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water also at pump #13, the attendant said it's potable

Maverick Gas Station 34.56094, -112.25971

water by pump 16 still works and still free! water by entrance is broken fs

Pilot Truck Stop 39.75131, -122.20808

The Telefone for teservation is:........

Camping Izuelina -35.87711, -71.54168

Garage Ruben, Tel. +549 3874559048
8:30-20:00 continues.

Frenos (breaks), embragues ( clutch) suspensión;
Mecánica general.

Simpático, does good work.

Taller mecanico Ruben -24.79377, -65.43083

The camping has now reopened and is working with all the amenities mentioned.

El camping ya ha reabierto y está funcionando con todas las comodidades mencionadas.

Parador Loreto -27.28695, -55.53353

Nothing to shout about, but a quiet street next to a little hill park with a nice view, flat-ish spot under an overhanging tree. Cafe staff recommended I come here and said it was guarded, but I don't think that's the case; the park is closed and locked at night and I didn't see anyone. I spent a couple of peaceful nights though, while trying to get to the bottom of the 'lluvia de peces' the town is known for. Wish I could come back in May/June to try and see it for myself!

La Lomita 15.13705, -87.12288

Great Parking and restaurant. showers. wifi. 220. 25 reales.

Restaurante y Estacionamento Sao Bento -19.08237, -57.62256
Amar e viajar sm

Você precisa conhecer a 14km de Cáceres, sentido Cuiabá.

Ficamos aqui 4 dias, o balneário tem muito espaço com sombras para estacionar.
Tem várias churrasqueiras para assar carne, árvores para estender as redes e passar dias agradáveis.

Pode se usar as modalidades de day use, acampar ou somente passar para comer algo. Os pratos não são caros e uma delícia, o peixe frito e a galinhada é uma boa dica.
Os proprietários administradores (Sueli e Adenilson) trabalham duro para manter o local bem cuidado e também são super atenciosos.
O banho é uma delícia, contato com a natureza ao pé da serra. Fica a 200mts da pista.

O local tem banheiro m/f, água, wi-fi e energia.
O valor pago foi 10,00 por pessoa, energia negociar a parte.
Contato: 65 99844-9260 (Sueli e Adenilson)
Sueli e Adenilson, são pessoas maravilhosas

Balneário Águas da Serra -16.19838, -57.60736

Nice, quiet, safe, flat space for camping , impressive waterfall. The lady’s family owns the property. Just drive to the gate and wait, she will come from the house on the other side of the main street. Entrance is 2$, camping is 3$ pppn. She truly cares about her guests: At night was heavy rainfall, she came to the campground in the middle of the night through pouring rain, waked us up and asked us to move close to main road to higher and safer grounds (the river was already rising very fast).

Rio Malo Camping -0.15345, -77.64724

Between the signs. A bit dirty. Prefer the dump station when the hole is not up off the road.

Camping World Sani & Water 30.45825, -88.97039

Still available, water tape on the side of the washroom. Thanks !

Parkgate Park 49.31940, -122.97378

There is a tap next to the main road at that stone column. The water is potable and the taste is fine!

watertap next kids playground -32.59052, -69.34795
Tom Koch

Very clean location with clean, big toilet and shower rooms. Restaurant. 25sol p.p. 30 if you want it with breakfast. Quiet during the week. can be busy at weekend. We recommend it.

Casa Hacienda Pucuchinche -9.92307, -76.29103

We were the only ones here. Stayed two nights. It was magical to have the beach to ourselves. It looked like the area is not very well kept, leaves and coconuts all over the ground. There was basically just two decent spots to park the van. However the view to the ocean is beautiful! Showers and toilets were clean, and the sink with running water made life easier.

Camping Fernando Morales 9.61443, -85.07860

Great home made ice cream, local honey and sometime bread from dates. He sets up usually in the afternoons.

Ice cream stand Choyera 23.34768, -110.16202

Also known as Hospedaje de Doña Libia. This place was recommended by another hostel in Neiva.

Home stay hostal and restaurant with private rooms.

