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"Maison Wood" not to be missed if you are looking for a good introduction to the slave trade history (so as we, coming from the South).
The place is really authentic and full of heavy history. Nothing very fancy but visiting both the basement and the 1st floor of the house where merchant were trading, will make you feel in your guts how the people dealt with slave trade.
The guide is knowledgable and very charismatic.
CFA2,000 pp non Togolese (see pics of the fares).
You can show up directly there but if you want to organise a complete tour of the whole neighborhood (Agbodrafo, Togo lake, Togoville) you can contact Prince Kpoti (Carlos) 00228 9034 89 39 or 00228 99 16 16 98.

Maison des Esclaves d'Agbodrafo 6.20373, 1.47684

Estacionamiento frente a la playa en la Costanera, hermosa vista, la calle tiene bastante tráfico y es ruidosa por que está adoquinada, playa hermosa e inmensa.

En Costanera frente a la playa -22.93307, -42.50930

This is just a strip of parking spots next to a park right before you enter the municipal building. I slept here overnight in my car, no issues and very quite. I highly recommend the little church across the street, Calvary Chapel, to visit. They were so, so nice to me on Sunday.

Grandby Gardens Park 33.97018, -81.06612

Dormimos de motorhome em frente à Praça do Coreto em Pirenópolis e foi uma noite bem tranquila, a praça possui vários pontos de eletricidade (tomada) e água. A rua superior da praça é plana, então é melhor para dormir, não acumular água do banho. Mais informações em detalhes no nosso canal do YouTube @eiviajantes

Praça do Coreto -15.84938, -48.95684
Bruce Forrester

Large gravel lot which accomodate rigs of any size.

Tucson 32.27241, -110.86998

Decent shop, some long lasting food and cold drinks. Very nice brown bread

Local Supermarket -11.22438, 31.82544

Marcelino works for the turtle project and stays at the lighthouse. He has the key to the beach camp which is amazing. At this time of year many olive turtles come at night to lay their eggs (for us last week of November) which will hatch in 60 days? He takes care of marking the clutches to keep them safe and recording the details. We saw whales and dolphins from this camp. No village or people. Really lovely.

Beach camping location for the turtle project -13.87926, 12.42152
sonny jadun

Stayed here for a night during the week. It was nice and quiet. A very secure place. Talk to a couple of locals who said it was all good here. I did not go fast this point. It really gets Sandy even though I have a 4x4. But if I get stuck solo I could get in big trouble. There are palapas next to this spot that you can utilize at your convenience.
May be this place gets busy. I am not sure. All good during week day.

Beach camping by Palapa 11.49029, -85.59563

They had diesel but wanted to charge us 15.000 T/L, we skipped it.

Petrol Station Golbaf 29.88861, 57.72882

We were here twice. First time they helped us getting 10 liters for us from a truck driver and they didn't want to charge anything. Second time they had run out of diesel.

Diesel 30.41251, 57.68900

overnight parking no longer allowed. signs along the whole street.

Bay Side Park 27.94398, -82.43166

We asked to a giros if we could stay and she said no, its private property

next to Shell fuel station -34.39921, -58.64688

Its not very flas but we could make it for the night, nice park.

Plaza veteranos de Malvinas -34.35434, -58.79783

we were told by the nice ladies in the tourist Office that the Museum itself will be closed until March 2024. you can have a look at some sculptures and Photos in the backyard.

Museo and Tourist Info -53.29448, -70.36802

No sign outside but it’s the yellow single story buildings. Clean basic rooms, AC, hot water. Secure parking for motorcycles. Friendly staff.
I paid 13,000 kwa. Food across the road.

Hotel Vunge Kita -11.19909, 13.83556

Total station fuel and diesel. Visa Card ok

total station -21.99664, 35.31867

You can follow this street till the end - to a small reservoir. Absolutely quietness, no houses around. 4x4 and high clearance, because the road is rocky. But with 4x4 no problem, the road is in good condition. Sometimes narrow - not really for big rigs. Around 4000masl.
Claro 4G signal

(the street you find in Google only sith satelite modus or in osmand or it's marked)

water dam camp -13.51235, -73.62904

Another place with a lot of Land Rover parts (also Defender!) and friendly mechanics. Replaced our broken coil spring with a genuine second hand one for 50 euros.

Auto Golemi 41.34298, 19.86562

it was amazing. thank you so much for the person that noticed this site. easy ride ( can be muddy) fire ring. follow the electrical poles. cold at night in November. 25°
we were on our way to Yankee Doodle and SLC traffic slowed us down. this place was a great way to camp for 1 night. no bathroom no water.

BLM campsite 5 min from exit 120 on I-15 38.40360, -112.65530

We were in contact with Christian - the place is now in Cusco.
Contact is the same : +51 947 264 212 (insta @sacreddogs)
40soles per night

(we close it here and mark it new in Cusco)

we finally chose an other guardería, but looks really good and professional online.

Sacred Dogs. Guardeia Canina -13.27827, -72.19190

We were told to go there to redo the sealing of the roof of our van as we had some leaks of water.
It’s a new garage that is not yet open to public but should open soon. The guy was really helpful and did a great job for a fair price! Highly recommended!

New garage - Roof sealing -45.89574, -67.55316

We were in contact with Christian - the place is now in Cusco.
Contact is the same : +51 947 264 212 (insta @sacreddogs)
40soles per night

(we close it here and mark it new in Cusco)

we finally chose an other guardería, but looks really good and professional online.

Dog Hostal - Urubamba -13.37652, -72.11942

I've done the exportation paperwork at this location twice now (one for going back to the US, one for crossing to Bolivar) and the lady was super helpful both times. It takes about 3-5 hours to turnaround, so if you go in the morning, it'll be ready in the afternoon.

SENASA office -13.52313, -71.94789

you're probably not suppose to camp here, place but it was out of season, the gate was open, no one was there to say i can't :) and the view is great. Just get up and out before the site opens. *not for cars*, place for one tent, maybe two, no water available.
.ah, and bring something to cover your eyes, they floodlight the castle all night

behind the castle, over looking the sea 40.00580, 22.59943

Store ang garage for bicycle. Help you whith maps to Carretera Austral.

GA bikes -41.48735, -72.89910

Restaurante especializado en muy buena comida típica de Talavera, que permite usar su parque para pernoctar

Recreo Huallpar -13.65879, -73.43487

As described, the roosters start crowing from 4 a.m. The bed we had was very, very uncomfortable, bad mattress. The water in the shower is hot and has pressure. toilet without toilet seat. you get what you pay for, 300 pesos for a double room. lots of restaurants within walking distance, nice place!

Hotel Real Sochiapam 17.79562, -96.95891

Nice and quiet street to park next to a grassy area, we parked here and slept here very comfortably and without noise or being bothered!

street parking near Hospital 14.83654, -91.50120

Spite of the phone calls and arrangments, nobody was there to receive us :0(.... she wants now according to the phone call 45 per person. it is not a camping. it is a private rural place. not recomended!!!

Recanto LP -20.58604, -56.70670

Change the owner. No 220!!! Not really nice.

Balneário Pôr do Sol -20.57660, -56.65649

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