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Desmond Ong

Unfortunately cannot park for overnight inside the Hot Spring Park but the security asked us park at the entrance area with facing the green, near the toilet and security post.

Free usage of the natural hot spring, with toilet and cold shower facilities.

Location is good not too far deviation from the main road

Tha Sathon Hot Spring 8.97505, 99.26376

Endroit accepté pour une nuit et toilette chimique présente pendant l’hiver. Endroit relativement tranquille. Éclairé.

San Jon Community Park 35.10743, -103.33154

This place is permanently closed.

Medway Community Garden 32.76094, -79.99380
Tous Azimuts

It's mission impossible to find a free place in Shimla! Here, we are well located for exploring the city, the view is great, we park flat, and access is easy (we have more than 7m in length). From 9 p.m. the parking lot is very quiet. Unfortunately, we pay 400 rupees/24 hours, non-negotiable (but we haven't found any cheaper)... Be careful to respect the 24 hours because we had to pay 300 rupees for only 20 minutes more!

Parking ok for long vehicles 31.10108, 77.17545

Mr. (Marco) Gallego is a really nice mechanic and fast, didn't even accept a tip for removing a damaged spring blade from a camper. Didn't recommend to replace, thanks to pneumatic suspension; could have, but over a day's work I didn't have.
Has nowadays 3 cranes to "rescue" different types of vehicles. Answers his handy really fast and has whatsapp.

Mecanica Gallegos -51.73180, -72.50326

so if you want to stay come when it's closed and don't ask permission haha I did the error of asking and the lady called the manager and he said they don't allow it. drove 45 min cause I assumed they accept... lesson learn !

Walmart 34.28179, -118.79194

they have card. price 600 vvvvvbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

fuel station 36.00894, 59.18221

Beautiful spot, right on the lake on a grassy lawn. All as others have said. Still 20,000 for two in a vehicle. Excellent signal on Vodacom.

Livalana Hotel -2.05531, 29.34560

Laos → Cambodia

Leaving Laos they wouldn’t stamp my passport until I completed the online vehicle temp import ( on the Cambodian side. When done came back to passport control on Laos side. They ask $2 for stamp, if you wait long enough they will stamp it for free.

Entering Cambodia they printed out my vehicle import for an alleged $10. If you wait long enough they’ll give it to you free. Next is visa, that is claimed to be $38 and if you wait long enough it becomes $35 and if you wait even longer once everybody leaves it’s actually $30. All in all probably took 1 hour to save paying $20 bribes.

Come with time and patience, nobody is rude but you have to be prepared to act stupid and play the waiting game.


Border Post 13.92140, 106.03045

Small fishermen path where we spent one night. Between two villas but nobody told us that we can't stay. Beach is 5 min walking. We stayed on a side, not a lot of shadow. No phone signal. Very quiet. Sandy track to reach this place, sometimes really deep sand.

fishermen path -21.86310, 35.29878

Milad speaks really good English. If you like to contact him you can WhatsApp him on this number +989058937974

He is great!

Garage Reza 29.64074, 52.56555

very nice and cozy place, super friendly owner with good english. the place has around 10 rooms with two shared bathrooms and offers breakfast and dinner. good wifi. plenty of space inside to park motorbikes (no cars). hood location 8min walking from the market. no air conditioning. 90 dinars for night and breakfast at the time i'm wilriting (november 2023).
owner Salah +216 22 364 896

Murmure the civilisations 33.46090, 9.02483
Tous Azimuts

Quiet place to stopover. Easy to access with any type of vehicle. Close to the road but hidden by trees and very quiet at night.

Quiet place in the forest 30.49732, 77.45749

Camping under trees along the warm water stream (not a drainage stream ?!)

There are different prices for midweek and weekends. It’s good to make a booking in advance as the place is very busy. Or be lucky on arrival.

And why is it busy? Because it is lovely, well maintained and surprisingly quiet even it is busy!

No day visitors allowed - so not much traffic and car noise.

Each stand has a power plug - but remember there is load shedding. The restaurant it though hooked up to a generator. Restaurant is also not open to day visitors. Wifi at reception & restaurant.

Campsite 2 is the closest to reception and pools. The higher the number of your campsite, the further you are..

Besides the several pools & jacuzzis, There are two hiking trails and a tennis court.

Patchy signal with MTN.

The small shop attached to the restaurant is not so well stocked, so rather bring everything. But perfect to get some icecream.

There is a spa for massages, pedi, mani, scrub etc.
Check photos for prices

The Baths Natural Hot Springs -32.73943, 19.03566

Some Lebanese ppl bought the land right next to the spot and made a park here. We stayed 3 nights inside the park, very quiet place. People come here to relax or take a dip.

The 3th day the guardian of the park came and were watching us the whole time, which was a little bit annoying. (He also asked for money)
We didn’t give him anything.

It is a very nice place to stay while waiting for the visa, it’s possible that at the weekend the owner of the land will come.

If you don’t wanna stay inside the park you can also park outside.

Remote beach -4.72261, 11.82992

Very nice bakery with different types of bread.

