The hardest part of the hike was coming down. It is like sand boarding with shoes on. I had about 20-25 falls. Luckily, nothing serious. I am sore, though.
5. On the way up, the trail has flags that you can follow.
6. On the way down, I got lost as I could not cut across to the right (if seeing volcano from the ground up) as it was slippery. Whatever you do, follow your descent from flag to flag, or you will be lost. It will be difficult as slipping on the slope is a major concern.
7. Please go with someone or a guide. Solo hike is not recommended.
8. The 2.5 hours hike turned into 12 hours jungle survival skills. I was out of water, so I had to drink out of a stream bed. I'm lucky to be alive and to be able to make it back to Finca.
9. When I got lost I followed the mainstream going down. The thought eas that I will have have access to water and there may be houses next to the channel. I was right about the water availability, but there is no civilization. The stream bed at the end turns into a jungle. My only chance was cut across tgru the jungle to an ioverlander pin marked as 2.5 miles wild camp stay spot. Good thing I had a battery storage bank.
10. Please make sure you shoes have good traction. Otherwise, it will be slip and slide.
11.Make sure to take a mask as crater has a pungent smell. You start to feel soreness around the throat.

Finca San Cristobal 12.69642, -87.02845
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

Arrival from Genova. Smooth process. All paperwork had been prepared on the ferry. We cleared all formalities in 15 minutes. Baggage was not checked.

Tunis Port 36.80934, 10.30402

I have nothing much to add, except that it’s a really sweet place to camp: nice fire ring, mostly quiet, a little bit of shade, lovely views… I needed a break from my travels, and I stayed two nights.

Forest Service Road 248D Kaibab National Forest 36.86005, -112.27004

Pulled in late so I didn't see the large semi lot. Parking we quite full but parked in front of Danny's as others had already set up. Not a restful sleep with the loud street and people coming and going all night. Car doors and trunks slamming throughout the night. Security drove by on a golf cart at about 10pm but no one was asked to move. I'm assuming if they have enough spots available overnight for the few Denny's customers they don't care

Flying J - truck stop 35.08089, -106.74578

Stopped here a couple of nights. Very quiet but it is November. Nice walk direct from the park up. Would certainly use again.

Portaloo still here. Nothing else.

Merwin Nature Preserve North Entrance 40.66898, -88.88906

Camped here in a Toyota Rav4. The road in from the north is fairly steep and rutted, lots of potholes. I was fine going slow and steady in 2WD. It is a trek to get up here, but so worth it. Lots of pull outs right off of the road as you come up, some private property with gates off of either side of the mostly 1 lane road, so watch out for those so you are not blocking the way. GPS brought me directly to the site, then continue down a narrow path (wide enough for the car) on the far side of the camp site, to the bluff overlooking the lake. Fire pits both on the bluff and up top. I would only use the bluff for tent/car/small van camping, larger rigs should stay up top. 2-3 bars of Visible cell service. Super quiet at night, some daytime ATV/dirt bike noise and target shooting.

As others have mentioned, there is a sign at the beginning of the road that states that the road is closed 5 miles ahead due to fire damage. The gate at the 5 mile marker is open.

High Valley Rd 39.10393, -122.76045

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