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Esta rua fica atrás da rua principal de Trindade, onde se localiza o posto de saúde. Local permitido estacionar, tranquilo, próximo de tudo. Porém, não tem água nem energia, mas há ducha para banho grátis, da associação de moradores, a 50m. Muitos motorhomes estacionam neste local. Neste dia tinham 3 Kombi estacionadas, uma delas a 1 semana.

Praia do Rancho -23.35140, -44.72336

Random hot springs. lol
we followed the directions, but missed it somehow and ended up going thru the cattle gate. when we got there we walked over, put the plug in and walked back to make dinner. went back, and the tub was too cold for my blood. hubby was fine. probably around 95-99 ish. only soaked for about 15 minutes. decided to go to bed and let the source water work it's magic. this am, maybe about 99. the source is definitely warmer but piping was too far from it. beautiful, clean.

we cleaned and drained for the next person

Bartine Hot Springs 39.55807, -116.36112

Super busy rest stop, thus lots of road noise. But felt safe for one night.

i-95 Mile 220 SB Rest Stop 28.70857, -80.88764

estación de servicios con duchas pagas y muy limpia.

km 139.500 -33.73359, -56.32169

Pull off right on old highway 89. 2 bars Verizon.

Riverside #2 37.62144, -112.45661

As others mentioned, bumpy road going in but made it fine with our low clearance 2wd van. Lots of campers here and decent cell service. Nice and close proximity to Zion.

BLM LaVerkin 37.20576, -113.24175

Camping completo por 800 pesos o motorhome. Ótima opção!

Camping Municipal . General San Martin -31.36105, -64.26312

Fantastic and íknowledgeable as everyone has said. He makes the process incredibly clear. I wanted to add a picture.

Veterinaria Clinica 11.43754, -85.82865
Fish and Kitty

Large, clean laundromat with various front-loading washer sizes and big industrial-sized dryers. Uses a card system: you pay $5 up-front for a card with $2 loaded (the other $3 is a deposit for the card), and you can add additional funds as needed. Washers are modern and range from $3-9/load depending on size. Dryers are $0.45 for each 7 minute increment. The remaining balance and the $3 deposit are refundable with a big caveat: you can get only a maximum of $5 back. So be careful and don’t overload your card. Detergent, dryer sheets, and other incidentals are also available for purchase.

Grande Laundry Place 33.14216, -117.20117

We reserved the tour with Solo Expediciones (112 USD per person) but they cancelled due to weather conditions on the day before. Then we tried to go on the next day but they said they are full on that day. Finally they said we can go, but the tour is still not sure to happen due to weather.

Communication is quite poor from their side and it is very weather dependent. You can try going, but just remember there is high chance it won’t happen… we also read some blogs where they said the whole boat was vomiting on the way back haha

Well anyway, we will try to see penguins in Puerto Madryn area in Argentina instead

Isla Magdalena - monumental natural los pinguinos -52.91994, -70.57140

Between the park and the police station. almost level, a lot of light but the park is very nice. at one corner is a very clean dixy toilet. quiet at night.

Moguegua -17.18218, -70.89966

They still here! wonderfull. thousends.... a bit far away but beautifull

Flamingos -16.83440, -70.07285

Great place to over night. We parked off to the side of the overpass. There was some road noise but had no problem sleeping through it.

Keith road 49.33425, -123.11899
Guy Giesa-Wilson

This was a really great area to camp. I didn't feel comfortable in the exposed spot right on the road, so I rode my motorcycle a bit into a pasture just a few meters to the west and set up camp there. It dumped rain in the middle of the night but the sun was out again in the morning and the mist rolling through the forest and valley as I was getting camp packed up was spectacular.

Canyon Apurimac -13.33678, -73.24788
Guy Giesa-Wilson

Rode through here and picked up on a strange and unfriendly vibe from the locals so decided to continue on and camp rather than stay at the hotel. I can confirm that the hotel is still in operation but I didn't see any of the rooms. The camping spot 20 miles up the road was great though.

Hostal Cusco -13.41064, -73.16089

If you look at the satellite image you can see there's parking by the semi in the back. I stayed there because you can't hear the traffic, only idling semis which I prefer. Also you're not right near the bathrooms so people aren't pulling up next to you playing music etc.

Gold Run Rest Area 39.18005, -120.85042

Kim the retail manager was incredibly welcome and actually looks forward to hosting RVs. She made us feel so welcome and wanted to

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 32.11292, -81.23615

As others have said, a very nice place right at the edge of the dunes. Mohamed's son helped us by doing a couple of minor repairs for us. Decent wifi, very clean and safe.