Boulangerie super qualite -4.77414, 11.86037

The cost of the normal (3 days processing) visa is 70.000cfa.
The guys in the consulate are super nice and friendly. The visa was even ready earlier (2 days)

DRC Consulate -4.80059, 11.85000

Three watertabs can be found at a house wall.

Water tabs at house wall -4.90554, 11.93930

Great team wonderful you help me to fix my window problem because
No spare part
make it fix 🙏🏽 you thank you thank you

Thimo's Autowerkstatt -22.67057, 14.54388

Got a room with 3 beds for 190 real (2 pers). Breakfast included. Very friendly staff. Secured parking for our car (landcruiser), without height limit.
Basic hotel, clean room with airco. Small swimming pool. (did not use that).

Hotel Rios do Pantanal -19.00245, -57.60758
She Defender

You can post letters/parcels locally and internationally here. There's no DHL in the City.

Post Office (Posta Uganda) 1.71502, 33.61504

Big police checkpoint. We drove by 3 times, they look angry but didn't stop us. Probably they check big vehicles/trucks.

Police checkpoint -25.85383, -54.55602

Spent 2 nights camping here. Charming host very clean and beautiful outlook on edge of dunes. The Berber host will organise any desert trips.

Auberge Le Sahara 31.13581, -4.01903

Huge Hypermarket with almost everything you can think of. Prices more or less like Kuwait (something more, something less). There's free wifi from Tim Hortons and different stands where you can buy a Sim Card.

Lulu Hypermarket 26.98478, 49.64733

They stopped me here and only allowed me to Al Ukhaidi with an escort. It took more than 1/2 hours to gather a car and a posse for this. But they all said it’s totally safe. So..?

Checkpoint and escort 32.48301, 43.79256

Tempted to not share because it’s nice an quiet lately - but Flagler Resevoir is very much still open.

- it’s not entirely free - every person should have s hunting/fishing permit or a day pass which can be purchased online for $10. I’ve never been asked to show a pass. I bought one once. Figure I can play the “had bad service couldn’t buy it but will later” card.

The road around the reservoir is closed due to road damage suffered during floods in June 2023. Nothing accessible from the East. West has access to rather nice pit toilets, a couple picnic structures, and ample parking lot space for overnighting.

-be warned that unless it’s actively snowing there will be an abundance of some kind of bug wanting to irritate you. In the spring it was moths, in the summer it was flies, and this fall my goodness, you could wear the mosquitos as a sweater they were so thick.

All in all I really like this spot. It’s rather convenient to the highway yet far enough away you get barely any road noise. I wouldn’t necessarily come here for the camping but it’s a great place to get away and not be bothered.

Flagler Reservoir 39.29016, -102.99010
Apenas por Aí

🇧🇷O estacionamento do parque é amplo, asfaltado, tranquilo e silencioso para dormir, os moradores nos recomendaram para pernoitar na cidade em segurança.
Pista excelente para praticar exercícios, vários pássaros, patos, muito verde, limpo e bem cuidado. Há sanitários público, ponto de água, não vimos de energia.
Também fizemos uma solda no transmoto em um soldador gente boa ao lado da igreja.

🇱🇷The parking lot of the park is ample, paved, quiet and quiet to sleep, the locals recommended us to stay overnight in the city safely. Excellent track for exercising, several birds, ducks, very green, clean and well maintained. There are public toilets, water point, we don't come with power. We also did a weld on the transmoto on a good people welder next to the church.

Lago das Araras Park -17.73067, -49.09861

The place is as it is. Dinner went up a bit 2500.
Ask any of the family to borrow on of the canoes, they’ll give you a paddle, life jacket and a bucket (waters gets in constantly but manageable). Ask for the directions of de Pettit route, it takes 20 min to complete, you go by your self and it is worth it, specially at sun set. Didn’t ask money.

Curaan Center 13.75099, -16.47995

Great campsite with clean ablutions (and you have many of them, so you practically have your own). Two nice, wooden platforms from where you can see animals. Had elephants visiting on three separate days. Could also see waterbucks, impalas, warthogs from our campsite. Baboons in camp, but they were not disturbing and still avoid humans. Price is now 17.000 mkw/pppn (after the devaluation of kwacha, but it’s still equivalent of $10), great value for money. The park gate is inly approx. 15 mins drive away. We didn’t try the restaurant. No wifi, but Airtel LTE network worked ok.

Liwonde Safari Camp -15.02820, 35.23938

"Maison Wood" not to be missed if you are looking for a good introduction to the slave trade history (so as we, coming from the South).
The place is really authentic and full of heavy history. Nothing very fancy but visiting both the basement and the 1st floor of the house where merchant were trading, will make you feel in your guts how the people dealt with slave trade.
The guide is knowledgable and very charismatic.
CFA2,000 pp non Togolese (see pics of the fares).
You can show up directly there but if you want to organise a complete tour of the whole neighborhood (Agbodrafo, Togo lake, Togoville) you can contact Prince Kpoti (Carlos) 00228 9034 89 39 or 00228 99 16 16 98.

Maison des Esclaves d'Agbodrafo 6.20373, 1.47684

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