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sonny jadun

stayed here last night. It was Friday. A busy place until 11:00 pm. After that it is nice, quiet and secure. The bathroom are available for 10c.

Near Katranica Asados building 12.17594, -86.31632

Bof, très chère pour ce que c’est! 500 pesos la nuit électricité eau et dump la plage est juste en face. Malheureusement on a eu 2 mariage le soir où nous avons dormi la nuit à été longue. On été seul dans le camping.

Baraca villas and campground 23.29951, -106.48482

Nos quedamos una noche, sin problema ,muy tranquilo . Frente municipalidad y servicio de salud

Al frente de grifo Rumichaca -13.37834, -74.93772
Two Vets on Tracks Emiel & Leslie

On Mondays and Saturdays is very knowable Ricardo there in person who speaks German.
He will give you lots of answers so you will end up with more questions. That's very good!

Misión Jesuítica Guaraní de Santa Ana -27.37934, -55.57942

Stay here for one night with my offroad vehicle. Just a few more cars without people and one camper also there. Next to a sport place and something like a sailboat spot. Supermarket quick reachable with footwalk. Normal city noises by night.

Car Park - Sports Centre 52.63980, 4.77692

Great camping for a great price. $30Rpp a night. Direct access to the beach, clean bathrooms with showers with hot water. Very friendly owners. They rent parasols and you can use a boogie board for free! They have some drinks and charcoal and I had a fresh coconut water!
Grass and shade from trees. Electric and water all around the camping. Best so far!

Camping Praia de Itapoa -26.09459, -48.60352

Since "Matute Gas" was not able to fill up our bottle the same day, they advise us to come here. After some discussions they have accepted, in fact they need an adaptator. I got 4l for 1000C, so cheap!

La Cristalina 10.46965, -84.63220

Still standing, with some tables and chairs made from salt behind, no-one else in sight. Only about 10km north of Salt hotel almost direct road.

Stairway to Heaven -20.25644, -67.04371

$6 to $8 for washing machine
$1 per 10 or 15 min for dryer
We are satisfied
No issues

Spin CIty 32.04686, -81.07936

A-loop is still open and accessible just before the gates to the park

Heart o' the Hills Campground 48.03453, -123.42466

Still here, still 15 pp. Also there was a peaje entering Quetana Chico 10 per car.

Checkpoint and Tollgate -21.85882, -66.86884

Not sure what this warning pin was trying to say. Currently, the better road between Quetena Grande and Quetena Chico is the eastern one that goes along the river.

Cut road -22.21978, -67.35689

This is the best iOverlander warning pin yet! 300 km from a paved road, after a dozen river crossings, we are worried about speed bumps....

Speed bump -22.22936, -67.35741

I asked in store if I could overnight in the carpark and the staff member said yes.
I was in the lower car park beside HL Gage Sales (free wifi in range from this business)
There was another car and a camper overnight. At 2am a security guard came round with his music blaring and wrote down everyone’s number plates then continued on his rounds.
This isn’t a quiet place to sleep because it is beside a main road so bring earplugs if you are a light sleeper.

walmart 42.69487, -73.84522

Didn’t use any facilities, only stopped on the parking lot around 10:30 pm and took off early in the morning. Quiet, but windy night, welcome to Tierra del Fuego :))

Centro Bahia Lomas -52.49619, -69.52096

simple d'accès et beaucoup de pression.
easy to access and a lot of pressure.

Anasazi State Park Museum 37.91088, -111.42382

Wir sind mit einem Van hier, alles sehr ordentlich. Aber die Preise sind falsch angegeben, p.P. 3000Ars und das Fahrzeug 4500Ars, also Gesamt 10500Ars p.N. Die Preise sind am Eingang angeschrieben.
With a van here, everything very neat. But the prices are incorrect, p.Pers. 3000Ars and the vehicle 4500Ars, so total 10500Ars p.N. The prices are written at the entrance.

Camping Punta Arena -31.18843, -60.13120

Very nice place on the beach. 4x4 needed. We spent a calm night here. No one came by.

Santa Regina -34.43877, -57.20388

Very nice quiet place on the beach. E had a calm night, no people came by. You can drive along a sandy track a long the beach to find a soot. But a 4x4 is needed.

Santa Regina -34.43877, -57.20388

Gates on either side of the gravel pit are currently closed so you would have to walk into this particular spot or use many of the other camp sites in the area.

scenic spot 45.75627, -123.43961

Very clean bathrooms, trash dumpster. As others have described. No overnight camping. Next to reservoir. Frisbee golf course, paved walking/bicycling path.

E Trout Drive 37.00714, -112.51645

Slept here for one night. At 6:00 guard woke us up saying he wants 5 soles. Ignoring him didn’t help as he kept knocking on glass. We gave him 4s and he went away. Very noisy parking but has free cold showers and toilets.
Use this place for sleeping only as emergency.

Truck Cleaning Place -14.55186, -75.19357

Stayed here last night and everything was great and no hassles; lot was full when I went to sleep at 11:00pm and empty at 6:00am when I woke up. Plenty of food options.

Newark Blvd Van Life - RV parking lot 37.57096, -122.03130

Flat level car park in front of the hospital near the road low traffic at night.

Sipitang 5.09633, 115.56290

Awesome spot. Plenty of open campsite even with late arrival. Good stargazing a neat little one-way canyon loop for anything crossover or above.

Owl Canyon 35.02341, -117.02153

This is a Cracker Barrel. Slept here 3 nights with no issues

Cracker Barrel 33.91048, -84.20932

Awesome quiet little residential spot with loads of space. Very little traffic so had a good night sleep. Really nice view. There is water nearby at the dog park too. Would recommend.

Sausalito residential 37.86254, -122.49952

Update to my review.

I spent about an hour digging the bad spot of the road out. I smoothed bumps and filled in the crevasse created by runoff. Our drive out was smooth sailing, just go left to right on that part (from both ways).

No guarentees that will stay, though. I'd think a big rain might recreate the crevasse.

Bridgeport / Travertine Hot Spring 38.25440, -119.21026

Elisabeth arranged for a day visit for us to Gombe National Park. $300 USD each for boat transport (2hrs each way), hot cooked breakfast and lunch, park fees and ranger guide. Elisabeth does a great job taking care of all the details for you and Esther is a super cook. We had an experienced guide, Paolo, and hiked with him for about 5 hours but unfortunately we never saw a chimp. We understand it's nature, not a zoo, but were still disappointed. Be prepared if the chimps are not close to camp for some steep rocky hiking, 500 meter ascent in an hour. It is a beautiful rain forest park. In retrospect, we should have done the two day trip for a little more and had the opportunity for a second trek.

Kigoma Ecocultural Tourism Office -4.87952, 29.62810

Decent hotel, 25k a night for single, 29k for double, including brekkie and WiFi on each floor. Same price as Ritz Sumbe but better maintained and seems much more popular with Angolans

Hotel Kalunda -11.19989, 13.83905

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