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Flat area is flat but dirty .. but for a night its ok .. not a lot roadnoice and no one around.. with every car doable i guess!

Power Line Access Road Wild Camp -13.55225, -71.88677

Not that nice for 30sol .. the only they lffer for the money is a hot shower - so we left to a free place up the hill!

Hôtel Amankay -13.55223, -71.88674

Very nice place .. but dont stay near the road - you can drive trough the gras to a field next to a little stream .. you will be alone there and dont hear any roadnoise!

Abandoned control station -13.55220, -71.88679

Great place but you need definitely 4x4 and with some clearance its definitely easyer .. we did it with a high Mitsubishi L300 4x4 and everything on lower gear because it was steep.. Also not suitable for big rigs due the narrow track.

Cerro Blanco 4x4 camp -13.55222, -71.88675

Lovely spot on the side of the highway. Definitely some road noise, but much of that is drowned out by the soothing river rapids sounds. No cell coverage, but perfect for our overnight stay with our 27' Airstream!

Road side pull through 44.01424, -116.15703

We spent one night in the parking of the Soriana. It was quiet and no one bothered us. Bathroom and food court inside the shopping center. Good for one night.

La Florida shopping centre parking 17.93917, -94.91002

We arrived after 2:00pm and we have to sleep out. Not very flat but was not problem for us.

Visitor Center Chimborazo. Park Entrance -1.49777, -78.87527
Petra Schaftenaar

Great place, friendly rangers, everything free. Hot water even before 8 pm. We were the only guests staying overnight. Amazing place, in this desert/mountain range. Must go, even if you don’t spot puma’s.

Parque Leoncito -31.79657, -69.33515

There's a ranch with a well here. There's a pool we here you can refill.

Rancho San Juan 27.28422, -112.89833

Unattended going south. Nothing to worry about

Agriculture Checkpoint 24.12108, -110.46015

What a great spot! super quiet, nothing sketchy, there was literally no other vehicles here (probably busier in warmer months i assume), and it's pretty level!

West Targee Street 43.58290, -116.26905

Boa ducha quente por 1000,00 pesos. Recomendo.

Posto PUMA -41.06984, -71.16312

2WD with rooftop

Definitely not slippery. Drove this road during heavy rainfall but no problems with our 2WD. Looks like pretty new asfalt to us. Some parts of this road are not in the best condition but nothing to worry about.

Extremely slick when wet -12.62804, -73.73002

2WD Renault master L1H1 with rooftop

Drove this part with heavy rainfall (also heavy rainfall the night before) but didn’t have any trouble at this part at all. Yes there are some small waterfalls from the mountain that cross the way but definitely not too bad too cross with a 2WD

Waterfall over Road -12.62499, -73.72937

Two little boys blocked the way with stones while asking for money. Because we just passed a landslide after a wait of half a hour the boys took the stones away probably because of the high amount of cars who needed to pass. Didn’t give any money and they defiantly didn’t respond nice or happy. Can’t imagine that they block the road when not so many cars pass.

Kids who block the way with rocks -12.80873, -73.99637

Still here. Two guys wearing some army clothes which didn’t look official and defiantly weren’t nice while passing. Demanded us to stop and give money. People before us gave money so we decided to give some as well (but didn’t like it) but not more than 2 soles.

We think that it isn’t a official checkpoint but didn’t want to have any consequences especially because a few meters after this point there was a long line of cars waiting for the stones of a landslide to be taken away from the road.

Armed road block by men without uniforms -12.75997, -73.99062
Pookie & Lulu

It’s a bit of a dilemma to add this place to iOverlander. It’s beautiful and it’s empty. But someone has gone to a lot of trouble and invested money so it seems only right to help them out. Plus someone will do it eventually.
The road in is well maintained as is the road thru the camp area. The camp area in fact is about a quarter mile long, so much room it’s huge. Plenty of turn around space for a trailer. They have several dozen water spigots along the camp area, Wi-Fi and super new/clean bathrooms. The beach is 5 miles of empty sand crescent. 4 communal palapas. There is room enough here for 50 rigs and it’s just me and another couple 100 yards away. Oh and you get 2 bars of LTE.

