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Stayed the night here after getting off the ferry. Had a number of other folks doing the same. No issues.

Costco parking 49.23727, -124.04354

Nice place to stay with motorbike and tend. No toilets, no drinking water. Be aware of the rain when you are there with tend, the ground doesn't absorb the water very good.

Kite Spot Neretva 43.02070, 17.44887

This is just a perfect place to relax and wind down. Amazing view across the valley. We stayed for 4 nights, stocked up in Mbeya, walked from Utengule to Lunji Coffee farm and back, and enjoyed the pool, tennis court, pool table, and the many cool wooden games that they have. Kids loved it here! Furthermore, good value for money in the restaurant: Good food, and good portions. And very fast WIFI, we were able to back up all pics and videos from the past weeks. Oh, and we asked if they could do our (huge bag of) laundry, and they did that for a very reasonable price, with a significant discount compared to normal per item prices. Superb stay!

Utengele Coffee Lodge -8.88498, 33.32041

Still here and as described. It is bus shelter on the side of the road though so if possible I’d avoid in favour of quieter spots.
Fine for a night though, friendly folk about seemed completely unsurprised by me camping inside.

Pongo Bus Shelter -16.99686, -67.25926

Very nice resort with campground ( we had Nr. 4 - fantastic view over the valley), friendly staff, good and clean ablutions. 360 ZAR pn for two. We played pleasant 9 hole golfcourse 320 ZAR for two.

Hlalanathi Resort -28.66021, 29.03367

Excellent place to stay in Bissau near the interesting old town. When get to marked location may need to ask for Yuri. He speaks excellent English. Good level area for our landrover with roof top tent. Access to their tranquil shaded garden. Would highly recommend.

Yuri 11.86388, -15.57730

40 dhm per night. Super cool place to camp

Camp Abdul restaurant 35.43681, -5.08344

Many arepa street places to eat anytime at night after a party.
Not the best quality but quite good

Calle del hambre 8.58705, -71.15485

We were told by a local that there is an old cowboy who is a ‘shoot first as questions later’ kind of guy, so staying here is not recommended. We did not stay the night.

BLM pullout near highway 33.11655, -105.92499

We stayed there the night before we get in the Park. Really nice spot with a beautiful view! Cars are passing by, but quiet at night. Little bit windy, but okay!

Next to main road with amazing view! -51.21675, -72.96226

Beautiful and easy to access spot, close to Zion National Park. It rained the night we visited and the ground got very muddy, so we decided to stay another night till it dried out. We watched some folks try to leave while it was still raining, they got stuck a few times and seriously rutted the road. So keep the road nice and avoid driving here when wet!

BLM Virgin Dam Dispersed 37.20632, -113.24045

great place, easy to communicate in my limited Spanish. I thought I had 2 loads but they only charged me for 1, 150mx. it took 2hrs for everything. try and have exact change.

Lavandería la Rana 26.00838, -111.35020

great spot, they had a long hose that reached our tank, but we don't need attachments so not sure what they have. 28mx for 15gal. they filled some of our bottles too which was nice. very clean

Tabor aquaPura 26.01096, -111.34921

we stayed on the main place. easy to park for a big rig. free. quiet at night and safe. nice spot

Zocalo in Chiapa de Corzo 16.70833, -93.01772

Super nice veterinarian en El Salvador. Located in a richer area, local come here with their pure bread dogs. We came here to spade our rescued dog and they were really supportive and answered to our questions.

The main veterinarian “Pablo” speaks a little english.

They also do grooming and dog “daycare”

Veterinaria La Casa del Perro 13.68931, -89.24405

After driving around we finally found a parking with normal parking fees, or beter to say super cheap. Most asked us almost 2 euros per hour!!! Crazy! This guy asks 0.20 for the first hour and after that only 0.05 cents per hour.

Cheap guarded parking 29.61209, 52.53388

Not the nicest suburb of SLC but this parking lot was safe and quiet. I asked a Walmart employee and he said to park in the southern most row of the parking lot (near the gas pumps). He said it’s best to park in the brightest spots instead of the dark area around the back just so you don’t look sketchy. They don’t have “no overnight camping” signs and they have strong wifi available in the parking lot.

Everyone was nice, buy dinner and supplies from them to show support!

West valley city market 40.67006, -111.98811

Camping with a hostel atmosphere. The managers are cool. The pitches are not demarcated and not separated from other campers and the wifi is terrible, same in El Chaltén , the two downside for me. The common sanitary facilities are neat and new. Rather central. 13,000 pesos in cash

Camping El Relincho -49.32533, -72.88918

As described, it is 15000 per night. A small room, not well separated from neighbours. Mine had an open window, and I clearly heated all from other room.
The old lady is pleasant, showed me her garden and ... 8 filming cameras showing the street, the dining room, the entrance ...
She let me enter my bicycle in.
The kitchen is well equipped, you can cook your dinner, no problems. Water is drinkable. Shower hot and ok.

Alojamiento con pension completa -38.25035, -72.66416

free shower in the baños next to the restaurant. not sure if they're open 24h, but we stopped at the restaurant for lunch and they were.

servicentro el eden 16.10679, -89.37004

still here. just wave us. nothing bad just so down ;-)

Chisamba police checkpoint -15.01227, 28.19144

150pppn so we didnt stay. 10 the 500ml of milk on the road at the entrance.
also double rooms very expensive.

Kamfinsa Dairy Farm -12.91008, 28.33223

We spend one night here, shower was hot and the Refugio okay (no hot water for dishes though). Good wifi as well. 5000 clp per person.

We highly recommend the kayak tour with Jorge. It was beautiful, safe and fun. 35’000 clp per person (cheapest option we found).

Bellavista Hospedaje & Camping -46.62893, -72.67433

We had lunch there today, friendly atmosphere and staff, great family run restaurant. Ask for their specials of the day! Today they had milanesa of cordero, guanaco and porkloin in sweet and sour orange sauce. The guanaco milanesa was superbly prepared and very tasty. Servings are generous and prices reasonable.

Restaurante Naos -49.31177, -67.71623

We arrived at 10 pm and had to leave early in the morning. We slept inside our car. Neighbours just said hello in the morning. A good place by being inside a big city.

Camp Without structure -16.72036, -49.22798

Carrefull! When it’s wet (it snowed a bit this morning) the road is really bad. We reached the spot with our 4x4 high clearance but we left because we did not feel safe to drive back the day after. Easy to stay stock in the mud or hit a tree.

BLM 37.23600, -112.81983

We parked our Kombi here late afternoon, went to town and came back during the night. Had a good night of sleep and left early morning. Nobody asked for any money. Felt safe. Tourism buses park here during the day.

Wild Camping on Penninsula 6.23562, -75.15429

We didn’t have a great time here, but you might. There’s not a lot of privacy as others have mentioned. We don’t mind that because we understand the land is shareable, especially when it comes to camping. We were only looking for a place to sleep and leave early in the morning. Things were getting full and people started to get territorial and strange. Lots of city folk here. Wouldn’t camp here again. Next night we went into Valley of Fire and picked up a spot easy for the night, campgrounds always say full, they often aren’t (specially a weekday in autumn) go check on spots there. But like I said, *you* might have a great time!

BLM dispersed 36.46219, -114.44359
Gert Jan ter Haar

on top of a dune in the desert near Sakaka.
several places available, closer to the main road also reachable by 2x4, the sand dunes require 4x4

in the desert near Sakaka 29.84162, 40.24104

Don’t know why - but we didnt find this place. The GPS got us to a parking lot, right in the center, but they didn‘t knew about camping there or anywhere around.

Zona de Camping 5.63257, -73.52592

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