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$10 dump station. Easy access for our camper van and for big rigs. Pay inside and they will unlock dump station.

No water (potable or non potable) available at dump station.

Love’s Travel Stop Dump Station 35.00049, -80.97796

Parked overnight without issue. Parked in the back of the lot with our camper van to leave the larger rig spots open. Multiple other trucks/RVs parked here overnight as well. Mostly quiet!

Cabelas, Fort Mill 35.09992, -80.93428
Wendy & Graham

Easy parking on the sides of the building and around the back. Very friendly staff. Electricity was offered but we declined, Quiet. Free. (We did not try showers.) Be aware that this is not a 24 hr station. Bathrooms are closed from 2100 to 0700. There is no staff available overnight.

Posto Portal - Shell -28.28867, -49.95450

Great place cheap and clean, save us in a rainy day, nice restaurant with WiFi

Hotel municipal el durazno -27.25388, -67.04071

Parked at the far end of the parking lot (46), checked in with the very friendly security and had a surprisingly quiet night. Didn’t get any voucher, which definitely doesn’t matter-the restaurants aren’t very inviting. Very well maintained facility-Thank you !

Desert Diamond Casino 32.00710, -110.98834

Trailhead parking lot, level gravel, no signs prohibiting camping, nice 12 miles of non-motorized trails for hiking/biking/horseback

Poor Verizon cell coverage even with booster.

Johnny Behind The Rocks BLM Trailhead 42.69560, -108.54471

Short update, the area is still unsafe, according to the police, and in the hands of the guerrillas.

Armed Robbery - Road R37 between Guadalejo and bridge 2.56189, -75.97265

This hypermarket is permanently closed............

The Hub Supermarket 29.63503, 52.49411

Police stopped us (and others as well). Asked for passports and some other standard questions. Really friendly. Asked some things about our travel and country of origin and told about his self .

Police checkpoint -13.21691, -74.27339

they sell a lot types pf breads, all made with sour dough. very crusty and cheap for chile

Sour dough Bakery -33.44461, -70.64778
[email protected]

Nous sommes venus passer la nuit dans ce petit village authentique au bord du lac.
Nous avons dormi avec notre rv de 30 pieds devant le chemin d'accès pour le terrain de baseball.

Laguna de Tepeltitic 21.27262, -104.68064

This is a crazy place full of interesting contrasts. Massive black obsidian boulders lie amid the billions of bleached white shells from a long dead lake. Billions of vicious mosquitoes at night vanish with the light of day. A sparkling blue lake belies the toxic waste within. The most unemployed county in California sits atop billions of dollars in Lithium 8,000 feet down. The smell of brimstone eminates from mud pots a mile away and alternates with the earthy smells of the marshy wetlands. The hiss of steam eminating from a nearby geothermal power plant competes with the sounds of coyotes at night, while birds cry out at nearby Sonny Bono wildlife Refuge only to be shot at in the break of dawn by hunters. Here you can park by a once coveted lake and be totally alone. It is a worthy, memorable experience if only for a night or two. We are in a 4wd truck camper so no issues with access, but any vehicle under 30' should be fine if it's dry.

Salton Sea (South), Obsidian Butte 33.17370, -115.64040
Blue Sky Adventures

Water is on, clear, no foul smell or taste, no signage regarding it being potable. Blue handle so without signage I'd assume it's potable. Good pressure and volume.

La Cueva Trailhead 32.33479, -106.59953

praça Herman Baeta dunas de Marapé município de Jequiá local tranquilo ponto de energia ponto de água estacionamento público passamos uma noite no local super tranquila e agradável as margens do rio e mar local agradabilíssimo para passar o dia recomendamos muito

Praça Herman Baeta -10.04468, -36.03073

opening hours: 7h - 19h

price: 1000 per person valid for 4 Misiones for 15 days

Very friendly people working there. A guide spoke good English and told us about the history of this place. Also another man who spoke good German and gave us more information. There is a tiny museum, toilets and cold/hot water to drink. The ruins have signs explained in Spanish and English.

Misión Jesuítica Guaraní de Santa Ana -27.38823, -55.58039

Street parking all along this road and a few roads over, it is 2 hour parking from 7am to 6 pm and no limit overnight. We stayed one night with no issues, the whole area felt very safe and restaurants and coffee were all within walking distance. Not recommended for big rigs, it’s essentially stealth camping.

Street parking 37.92506, -122.52077

Hours of Operation:
Thursday-Monday 8:30a till 5:30p
Tuesday & Wednesday closed

Boeing - factory tour 47.92194, -122.28951

The entrance is the gate Mano de Oso. They wanted 50.000pp so we left.

Refugio Annapurna 5.10228, -73.77780

Dormimos uma noite. Local seguro e pouco barulho. Pessoal muito simpático.

ypf station santa ana -27.37821, -55.57591

Best ATM fees I could find with German Visa Credit card in Puerto Natales.
Got 800k for 5.500 clp. Maybe more is possible, I didn't try but there was no limit mentioned.

BancoEstado ATM -51.72677, -72.50703

Not possible anymore. Not allowed. A guide in a hut controls it and in the night there is a barrier.

Tziscao Lakeshore 16.08710, -91.66689

This was awesome!! Nice clean hot FREE shower. Walk passed reception and head up the stairs on the left. Then down the hallway to the washrooms. Private shower with curtain in washroom

Hillcrest Aquatic Centre 49.24392, -123.10568

Before enter to Iran we contacted Erfan and he has helped us with everything that we need, recommend us places to visit, about insurance, prices of diesel, change money, simcard, VPN, routes,...he is honest and you can trust on him.
his number to contact via WhatsApp: 00989052276404
Instagram address: overland-to_iran_with_erfan

Help from Efran 38.55379, 44.95091

Nice campsite! Very beautiful locations by the sea. Too bad the welcome is not up to the standards of the place...not smiling, music at 6:30 a.m., not allowed to go in the brand new swimming pool (supposedly because it is dirty …) and no water supply…in short, it looks like we are not welcome…we only stayed one night. (for information: 200pesos per night per vehicle)

Costa del Sol - Camping 19.21017, -90.86986

At the Shirt Trail Gas Station you can find beer

Liquor Store at Gas Station 37.57316, -109.48730

15 gal (60liters) for 60 pesos…………………………..

Agua Purificada FROSTIN 22.89031, -109.91105

Good parking spot also for the night. A few steps to the boulevard with lots of restaurants. Paid 30 dh for day and night with our camper

Parking vigilado 30.42430, -9.61211

Airbnb run by Franco-Togolais couple.
Clean, spacious, rooms with fan, safe parking (gate high ca. 2,4 meter, picture uploaded), artistic ambiente, I paid 15€. Breakfast & laundry available.
Friendly host and staff. Sara speaks English.

Villa Gracia 6.19597, 1.25835

place to pitch the tent right in the beach, by the seaside. a free parking for caravans nearby. A bar and a school of surf. all closed, very chill spot , in November

praia São Torpes 37.92556, -8.80675

I stayed here nearly 24 hours and had no problems at all. One other van was here overnight and there were no more than 10 vehicles in the lot at any given time. Will return while I’m in town.

This lot is in Mesa’s historic downtown area, which is probably the best part of Mesa, if you ask me. The neighborhood to the north is a nice place to walk a dog if you need to, then south is plenty of restaurants/shops and things to see.

Best for vans probably, no larger rigs as the lot is fairly small. Weekdays are best as Sat there’s often local events, and Sun the church across the street has service.

Mesa Public Parking 33.41756, -111.83469

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