Trailer Park Santa Inés 26.97738, -112.01564

Relaxed place with private sites. Hot showers, flush toilets, potable water. Excellent location. Excellent hosts. Great value. Clean.

Camp Saguaro 32.24480, -111.22520

As described, very quiet. 2 bars Verizon and T-Mobile. There is also a free dump station

Visitor center Rome 34.26177, -85.16673

Nice spot next to the lake, at the end of the aide road east of the lake. Enough space for two vans. 1 bar AT&T cell reception.

Frog Lake 48.20833, -121.57551

For someone who loves beaches, this place is sweet. Very private beach and nice sourroundings. The community room / kitchen is good. Drinking water and dishes available.
Only beach showers, but good pressure.
When we were here, it’s was windy the hole night and our truck with rooftoptent was shaking, but the good side we had no insects at the beachfront. You could camp off the beach, but then you have the insects and roadnoise. So choose wisely!
The WiFi (Starlink) is from the couple, who’s actually helping there. Unfortunately the repeater isn‘t very well, so you have spotty connection and more hustle than happiness, when connected to it.

After all we liked it here and it’s a good stop, when heading to Yucatán or back!

Playa Montes 18.95289, -91.27381

Seemed a nice guy but was asking more than 3x the going rate and was not interested in negotiating at all. We went elsewhere.

Vehicle Wash - Ruta 30 / Maria Elena Lavadoro -20.44794, -66.83487

Good spot for the night, though technically right next to a trailhead. It does have a fire ring, and according to the Motor Vehicle Use Map, it’s designated as a deer prep area, though the forest website says it allows dispersed camping at spots with fire rings. Only two trucks came by in the morning. The road is narrow, but it’s well-maintained. My Prius I car camp in made it through just fine. There was a small creek crossing, but it wasn’t deep at this point.

Ouachita NF 34.66661, -93.88606

Heaps of locals eating inside. Large portions and unlimited salad to go with your main.
Great value.
- Llama ribs, rice, chips and salad was 27Bob.
- Llama chops, sausage, rice, chips and salad was 27Bob.

Chicken, Llamas and Sausage roasting outside, food inside! -20.46111, -66.82276

Not the most diligent team. 70Bob for the exterior and still a fair amount of salt remaining after the initial wash. Paid an extra 30Bob for interior and that was woeful.
They did clean areas that we spotted still caked in salt and removed it. Did touch the roof of the van.

Lavado After Salar -20.44901, -66.83398
Mueller Klaus

nice campground and cabanas. 2000 ppn plus 2000 for campevan.

"Police" Camping. Trevelin -43.08806, -71.46822

*viajamos en bici* el plato cuesta 12 bs y el sándwich 8. La señora y la familia son muy amables y suelen parar viajeros por acá. Al lado corre un arroyito con agua del cerro hermoso para refrescarse luego de la tremenda subida viniendo de Villa Montes. Nos ofreció lugar para descansar al lado y agua potable. La comida y las vistas, exquisitas!

Comedor sobre la ruta -21.41456, -63.97039
Brian Bourbouze

if you need stay in Loja in your bicycle trip, in bikecenter you can find a place for camp or find information, also you can repair your bicycle or find a good food in the restorant.

BIKECENTER -3.98044, -79.20142

Stayed in front of Planet fitness with no issues

Planet Fitness 36.06387, -115.25075

Great little spot about 8 miles outside the town of Camp Verde. Really nice Camp Host, very clean c/g w. beautiful mature trees. $24 for overnight camping or $12 if you are a Senior w. Nat'l Parks Pass (although that discount was not posted on the c/g check-in board). We'd definitely come back.

Clear Creek Campground 34.51640, -111.76671

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