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uma praça muito linda e segura, com água e internet. Água fica do outro lado no parque mais e bem perto.

Plaza de la Francia -31.40655, -62.63277

We have spent a pleasant night here (do ask permission in the administration office), occasionally a curious monk pokes his head inside the van.
The monastery is worth a visit, a good place to discover another world up close.

Gyoto Tantric monastery parking 32.18637, 76.36872

Compared to other campsites in Guatemala completely overpriced with Q50 per person and night for what you get! The campsite was super muddy because of the rainfall in the last 2 weeks. We were afraid that we could get stuck, but we were not allowed to stand in the parking lot next to it, we had to go to the mud meadow. But at least the keeper of the camp ground was welcoming and helped us with a lot close to the road so we did not have to drive through the worst parts. The toilet / shower facilities are closed during the day, you have to ask the campsite keeper every time, at night he leaves them open.
To see Tikal as early as possible in the morning (from 6am) it's ideal, less than a 5-minute walk from the entrance. Sunrise and sunset visit only possible with a tour, which costs another Q100 per person - we were told.

IG: compasschronicle

Tikal Campground 17.22527, -89.61132

Great find at the end of a long day. We timed our arrival to catch the sunset over Lake Abert, which was nothing short of stunning! The owners of the park are nice people who do an excellent job of providing a quality camping experience. My wife and I felt safe and very comfortable in this location and would not hesitate to recommend to friends and family. The park contains a small playground for the kiddos, and a couple of friendly goats who added to the farm-stay feel of the experience.

Oregon Outback RV Park and Campground 42.44822, -120.28145

Great find at the end of long day. We timed our arrival to catch the sunset over Lake Abert, which was nothing short of stunning! The owners of the park are nice
people who do an excellent job of providing a quality
camping experience. My wife and Ifelt safe and very
comfortable in this location and would not hesitate to
recommend to friends and family The park contains a small playground for the kiddos and a couple of friendly goats who added to the farm-stay feel of the experience.

Oregon Outback RV Park and Campground 42.44822, -120.28145

Camped in a Toyota Rav4, 2-3 bars of service with Visible. There are three pullout with parking along this 1-wsy road. pulled in around 4:30pm, busy with people coming and going for photos. At about 8:30 the rangers drove by with a loud speaker advising that we were not allowed to overnight park. Not sure if this was just because of the APEC this week or if rules have changed.

it's a beautiful view, has trash cans at each pull out and up at the top of the road at the round about there is a pit toilet.

Golden Gate Lookout 37.82901, -122.48574

Camped in a Toyota Rav4, no cell service for some reason with Visible.

this lot allows free overnight parking from 10:00pm until 7:00am. Parked with over vans/campers, right along the marina, beautiful sunrise.

Sausalito Parkinglot #3 37.85826, -122.48181

The Darien restaurant is shut down as is the shopping plaza. There is a really nice line of trees for shade right in front of the restaurant that I parked under. Nice and quite, slept like a baby. Tons of parking and space for larger vehicles. Lots of gas stations open after hours nearby for bathrooms. Lots of wild cats in the area.

Empty Restaurant and Shopping Lot 31.39684, -81.45040

This was definitely one of the more safe and comfortable rest stops I’ve slept at. Bathrooms open all night. I was in the car parking. It rained most of the night so I slept like a baby. There is some highway noise but it wasn’t bad at all. The best part was the picnic set up. I drove around the bend, cooked breakfast out of my camper stove and watched a show. Very peaceful, no one bothered me. My tmobile 5G service was great.

I-95 Southbound Rest AreaRest stop in St. Johns County, Florida 29.71512, -81.33504

very basic
room with ventilator 8.000 - 10.000
room with ac 12.000 - 15.000
shower and toilet in the room
safe bike parking
space for several cars in the backyard

Bachalp Hotel 5.28981, -2.79459

Tourist attractions in Umfurudzi Safari Area discovered 15 November 2023

Double Cross Cave -17.00496, 31.81471

Nice place between the city of Bouillon and the penguin home Notre-Dame de Clairefontaine Abbey.

Bouillon Recreation Area 49.79033, 5.05693

Nice place to stay by the riverside. I got to town a little late around 4:30pm. Nobody was at the entrance. The road is bad even by Mexican back road standards, but I saw a corolla pass by. So it's doable in any vehicle just take your time. I washed my clothes and showered with the clear water. Definitely need bug spray.

Riverside 21.80677, -99.18514

first time i do not recommend a place. but do please avoid this place. Pure SCAM.