Warm showers, I don’t know if it works because due to the heavy weather the village was out of electricity for while. There is WiFi but the speed changes.

I paid 30.000 for one person in a two person room with two beds.

Hospedaje y restaurante Pisimbala 2.57199, -76.03742

Price now, 1500p per basket. Nice neutral smell. Some clothes were wet after collection.

Lavadero Tintoreria Austral -51.62635, -69.21692

Decent spot. Basic but mostly clean. Hot hot shower - make sure you use the one on the left, the others don’t drain. Wifi is back and really fast! Power went out for a bit but the lady had LED lights we could use. No problem to have bikes in the room. You could definitely ask to camp in the courtyard if you wanted, but for 3000pesos per person we were happy to be in a room (there had been a lot of rain the night before). Easy to use our stove in the courtyard, good lavadero for washing up.

Hospedaje Comunitario -23.94646, -66.48822

Nice safe camping, the owners and staff were very friendly. I enjoyed my stay!

Coyote Cals 31.29385, -116.41237

🇪🇸Parking en la calle, frente a la entrada de la posada El Pigual junto al río.
🇬🇧 Parking on the street, in front of the entrance to the El Pigual inn next to the river.

El Malecón -1.47964, -77.99743

There is a sign that says camping is forbidden.🙈 we did not stay there because of that

El Calafate, Laguna Nimez -50.32852, -72.27073

Hi, we are a traveler family and just arrived 3 month ago from our trip all the way down the panamerican highway starting in Canada… Now, we are living here and saving for the next aventure. We offer laudry service, 6.000 CLP per load (up to 8 kg), ready the next day. Contact me (Wanda) on whatsapp: +56986335017

Hola, somos una familia de viajeros y estamos juntando platita para nuestro próximo viaje. Ofrecemos servicio de lavandería a 6.000 CLP por carga (hasta 8 kg), se puede retirar el siguiente día. Whatsapp para coordinar con Wanda: +56986335017

Laundry - Lavar ropa -27.82834, -71.08406

This is the main bus station. You can easily take a bus to the Iguazú falls on the Argentinian/Brazilian side.

We took the bus to Iguazú Brazil. We payed 1500 going there and 1500 return (per person). The douane Argentina took us 10 minutes and the douane Brazil 20 minutes. So in total almost 1 hour on the way.

There are buses going every half an hour. You just go there and pay the ticket at the little offices. Don't forget your passport for crossing the border!!

Puerto Iguazu Bus Terminal -25.59839, -54.57090

Road Nr 102, all paved and in very good condition! Beautiful plateau and landscape (most of them fenced for alpacas, so perhaps difficult to find a spot to sleep).

Road information -10.57150, -76.38405

Road to this location is closed at this time.

Lost Man Creek Trailers 41.32723, -124.01522

Closed! Pulled in and saw “no overnight camping” signs at the entrances.
That sucks! This was one of my favorite spots. Not sure why or how long it will last.

Fortuna Pond, BLM 32.72450, -114.44761

Went thru today. No questions. Waved me thru.

Military Checkpoint 27.29019, -112.92673

No issues. They zeroed the pump and did a great job cleaning my windshield. Gas prices were similar at all the stations.

Pemex 27.96769, -114.04820

We came with motorbikes and tent, asked the man from the hospedaje in the right if we are allowed pass (gate is closed but you can pass in the right with bycicles or bikes) and he confirmed. Nice canyon and several campingspots!

canyon camping -11.50656, -75.93699

Do not fill your tank here! They are thieves and scammers and apparently everyone in this town knows that (we unfortunately did not until a few people living here long-term told us). We were charged almost 2,000 pesos for 80 liters, but there is no way that many liters would fit in our tank (we keep records with every gas filling, we drove only 180km from the last filling to the full and our long-term consumption is between 26-29 liters/100km, if those 80 liters would be correct than our consumption for the last 180km would be around 44 liters/100km, which is nonsense). We don't know if their gauges show incorrectly or if they just add something or do not reset the previous fill.

Pemex 26.88334, -111.94793

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