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$36R for 1 washer and 1 dryer! Great place

Lavô -26.22858, -48.50305

2 picnic benches with awnings. pretty over grown and lots of trash. Super busy hwy lots of road noise.

Texas Law allows 24hr park at all rest areas and picnic areas.

Summit County Northbound Picnic Area 28.37560, -99.64836

Passamos uma noite muito agradável aqui. Bastante espaço p estacionamento e bem lado do centrinho. Sem água e luz.

Parking lot next to Church -32.34149, -65.01176

Just as beautiful as described, we were there alone for the entire evening and next morning.

Rio Oeste - Sandy Beach -43.66214, -72.34164

Daniel is the best guy ever. We are so happy we took our RV to his place. Definitely recommend him when you're around. He speaks English, has really good prices, is skilled and hardworking, and beyond that, it seems like he really likes his job and likes to help people. He took us in immediately and started working on our motorhome (Ford E350 from 1990), he fixed several issues in 3 hours (he even drove to the town for spare parts) and he can weld as well. We've had a really good time with him and felt like our home on the wheels was very well taken care of.

Services Bukovecz Motorsports 26.88663, -111.95184
Petra Schaftenaar

All the new descriptions are accurate. Camping is possible outside the park, you can use the toilets after opening hours. Wifi also works. Visiting the park is highly recommended.

Parque Nacional Sierra de las Quijadas - Don Pilar -32.47309, -66.96168

We called ahead to ask if they allowed overnight parking and they said yes but asked that we leave first thing in the morning and park on the perimeter of the parking lot. We arrived around 6pm and there was one other van however that van left before 930pm. Store/bathroom hours today were 7am-11pm. the area was pretty quiet. good place if you need a place to rest for the night. Verizon had 1 bar, little service. TMobile had 2-3 bars, only a tad bit better service. They do have hot prepared foods inside so no van cooking needed: fried and rotisserie ckn, mashed potatoes, green beans, etc.!! :-)

Ingles Supermarket Bryson City 35.41911, -83.45236

I confirm the previous comments, one of the best sleep i've gotten. Our night was very peaceful, no noise from anywhere. only thing is, that the locals do use it, especially on the weekends. We saw 5 cars total during our stay, some fishing, some just with families and in the next morning some cars arrived to prepare for someones birthday, so yeah. But everybody seemed peaceful. The place itself is really beautiful (the last spot in the end of the trail under the trees, but high clearance needed). The other spots before the last ones are also nice, but on open ground with no wind or rain protection. Area itself is very very beautiful. Possible to fish, caught like 5 trout altogether. Recommend during weekdays.

Riverside camp -45.10988, -72.18820

Room with double bed with a very comfortable mattress, private bath (very clean) and breakfast (coffee, bread, egg, fruitjuice) for one person 40,-
If you stay more than a night, ask for a discount.
Lot's of space for bicycles and some motorbikes in the patio.
Very friendly owners, during breakfasts we had very interesting convetsations about the life, politics, food,... in Peru and my homecountry.

Mi Posada -6.86589, -78.14613

$3000 el canasto, lavado y secado, al 24/11/23, tardaron 2 días, nos quisieron cobrar 1 y1/2 cuando habiamos medido 1 solo canasto. Nos reconocieron rapidamente el error, ELLOS RECOMENDARON PEDIR QUE NOS COLOQUEN EL PRECIO EN EL TICKET QUE NOS DIERON AL DEJAR LA ROPA.

buen servicio y precio, rico olor.

Laundry La Gringa -47.74802, -65.89192

Great spot for a city camp. The lot is large and private even with a few rigs here. Far enough from the thruway that it’s more background noise, even with windows open.

You may need the annual permit to park on state land, but I didn’t have trouble;e staying for the night.

Supertramp Jackpot 33.45472, -112.43075

As described. Huge area suitable for any size rig. Easy overnight stop.

Big flat areas off the hwy 34.19042, -114.57445

As described. Across from Chevron. huge mostly flat area good for any size rig. Adjacent to cell tower with full 5G for T Mobile. Easy rest or overnight. Huge open area great for dogs.

