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Très bon, prix vraiment raisonnables pour la quantité servis. Si vous voulez aussi goûter de la viande locale qu’on ne trouve pas partout, c’est l’occasion (« jalibu »notamment). Le lieu est mignon, et le personnel est très agréable.

Piuque-lom -38.07678, -61.92772
kristi noland

this is a nice big lot. there are "no camping" signs ...moving on..

Emerald Park and Yampa river botanic park 40.47248, -106.82901

large open grassy field with a few campsites with fire rings in the trees surrounding the area. Incredibly quiet and easy to find, even in the dark. Was pretty windy but the sound of the wind in the pine trees was pretty amazing. Limited to no cell service with at&t.

Poision Creek 44.13647, -106.99174

Great overnight spot. Arrived after dark, at 6pm and left the next morning at 10am. No problems at all and even got a nice morning hike before leaving. Very quiet at night with level parking spots.

Reeves Meadow Visitor Center 41.17373, -74.16846

Bon endroit pour passer la nuit avec jolie vue sur la baie et les collines. Un peu bruyant a partir de 6h30 avec le train et les voitures. Aucun service

Fishmarket Viña del Mar -33.02818, -71.58667

Ended up parking just past this pin, at the next T intersection (Cabezon & Gasco) there was a nice open field. Didn't see any no overnight parking signs at the trailhead, but we preferred to stay down the road. Free roaming bovines, so expect some deposits.

Road in was VERY washboarded. This area is a mix of BLM, tribal, and private land, so be mindful of where you choose to stay. It appeared that the bike trailhead is approximately where it transitions to BLM.

white ridge bike trails 35.49835, -106.84161

Nice sitting area, no kitchen. Payed 25.000 single person, breakfast included which includes a cake, beside bread with cheese/ham.Friendly older couple, got my termos filled.

Cero a Cero -47.25436, -72.56912

Awesome little Park Tres Amigos is RV park number one and King David is RV park number 2 they share common ownership and common community amongst the expats. it's a gem of a beach many tour operators come over from Mazatlan but due to the water taxi, things wrap up here by about 6:00 p.m.. We stayed here for 2 months in a 40-foot motorhome, the only late night noise are the weddings...

Tres Amigos RV Park /King David 23.18683, -106.40262

Beautiful new guest house run by Arsen and his family.

Eco House 39.78380, 45.54012

Top safe, clean overnight stay on parking by Jose. Best place to park and spend night on travels. Jose and his wife are really beautiful persons, they offered us coffee in the morning. They can cook dinner and breakfast for you. One of my favourite stays in CR. They said we can pay what we want.

Salamandra parking 10.21144, -83.75183

Today (15.11.23) the road was blocked..
They told it‘s a teachers protest

Roadblock on 185D (Toll) 16.55945, -95.13700
Aris Overlander

Because of soft sands it is quite difficult to find a nice spot for one night. This sandpit offers windprotection and leveled space even for bigger rigs and tents. Otherwise there is nothing else.

Sandpit with windprotection -42.41097, -68.80218
Aris Overlander

This sandpit offers windprotection and leveled space even for bigger rigs and tents. The place is not totally hidden. Passing cars may see a camper. Otherwise there is nothing else.

Sandpit with windprotection -42.41097, -68.80218

We asked the owner of the land and parked our van here while we did the Ausangate trek in 4 days. Jubinal is very shy but very sympatic. We paid 5 sol per day to park here.
You can also ask to put your vehicle in his garage. He also does accommodation, and you can eat typical "cuy" meal if you ask in advance.
Here is his WhatsApp : 913 483 428

Parking spot -13.71045, -71.25023

You have to pay 20 soles per person here to enter. The man gives you an official ticket with the map of the Ausangate trek. It worth the money as the part on the 7 lagunas is really well maintain : panel with the name of the lakes, free camping and toilets.
Unfortunatly, be aware that ladies from other communities will ask you also money but they are absolutly no trek maintenance, no sign under the trek, no toilet.

2nd Ausangate paid checkpoint -13.68748, -71.28417

Basic campsite, price is 340 Pula for two. Restaurant with food a la carte. Everything nice!

