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Beautiful place to stay for a night. Very calm, only saw one other camper way out. Had a few dune buggies pass by on a dirt road nearby. Service on AT&T was decent.

Vicksburg BLM 33.74734, -113.74799

Thank you for the tip of the potable water between pumps 7&8. It’s still there and open in the cold.

Maverick 38.99513, -110.17980

Stayed in the bandas as part of a safari tour, prices still $30 + tax. Considering it's in the park with high government fees on everything, the bandas were much better than expected (incl nice beds and Western toilets) and great value. Hippos were walking around the bandas at night, so the property is very much in the wild without fences.

Kitchen facilities are limited, that area is mostly used by guides to cook for their group. A few nice spots created outside to sit and watch the river landscape.

Msembe Ruaha Park bandas -7.68452, 34.93481

Hermoso lugar para dormir. Muy tranquilo. pasamos 5 noches y no tuvimos ningún problema. Sin servicios.

En frente a la playa -13.83507, -76.25264

Nice Market, not cheap but good.
Nice showers and bathrooms but only for boat owners.
Security told us not to drive our RV into their facilities we had to park outside, a nice lady was a the guard check and explained us that camping was not allowed niether RV parking for the day.

Mini market at Marina 25.81395, -111.31152

Double old room with bathroom, fan and mosquito net. Its a really cheap option, but you get what you pay, the bathroom wasn't really clean, and the water is barely enough for washing hands. The location is good as its in the city center. I paid 10.000Tsh per night.

Travelers inn -5.07764, 39.10027

Passamos a noite no posto para seguir viagem no dia seguinte. Foi uma noite muita tranquila, local aparentemente bem seguro, vários caminhões parados e também carros de passeio. Ótimo local para parada para quem está na estrada de motorhome e precisa de um ponto de descanso/ apoio.
Nos sigam no Instagram: @a_aventura_esta_la_fora

Posto Shell - Amigão Itaboraí -22.74785, -42.81219

decent cheap hotel, right in the main square. paid only 40,000 pesos for 2 people in a double bed with private bathroom. no parking but they let me put my moto in the chicken shop downstairs overnight. hotel 2 doors down also told me I can park the moto there for 7,000 pesos if needed. basic room but big enough and clean

hotel villa central 5.87458, -72.98281

Very helpful and efficient. Called in to see if they could repair a Campmaster chair and they had repaired it within minutes. Better quality stitching than when it was new from the shop! Paid P50 cash.

The Canvas Zone -19.97957, 23.42448

Primitive camping…pack in pack out. Designated
camping areas at the gravel parking lots. I camped by the boat ramp and had a nice view of the water. No fire rings…but I camped by a fire pit someone made from large rocks. Worked out nicely for me! No one else camping next to me. But I was there during deer season…and there were at least 5-6 different trucks out there hunting. I didn’t do any hiking because of the hunters but the bird watching was nice! Saw a flock of swans fly over!

rebel cove conservation Area 40.56655, -92.67913

Around 500m to the road, nice view. No problem with the local people.

The end of the road is a bit hard but no problem for 4x4

Reservoir View 32.69088, -5.86574

Lovely campsite - only one other camper there. Canoes for exploring the river and you have to buy some of the pork products at the butchery as you drive in

Charlesford Farm -33.99500, 23.00555

great place to find parts, most VW bus they have it here

refacciones cruz 16.74654, -93.10389

This place is very good, there is a game for children and there is no sign of no over overnight parking !

Wetland watchers park 30.05650, -90.36949

This one is quiet after like 10/11pm…I called ahead and they said it was fine to park on the side where the lot is bigger than the back or other side…I am only in a camper van so I fit fine…but a large RV or pulling a trailer may have a tight squeeze, but seems to be fine for smaller RVs…

Cracker Barrel 36.77973, -76.23228

Spent a night back here to get off the highway for a bit and get a beer from the bar next door. Good quiet spot with a couple garbages around. No wifi from any of the business unfortunately. But theres a 24 hour taco bell just a 3 minute walk through the parking lot.

Behind West Lancaster Plaza 34.66197, -118.18102

I wasn't able to find this place.

Omar Moto Mecanico -48.74624, -70.24711
Martin and Amy (@eltruckito)

This place is permanently closed.

Airport Parking Lot -14.85451, -74.96046

great spot... had zero issues. love staying at Walmart.

Walmart 30.38893, -87.06598

Nice place. I paid 45.000 for one person and 10.000 for a breakfast.

WiFi works partime, sometimes fast sometimes not.

I put my bicycle in the room, but the common area feels safe as well.

Hotel Posada Camino Guanacas 2.44937, -75.77655

Just traveling through over Thanksgiving and found this little gem. Pd $7 SS/DA Careful with the Goat heads are everywhere except where the cars have kept them away. Just remember to check soles of shoes and puppies feets before entering you quarters.
Location is quiet, very little road noise, never heard other campers arriving or leaving.
Payment can be cash or cc. Fill out the envelope, tear off post receipt and drop envelope Payment in fee tower.
Mostly car, van and truck campers but our 24 rv fight fine in the attached

Beehives Campsites-Glen Canyon NRA 36.93857, -111.49607

Flat spot big enough for my van to turn around and a fire ring at the end of forest service road 168. You can see the lake but there's no access. It's roughly 3 miles from 453 (The Trace Rd). Medium or high clearance is needed. My rwd van had no trouble. Three 4G att bars, two 5G T-mobile bars.

FS 168 36.73510, -88.08438

Great place to sleep, some noise overnight from fishermen arriving early and the Amtrak line goes very close.

Ferry port Ticonderoga 43.85342, -73.38589

Spent a peaceful night here while visiting the NP. not one other car passed the road. Unfortunately no wildlife sightings

Sequoia National Forest 36.67262, -118.85711

Nice hotel.
100$ 4 people room 3 nights (around 8$ per person per night)

Mistafi Hotel & Restaurant 8.60158, -71.13962

Place tranquille. On a très bien dormi c’est à l’écart.

Rig museum 29.69115, -91.20881

Nice view, quiet campground, uphill drive that is well maintained for the first half, second half is a little rougher with a good amount of rocks in the road. Subaru forester awd made it with no issues (granted it was fairly dry at this time). 1-2 bars of verizon lte, able to download a show for bedtime.

Hillside Tree Ring 34.61768, -84.14791

This place is permanently closed.

Flamingo 10.43932, -85.78987

it is now 7000 for a twin room one person
WiFi is 20mb

Hospedaje Aldo -48.74944, -70.24395
instagram: auroraroamer

We spent a quiet, safe night. They allowed us to use a shower. Very friendly. Mrs. Delia is very helpful.

Pasamos una noche tranquila, seguros. nos permitieron usar una ducha. muy senora Delia es muy servicial.

El Nido del Flamenco -20.46796, -66.81595

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