Africa Thiossane 14.42712, -16.99202

Closed for renovations. Road closed beyond this point.

Parque Nacional Monte Leon Camping -50.33616, -68.88214

Really nice and silent place. Nice small Basar and restaurant nearby.

Aghaghia Park Streetcamp 35.71480, 51.38556

The team at Enjo are easily contactable. They even called us before to check when we would arrive and told us there is limited cell reception in the valley. Nice campsite under trees though it was storming. Ablutions very clean and hot water. Shame it was storming when we arrived and night time so no time to experience the beautiful farm.

Enjo Nature Farm -32.13913, 19.29838

just à litlle Park , no overnight. near the sea. there is a tap for water and a pit wc

near the beach 29.85395, -84.63562

un robinet sous la douche derrière les toilettes. l'eau sent fort le chlore

Carrabelle Beach - water. 29.82943, -84.69222

We were harassed by teens here in the evening. They shouted at us, climbed up the vehicle and shook it. And later I discovered that they had stolen our barometric pressure sensors. We “escaped” to the parking lot of the Hotel Amiram.

Park 34.83376, 48.52064

We spend 3 nights here. Very quiet place and we feel safe. It is well located, near Playa Grande and the Malecón. The first night the police visited us and left us his phone number for any inconvenience. It has no facilities. We recommend.

Nos quedamos 3 noches. Lugar muy tranquilo y nos sentimos seguros. esta bien ubicado, cerca de playa grande y del malecón. la primera noche nos visitó la policía y nos dejó su número de teléfono por cualquier inconveniente. no tiene facilidades. recomendamos.

Baseball Stadium 10.50928, -67.60394

Nous étions seuls. Nous avons payé 2000 pesos par personne et 1500 pesos pour le véhicule. Toilettes à dispo propres. La gérante nous a ouvert les douches à 19:00 avec une eau tiède. Elle a refermé le local derrière nous. Nuit calme et sans vent.

Municipal Campground Dique F. Ameghino -43.69744, -66.47301

You can still come and spend the night. We asked the staff and they immediately showed us the parking lot inside the complex and not the one by the highway. We ate at the restaurant. Night and use of toilets, WiFi and charging phones + notebook was for free. Later we met the owner, nice guy.

Vista Al Rio 14.72454, -88.64611

13 camping site (4 pullthru and 9 pull in) in first come first serve. 5 days camping limit.

Part of Snake River Canyons Park.


Pit toilet

Rickett’s RV Camp 42.60891, -114.44121

Spent one night here and was terrified by the driving in the parking lot starting around 9pm. Several drivers were doing spinouts close enough to my campervan that I thought I might be hit. Then they peeled off . Loud squealing tires and souped up engines could be heard on the streets nearby for several hours, tjo thankfully not in the lot after the first scare. It appears that several people are lining in their cars. And a Class A super sized RV was running a generator most of the night. Not makin that up!

I've stayed in many Walmart lots. This was the first bad experience I've had.

walmart 34.56404, -112.48561

There is a police checkpoint around 500m north of this gps location. They stopped us to see TIP, drivers licence and ownership documents. All very civil and fast.

Transport Police Checkpoint -1.97061, -78.72037

Safe, quiet place to park for the night. The guard asked if we were planning to stay the night when we arrived - obviously used to campers by this point! $2.50 for entrance. No toilets in the car park but you can use the ones in the fairground for free, just a bit further up on your left of the car park. 10 min drive from the historical centre. Fairground toilets open from morning during the weekend and from 12pm during the week. Perfect place to park to visit Quito.

teleférico parking lot -0.19172, -78.51787

Amazing view to Batopilas and the mountains. Flat for one car. Not hidden from road. We arrived at 2 pm and saw no other car till next morning. Felt safe. Wind was ok. Road from Batopilas is ok, but only with 4WD. We have done it with our Landcruiser 78, 4WD, 2nd gear with reduction. Steep pushbacks and stony in the last section. 2WD is not a good idea.

View-point wildcamp 27.05046, -107.76339

Very nice and cosy place, perfectly built. Private place with kitchen area and private ablutions. It is like camping in a private garden.

The Plot -21.37373, 25.59991

Très bon, prix vraiment raisonnables pour la quantité servis. Si vous voulez aussi goûter de la viande locale qu’on ne trouve pas partout, c’est l’occasion (« jalibu »notamment). Le lieu est mignon, et le personnel est très agréable.

Piuque-lom -38.07678, -61.92772

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