Kalahari Rest -23.51992, 22.60987

Came here twice after business hours and there was nobody. Refilled on water and also recharged some devices in the bathroom

Oasis Visitor Center 34.12887, -116.03721

Small rest area off 71, nice bathrooms, a couple well stocked vending machines, and picnic tables with barbeques. Tranquil overnight with a few other cars and semis. Can hear cars from the highway but not many pass through at night so wasn't too bothersome. Street lamps in the parking area are pretty bright so would be better to have some window shades.

Rest Area Southbound 41.21007, -81.79435
Two Vets on Tracks Emiel & Leslie

Very nice, also explanations in english.
Lots about birds in Argentina, and specialy in Ibera.
Very friendly and knowledgeble staff, who walkes with you in the museum to explaine but also takes you out to identify some birds around the museum.
Free admission, Open 8 - 19.

Iberá Birding Center, Interactive Museum about birds, aves, to see -27.57420, -56.67799
Titi Melendez

Too expensive!!! I can t recommend it ... not a good place for travelers, only for company workers

Hostel y Restaurante Ventisqueros -32.90337, -70.26793
K n C

Departure for vehicle ferry to Tanger Med. Buying tickets from Viajes Normandie (Carlos) in Barrios was quick, easy and least expensive way we found for open return ticket. Can just drive right up to ferry loading area in the port 1 hr before with your tickets. No need to pay pushers in the que area trying to fill out “fiche” for you to have ready for Moroccan police. Get entrance stamp to Morocco on the ferry. We did not receive an exit stamp at the passport check you drive through during boarding in Spain, but we’re told it’s computerized.

Algeciras port pour Tanger 36.13182, -5.43943
K n C

Before you exit the port security, on the left side of the road. Several small buildings in a row. Most are ATM and money exchange. Signs only visible from the parking lot in front of it. Helpful, English speaking staff get you required 3rd party liability coverage. Able to buy 4 months. Pay in cash, quoted in euros. €200 3 months €250 4 months. Also sell Maroc Sim cards and changed a few large dirham bills to small currency.

CAT Assurance and Reassurance (3rd party insurance) 35.87085, -5.52040
K n C

Arrival port for vehicle ferry from Algeciras. Easy place to begin Moroccan journey from. Follow signs for exit after disembarking. There is a vehicle scanner and drug dog checks at customs where vehicles are processed and small credit card sized paper given for vehicle. Ours had 6 month validity.

Port Tangier Med 35.88448, -5.50317

went here after 50,000 km across South America and my shocks weren't what they used to be. Super friendly guys who definitely know what they are talking about. They left for the weekend to work a 70 rider off-road rally so they definitely know they're off road bikes. they adjusted both front and rear suspension (including changing out the fork oil and all that) set the sag for me and my passengers weight +bags and it feels like a whole new bike now. they also changed out my chain and sprockets and some other random small things for 800,000 pesos (200 USD). if you need anything suspension related these are the guys, just check out all their amazing reviews on Google maps. highly recommend

N2 Suspension work 4.73782, -74.02791

The spotlight cars are hunters looking for hares. This is a common technique. Nothing to worry about

Nice spot at the border 41.37343, 44.79867

Pretty high ATM, maybe 50-60cm at the deepest point. Saw a Hilux get through no worries, but we decided not to risk it in our LWB rear drive van.

River Crossing 9.90249, -85.55299

Camping extremamente familiar. Atualmente o proprietário Peder adquiriu e disponibilizou aos usuários uma internet via satélite da Starlink.

Camping do Peder -24.43777, -47.06533

Little rocky beach next to a hotel. offseason only. Not so much waste, you cant be spottet from the street. Maybe for one camper or two motorcycles.

Beach-spot for offseason 40.36578, 19.48097

lady on phone insisted on asking what breed my service dog is. I informed her of the laws and she suggested I go somewhere else. I'm reporting them to the ADA.

Sherwood Harbor Marina & RV Park 38.53277, -121.52816

You can’t go of the road to reach the point. You are able to park next to the road, but would not recommend to do for a night

Altinoluk 39.56963, 26.78293

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