Big flat areas off the hwy 34.19045, -114.57446

They told us camping is not possible anymore as there isn't enough space for it(we have Toyota land cruiser, no big RV or van)

Campo Bello 13.83388, -89.63269

got there at dark, two thirds of spots were free. however they rejected my reservation online (only way), retiring two days minimum. hmmm, it's too avoid what, cleaning costs?? so I left, and went boondocking next door. which was easy better actually. I won't return. didn't like the campground either, far from the water, close together..

Iron Mountain Camping Area 34.22355, -93.12946

“New park rules: closed 10pm-6am”
So keep on heading down to the dispersed sites a few miles down the road in Red Rock.

Cultural Park Trailhead 34.85184, -111.83182

This place was open. Traveling by bike got all our bottles cleaned and filled and a 4l container filled as well for 5 pesos.

Agustín Purification 24.39601, -111.10537
Family Off The Map

I can definitely see this place getting busy, but it was not an issue last night. About 4 rigs when we got here and a few more arrived overnight. People are certainly feeding the wildlife, they are brazen and curios.

Kingman Wash 36.03628, -114.70883
Ayun Mapu

There is a shower, a dry bathroom and it is a clean place.

Ayun Mapu -27.53437, -55.85179

Stayed for one night with our campervan. Traffic slows down after 9pm, apparently when the border with Guatemala closes.
We stayed at the upper parking near the Basketball court. The lower parking was under water. It seems the water in the river was even higher some days before. So, be careful on the lower parking.

Next to the river! 17.08621, -89.13282

Nice and short visit.
Drove here with our campervan (3.5 ton). Good parking spot. Unfortunately, no overnight stay allowed.

Cahal Pech Maya Ruins 17.14573, -89.07453
Eloi Sanchez

flat spot next to the river. There is a ramp from the road that can be tricky to go up without a four wheel drive. After a couple tries we got it with our two wheel drive van.

Patiperros’ next to river espolón -43.19215, -71.90446
Se Boliemo

Ótimo lugar para passar a noite, posto 24h, tem ponto de energia e agua, lugar para descarte de agua suja e porta-pote, agua quente para chimarrão. banho quente, ar para calibrar pneus, tinha cidreira menta e outros para fazer tereré ( tudo gratis) wifi gratis . conta com vigilancia armada.... super seguro e tranquilo

Posto Ultra -25.46464, -56.03771

No one else was around. No ATT service. Minor traffic but pretty quiet overnight

Large pull off by the river 43.51006, -123.50609

Found another little spot close by, super private and quiet, absolute silence! The Pines are beautiful and the Butte stunning, nice view of the alpenglow on Mt. Washington.

Quiet Ponderosa Pullout 44.38036, -121.59330

Signs saying no unauthorised parking set up by a tow company. Train noise is comically loud!

Shell Gas Station 48.50897, -122.33843
stealth compact SUV

Friday 9 pm to noon Saturday, no issues. Didn't try to interact with McD. Full bars T-Mobile. Occasional mild airplane noise until 11 or so. Didn't hear any trash collection early morning but there was some clanking around 9 am (unclear on source), could be different weekend schedule?

McDonald’s Parking Lot 36.03894, -115.19178

Stayed here a couple nights in my sprinter van. First night I was a little unnerved as someone tried pulling on my back door handle while I was getting ready to bed down. Fortunately, the doors were locked. They immediately must have moved on because by the time I went out to investigate there was no sign of anyone. Had no issues otherwise. Both times I was there from 10am-6am. Great spot. Parked in the back-in spots first night. Then along Rainier the second. Great spot. Be respectful.

Confluence Park Street Parking 47.53595, -122.03772

We sleept here 2 nights.
From Friday to Saturday it was really quit.
From Saturday to Sunday was very very loud music from a techno party with heavy bass until 4:30 am.

Otherwise its a very safe (police, security) place to stay and leave your vehicle.
Maybe its better on weekend to park at the end of the road for better sleeping.

In front of Ankara Hotel -13.51255, -71.98355

Good stopover. We spent the night in the pick-nick area behind the truck and bus stop. Place well lit. Truck noise from stopping and driving away trucks. The town of Anarak lies in front of an impressive mountain backdrop.

Truck- and Bus Stop Anarak 33.30293, 53.69468

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