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José Andrés and his family and friends are awesome people. We had 3 great days here. They will help you with anything you need.
The campground will hopefully be improved a little (it's basically in Rafaels garden) but you can use his bathroom if needed.
There's only little mobile reception and no Wi-Fi. You can log into the Alcabala's Wi-Fi but that is very unstable.

Absolut recommendation because of the people.

Send José Andrés a message via Whattsapp before you arrive.

Camping La Romana (Campito Rafael) 7.99355, -62.36678

This is a very quiet campground, which is enforced by the camp host. people violating quiet hours will be asked to leave, with a call to the sherriff upon refusal. The camp host keeps a very close eye on everyone and everything. This made me feel very safe. The only noise comes from industry across the Sacramento river. There is a nature preserve adjacent with trails. This area is a 'Fly way' for migratory birds. We would stay again. The website on is difficult to navigate if you are trying to determine which sites have hook ups or not. Try calling the park host if they provide a number.

Sycamore Grove 40.15517, -122.20168
Joel Haldeman

Was not able to pull in the rear entrance of the lot. Way too uneven mud.

Gravel lot behind dead Taco Bell 34.81033, -102.41082

super nice staff at Anthony's. directed me to the water fill. great place.

Water by Little Anthony's diner 32.22055, -110.84271

Security has been hired as of today. Got the knock. Now they run everybody off each night. People have been staying in one spot for weeks, dumping trash everywhere, putting personal stuff out all around their rigs. This place has ben a great place for YEARS, but now they've hired security to patrol every night. I'm afraid to post spots anymore. We gotta do something as a community.

Wooly Mammoth Ride Share 39.70072, -105.20609

Suggest coming in after 5pm and leaving before 9am. Police get called from time to time when too many RVs and vans park here during business hours.

Stay here from time to time, but not when I notice 2 or more people staying parked there for 2+ days.

Ronson road industrial area 32.82904, -117.16055

We can confirm this place as my husband went in and asked an employee who’s been here since around 2008 when it opened. We are staying in the lower lot. Beautiful Bass pro and traffic sounds constant here, like white noise. Nice people inside the store. We have a Motorhome and toad. Last I looked, no other rver’s here.

Bass Pro Shop 37.71400, -77.44925

New hotel, fantastic welcoming staff. 90,000 tsh for the two of us for a double room and big hot African breakfast, but convenient if you need a break along the road. En suite bathroom with hot shower, wifi, fan in the room and mosquito netting. Everything spotlessly clean. Plenty of room for parking big rigs. We cooked in our camper so did not try the restaurant.

Amenities Paradise Resort -4.80353, 34.73714

Biggish gravel lot at a picnic area. Garbage cans and 4G cell reception and that's about it. Messy grounds around it but not sure if it's human mess or macaques digging thru garbage. Quiet at night with the odd short burst of dogs or monkeys.

PN d Ifrane 33.42052, -5.17128

Campsites inside of a rest stop!!! Thank you Kansas!
Only a handful of pull off but this is truly an Oasis.

Paxico, KS Rest area 39.05917, -96.11934

This is indeed a very nice site. Shady clean sites with benches, bbq and water at each site. Clean ablution with hot water for shower and dishes. Two waking trails - one 3km the other 5km to a waterfall. WiFi at reception. From the picknick site you can walk down to the river with a nice swimming hole. ZAR 280 for 2 people, 200 with wild card. Recommended!

Tweede Tol -33.56920, 19.13780

Whole camp runs on solar power. Solar water heaters at showers, wi-fi at the main building, sharging station at the main building both floors since there are inverters from solar to 220, limited, depends on a sunshine. New kitchen for Overlanders was built.

Leopard Rest Camp -0.53131, 31.01110

standard local machanic that fixed our leaking radiator (after bumpy roads!)

mechanic 9.57983, -11.55530

Great place to stay! Visit the winery (working aug/sept), tasted the wine and had a very good diner at the house of the very friendly family! Thank you!

