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Arrived around 4:30 PM beautiful spot, lots of trucks with trailers. Around 10 PM place was completely empty. Deputy rolled up asked me to move to another spot in the parking lot. I was parked in a boat with trailer spot lol so I moved parked next to the building.. incredible night of stargazing, slept until 9 am the next day …

Dawhoo Bridge Boat Ramp 32.63507, -80.34135

The Atm don’t have money for me. The man hat a realy bad rate. 20 Dollar for 700 peso per Dollar und 100 Dollar for 800 per Dollar.

Artisanal Knife and Carving Shop -23.74582, -65.49891

Great service! We got our 10 kg of laundry back after 3 hours. Everything was perfectly folded and sorted.

Centro de Lavado Fe-Liz 25.03129, -111.67291

Still Open. also the water. thank you Shell for this!

Antigonish Shell 45.61126, -61.97067

great spot. beautiful sunrise. mussels at the beach. would highly recommend

Louisdale Oldman boat ramp 45.58897, -61.08724

not open today. closed for winter. But yes. looks great if open

Louisdale 45.59188, -61.08890

This place is a gem! It's Friday night and I have the carpark to myself. The walk to the beach is lovely, loo's were locked when I arrived, but the shower works. Noise from the road is minimal in my car. Sunset is amazing and the bird life is great, especially on the beach : )

Laguna Conchali -31.88097, -71.49404

A mugg & bean for coffee and sweets. Just next to the total petrol station

Mugg & Bean -16.80969, 26.98376

Great stay! Would stop here again great sunset and sunrise.

Sheep Mt. Overlook 43.67334, -102.56682
Numinous Expeditions

We met with the Commodore of the club who showed us to the campsite. Had everything we needed. Water, electricity and ablutions. Big rig friendly with level stands. The mozzies were extreme, but sunsets were awesome. Good spot for yacht watching and even got offered a sail trip on the weekly Tuesday yacht race. Nice bar with a good view, restaurant with limited options. There is a swimming pool and an awesome yachting supply store which had everything we needed to do maintenance on the truck. We were running a local project so did not get charged, so maybe phone ahead for the price.

Downsides were:
Ablutions are fine to use, but could be better. Shower curtain opens up to main bathroom - which is slightly awkward.
busy over weekends so lots of kids, can be somewhat noisy at times.

Zululand Yacht club -28.79128, 32.08340

Nice bakery. We loved the Croissants and the Baguette 😋

Au bon pain - Panaderia frances -16.53096, -68.07244

Great place next to the river (almost still when I was there), plenty of trees for shade and a few level places to pitch a tent beneath the trees. Place for one or two vehicles but probably difficult for big rigs

Río Grande (near Dique Antonio Esteban Agüero) -33.06705, -66.07126

This is only for day- use... and therefore named camping DIURNO !
A nice place to park and have lunch for example. The village is very small and accessible by foot

Camping El Diurno -32.81147, -66.09625

Nice place under big trees with access to the Rio Grande. Close to the road but partly hidden by the trees.
Easy access, big rigs owners maybe check out by foot first.

Rio Grande -32.85305, -66.10961

Basic, small but nice campground next to the owners house. Super quiet. Warm showers in the evening, parrillas, very clean. No internet but WiFi in the village, no electricity. Paid 1500$arg

Camping Victorio -32.80752, -66.08757

Clean single rooms with bathroom, fan, TV and WiFi cost 14k, including breakfast and dinner (20k double occupancy, more expensive rooms with AC). No discount if not eating there.
Nice and friendly, very few options in town.

Hôtel Chez Nous 12.71558, -15.56207

Yea- great low key spot for cycle tourists. Careful though- loads of poison ivy in the field but really great hidden spot for your tent in the back right corner.

Saw two four wheelers pass on the road in the evening but no one else.

Laberinto 2.48719, -75.55280

Water spigot with hose at the Goasis to the left of the ice coolers.

Petro Travel Station 29.40871, -82.24656

This place is amazing! Great views, easy to get to. Plenty of room. Nice road in. Great spot!

Woodside 39.26846, -110.34550

Super quiet! When I rolled in on a Friday night, there was already another vanlifer

Arden Park 39.05454, -76.61988

Quiet truck stop with access to clean showers and bathrooms. Arrived after dark and left early the next morning. Near the highway but there is a frontage road with minimal traffic so there wasn't a lot of raid noise. Would stay here again.

Valero truck stop 36.18750, -121.07638

Beautiful spot, needs AWD or 4x4 in winter but there’s room for a group of rigs
Go a little farther than coordinates, go down and eventually take the right turn to find the fire pit spots by the water
Probably more accessible in warmer weather

Clearwater Area / riverside 51.03736, -114.05964

This place is permanently closed.

Howarth Park 38.45299, -122.66805

Nice area with lots of space for motorhome and tents, friendly owner. Easy access from downtown. Electricity available, pay what you use. Bathroom Male and female separate.
price in November 2023 R$35,00 per person.

Motorhome Ecopark -5.74459, -35.21169

Great views over the lake, had the place to ourselves. Decent ATT service.

Fr 365 Dispersed Camping in Flaming Gorge 40.99381, -109.62803

This place is permanently closed.

E Frye Road 33.29777, -111.96265

easy overnight with many spaces! picnic area and restrooms, plus water fills.

Arizona Welcome Center I-40 35.35290, -109.05798

A great place to stay, do the rock art trail or a Rooibos Tour to see how Rooibos is cultivated - here ut all started with the Rooibos industry.
Excellent food for very reasonable prices, a great shop where you can buy loose Rooibos tea in big bags, jam, marmwlades, biltong, meat (frozen). Very recommended stoo 😁

Travelers Rest - Restaurant & cottages -32.07076, 19.07569

Bonito lugar con una hermosa playa. Al principio no había viento, pero se levantó durante la noche, movimos la furgoneta lo suficientemente rápido como para ponerla un poco más baja. Y estábamos más protegidos. Mucho papel higiénico... ¡No olvides traerlo contigo! Vimos a un bebé de león marino con gripe aviar.

Playa El Pozo -42.82287, -64.88769

Dirty Devil campground. 3rd turnout off Hwy 98 north of Hite Bridge. Although close to highway, it’s very quiet, peaceful, fabulous stars! Pit toilets, no other services No cell service.

Dirty Devil River 37.90104, -110.39842

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