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Flat spot off of a wild forest service road. Next to A stream. In winter, need 4x4. Maybe a van will fit but a truck for sure will. I camped here in the winter and a van. Would have a difficult time turning around.

Flat secluded spot 39.51831, -106.00290

Here they cleanes our motorcycles. They used foam which was necessary after Salar. They also used a high pressure washer but were careful with it. Paid 50bs for two bikes, she said 30bs for one bike

Lavadora with foam -20.45356, -66.83108

on nous a demandé 15.000 pesos pour 2 adultes et 2 enfants et notre van. quand je suis arrivé c'était 1000 puis des que elle a vu que on était européens elle a fait le tarif X5... on est partis...

Camping La Lomita -41.96137, -71.53887

Beautiful grounds. Good electrical (actually has a ground so no electrical shocks when you touch metal like other places!). The water is very warm in some springs. Very level parking spot for us. They close up at night and have guards. We had the run of the pools after hours so feel free to soak away. Some highway noise but night was better. Highly recommend staying here. They wanted $200/person but we got it for $150/person for camping and soaking.

Balneario El Mirador 19.90773, -101.14942

horario de atención es lunes a sábado 08:30 AM a 19:30 pm
regarga GLP y gasolinas

Lipigas -41.45880, -72.92509

We passed by today (bikes) we looked ar the point AND looks very good for a wild camping

Lots of space under the trees -45.93104, -71.85623

Driving in one power line was really low. A local climbed on top of RV and raised line. They called to get someone to tie it up. Roads are very narrow. Go this camp spot for 400 pesos for 4 nights. Clean, Mexicans looking to help for pesos. Right on water. Beautiful! So far Verizon has been working. Windy, in 70's. Lots of permanent people staying here. We are 28' +cargo trailer.

Islandia RV 28.82322, -111.94671

Nice basic camping. Clean toilets and showers. Very friendly owners. Turkeys chicken dogs and cool iguanas......

Camping La Güera 18.70377, -95.24032

charming little town famous for it's traditional market of handcrafted goods made of wool. perfect for buying some clothes if you are going high in the Andes mountains. very calm and safe to stay overnight. also have a couple of nice restaurants by the main square. We recommend ALTIPLANO restaurant. you can park safely just in front of the main square which is a beautiful spot too. Smaller but similar sort of goods to those found in OTAVALO Ecuador.

NOBSA handcraft market 5.77104, -72.93960

Really nice grocery store. The water fill station is inside and self serve. Good for small water cans. They have a great selection of food, drinks and produce. Highly recommend stopping here for stocking up.

Mercado La Huerta 27.28182, -112.89868

Just as others have said - great spot - free with reservation. I’ll add huge fishing spot…many folks came for day use with their boats. Bumpy but easy road in (I’m guessing even in rain easy to access). Area for RVs and area for tents but both are set up the same - covered table, fire ring. One to two bars on Verizon.

Dead River Landing 30.54121, -85.89071

It’s really good. We had breakfast there this morning. Delicious chilaquiles and coffee.

Loncheria la Mision de Kadakaaman 27.28355, -112.89854

Campsites open, good service in all sense. Laundry with drier. Access to the campsite controlled and key provided to clients for the lot access. Rates published and in accordance to the service provided, Copec gas station near by good during the day, dangerous during the night. Staff of PatagonFox very professional.

PatagonFox Camping Santiago -33.38290, -70.85550

Still closed! Get your cash before!!! We are doomed

BBVA 26.89090, -111.98400

Es autoservicio, algo caro pero mejor que esperar hasta el día siguiente para que nos den la ropa. 90 pesos la lavadora y 70 secadora.

self service , expensive but better tan waiting til the next say to have our clothes. 90 pesos for the Washing machine and 70 pesos for the drying one.

WhatsApp 4412122858

Lavandería Express 20.73733, -99.93568

Pullout/overlook area next to call box. Stopped for lunch. Fairly level, a few huge potholes. no signs. Milemarker 31.

Tomales Bay Scenic Turnout 38.09108, -122.82423

Stayed after Thanksgiving. Rte 1 had many road construction going on. Pd $40 cash for the night. Tag license required at check in. CAUTION ⚠️ ENTRANCE AND EXIT ARE ON A BLIND TURN. STORE IS ACROSS THE ROAD! Due to close for the season Dec 1st to reopen April 1st

Ocean Cove Campground 38.55518, -123.30096

I shop at this Walmart every week. There’s always trucks parked here and lack of “no overnight parking” signs. There’s only “No semi-truck of trailer parking” signs.

Gonna test this one out. Seems to be other car campers here too

Walmart 40.55362, -75.58123

Friendly staff, 16 USD for 2 beds room. Wrong location on ioverland App, near hostel saraguro

Hostal Ñukanchik Sara Allpa -3.62179, -79.23811

Flat level car park under the trees next to the skate board park and kids playground.

sibu 2.29253, 111.82006

Nice view and place, outside of the NP. Camping they charge 15 dollar ppn (you will camp downstairs at the parking area). Breakfast 5 dollar ppn, for just eggs, 1 banana and coffee. Hot water shower. Nice place, but to expensive for camping. All the profit they make they give to the cummunity.

Ruboni Community Camp 0.34967, 30.02952

camping is not possible anymore. location looks nice

Buffalo Camp -0.13648, 30.04986

Friendly staff- checked with them re overnighting as there are tow signs everywhere. They directed me as far from the noisy refer trucks as possible. Said they would rather i overnight here than stay on the freezing roads and directed ne as far away from the refer trucks as possible. Peaceful

Gee Cee's Truck Stop 46.39273, -122.90455

Lots of lighting feels safe we will let you know in am

Cracker Barrel 37.52856, -77.35671

You can pay a visit to Salim’s house, he’d be very happy.
There’s a replica of Babylon’s Ishtar gate, and a small “museum” of memorabilia.

Ishtar gate house 35.26365, 43.40544

Nice bicycle shop where they gave us card boxes to transport the bicycles for free. They also sell some parts and equipment and can fix bicycles.

Manic Cycles -33.64277, 19.44561

Few kilometres south of Butare town. Clean rooms, 30k for 2 inc 1 breakfast, friendly staff and secure parking for motorcycles. Meals available, slightly overpriced but all in all a decent place to stay.

Lighthouse Hotel -2.61975, 29.74271

As it was the end of the month all the Atms were empty or there were big lines before the Atms. (We tried for 2 days to find money)

Finally we decided to change the money 100$=97.000kwanza

market / money change -5.55617, 12.19354

Big park spot next to a fuel station. Nice view of the mountains.

Big flat spot with a view 42.54022, 1.71812

Hossein is an amazing host. We slept in our car in his courtyard, but you can sleep in the house on carpets, using facilities. He offered us tea and we cooked together dinner. He also gave us a tour of the village the evening we arrived and the next morning. He said we had nothing to pay but we gave him around 8€. He really enjoys having guests and he's really fun, and the village is beautiful.You can contact him on WhatsApp, his English is fine enough to communicate.

Hossein Ostad Hostel in Old Deyhuk 33.61496, 56.93458

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