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We were the only ones sleeping here. One car arrived after dark to go fishing.
Very windy! Gorgeous sunset.

Cascada Cifuentes -38.62735, -60.60652

Very clean and good beds, staff is friendly. Was a great unexpected stop off the rut 100. The locals in San Martin advised us to go here instead of go in a hospedaje in San Martin. We paid 60 soles for a room with two seperate beds.

Hotel Florcita -13.28885, -73.26496

We were told to come back in 2 hours to pick up money.

Western Union Pago Facil - 24 hours -51.61975, -69.21943

Use the gps coordinates to get here. Great spot. Surf was pounding! Two wheel drive to get in but near the beach watch out for soft spots. Spent one night here and only one other rig.

Cerritos beach wild camping 23.32123, -110.16947

There is an "out of order" sign. We tried a different ATM of the same bank a little further in the same street, where the Maestro card didn't work, but with a VISA card, we got 5,000 M (Euro 71.-) max.

ATM that accepts Maestro -25.95837, 32.60133

Beautiful view. Lot of deadwood for a fire. We were alone in mid November but we could see few more lights around the Lago.
You are visible from the street but at this time of the year only on car per hour maximum. In the night nothing.
Coming from north (Esquel) the street is till Corcovado a mixture of paved road and gravel road and after Corcovado till Lago Vintter a gravel road which is closed in winter. You need to take some time for the road but it is worth it. Very nice !!

Another Place on Vinter Lake -43.90440, -71.41761

now 18 per night.
loud and drucken people at the bus stop until 11 pm followed by idiots in muscle cars until 2 am. very loud and noisy.

Charleston Visitors Center Parking Ramp 32.79079, -79.93797

3 star hotel, equivalent to £60 a night. Way out of my budget but no other option. Bike allowed in room, comfortable and safe.

HOTEL PARAISO COLONET 31.04166, -116.20261

Beautiful place- 150 pesos per day per people- water and wifi
Superbe place nous y sommes restés 4 jours (150 pesos par personne par jour) accès à l’eau et au wifi

Playa La Mancha Veracuuz 19.59020, -96.38112

Good spot ! There's also another lower parking hidden from the road, dark and silence.

Riparian Zone beyond Brookshire 36.22886, -81.64450

The place itself looks okay, but we asked some old men if we could sleep there and they say no. Then a young guy who followed us from the village started to bit very annoying and tried to touch me (and my butt) several times. we left at the end.

Salami Dam picknick area 34.43222, 60.17069

Only available during opening times so „at any time“ in the description is not correct. Drove 20 miles for nothing. Nevertheless, it's great that water and dumping is offered free of charge by a small company.

The Sprinter Shop 47.12198, -122.54277

Had fuel when I visited.

Pumangol -13.91364, 12.52744

Riders watch the soft sand gravel sections - front end washouts. .

tarmac ends here going north -13.91371, 12.52717

Riders watch the soft sand gravel sections - front end wash-outs.

Seal to Gravel heading south -13.33350, 12.93666
Van hoey Denis

Very nice place to swim, with restaurant . We sleep here for free. very secure

piscinas Rancho los carretos 13.28826, -87.28776

Prices ferry 2023 in photo’s. Ferry is active, some people will tell you it’s not, but that’s only so you stay in their homestay.

Ferry Janjanbureh (Georgetown) 13.54637, -14.76209

spots for 6 vans, pit toilets, picnic shelter, quiet, in the woods, no signs banning overnight parking. We just had lunch and a walk.

Sundew Trailhead 30.54844, -94.40974

It' s a quiet nice Picknick Place. Perfect.

Big Cypress BoardwalkTrail/Goethe Forest 29.22337, -82.62267

Just to add, there was no problem with the manager playing loud music the night I stayed, although he did seem quite comfortable laid out on his sofa.

Auberge le Safran 30.52994, -7.91036

Super hip, outdoorsy hotel that also has several "Van Posts" where small to mid sized rigs can overnight and have access to power and amenities. I'd suggest no longer than 25ft. Definitely not designed for trailers. But if you fit the target audience, it's great.

When we stayed it was $30/night, which gave access to a flat parking spot, 15a power post, restrooms with shower (and hotel towels!), pool and hot tub, WiFi, communal indoor and outdoor spaces with fire pit and tables, and FREE LAUNDRY! The staff were all super friendly and helpful.

No water or dump station, but there's free water at the Maverick down the street and free dump at the Maverick on the other end of town.

Other downsides are you're sleeping in a parking lot, might be directly side-by-side with other vans, and there's some noise from the main road.

Field Station Moab 38.58729, -109.55965
Family Life on Wheels

nice spot to camp. possible for 2 cars/1 overlander. otherside of the road, another spot for 1 van. a little bit back another spot for 2 big overlanders. lots of places to camp. amazing view.

amazing spot close to kekova 36.19786, 29.86163

il y a plusieurs entrées mais aucune ne correspond au point gps. venant de l'est la première est juste avant une maison à environ 1 Mile.
chaque entrée à une grande pancarte avec les recommandations de l'organisme de la nature qui gere la plage

Freeport Beach south of Brazoria NWR 29.03588, -95.17322

entrada al camping muy empinado, a partir del 25/11/2023 en adelante se cobrarán 10US por pareja + vehículo. Tiene agua, buen internet, se conectará luz y lugar para disponer de aguas grises y negras.

Lago Azul RV Park -41.13135, -71.34328

Il ont que je pouvais prendre de l eau avant mon plein d essence et après il on refusé. C est des voleurs!

Water tap at Pemex 18.53071, -88.31226

We were told to come here by another WU branch when we couldn’t get our second order "filled" by 2 other in the town center.

Western Union at Carrefour -51.62851, -69.24655

Didn’t spend the night, just checked it out. Lots of highway noise! Also, it’s the bottom of a wash; don’t be here if rain threatens.

Sta Rosalia. Guerrero Negro 27.38789, -112.35061

Tried to go to the Schreiber beach for the spot on IOverlander, but it is closed for the winter I guess. Stayed here instead since we could ask someone if it was okay and it is. It’s a public space. The only issue was the train tracks that are very close. If you have light sleep or a badly insulated vehicle, we don’t recommend.

Public parking 48.80532, -87.27272

Very nice volunteer park keeper. Let me fill up fresh water and disposal my garbage even without discover pass.

Potable water at state bathroom 47.81737, -122.65104
Des routes & nous

Shop where you can find motor oil for your land rover (15W40 diesel).
104 SAR for 8L.

They also sell parts (not for LR).
They have a workshop where you can change your oil if you want too. Dont know the price.

We did many shops to find the proper oil for our engine.

PETROMIN 20.07908, 41.44706

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