Hacienda Des Cigognes 33.85494, -6.23723

Found this nice spot via Google maps satellite view. Drive to these coordinates (29.3473935, 57.4768283) and follow the track through the riverbed. Was super dry when we were here, no mud to be found. Can be a bit uneven so some clearance is useful, 4x4 nor necessary. Track is a bit narrow at some points so not suitable for big rigs. Fine for our Land Cruiser.

There are nice spots al along the track but we thought this one was the best. There is also a small pond which might be a water source but I'm not sure. Maybe not suitable for drinking but fine for doing dishes etc.

No internet with Irancell.

Dry stream with lots of trees and shrubs 29.35028, 57.48536

Great restaurant tucked away from the hussle and bustle. Good menu, prices are a little high, but seems to be frequented by business people and officials, so food must be good. Also make a decent cappuccino.

Tassa Restaurant 3.88568, 11.51239

It was indeed rather muddy for me too but got through. Felt a bit weird to stay so close to someone's crops, but didn't see the farmer. The road is visible far away. Nice area and easy to reach Lille from here.

Marchiennes 50.42295, 3.29878
sonny jadun

Came here late last night. It was quiet and by the beach. A couple of local were walking with flash light around the beach. No problems at all.

Beach access 12.37667, -87.04083
sonny jadun

I was in Granada for a day, so I got here early after hiking San Cristobal volcano. Parked the car here all day. Asked a person living by the house if it was okay to park and stay. No problems at all. Leon was hot for me so late in the evening I left for Los Penitas.

Léon 12.43553, -86.87362

delicious and big pizza, 100% italian. To recommend!

Pizza&Pasta Matoni, Santa Cruz -17.78163, -63.17966

Huge, nice and very clean campside. Friendly stuff. Good spaces also for big rigs. Small playground for kids. We payed 1200 ARS for one night for four and 4x4.

Camping Isla Pavon -50.00368, -68.93400

Typical Cracker Barrel right off the highway. Called and asked if I could stay the night and they said no problem. Informed us to park on the outskirts (away from the hotel/inn that’s on one side. Behind the restaurant, she said they had cameras if we felt more comfortable there.

This is a very loud area close to the highway. It’s 11pm and trucks are LOUD and bustling. Maybe use ear plugs if you have. Otherwise, well lit!

Cracker Barrel 39.80139, -86.01215
Trota Glober

llegamos a las 4:30 pm y Estaba cerrado.
tocamos timbre y los únicos que salieron fueron tres perros que hay en el lugar.

Turicentro Nelly 15.27952, -91.11189

Flat grassy area next to the road just outside parque Tepuhueico, decent for short stay just before or after visit

Along the road just before Parque Tepuhueico -42.73094, -73.95451

preço atual: R$80,00 por RV com até duas pessoas. Não tem cozinha comunitária e nem local para despejo de detritos.

Camping Pousada Vila Láctea -4.52311, -37.70451

no one was here today…………………………………………………

Fruit & Veggie Checkpoint -33.84186, -65.17087

No signs stating no camping. Stayed one night. Road ok but rutted. Quiet.

BLM land near Canyonlands NP 38.51760, -109.80849

We had no issues here for a quick night. Beware- the pullout is super small. We ended up pulling over to the side on the dirt part in case anyone tried to pull in while it was dark and didn’t see us. Att fluctuated between 1-3 bars LTE.

Small pullout 36.59381, -110.90184

Not safe at all!!! The little road is a dead end, about 3 miles in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived there, there were 2 cars with people talking together. What is the idea? There's nothing to see, no house around. On the ground little bottles of alcool, a shoe, some kleenex... not for us!

The Bridge to nowhere 39.68424, -74.20783

It's not a safe spot! A lot of garbage on the ground, a car who seems to be the one of somebody living in is car, some other car with people hanging around doing nothing else but being very weird. We didn't feel safe at all, so we decided to change spot.

free parking 39.37657, -74.41743

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