La Gazelle Bleue 31.09048, -4.00451

This was a decent RV park. 35$ for a site with electricity and water, and an RV dump available on site that is complimentary for guests. Decent washrooms and hot showers. Each site has a sun shelter and picnic table. Amidst the not great RV parks out there, this one was affordable and nice. Very centrally located, next to a brewery and close to gas and grocery stores. You could hear some road noise, but not an issue overnight in our van with a sound machine on.

Coronado Campground 35.32473, -106.55856

Fills up pretty quick, I showed up at 8:30pm and thankfully someone was cool with us sharing the spot. We parked right near the road in our short skoolie. Relatively flat and one bar of T-Mobile. Quiet and little noise besides a few vehicles driving by.

Leeds Canyon. FR 032 37.26872, -113.37327

This place is truly a gem! We stayed here for 4 nights in the bungalow and arranged a walking Safari with Bragash (Babas Brother).
Walking through the habitat of rhinos and tigers was an amazing experience and we were really lucky to encounter both!

The resort is a really chilled place, where you can easily spend some days, read a book and just forget about time! The food in the restaurant is average, but you can also walk into the village for some samosas or fruits.
They have a water filter and you get filtered water for free.
The staff are very friendly and we Baba and Bragash are lovely people!
I definitely recommend staying here.

Wild Planet Eco Lodge, Bardya Nationalpark 28.45052, 81.24153
Fish and Kitty

Park and ride lot, pretty empty on a Friday night. Yes, it's right next to the freeway, but the noise wasn't that bad considering. Extremely good Verizon signal, among the highest 5G download speed I've seen anywhere.

Public Park and Ride 32.96034, -117.11037

Parked around the corner from NOMA and on the other side of the lake where you can rent paddle boats, bikes, etc. Several cars here overnight. Peaceful night.

Street parking along LeLond Dr, avenue going to NOMA 29.98485, -90.09116

Parked in the back next to a sprinter and a car camper. Didn’t ask permission but was left alone. After Burger King closed it was very quiet.

Chevron Gas Station and Burger King 35.85517, -111.42269

Budget friendly pension, 34,000 Won for a large double room. It’s not 5 star, but here is clean, there is plenty of hot water, nice bathroom and safe parking on the premises. Just needed after a day with torrential rain and strong winds. The decorations in the hallway you can admire for free. Found the place through

Purmir Pension 33.46818, 126.92979

Next to a roadside services there is a narrow dirt track leading down to a small grassy clearing by the river. Enough flat land for a tent, or more if you cross the bridges. It's a pretty little spot protected from the wind, and the rapids cover the noise from the road. We asked the couple at one of the services if we could camp here, they said of course. It's worth asking as you are visible from the road. They also said we could pitch in the services, which might be useful if it's raining. They were super friendly. There is a toilet in the services, and you can get water there. The river water isn't clear. Good signal. Bicycles and motorcycle only by the river, but if you've got a vehicle you can park up on the road.

Oh, yeah... There are some very territorial geese down there. Almost like guard dogs. We spent about 10 minutes sparring with them until they got to know us and stopped squawking. Then they left us alone and it was very peaceful. Try feeding them. Don't run away or break eye contact.

Goose River Camp 27.61436, 101.80736

Make sure you check your booking. They put a random Tour Operator on our ticket. And now we want to change dates but we can't, as we are not the tour operator.

Waiting for 1 hour to get the tour operator - that we never heard of - to come to the UWA office.

Also be proactive. Don't grab a number and wait. Nobody is using the numbers. Just ask and you will be helped.

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) 0.33630, 32.58342

Unfortunately, we did not have the incredible experience of other reviews. Jimmy is a good person, but the constant insistence that he wants you to buy crafts and things they produce all the time bothers him a little. The alternative is next to the Church with Yordi, but it is right next door. side of the main road. We were not expecting this and were a little disappointed.

Puerto Kalapajra Tour to Uros -15.81902, -69.98887

We did managed to connect to the free wifi here, however it was intermittent at best.

Free Wi-Fi in the street -20.46436, -66.82722

we were allowed to stay at the back parkinglot of the hotel. quiet, secure, may use the pool. They lock the gate during the night. 150bol/car and two of us incl breakfast

Camiri Hotel las Tinajitas -20.01584, -63.52996

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